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0 Chapter List 446 The First Chaos In History 218 (Chapter The First Chaos In History (full Text End)
    Chinese Name: 史上第一混乱  Author: 张小花(Zhāng xiǎohuā, Zhang Flower)
    Original: | Translator:

The days after the first day of suffering have passed. In fact, these Historic Figures don’t have too much time for entertainment. Almost without exception, the rooms of several majesty became temporary offices of the dynasty, except for Chen Yuanyuan and Wu Zetian. Apart from this group of aunts playing mahjong all day, everyone else was very busy, especially after I told them that the military route would not be closed, Great Characters began to use this opportunity to seek welfare and establish bilateral relations for their country. Liu Bei Sunquan insisted. He took Cao Cao and signed a tripartite treaty that would never commit each other, because they heard from hearsay that Cao Cao was plotting to buy 10 85 cannons from Zhu Yuanzhang.

     One day I passed by Zhu Yuanzhang's door and saw that a small cocktail party was being held inside. As soon as I was about to walk inside, I was stopped by Hu Yieryi. I was dissatisfied and said, "Can't I go in for a drink?"

     Hu Yieryi mysteriously said: "You can't drink this wine."

     I looked inside and finally saw some signs. The attendees were all generals under Zhu Yuanzhang. Xu Da was always there. The host of the reception was Zhao Kuangyin... This wine, before drinking, is the general, after drinking, it can only be regarded as soil. The rich man.

     The anti-cancer vaccine developed by Bian Que and Hua Tuo is finally successful, but the main effect of this medicine is prevention, and the B vaccine that can attack cancer cells is officially on the agenda.

     Kangxi will have to stay with me for a year before he can go back, but he has reached an agreement with Wu Sangui that the first thing he does after he goes back is to plan Yunnan into a special economic zone, because at present, only Yunnan can circulate Yucai coins in Qing Dynasty...As for Yue Fei during Emperor Gaozong's period, fighting against gold had no meaning. Everyone knew that Jin Wushu, the biggest anti-skeletal boy, was mediating, and Jin Bing quickly retreated across the board. As usual, Gaozong named Yue Fei, a hard-working marshal, is unable to find out. Anyway, Marshal Yue's reputation will go down in history once, and win success and recognition once.

     I spent the past three months like this: every morning I opened my eyes and I heard the loud bugle of the Yue family army, and when the **** point came, Wu Zetian and his mahjong sound sounded punctually in the next door. The God of Cookery has fully displayed one's capabilities. As usual, I sent our family members of the Xiao mansion to "alms", so the Qin Dynasty's soaked steamed buns and the Han Dynasty's local wine, Mongolian barbecues, were placed on the table. After eating, listen to a piece of Yu Boya playing the piano and watch the masters paint. Sometimes to do the job oneself adds two surrealist styles. Generally, in the afternoon and evening, the generals will learn from each other in the yard. Er fat occasionally come to join in the fun. Luo Cheng convinced in heart and by word against Zhao Yundi. ...

     The happiest thing here is, needless to say, buns!

     This woman holds my son’s boss every day and talks a few words about it. The western family played mahjong twice, and then left the child at his grandma's house and ran wild with Queen Lu, and called by the glorified name of: market research.

     Fengfeng and Lvhou co-founded a finished garment company called "Tianfeng Mingpin". The name Tianfeng was also created by the two of them. Fengfeng simply took his own a name. Hou Lu consciously took the word "Tian" for her queen status, so with the trademark "Tianfeng", this time Fengfeng took a big advantage, because we know that Fengfeng's full name is actually Guo Tianfeng, and ---- Fengfeng's former company was also called Tianfeng...But the happy time is always short. The three months of eating and waiting for death is fleeting. At 12 o'clock tomorrow is the final date for the closing of the military road. In other words, these customers of mine must leave before that.

     In the previous three days, Yu Ji gave birth to Xiang Polun for Xiang Yu. boy. It weighs 8 kg taels.

      all of us agreed to have a last carnival after dawn, and Baozi spoke very loudly in front of others. As if she was looking forward to this carnival, lying on the bed I found a trace of sadness on her face, who was heartless.

     When I slept in the middle of the night, I was gently pushed to wake up by a person. When I opened my eyes and saw Shiqian, he made a gesture outside the window, and then flew out.

     I put on a coat and went out. I couldn't help being taken aback by the sight before me. I saw densely packed people standing in front of our house. Xiang Yu and Qin Shihuang were all among them. I wondered, "Don't you leave tomorrow?"

