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0 Chapter List 5781 Chapter 5485: The Purpose Of Invasion
    Chinese Name: 龙血武帝  Author: 流水无痕(Liúshuǐ wú hén, Water Leaving No Trace)
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Ye Mo is naturally full of incomparable curiosity about his throne. Even Longyuan doesn't know at all his throne, what exactly is it, so he can only find it by himself.

     Today, Jieqiao has been sealed by him, and all the Ecuadorians in the dragon blood realm cannot leave the dragon blood realm.

     "Ye Mo, I can feel that there is an aura of trouble over there, it is very rich, maybe there are a lot of strong Ecuadorians."

     Long Yuan said suddenly.

     "Then let's go!"

     Ye Mo didn't hesitate, accelerates and went.

     Next, he only needs to defeat these Edi powers one by one, and then investigate the existence of Edi, and their Dragon Blood Realm will really recover.

      Eighteen Levels of Hell, a line of ancient people!

     The blood demon, the head of the seven emperors of the Ecuadorian tribe, the emperor, the blood demon, looked at the powerhouses of the desolate human race crawling under his feet, and his face also showed a proud expression: "An ancient line of desolate people is really impossible to withstand a single blow. It’s said that your ancestors in the line of wild people opened up the realm of dragon blood, but unfortunately, they are ultimately losers."

     When they came here, they naturally had some understanding of the Dragon Blood Realm.

     "Losers? Do you think that only those who are alive are winners?"

     Feng Chu and the others knelt down on the ground unwillingly. Except for Ye Mo, all of the ten great gods practiced in the line of Huangren, and they were all cultivating to the level of Huang Shen.

     This blood demon Ehuang, by the strength of oneself, surrendered all the lines of the ancient barren people.

     In his opinion, only those who are alive can have hope and be able to be promoted to the imperial realm.He listened to Feng Chu's words and couldn't help but sneered: "You can win if you live, and death is doomed to failure."

     "Alive, it is indeed possible to win, but death may not necessarily fail. However, your death should represent failure."

     At this time, a cold voice came out.

     Immediately afterwards, a dark figure appeared behind the blood demon Ehuang, followed by a little white dragon.

     "Who speaks falsely?"

     The blood demon Ehuang was taken aback and turned around, and immediately saw a man walking towards him slowly, calmly and calmly, step by step from the blood prison.

     This person is naturally Ye Mo and Long Yuan.

     "Who are you?"

     The blood demon Ehuang stared at Ye Mo with blinking eyes, and there was a hint of jealousy in his eyes.

     The man in front of him gave him an inability to see through. It was precisely because he could not see through that made him feel dangerous.

     "I am their companion!"

     Ye Mo indifferently said.

     "Ye Mo, are you actually alive?"

     "Ye Mo, it's great, our Dragon Blood Realm is saved."

     The faces of the nine gods all showed excitement.

     "Is it saved?"

     The blood demon Ehuang gave a cold voice, cast his eyes on Ye Mo, and said: "Do you think you are the hope of the Dragon Blood Realm? You are looking for death!"

     As he spoke, he leaped forward and waved his big hand. A huge bloody hand bombarded out and hit Ye Mo.

     However, Ye Mo was motionless like a statue, and an Ecuadorian powerhouse beside him seemed to be hit by a bloody hand, and blood spurted wildly.This is a reversal attack, an attack that can be taken by oneself, reversed to anyone.

     "Your attack is useless to me."

     Ye Mo said.

     The blood demon Emperor looked at the Ecuadorian powerhouse with injured eyes, but with his hands behind his back, disdainfully said: "With the treasure, dress up as God, play the devil, such insignificant ability."

     They also have many evil treasures. Among them is an evil treasure, which can shift the attack. However, it takes very terrifying power to activate this evil treasure.


     Ye Mo was slightly surprised, but hadn't thought, his own rebellious tactics, he was actually told by the opponent that he was a treasure.

     Just about to speak, the blood demon Ehuang looked sharp and vigorous: "I no matter who you are, today, you are destined to die."

     He has investigated the Dragon Blood Realm, and the current Dragon Blood Realm is basically there's nothing about it. Powerhouses, such as Desolate God and Hongtian level powerhouses, are considered the strongest.

     And his strength is above them.

     Hearing that, Ye Mo also shook the head, and the other party was too confident. He could feel that this blood demon Emperor was much stronger than the Emperor Zhan Tian E and Emperor Hong Mo E that he had killed.

     However, in front of him, it was still ants.

     Under the emperor realm, all are ants.

     "Is it?"

     Ye Mo sneered, his figure flickered slightly, and he didn't seem to move, but he still appeared in front of the blood demon Emperor. He strangled his neck and said: "I still packed up two Emperors, you are the third. That's it."

     "what?"The blood demon Ehuang was shocked, and a strong blood burst out of his body, trying to break through Ye Mo's capture.

     However, Ye Mo's power is too strong, like a vast ocean, wave after wave, no matter how hard he exerts, it is difficult to break through.

     "You? Who are you?"

     The blood demon Ehuang asked in horror: "This is definitely not a divine strength, you have reached the Emperor Realm? Only the Emperor Realm can suppress me."

     "What is your purpose in coming to my Dragon Blood Realm?"

     Ye Mo asked directly.

     "Don't want me to tell you."

     The blood demon Ehuang yelled angrily: "Don't think that you can be promoted to the emperor realm. In front of the emperor, you will only end up prostrate."

     "Is it?"

     Ye Mo slowly used force, tightening the blood demon's neck tighter, and said, "You said or not?"

     These people invaded the Dragon Blood Realm, just plundering resources, it is impossible at all, the other party will take all the resources away, just kill them all.

     However, they did have a premeditated attack and captured several places in their Dragon Blood Realm.

     "Even if you tell you, it doesn't matter. We came to the Dragon Blood Realm to find the Dragon Soul Immortal Gloves. Those who are conscious, quickly hand them over, otherwise, your entire Dragon Blood Realm will face the disaster of extinction."

     The blood demon Ehuang squeaked.

     "Dragon Soul Immortal Gloves? Is it really because of that?"

     Ye Mo was surprised secretly, and with a big hand, he squeezed the Blood Demon Emperor into a cloud of blood mist, and then slowly dissipated.Looking at this scene, Long Yuan couldn't help but said: "Ye Mo, the blood demon Emperor is not dead, it seems to have used a secret technique and fled directly."

     "I know."

     Ye Mo clapped the hand and smiled: "I really want to kill him, do you think he can escape? I let him escape deliberately, and he will definitely inform Edi and fight me."

     A dozen powerful men of the Ezu tribe, listening to Ye Mo's words, were also astonished and said: "What? You deliberately escaped by the Fang blood demon Ehuang? Do you really think that you can defeat Edi? Even if you are an emperor. The strong, you can't be the opponent of Lord Edi."

     As the powerhouse of Edi, they have seen too many methods of Edi, whether it is momentum or Qipu, the man in front of them is far from being comparable to Master Edi.

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