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0 Chapter List 2001 Sword Of Doom
    Chinese Name: 诸界末日在线  Author: 烟火成城(Yānhuǒ chéngchéng, Fireworks City)
    Original: | Translation:

" still attacking you?" Gu Qingshan asked.

     "Since leaving the road of primal chaos, various Doomsdays have attacked us less and less frequently, and it has finally come to an end recently." Ms. Jiwu said.

     "Why did Doomsday let you go?"

     "The power of primal chaos is simply unimaginable, we are just dust in front of it-so it has no time to pay attention to us, nor is it aimed at us."

     Ms. Jiwu turned around and cut open a void and said, "That's all I can tell you. Now, we are going to start preparing to deal with the dragon eater."

     She paused, but did not hear Gu Qingshan's voice.

     "Gu Qingshan?" She turned back.

     "Ah? Okay, let's get ready to deal with that monster." Gu Qingshan looked like he was waking up from a dream.

     In the void in front of him, a line of scarlet letters quickly emerged:


     "You know more about the secret of time and space."

     "After repeated measurement, the highest sequence believes that the secret you know has reached a certain level of authority."

     "Sequence will open up the second ability for you."

     "Sword of Doomsday."

     "This time the ability to open requires the primal chaos to personally grant the power, the source of which is a series of entropy solutions you have completed.""Since you killed the first sequence Envoy in the Asura world, this entropy solution has not yet begun to settle."

     "Please continue to complete the entropy solution, so that the highest sequence will get enough primal chaos power when it is finally settled."

     "Description: Everything falls to eternal extinction, and you will draw strength from it."

     The sword of Doomsday!

     What kind of power is this?

     Gu Qingshan just now wandered because he was attracted by these four words.

     "I guess the other spirits are almost ready. Now we also rush to the sinful Gensokyo to make some arrangements." Ms. Jiwu said.

     "Okay." Gu Qingshan replied.

     The two entered the void and disappeared from where they were.


     A few days later.

     everything's ready.

     Sin Gensokyo has ushered in a grand performance season.

     The T-shaped stage is ready.

     All spectators will be seated in turn.

     The fashion show is about to open-


     Gu Qingshan sat in the corner and waited quietly.

     A young girl wearing a miniskirt, black stockings and full of colorful long hair sat next to him, holding a lollipop in her hand and taking two bites from time to time."I thought I was going to put a lot of effort into disguising you as him-who knows that you know the relevant mysteries, this is much easier." The girl looked at Gu Qingshan and said.

     "Miss Cai Zang, why must I take the action first?" Gu Qingshan asked puzzledly.

     "Because we have checked, all the spirits in the entire dusty world have been recorded by the other party. Once a spirit wants to take action, it will be immediately noticed by the organization behind him."

     "Someone can grasp the situation of the entire dusty world... It's amazing..."

     Cai Zang sighed, and said, "When I think about it now, I still feel heart alarmed, body leaping. If it weren't for you to spot the dragon, we would probably—"

     She suddenly smiled, and whispered in Gu Qingshan's ear: "For your outstanding sake, my sister taught you something tonight, how about it?"

     Gu Qingshan said happily: "I have several questions about Mecha dynamics, such as troubleshooting of the power injection device, abnormal hydraulic noise in the cockpit, and the fit of the mechanical synchronization. I have always wanted to ask someone for advice, sister, can you teach me? ?"

     Cai Zang glared at him, and then mumbled boredly for a long time: "It turns out that the title of innocence means this."

     Suddenly a voice sounded:

     "Gu Qingshan, you will take action in a while, and all of us will take action after the ceremonial dance begins."——I don’t know when, Ms. Jiwu has already arrived.

     "I see, what should I pay attention to?" Gu Qingshan asked.

     "You need to maintain the full strength of the sacrificial dance-we can only rely on your sacrificial dance to do something, and not directly take action, otherwise it will be immediately noticed by the organization behind the other party." Ms. Jiwu said.

     Gu Qingshan said: "Well..."

     Cai Fu's expression changed suddenly.

     "He's here, he's already seated in the front row, and your seat is one row behind him. When the performance starts, we will go as soon as you take an action." Cai Funeral said.

     "Now you can start to act." Ms. Jiwu said.

     Gu Qingshan stood up, walked out of the backstage, went down the stairs, went out, and checked in through the front door.

     The ticket inspector glanced at him, slightly nod.

     The lights dimmed suddenly.

     "Gentlemen and ladies, our performance is about to begin!"