     Xiang Yu made a whispered gesture at me, and then said in a low voice: "We are afraid that the buns will be sad, so it's fine to tell you separately."

     I looked at everyone and said, "You are leaving now?"

     Master Li pointed to the upstairs and whispered: "She can't see us, so naturally she won't be too sad. We should leave now."

     I can only nod and take a look at Jin Shaoyan next to Master Li. He is destined to never return. I squeezed his shoulder and threatened: "Boy, treat my cousin well, what you gnaw is our nest Biancao, if you dare to apologize to her, I can't control you. Brother Yu and Ying will have to hunt you all over the world!"

     Jin Shaoyan nodded vigorously: "Brother Qiang FangMaster Li couldn't help but rushed into my arms and cried, and then stood aside choked.

     Xiang Yu learned from me, squeezing Jin Shaoyan's shoulder, and said: "You have to treat the buns well, or I can't control you..."

     I continued, "The old accountant can't spare me either."

     Xiang Yu lightly smiled, his hands suddenly increased: "Xiaoqiang, take care!"

     I took Xiang Polun from Yu Ji. The little guy is full of energy, kicking and kicking with little fists and kicks. I watched it for a long time, and said to Yu Ji: "I have a chance to change my child's name to something nice."

     Xiang Yu: "..."

     Qin Shihuang came to me: "You are hungry in Dixiao Mansion and keep it for you."

     My nose sore, "Let the grandsons of the valet parking at the door not be too dark."

     The fat man slapped me, smiled and said, "Hanging on the skin."

     I turned my head and drew my silly hand and said, "Kezi, you will have a son in the future. If you really can't think of a name, just use mine."

     Ersha looked for a while, and suddenly said: "No, then I will always think of you."

     I smiled and looked at Liu Bang in the blur of tears. Liu Bang casually told me to take care, pay attention to the body, these polite words. When I was baffling, I suddenly saw him open his mouth at me at last, but didn’t say anything. The lip-synching, originally said: "Take care of Fengfeng."

     I also kicked him unconsciously. Smile and scold: "*** paying more attention to a lover than friends!"

     Then there was Hua Mulan. I turned my hand back and said with an old-fashioned look: "Sister, the personal problem should also be solved."Hua Mulan smiled simply and said: "If you can wash your sister's hair, you will naturally have the answer."

     I didn't understand what she meant, Wu Sangui rushed up carelessly and hugged me and said a lot of sentimental things, which made the sister Yuanyuan on one side shed tears.

     Other people will also start to bid farewell. Fang Zhenjiang, Ran Dongye, and Wang Yinbaojin, they said goodbye to their brothers and friends, and then everyone lined up to say goodbye to me. When it's Song Jiang's turn, don't wait for me to say anything. Song Jiang slapped his chest first and said, "Don't worry, Brother 109, As long as I'm present, Liangshan will never ask for peace one day."

     Li Shimin looked at the long line in front of me, and suddenly smiled: "At what time is it our turn to be reviewed by Xiaoqiang?"Everyone laughed, after all, they couldn't reduce their sadness. Because of the large number of people, we were afraid of waking the buns. We cherished each other in a low voice. Some even simply shake hands or hug. During the whole process, I suddenly admired my perseverance. People often say that the most painful thing in life is To Part Forever. This time I have to face birth and separation in name, and death in essence. If we leave, not surprisingly, we won't be able to see it up in this life, and there will probably not be any accidents. When Liu Laoliu's old stick is gone, almost all my hope is taken away. I thought I was strong enough after many separations. Only then did I discover that I was still a mortal after all, and I couldn't bear them. From the group of five +2 to Liangshan Outlaw, from the Yuejia Army 300 to the emperors, and even Qin Hui, I feel as if having one's heart cut out, I really want to cry but I don’t dare, I suddenly felt that these guys were nothing ----Why do they think I won't be sad?

     As they entered the military road one by one, the place became more and more empty, and my heart was also empty. I couldn't bear anymore. I ran up and followed behind their ranks and shouted quietly: "Everyone, we the blue mountains never grow old, the green waters flow on forever, we will meet in the future......"

     Hu Sanniang came out more and more, looking at me with arms akimbo, I consciously gave her my head and said, "Twist it."

     Hu Sanniang wiped his eyes and said, "I will let you finish this time."When I walked quietly on tiptoe and lay back on the bed, Baozi had already changed her posture with her back to me. I thought she was still asleep, but as soon as I lifted the quilt up, I heard Baozi choked up like a sleep talk: "Thank you. It’s so embarrassing, so it’s okay..." The city also has the meaning of summer. When they left, it was just beginning of spring, and now the trees are green.

