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0 Chapter List 3965 The New Book "Invincible In The World" Is Uploaded, Please Support Me
    Chinese Name: 最强武神  Author: 么么(Mo Mo)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

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     New book "Unmatched Under the Heaven":

     Introduction: In the post-civilization era, the earth’s spiritual energy recovery, Great Desolate World is coming again, the old world structure collapsed and fall apart overnight, and the human race almost died out. There are kings who get to evolve the heavenly book, for the first generation of evolvers, to calm the eight wilderness alien races, make the human race occupy an inch of land on this earth, the era of a brand-new reveals a mysterious corner. "Invincible among the same rank, is it a ball? Lao Tzu Unmatched Under the Heaven." Ye Hao flickered.

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