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0 Chapter List 1303 The Final Chapter
    Chinese Name: 万界淘宝商  Author: 叶恨水(Yè hèn shuǐ, Ye Hates Water)
    Original: | Translator:

Although it is only a note, it teaches that neither Concubine Yan, Zi Xuan nor Bai Suzhen can raise the thoughts of resistance.

     The so-called I let them live here peacefully...

     They actually live here obediently.

     The mountain is very safe... Indeed, in the following time, they have witnessed that there seemed to be a monster intending to invade here, and then they were directly swallowed by a flood dragon with a body over a hundred meters.

     In the words of that Miss Zi Xuan, this flood dragon is powerful, and I am afraid that in the Three Realms, there may not be an opponent.

     But when the dragon saw oneself and the others, a slightly horrified expression appeared on his face.

     It seems that, as I said, this dragon is actually controlled by oneself and the others... and the formula is in the hands of sister Zixuan.

     Since it's safe...

     Then just wait.

     It’s not very boring. The hot springs on the mountain are very comfortable to soak. In the words of Sister Bai, who is said to have practiced for 1700 years, the water in this hot spring contains an extremely rich essence of the sun and moon. Can fly directly into a fairy.

     And the peaches planted in the mountains are not extraordinary peaches, but the flat peaches of Jade Lake Immortal Peach in the fairy world. Only the first-level figures of the great immortal are qualified to taste it. But here, these peaches are planted in covering the mountains and the plains. Yes.


     Concubine Yan just soaked in the hot spring for a while and ate a peach casually. Her strength was advanced by leaps and bounds, and she directly broke through the realm of Yin Yang Family's fifth layer of soul-changing.

     The environment in the house is also excellent, with extremely soft large beds and extremely flexible sofas.Not only the environment is excellent, but everyone is not bored. The little girl named Athena seems to know everything in the villa. She taught everyone to watch TV and Gao Yue to play games... , Gao Yue and the little girl named Yang Yi were having fun together.

     There are so many people, although they are strange to each other, but deep down in their hearts, they have an innate sense of closeness.

     This feeling made everyone come together soon...

     No matter the outside world as time goes by, here alone, it seems to be isolated from all Time and Space hidden land of peace and prosperity.

     A peaceful life, calm, doesn't have any twists and turns.

     If there were any differences, it was probably after a year... Yan Fei was surprised to find that her daughter hadn't grown up.

     She seems to be maintained at this age, is it because she has taken flat peaches and sweet rain, so her life has become infinitely long?

     Concubine Yan specially checked Gao Yue's body for this matter, and then she was surprised to find that her daughter was no longer the perfect body. She had been given to her by a man... But somehow, she seemed to be in this matter. Not very surprised.

     What a weird feeling, Mingmingyue is still so young, should I be angry?

     Concubine Yan could only smile wryly.

     This is good, they will not age, which means that their lives will not be worn down on this magical mountain top.

     But such a peaceful life actually seems to be fine.

     Either Zi Xuan, Yan Fei, Bai Suzhen, Irisviel von Einzbern, Platycodon grandiflorum...They have all experienced many twists and turns in their lives. For them, they naturally know how rare and precious the ordinary life of this hidden land of peace and prosperity is, and there are still people to miss in their hearts, although they don’t know that it is. Who... But as long as you think in your heart that you are waiting for his return, then you don't have any anxiety.

     Even more, there is a touch of happiness flowing.

     Time flows quietly...

     Although it is independent of the universe, it also advances parallel to the world.

     In this world.

     Inside the villa where I lived for many years.

     The figures of Suning and Yang Ruo appeared directly in this world...

     "Knew it."

     Just after returning to Suning’s bedroom, Yang Ruo revealed a complex look on his face, looked at his own hand, and sighed: “Sure enough, I just said that this may be my last use of my ability. Now, Ah Ning, you guessed it, Parallel World was not derived, or our Original World, but my ability, already vanished, I'm afraid...The institute is already gone, right?

     "That won't be..."

     Suning smiled and said: "I left my dark hand and quietly hypnotized yet another me. Now, the four of us have become two complete people, so... the research institute is still there, and you didn't feel that your memory has gone wrong. ?"


     Yang Ruo closed his eyes and thought for a while, and said in surprise: "You...the research institute you helped me build?"

     "Of course, in the future, if you have free time, you can go and play at any time."Suning has a cheerful look on his face, and as yet another his own memory overlaps with his own memory, he also realizes the difference.


     The system is complete. Although it is much more rigid than the system in my memory, it is no longer mandatory and more powerful.

      In other words, this system is completely for oneself and serves.

     Once that overbearing and unwilling to obey the soft system... already vanished.

     Or, this is what it wanted, after all, it finally got complete.

     He took out the phone and asked: "System, are you there?"

     【在的, is there something commanded? 】

     It is still the system, but if there is anything different, it is probably... the tone of the system is a lot more respectful.

     So, has the main and the auxiliary been determined?

     Suning asked: "Is the Taobao store still there?"

     [Yes, do I need to reach the plane of Shushan? 】

     "Wait... I have to take them all over."

     Suning smiled and glanced at Yang Ruo.

     The two held hands and walked outside the door.

      from the very beginning is the two of them, changing their own destiny...still the two of them...

     Sure enough, Xiaoruo is the most stand out from the masses.

     Suning sighed and opened the door.


     Look at the familiar girls in the living room.

     Liu Qingying, Yi Yi, Zhao Xueling, Qiuqiu...

     They looked at him with a full smile.From the moment he came back, the memory had been fully recovered... So, I waited here for myself.

     And Zhao Siyan is sitting on yet another sofa, taking care of yet another about 15-16 years old little girl.