     When I got up in a nap that day, Baozi was sitting on the edge of the bed and teasing. The little guy had a white belly on the bed. He turned over and climbed a few steps from time to time. He was always blocked by Baozi not to mind taking all the trouble. He was recently But after gaining a lot of skills, Baozi does not turn round and said to me: "Polun is also two months old? I don't know who he looks like."

     Baozi and I currently already don’t shy away from talking about Xiang Yu and the others. After all, there are things that you can’t forget just by avoiding them. I lazily said: "The child is genetically excellent, no matter who you are, it shouldn’t be dangerous. , It’s a pity that Zhang Liang can’t climb it personally. Fortunately, I prepared with both hands, and the girl from Erpang’s family is also good."

     The steamed bun gave me a sound.

     At this time the doorbell rang, and I went downstairs and saw that it was Yan Jingsheng. Now he is responsible for Yucai's affairs. This kid should be so busy. It is strange to appear outside my door at this time. I opened the door to let him. Come in by yourself and walk to the living room: "So free?"

     Yan Jingsheng grabbed me and said somewhat anxious: "Xiaoqiang!"

     I looked back at him: "What happened?"

     Yan Jingsheng shook a piece of paper in his hand and said, "I received a letter today."

     "Oh, what kind of invitational tournament it is, you can arrange it."Yan Jingsheng was still very excited, but he couldn't find the right words to express. He held me and said in a trembled, "The letter was written in December last year."

     "So what?" Facing the weird and incomprehensible Yan Jingsheng, I was a little bit funny.

     "Simply put, this letter was left to us by Liu Laoliu, but he specifically ordered it to be sent today!"

     I shook a little: "That old god stick has always been so deliberately mystifying..." I said that, I had snatched the letter and opened it, and I saw that it was printed with a heartbreaking cat scratching dog. He wrote: "Dear Xiaoqiang. The weather should have been warm when you saw this letter? Did you miss me a little bit during the days bored to death Presence of Mind in the Face of Disasters?" I scolded with a smile. : "Old things are really poor." Continue to read:

     "It doesn't matter if you don't think about me. You must be thinking about your customers? I know that besides having opinions on me, you are usually a person with strong feelings."

     I couldn't help muttering: "What does this old liar want to do?"

     Yan Jingsheng said, "Look down."

     "I want to tell you that when Lao He and I were leaving, there was accidentally a military lane left at your place. The specific location was in Lao He's garage." I jumped up and rushed out, Yan Jingsheng held me down:" Finished reading."The back of the letter wrote in increasingly scratching handwriting: "This is a military path that requires a starting password and an entry password. See the attachment for the starting password. But it is not convenient for me to tell you the official entry password. , The reason why this letter is only delivered to you now. One is that according to our estimation, the heavenly path of this meeting has completely restored peace; the other is that this matter must not be told to you personally, especially the entry password. Your words. It’s the act of the heavens interfering with the human world, and making trouble will cause the heavens to shake again, but if you guessed it yourself, then it’s none of our business, and the heavens won’t be aware of it—in fact I really want to tell you secretly. But Lao He is afraid of my soft heart, so the password is set by him. I really don’t know. I hope you can find out about this and treat me unfairly like before. Responsibility for three minutes. Oh, by the way, I’ve maxed out your credit card for you. After you’re done blaming yourself, you can go to the bank to repay the money. The interest is quite expensive. Liu Laoliu stayed."

     Seeing my complexion fluctuates, Yan Jingsheng was uncertain and asked, "Have you finished reading? As far as I understand, Liu Laoliu and the others cannot tell us about the military road and the entry password in person because of their identity, but the password must not be too difficult, you can guess. Are you there?"

     The tip of my nose is sweating and my heart beats faster. I clung to the letter not say a word. Bun carried the baby downstairs and asked: "What are you doing?"

     I handed her the letter. Without waiting for the buns to finish reading, Yan Jing violently pulled me away and asked loudly, "He Tiandou is in the garage.

     I couldn't help but look at him and said, "You seem to be very active?"

     Yan Jingsheng resolutely said: "I'm going to find Mulan. She said that as long as I can get back there, she will marry me!"I suddenly said, "It's no wonder that Sister Mulan said that I should have the opportunity to help her wash her hair again. Her lifelong problem will be solved ---- sample, you guys are having fun!"

     Yan Jingsheng dragged me to He Tiandou's garage without hesitation, and said anxiously: "Hurry up, the initial password what is?"

     I spread my hand and said, "Isn't it in the letter?"

