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0 Chapter List 1423 A New Book Is On! "Lucky Star Of God" Has Been Uploaded!
    Chinese Name: 重生之神级败家子  Author: 辰机唐红豆(Chén jī táng hóngdòu, ChenJi Red Bean)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

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     Nine Suns Drop Dragon Palm!

     As soon as he said this, the surrounding area instantly fell apart. Lin Hao said that his knees had been taken away, and he was almost unable to prostrate oneself in admiration. The gift: "Sure enough, I am still a young master experienced and knowledgeable, like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies, I really take it!"

     Hong Dali joyfully satisfied: "This is called a movie, this is called a plot! Look at your script."

     "Yes, yes, what the young master is criticizing!" Lin Hao cheeks streaming with tears. He is a well-known director in China, but he was trained in front of the young master like his grandson, but he couldn't refute it yet. The plot design is indeed better than his!

     At this time, Mu Zixiao on the side was anxious: "Dali, what about me? At what time am I on stage?"

     "Right now!" Hong Dali slapped the table, like a storyteller: "The protagonist's martial arts, what minor accomplishment, what is needed? Of course, a villain needs to come out to make the protagonist fat beat!" Hong Dali chuckled: " So, at this time, the handsome and weeping Lao Xiao will come to the stage for your villain!"

     "I came out to be beaten?" Mu Zixiao's nose almost didn't flow out: "Can I change my job?"

     "No!" Hong Dali said viciously, "At this time, you who have always been arrogant the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around jumped out and were beaten by a good meal-so that you make an effort to become strong after you go back, learn Become the Sunflower Divine Art that is so horrifying, ready to come out to take revenge!""Okay! Got it!" Mu Zixiao patted his thigh, and then looked at the old man on the tree in the distance: "Master! You must teach me some tricks then! It all depends on whether the apprentice beats someone or gets beaten. Master, you..."

     At this time, the plot of Hong Dali is all finished, and director Lin Hao's eyes are bright when listening: "Wonderful, wonderful! This is really the plot that should be! Young master, I'm completely convinced! Or else Take a look, let's just change the following scripts today?"

     "Forget it today," Hong Dali touched his stomach: "I'm hungry. Go back and eat first, and you can continue first."

     "This... well," Lin Hao is now ten thousand and ten thousand and doesn't want to go rushing forward, but he has no move. He is a young master, and he has also faintly heard about the wind, which means that the young master has grown up. It's rather vain, I don't dare to force it, I can only give it away: "The young master must be slow along the way, don't blow the cool breeze, this May wind is a thief!"

     "I know, I will come back tomorrow if I have nothing to do." Hong Dali stood up and let out a long sigh: "Ah, you two will stay on the crew to film, I will eat first. , Change place to play in the afternoon!"

     Mu Zixiao is grateful to Dade: "That Dali, you have a pleasant journey! What's the matter call me, available at any time!"

     "I know, remember to start lightly," Hong Dali waved his hand: "Don't hurt the hero."

     "Master is here, don't worry!" Mu Zi Xiaogong sent it.At this time, the young master said, the road in front of the nine big dog legs grandiose opened, Hong Dali took Tang Muxin into the car, Tang Muxin did not forget to ask Hong Dali about the plot behind Hong Dali: "Dali, how about the plot behind it? You tell me well. Is it okay? People are very curious!" At this time, she really looks like a little girl who is acting like a baby to her boyfriend.

     But this plot cannot be said to exist, Hong Dali helplessly shrugging the shoulders: "I haven't thought about the latter..."

     "That... well..." Tang Muxin also knew that this thing couldn't be forced. Hong Dali said that if she didn't think about it, she really didn't think about it. Anyway, today is the weekend, Tang Muxin nodded her lips and said, "Dahlia, should we think about "I Am a Singer" in the afternoon? In terms of time, it seems that there are only three days left before the opening?"

     Last time I ordered "I Am a Singer", Hong Dali was afraid that there would be too many people coming on the weekend, so he decided to start at 8:00 P.M. on Tuesday. Otherwise, if you catch up with the weekend, relying on the name of Caiwei Film and Television, you have to know how many people are willing to come by car-he has read it online, and the goddess alliance, which is known as a million members, does not know who has the news. , Speaking of when Li Nianwei will sing a song as a guest, countless people are willing to fly over with just one piece of news. Hong Dali does not want to be too crowded to even enter.

     False news killed people..."Ordinarily, it's time to prepare over there," Hong Dali thought for a while, still shook the head: "But I always feel like something is missing." He said, mutter to oneself said: "Xinxin, you think so. This I Am a Singer is divided into several issues. We can’t let the ratings be too bleak, we have to have something to watch, otherwise we can smash the sign-I still feel that the prodigal is not enough!"

     "Not enough?!" Tang Muxin stared wide-eyed: "This is already more than 5 million in, right? Are you still not enough?!"

     "Of course it is not enough," said Hong Dali as it should be by rights: "This "I Am a Singer" has a total of ten issues. If the two issues are changed to one, there will be at least a dozen singers participating. If the scale is small, What if the first few issues are not successful and no one is watching later, how shameful?"

     Tang Muxin just let it go--for ten issues, it seems that the average investment in one phase is only 500,000~600,000. Even if some expensive projects need to spend money every time, it seems to be a little bit less...

     Hong Dali touched his chin and said, "But where else can you burn money... Forget it, let's eat first, the stomach is the most important thing!"


     Forest Pharmaceutical Industry in the northern suburbs of Tianjing City.

     In a dark secret room.

      a person's silhouette sat on a chair and said in a deep voice, "How is it going?"

     The figure standing opposite him respectfully said: "Everything is going well now, that is, Tang Ruisi went out to lie down this morning, as if he went to the Chenhui Building. I don't know what's the matter. I'm afraid of being exposed, so I didn't dare to follow.""Chenhui Building?" The person sitting there thought for a while, and said, "There is the site of Hong Dali, the prodigal son of the Hong family. You are correct if you didn't go there. It would be bad if you expose your goal. Tang Ruisi's daughter and Hong Dali I’ve been very close recently, I guess nothing else is serious, don’t worry about him. You just need to watch Tang Ruisi’s laboratory. Hmph, he wants to overwhelm me by developing the latest antithrombotic drugs, but not so easy. "

     "At the moment everything in the laboratory is normal," the standing figure smiled: "Tang Ruisi never guessed that it would be me."

     "Of course he can't guess it. You have worked with him for more than ten years, and you can guess that you are the inner ghost to have a ghost." The sitting figure said with a smile: "Speaking of which, he is really stupid, wasting effort to develop. What kind of anti-thrombotic drug, I’m full, otherwise I really can’t do anything about him. I don’t know what he does, how good he sells medicine, the profit is high and there is no risk."

     "This..." The standing figure hesitated, and finally said slowly: "I heard that he wanted to study this for the benefit of mankind. Anyway, the goal is quite noble."

     "Ridiculously noble!" The sitting figure disdainfully said: "In this society, making money is the king! Noble has a fart?" After all this, he some impatient got up, waved his hand: "All right, I don't care about anything else. , His drug research was successful, you must immediately bring me the file, do you hear it?"

     "Roger that."

     The standing figure walked out the door, leaving only the sitting figure in the room. He lit a cigarette and took a hard sip, said with a chuckle: "Noble? I pooh! Not making my wedding gown, Ha Ha Ha Ha!"
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