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0 Chapter List 767 The New Book "Innocent Sky Demon System" Has Been Uploaded
    Chinese Name: 超级魔法农场系统  Author: 沧河贝壳(Cāng hé bèiké, River Shell)
    Original: | Translator:

"Ha... I just ask casually, if Chang Le Gong doesn't want to say it, then forget it."

     Seeing that the atmosphere is getting more and more wrong, Pan Qing Yangtian said haha, not in the least concerned.

     "Oh, Changle's face is bad enough, is this problem so troublesome?"

     "You are right. That is the guilt of molesting the aunt. Of course, it's troublesome, Xiaohou, how do you mention the pot that doesn't boil?"

     After Du Chao and Zhao Chong made up the knife, the young talents suddenly laughed.

     "Pan Qing, Pan Yanshan, your father and son are convicted!"

     The sudden sound of the scolding silenced the scene, and then everyone looked at Hong Yu who made the scolding.

     I saw Hong Yu's expressions solemn and majestic, "Your father and son have been entrenched in southern Xinjiang for many years, colluding with Huoyun Nation, and wanting a foreign country to betray Daxia, can you be convicted?"


     Hong Yu said in one sentence, as if there was a icy cold wind blowing in the field, almost everyone can't help take a breath, even the king of Nanjiang, Zhennanhou, and Queen Zhuang have seen countless great People in the scene couldn't help but change their complexion.

     The father and son Pan Yanshan and Pan Qing are complexion blanches. In the Great Xia Dynasty, surrendering to the enemy and treason was a heinous crime of robbing the house and destroying the door. If you touch a little edge, you will lose the skin. Now Hong Yu makes a show of being very public. Much in earnest said it, who doesn't tremble?

     "Chang, Lord Changle, don’t spit blood! My father and I have loyal and devoted to Daxia for more than ten years, guarding southern Xinjiang as a day. When did you collude with Huoyun Country? If you don’t make it clear today, I’m Pan Qingjue. No!" Pan Qing said hysterically.Pan Yanshan on the other side did not speak, but his eyes were staring at Hong Yu like wolves, and a cold light flashed inside.

     "Oh, don’t react so big. I only heard about it recently when I heard the book’s words. Of course I don’t believe it. Now I see you waiting for your reaction. Really so, your father and son did not do that kind of thing. , Very good!"

     After all, Hong Yu walked forward leisurely, his face calm and calm as if he had just said a little thing about chicken feathers and garlic skins.

     This kid is really skinny!

     Why are you unable to discern at this time? Hong Yu's remarks are revenge for Pan Qing's mention of molesting Concubine Rong! Don't you just ask casually? Then I'll just talk about it, pay for it.

     The gazes of the King of Southern Xinjiang, Zhennanhou and others looking at Hong Yu changed a bit. The rumored third prince of the Great Xia Dynasty was not simple.

     There was joy in Zhuang Houfeng's eyes, she couldn't think, the emperor who had always needed her to take care of him was so quick-witted.

     Yuan Xilan's cold face also had a hint of surprise. In her past with Hong Yu, the other party definitely did not have such courage, but today I don't know what happened.

     Anping Hou Panyanshan is even more constipated, while Pan Qing eyes showing murderous glow, the tide of domineering surging in his body, but at this moment ——

     The big raindrops suddenly to drop from the sky, and in a moment it turned into a patter of light rain.The sun shines brightly just now, and it started to rain in a blink of an eye, which is a bit weird. However, the weird things are still behind. As the rain falls, the sound of beasts roars in everyone’s ears, and even everyone is on the rain. You can also see dim beast shadows from time to time!

     The people in the field were surprised at first, and then all faces showed surprises. The king of Nanjiang laughed and said: "Emperor Sister-in-law, it's a coincidence that you are here. The'Demon Pet Rain' that only appeared once in more than ten years has caused you a Come and catch up, let's go to the place where the demon pet descends. Well, although the emperor nephew has no cultivation base, he might be lucky enough to be favored by a demon pet!"