     After reading the letter, Baozi hurried over and hurried over, handing me a small piece of paper excitedly and said, "Is this what you want?"

     I saw that the little paper had a paper clip pinned to it-it was indeed an attachment. When I opened it up, I saw a few big characters written on it: "Liu Laoliu is my grandfather."

     I gave Yan Jingsheng the piece of paper with a sullen face: "You shout?"

     Yan Jingsheng shouted without the slightest hesitation: "Liu Laoliu is my grandfather!"

     The walls of the garage won’t move. Even though I’m disappointed, I’m still a little bit to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster, saying: "I knew that the old god club would shake some people."

     Yan Jingsheng eagerly said, "Call one to try."

     I curled my lips and said, "You treat me as my second b?"

     Baozi couldn't help but kicked me and said: "It's all this time, can you die if you shout?"

     I had to say angrily: "Liu Laoliu is my grandfather."

     A cloud of black mist suddenly rose from the opposite wall, and Yan Jingsheng took the lead to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster and said: "Hey, it seems that being a grandson also speaks about talent."

     The steamed bun laughed and followed closely behind sb or sth into the military road. I gnashing one's teeth and walked at the end. However, it took ten minutes to reach the end of the military road. Yan Jingsheng turned around and said: "It seems that the password can only be yours. Shout, think about what is?"I sighing voice, wailing breath said: "It's not a good thing to want to come, you two stand aside!"

     Yan Jingsheng and Baozi were standing next to me, and I stared at the wall with bated breath and crouched on the horse. After a long period of weather, I suddenly shouted, "Lao Liu Liu is my grandfather!"

     The wall does not move.

     Yan Jingsheng said: "The password can't be the same, think again."

     I angrily said: "Liu Laoliu is my father!"

     The wall does not move.

     Baozi slapped me and said: "Of course it is even more impossible for you to drop him a generation!"

     I flattered against the wall and said, "Liu Laoliu is a good person."

     The wall does not move.

     This time I explained myself: "Mom, I can't even listen to words of conscience."

     However, the password has to continue to be guessed. "Liu Laoliu is a noble man", "Liu Laoliu is a pure man", "Liu Laoliu is a man who has escaped from low-level tastes" and I tried all of them later, and finally even "Five Maoliang" and "Li Bashan" I’m so angry that I’ve tried all these, but the damn wall just didn’t move...

      After over two hours, both Yan Jingsheng and Baozi sat on the ground with their heads drooping, while I continued to try various passwords with dry mouth and tongue breath like a hairspring: "Liu Laoliu is my ancestor, Open Sesame, washing is healthier ..."

     After another over an hour. Steamed bun climbed up from the ground weakly, and said helplessly: "I think we will do this for today. At least we have the starting password, and we will come every day from now on. There will always be times when we are wrong." Yan Jingsheng cried and said, "It can only be done like this. Now, Xiaoqiang, think quickly, Mulan is no longer young."I weakly put my arms on the shoulders of the two of them and they walked back, taking a few steps, I think/feel increasingly hold my breath, think/feel increasingly useless, suddenly I couldn't help but jump up. Turning around, pointing to the wall and shouting: "Liu Laoliu, you bastard!"

     The wall opened...

     Outside, there is Wu Sangui’s Dazhou Imperial Palace Military Field. I saw a piece of it being decorated with lanterns and colored banners unusually bustling with noise and excitement. A banquet is being held in the huge field, the table closest to us. Fatty Ying, Ersha, Li Shishi and Jin Shaoyan are all present. On the podium in the distance, Yu Boya is playing the piano, Zhong Ziqi is punching with Li Kui, but Liu Bang is singing along with "Autumn Whispers" "Heroes", in the center, the bandits with stubborn characteristics have drunk lean unsteadily from side to side, 300 young soldiers gathered in a circle to watch Fang Jie fight against Zhang Liao...

     I didn't care about seeing my old friend again, and I was dumbfounded: "You are the first chaos in history!"

     Everyone turned their heads. See it's me. With a sudden smile, "Xiaoqiang is still that virtue."Later, I was very suspicious about the password. Because as far as I know, Liu Laoliu, it is impossible to set such a humanized password for the sake of conscience or considering my feelings. Finally, when Yan Jingsheng reminded me, I understood: that password is He Tiandou Set. In a blink of an eye, more than half a year has passed, and this is the day when we should not be one year old. We can take the opportunity to have a big meal again. It is said that these guys often do this. You can’t guess even if you killed Wu Sangui. It was the 80th anniversary of the marriage of Wu Sangui's grandfather and his grandma... This is all good. When Li Shimin's youngest son was able to call his father, Lao Li also put a hundred The table invites people. Of course, some experienced and knowledgeable people like Zhang Zeduan and Su Wu didn't go there. Their reason is simple: we wait until the child will call the uncle.