     An orc stood on the stage and roared loudly.

     Applause and cheers were heard at the scene, and some people whistled.

     Gu Qingshan changed his appearance, wearing a top hat, holding a ticket in one hand and a drink in the other, looking for his seat.

     Soon, he watched the arrived Dragon Eater in the dark.A row of seats behind the Dragon Eaters has been filled one after another, leaving only a few seats left.

     Gu Qingshan stepped forward.

     The dragon eater seemed to be aware of it.

     Suddenly, the sound of music rang out.

     The orcs began to rap.

     The first beauty appeared in a hot swimsuit.

     "Wow, it's Qianqian, I knew she was worthy as the opening model!" The Dragon Eater stood up and cheered loudly.

     Gu Qingshan sat down behind him and clenched his fist gently.

     Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!

     The bleak drum sounded.

     However, the surrounding audiences didn't realize it, they were just immersed in the wild music, their eyes fixed on the beauties on the stage.

     Lines of scarlet small characters quickly emerged in front of Gu Qingshan's eyes:

     "Your Dance of Dying Battle has officially started."

     "Because of the cover of many spirits, this death match will not be noticed."

     "Your goal in a death fight is: Dragon Eater."

     "Another dancer from the final sacrifice participated in your dance."

     "Without being aware of the Dragon Eater, she made the decision for the Dragon Eater."

     "Dragon Eater participated in this death match and officially became your target of the death match."

     Gu Qingshan took a sip of the drink.In front of him, the Dragon Eater flushed with excitement.

     ——Because the third beauty on the stage blew a kiss at him when she passed by.

     Gu Qingshan opened his mouth and said silently: "I am the initiator of the death match. In order to ensure fairness, the elements of the death match are up to you."

     one after another written prompt appears immediately.

     "Another dancer replaced your opponent and selected the elements."

     "The element of this death fight is: a nightmare."

     "Those who survive the nightmare to the end will win the death match."

     "The loser will die."

     Gu Qingshan looked in a trance.

     All the sights disappeared, and he found himself standing in an unmanned world.

     The world is full of coffins.

     "The coffin... strange, why is my nightmare a world full of coffins?"

     Gu Qingshan looked around.

     It's so familiar here.

     Yes, I have seen this world before.

     In Six Paths of Samsara, the world full of coffins!

     At the beginning, Six Paths of Samsara took action to deal with attackers other than Samsara for itself, and directly caught the opponent into this world.

     Tuk tuk!

     There was a knocking sound.

     There was a knocking sound in the coffin closest to Gu Qingshan.Gu Qingshan stood still.

     Just listen to a voice in a fine voice from the coffin:

     "Senior brother, why don't you come to save me?"


     Is it Xiuxiu?

     Gu Qingshan quickly denied it in his heart.

     This is not Xiuxiu's voice.

     He drew out his sword and shouted in a low voice: "Who are you, dare to pretend to be my junior sister!"


     The coffin opened a seam.

     A terrifying face just caught Gu Qingshan's eyes--


     All the sights disappeared.

     Cai Zang appeared in front of Gu Qingshan and said, "It's done, it's over."

     Gu Qingshan was startled.

     He found himself returning to the arrived show.

     Everyone retreated.

     Only the most powerful spirits stood in place.

     Seven or eight spirits with fiery rays of light circulated around the dragon eater.

     The dancing woman stood in front of the Dragon Eater and tapped between the eyebrows with a finger.

     The Dragon Eater was idiotic and stupid, with an excited smile on his face from time to time.

     ——He is dreaming.

     "At this moment, he is in the dream that we have constructed." Ms. Jiwu said.

     "It's also a nightmare?" Gu Qingshan asked."No, if it is a nightmare, he will immediately call the organization behind him." Ms. Jiwu said.

     "So his dream is the show just now, everything is still going on as usual, and he doesn't know that he has been transferred to a dream." Cai Funeral said.

     "Gu Qingshan, are you ready?"

     Gu Qingshan nodded, stepped forward, and put his hand on the dragon eater.

     "I'm ready."

     He launched All Biology Homologous Mystery and gradually became a dragon eater.

     at the same time--

     Ms. Jiwu retracted her hand.

     "Color Burial, this dragon eater has no survival value."

     "Oh? That's great, its corpse is just the right thing to use as fertilizer for flowers."

     Cai Burial reveals the color of joy.

     She drew out a bamboo knife and swiped it randomly at the neck of the dragon eater.

     The blood bloomed instantly.