     The little girl was holding a hamburger and happily eating, wagging his head in a high-spirited manner, wagging his head in a high-spirited manner, and she even shook her long black hair slightly.

     Just seeing her delicate face, she called Suning complexion slightly changed, and exclaimed: "Guan... Guanyin?!"

     "It's seeing the sound!"

     Guanyin complained to Suning dissatisfiedly, waved a small fist, and said, "What's wrong? Huh? Didn't you say that you are going to give me a lot of delicious food burgers? Why did I wait so many times? Haven't you come to me for years?"

     "You you you... why are you here?"

     Suning was surprised: "How did you find this place?"

     "It's not the Moonlight Treasure box you mentioned, I went to Goku specially, he said there's nothing about it Moonlight Treasure box, but instead I found this treasure near the Five Elements Mountain, and then the real Time-Space Shuttle came Come here."

     Guanyin said with a happy smile: "Unexpectedly, there will be so many delicious burgers in the world after thousands of years. They can only be regarded as one kind...Thank you sister Siyan, she also bought me chicken. Roll it."

     "Yes, I didn't expect the legendary Bodhisattva Guanyin to be so cute... It's really cute, much more cute than Xue Ling."

     Zhao Siyan held his face, looked at the Guanyin beside him, and said with affection.Zhao Xueling said with a black face: "In your eyes, a woman is much cuter than your daughter, right?"

     "Ha Ha Ha Ha...Why are you all here?"

     Suning laughed, but in this laughter, how to hear it with some guilty conscience, said: "I remember yet another, I and you, it seems that there is no intersection...because I deliberately hinted."

     "Because you are back."

     With an obsessive look on Liu Qingying's face, she looked at Suning idiotically, and said, "I came here immediately after thinking of you, and now, this is still my property, so you shouldn't talk about us. Why did you get here, but why did you get here..."

     "Because Xiao Ruo's teleportation point is here."

     Suning smiled and sat beside Liu Qingying and Yiyi, holding one of them in one hand, and holding them all in his arms, sighing: "In the past few years, I haven't had any intersection with you, you two, have you always Secretly tryst here? Answer me honestly..."

     A shy look appeared on Yi Yi's face, and he dared not answer.

     Liu Qingying smiled and said, "To be honest, not as many times as you thought..."


     "Because I like men now, and for women, my hobbies have also changed. Before, I liked Yiyi who like a little bird relying on people, but now, I suddenly like that kind of stronger big sister... …

     "Big sister... Does it mean Feiyan?!"

     "Aning, you know me."

     "Well, after waiting, the three of us are happy together."

     Suning laughed.But there was a look of nostalgia on his face...

     Only when I have yet another my own memory, I know my experience over the years.

     Over the years, with a complete system, I have been practicing in everybody’s face, but because of oneself’s previous suggestion, and has not provoked too many women... I didn’t know Cao Xueyang, I didn’t meet Dongjun Yanfei, and I didn’t even have a relationship with Zi. Xuan has an intersection.

     Because they were not the real them at that time... but the real them are now in the Kunlun Mountains isolated from outside the world!

     So now, Huiyan and Xueyang should have recovered their memories, right?

     They must also know that we can finally meet again...

     Four years apart!

     The threat of the system no longer exists, and he is the absolute leader, as long as he is willing, there is no need to go to experience.

     After that, only happy time is left.

     "Let's go, let's go back to Mount Shu, Ha Ha Ha Ha...Next, we will find a way to get enough face value, and get Xiaoqing and Da Si Ming to be their company. "

     Suning laughed heartily up and disappeared in almost four years... I don't know how they are. How is it going?

     Do you miss yourself?

     And a guest Guanyin came, just to introduce everyone to her... know... uh...

     But just took out the phone... Su Ning suddenly thought of something, and suddenly froze there.

      blankly look at Guanyin.By the way, will she take it too? This guy is still carrying a small package, and it looks like he is here to rush to him... Don't plan to leave in a short time? Isn't it inappropriate not to take it?

     But if you bring it over, she sees the rain that has been made into a hot spring by me, and what she lied to her about the dead Demon King...

     Will she fail to recognize her own rain? It's really impossible to think about it, you can definitely recognize it, right?

     "What happened? I've heard my sister Siyan say that you can Travel Time, just want to go and take a look at the so-called yet another world!"

     Guanyin said with a happy smile: "I don't know if there is anything delicious there."

     Of course...

     There are flat peaches, there are elixir, and your shower...

     Cold sweat dripped down Suning's forehead, and he began to think about a very serious question.

     Can I fight Guanyin now?

     If you use a magic weapon, it should have been beaten, but not a magic weapon... it seems... both sides suffer? Well, it's somewhat excessive, anyway, I'm taking care of myself, it would be too much to beat her again...


     He hesitated: "That, Guanyin."

     "See the sound!!!"

     Guanyin corrected and said: "Bodhisattva Guanyin is so compassionate, beautiful and kind, how can he be a greedy person? I am the little Taoist who sees sound!"

     Suning smiled very kindly, and asked: "Ah... Seeing the sound, I want to ask you, do you like hot springs?"

     Guanyin wondered: "Ah? Why do you ask?"

     "Nothing, because...I want to invite you to a hot spring...""I'm sorry, make a distinction between the sexes, you made a distinction, I won't make it."

     Guanyin stuck out the tongue facing Suning.

     "Ok... alright..."

     It seems she is not interested...

     Suning mourned silently.

     My dear little babies, I may not be able to see you for the time being. If you don't get rid of the woman in front of you, I'm going. That's a dynamite bag!

     "End of Book"
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