     What happened over the past six months has to be explained. Although the new military path is theoretically still under the supervision of the heavenly path, it is basically There's no problem. As long as the number of circulation does not exceed 1,000 at a time, Brother Dao will have to sleep.

     Therefore, the most profitable is the kid Jin Shaoyan. He took Li Shishi to travel between the modern and the past, and he didn’t that a joy. Li Shishi initially planned for himself to be a two-year drama. Naturally, money is no longer available. She considered the earth factor, and she did it to keep her youth forever.

     Yan Jingsheng and Hua Mulan have no plans to get married in the near future, and both of them are busy.

     What I envy the most is actually Liu Bang. There are not a few men who flutter the red flag at home, but it is too difficult for the red flag to support her husband in holding the flags---Fengfengna and Lvhou's shares It.Just talk less, give no one year old, no one will let go of such a righteous **** opportunity, people come naturally unprecedented, the location is selected in the Qin Dynasty’s Xiao Mansion, after a whole day of carnival, I and Baozi wanted to go home early. Tomorrow, he must continue to make his grandpa and grandpa happy. We were just about to leave. Qin Shihuang suddenly said: "Wait a minute, let the broken baby (child) celebrate the first birthday, we silk (yes) Not a little bit missing (what)?"

     Zhu Yuanzhang patted his forehead and said: "Let's forget the allusion that the child caught Zhou Zhou."

     Hu Hai said: "What does it mean to catch Zhou?"

     Xiang Yu embraced Xiang Polun and said gently: "It is to let the little brother who has just reached his first year of age take something casually, and according to what he takes, he can see what future prospects he has." At the end, he smiled and said, "I heard that when I was a child, I caught Zhou. Grab a small wooden gun."

     Hu Hai and Cao Xiaoxiang clapped their hands and cheered, "It's fun, let my brother catch Zhou."

     Baozi and I looked at each other and nodded. My son is highly intelligent. We also want to know what life he can catch in the end. At least it’s good to have directional specialties.

     Brother Guan put his Azure Dragon Crescent Blade on the ground and said, "If you shouldn't choose this knife, you will definitely win the Kui Yuan in the future."

     Zhuge Liang put the feather fan on it, and plan in advance said: "If you choose this thing, then this kid must be interested in strategy."

     Wang Xizhi's tribute offering oneself's writing brush: "May he become a calligraphy master."

     Li Bai put a wine glass drunkly, and said loudly: "Sages and sages in ancient times are lonely, only the drinker keeps his name."

     Hua Tuo put down his small hand pillow and said: "Practice medicine in order to help the people, it is the ambition of my generation to relieve people from danger."Yu Boya moved to Yaoqin and said: "Music is a real art."

     ...It didn't take 5 minutes, and the ground was full of all kinds and sorts the implied message is deep gadgets----just like the bamboo loops in the park, everyone shouted: "Enough, enough, let's not choose."

     I hugged him two meters away and asked him to face those things, and eagerly ordered: "Son, the road ahead is full of ups and downs and temptations. You have to choose well!" Then I put him on the ground. Climb to the pile by himself.

     Everyone didn’t dare to come out at this meeting, quietly watching what shouldn’t be, seeing that they shouldn’t have three steps and two steps to climb over, and they didn’t even look at it when passing by the gold. Someone immediately praised:" Treat money as dung, good boy!"

     The little guy continued to crawl forward and saw a bead flower worn by a woman on hand. He glanced contemptuously, not the slightest staying, and someone praised: "Well, not indulging in female sex, a good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage."

     But at this time, everyone's minds are also marked with big question marks, and money and beauty are not moved, so what does this kid want anything? We all couldn’t take one’s eyes off and stared at what shouldn’t be. We saw him look and see, and seemed to be dissatisfied with anything. Suddenly, the little guy stopped on one region/place and sat up with two small hands. Struggling forward to grab, hehe and laugh.

     The crowd rushed up like a tidal wave. I squeezed in front of the people and looked out of my hands. I saw that he firmly grasped something and didn't let go. When I looked carefully, I saw the four sides of the thing, sharp and red. People have two eyes, cold Sensen makes people feel terrified. When I saw this thing, it didn’t matter, I couldn’t help feeling mixed, and couldn’t help but yell at it:

     "Who the hell put the bricks!?"Full text segmentation

     Are you satisfied with this ending?

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     See you in the new book