     The demon pet rain is a unique vision near the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. The southern Xinjiang city is adjacent to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. It is naturally also a landing place. It will happen every ten years or even decades. It will happen every time. Many demon pets of good grades are coming, and the Young generation will have a chance to obtain them. Of course, the greater the potential, the stronger the strength, the higher the probability of obtaining.

     "Ha Haha... If there is a demon pet who can see him who has no cultivation base, I will say Pan Qing's name backwards!"

     When the demon pet rain came, Pan Qing temporarily suppressed the hatred in his heart, but seeing the opportunity to hit the opponent, he naturally would not let it go.

     "Qing Pan, this is what you said, don't reckless at the time." Hong Yu was unmoved by Pan Qing's ridicule, and returned the sticking unmoving to the original.

     "I hope you can still have such a sharp tongue later!" Pan Qing said with gnashing one's teeth.

     Amidst such rumblings, a group of people quickly entered Southern Xinjiang City, and then headed towards the place where the demon pet rain was the densest!

     Roar! Whoops!As everyone marched, loud beast roars sounded from time to time, and there were more and more huge beast shadows in the rain curtain, which made Zhuanghou, Hong Yu, Si Yin, and Yuan Xilan who came to southern Xinjiang for the first time new and strange.

     In the patter of rain, the great streets and small alleys of Nanjiang city rushed out countless people, and everyone gathered in a certain direction excitedly.

     In a short time, Hong Yu and his entourage came to the place with the densest rain. The rain here was like pouring. Hundreds of people had gathered. Obviously, this place was convenient for the demon pet to come to.

     With the guards of the King of Southern Xinjiang and the two masters opening the way, Hong Yu and his party quickly squeezed into the crowd and entered the Core Zone where the demon pet rain fell.

     The weird thing is that the rain is like pouring and there is not a drop of rain in the core place!

     "Little Houye, the demon pet will come in a while, I can't say that you will have a big harvest from Heaven-Blessed Chosen."

     "What do you know! My aptitude is nothing compared to Miss Xilan. The strongest demon pet belongs to Miss Xilan!"

     "Master Xiaohou has a good reputation, and the demon pet's selection of the owner is not entirely based on qualifications."

     "Yes, yes, it's not all based on aptitude, um, but someone has no aptitude at all, and even if you don't even get in with the bully, you don't know the immensity of heaven and earth!"

     "Qingpan, I'm so tired for you, whats the matter is going to pull me in and step on a foot, can't you stop for a while?" Hong Yu rolled his eyes and said uncomfortably.

     “It’s natural to be uncomfortable when it comes to pain points, huh, let’s forget it, I have to come over and wait for a meat pie falls from the sky, this is to bring disgrace to oneself!” With the Queen of Nanjiang and the others Farther away, Pan Qing became more unscrupulous."Who to bring disgrace to oneself will know in a while, don't need to be nagging here like a woman with long tongue." Hong Yu oppose each other with equal harshness.

     Pan Qing was about to fight back, when a rumbling sound suddenly sounded. Immediately, huge bubbles with a diameter of several meters exuding fluorescence to drop from the sky, which can be vaguely seen through the fluorescence, and there is a rising or falling in each bubble. A huge monster with a roaring head or nod one's head and wag one's tail!

     The demon pet, here comes!

     [Remarks from opening book]

     Hello, old guys, Shell has opened a new book again, and I am very happy to be with you again, and talk about the new book.

     It was originally expected to be issued during November, but the period of one month was delayed. Unfortunately, a common cold is baffling rhinitis...Students with this symptom must know the pain, stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, Dizzy and light-headed, no use to tell others, insisted on exercising more than half a month, and my body improved. Only then did I pick up the keyboard codes.

     The new book is based on the theme of Oriental fantasy. It tells the story of the rise of an unscrupulous prince in the Great Xia Dynasty. This book has been prepared for 3-4 months. Most of the time is spent on plotting the plot. Shells are used almost every day I'm thinking about how to write the story refreshingly and how to portray the characters vividly. In short, I have put an enormous effort into this book. Of course, the specific effects need to be tested by your book friends.

     Finally, I hope everyone will support the new book of Shell. Collection, recommendation tickets and praise are the most needed for the new book. Thanks Shell!
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