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0 Chapter List 1567 The New Book "Invincible Demon System" Has Been Uploaded
    Chinese Name: 白石主神  Author: 沧河贝壳(Cāng hé bèiké, River Shell)
    Original: | Translator:

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     Briefly introduce the new book:

     "Invincible Sky Demon System" is based on oriental fantasy and tells the story of the rise of an unscrupulous prince in the Great Xia Dynasty. This book has been prepared for 3-4 months, and most of the time is spent on plotting. Above, Shell thinks about how to write the story refreshingly and how to portray the characters vividly almost every day. In short, there is an enormous effort in this book. Of course, the specific effects still need to be tested by your book friends.

     I hope everyone will support the new book of Shell. Collection, recommendation tickets, praise and rewards are the most needed for the new book. Thanks Shell!

     Finally, you can add deductions to the group, chat with the water group, group number: 672620863 (Shell House), welcome to join~

     The new book "The Invincible Demon System" of "The Lord of Baishi" has been uploaded and is now being hit, just a moment please,

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