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0 Chapter List 2015 Laoyang Created An Old QQ Subscription Account
    Chinese Name: 我的美女老师  Author: 火星引力(Huǒxīng yǐnlì, Mars Gravity)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The new book is coming, if you want to know the latest works, just pay attention to Laoyang's QQ subscription number. Find the ID: yaowuya in the QQ public subscription number, you can find the old sheep~ remember it is the QQ subscription number, not the WeChat subscription number.

     In addition to the new book information, there will be some soft articles for everyone to push, such as Heavenly Dao, Qin Chao, Princess Yue and their same humanities ~ and the subscription number does not have a maximum number of friends, Lao Yang will regularly reply to readers' messages in it ~ what are you waiting for? Well, act quickly!

     "My Beauty Teacher" Laoyang has created a QQ subscription number. I'm playing now, please wait a moment,

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