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0 Chapter List 1774 Obsession Is A Devil
    Chinese Name: 太初  Author: 高楼大厦(Gāolóu dàshà, Tall Buildings)
    Original: | Translator:

Outside Miaoyi Peak, everyone watched their noses and mouths, all silent, and no one said anything.

     Obviously the family met again, even Xu Yu Youxi.

     But the surroundings were quiet and terrible, only the wind blew the surrounding branches, making rustling noises.

     Xu Yu felt that her husband’s mood was undergoing tremendous changes, and knew that if it goes on like this, it would really be a scene of Dad beating her son. She took a step forward and separated the two gentle men who seemed to have to do something. Said: "Yilan, how can you even dare to contradict your father? Don't hesitate to admit your mistakes to your father!"

     Although Qin Yilan was almost a little overlord walking sideways in the early days, she was still quite persuaded by Xu Yu. Now she saw Lady Mother come forward directly. Although she was dissatisfied with the old man, she still turned her head and saluted Qin Haoxuan. Said: "Otou-sama, my child is wrong."

     Although he admitted wrong, his voice was blunt.


     What is wrong with him?

     He admits his mistakes only because his mother asked him to admit his mistakes, so he admits his mistakes.

     In this whole beginning, the only person who could scare him was his stepmother Xu Yu. Even if he is arrogant towards his adoptive father, he only worships, respects, not fear.

     Xu Yu's voice sounded a little cold and said: "If you are wrong, you have to admit your punishment. Punish you to go back face the wall and think about one's mistakes three days time, can you take it?"

     "Yes, the child admits punishment."

     Qin Yilan quickly got up and left, and went straight to face the wall and think about one’s mistakes.

     On the side, Xiaojin saw that the atmosphere was a little dignified, called out hastily: "Master, I to think of it, Little Stone has something to do with me, I will leave first. Master, I will come to see you another day."With that, it has left quickly.

     The people around also left quickly.

     Outside Miaoyi Peak, Qin Haoxuan and Xu Yu were left immediately.

     Qin Haoxuan looked at Xu Yu helplessly, and sighed: "Madam, you can't do this. The children are all spoiled by you." Just now Xu Yu obviously punished Qin Yilan on his face. In fact, he was defending Qin Yilan and made him think. Qin Yilan can't educate.

     With a smile on his face, Xu Yu could no longer see the seriousness he was just now, and said softly: "You... how can you educate children like this. Obviously father and son, they have to do things like enemies. I'm looking back on matters of God's consciousness. Tell him. He is a good boy. Although he knows that I am not his biological mother, he has always treated me like a mother, but the child is still young and ignorant..."

     "What's so young?" Qin Haoxuan said silently: "We have been separated for more than a hundred years, and he is also over a hundred years old. Is he over a hundred years old or a child? Have you ever seen children over a hundred years old?"

     "You also know that you haven't seen him for more than 100 years. He suddenly has a father for more than 100 years. You also need to give him time to let him accept it slowly." Xu Yu stared at Qin Haoxuan in a bad mood. He glanced at it: "What's more, more than a hundred years old so what? Men who are not married and have children will always be children. Like you, weren't you the same?

     "I was far less than a hundred years old at that time... Alright, you said it right, a man who is not married and has a family will always be a child." Qin Haoxuan said, suddenly thinking of Bai Ling, and said with a smile: "I started I haven't wanted him to get married yet. As soon as you talk about it now, I have the idea that we will let him get married when we leave here with Taichu."Xu Yu gave Qin Haoxuan a white look: "Getting married, how can you say that you get married? Getting married is a major event in life, and you need to find him a wife."

     "I have a good candidate here?" Qin Haoxuan thought of Xiao Bai in the Fei Xian Ruins.

     "You still have time to find him a wife, whose child is it?" Xu Yu showed a surprised look between his eyebrows, obviously he didn't expect Qin Haoxuan to find a good wife for his child.

     "It's a coincidence that I have entered the Feixian Ruins, and I encountered a white snake in the ruins..." Qin Haoxuan briefly said about the experience of acquaintance with Bai Ling. After speaking, he added: "That little girl is very kind and talented enough."

     "The other things are not important, mainly kind-hearted. The net worth is good." Xu Yu heard that Bai Ling always stood by Qin Haoxuan when he was facing danger again and again, nodded slightly satisfied.

     After Xu Yu paused slightly, she continued: "As for Lan'er, you haven't seen him for too long after all. Although you are a father and son, it takes time to get acquainted.

     Lan'er is not the kind of kid who doesn't know right from wrong. And he really admires Zhang Kuang, you can talk to Zhang Kuang when you look back, let Zhang Kuang help, and let Lan'er accept your spiritual knowledge. "

     Qin Haoxuan heard that as the world's top existence, he was suddenly like a cat whose tail was stepped on, and like a child, he jumped up and shouted with an unhappy expression: "I teach my son, Still need to find that guy? I won't find him!"Xu Yu gave Qin Haoxuan a blank look again, and said amusedly: "I also said that Lan'er is not young and immature, and asked if I have seen a 100-year-old child. Look at what you are now, not like a child. Isn’t it useless for you to be angry, who will let your son kiss someone."

     Qin Haoxuan was speechless. He could imagine that after he went to Zhang Kuang for help, the proud face that Zhang Kuang would show. The more he thought about it, the more unhappy he became, but besides asking for Zhang Kuang's help, he seemed to have no other way.

     While talking, the two of them walked forward.

     Not long after they walked out, the two stopped at the same time, and Xia Yunzi's figure appeared in their sight.

     He is still the same as when he met three years ago, with silver hair, white beard and green robe, and a wooden staff in his hand. It is only three years ago, the outline of his facial features cannot be seen in an old manner, and he is generally different from the appearance of a middle-aged person. Now it is only three years. But he can already see obvious wrinkles on his face.

     Qin Haoxuan's heart is sighed...Hey!

     Old Xia Yunzi's body is much worse than three years ago...

     These are the root causes of the fall of the war.

     He opened his mouth and wanted to speak, but for a moment he didn't know how to speak.

     Xia Yunzi saw Xu Yu with a big belly, but he seemed to see his own child having a joy. His wrinkled face suddenly showed a bright smile and said hello three times.

     "Okay, after seeing you have it again, the old man I am really happier than seeing anything." Xia Yunzi glanced at Xu Yu, his gaze fell on Qin Haoxuan again, and asked: "You have been in seclusion for three years. How diligent is it?""Uncle Hui, my fairy palace hasn't changed. It's still eight fairy palaces." Qin Haoxuan said of his cultivation base, his expression faintly said: "It's just my fairy palace, now it can stack up to seven."

     "Seven superimposed, that means, only the last do not stack is left." Xia Yunzi's expression became brighter when she heard the sound: "Okay, in three years, you can stack another fairy palace. Your talent is really amazing. It's really not easy for you to be so diligent in your cultivation."

     Qin Haoxuan, I looked at Xia Yunzi with a happy face, but I was very distressed. He was indeed diligent. The more difficult it was to stack the fairy palace, the more difficult it was to stack the fairy palace. Every time he stacks a fairy palace, his combat power will increase a lot.

     But this improvement is an improvement of his combat power, even a way to improve his combat power, rather than advanced one step before his own way!

     This kind of superposition, for the free demon master, is the free demon master own way, because the free demon master understands what it is, and that is taught to him by the free demon master.

     As for myself, although I understand it, it is still not my own way.

      The own way did not advance, nor did it broaden.

     Xia Yunzi set his eyes on Xu Yu again, and asked, "Deputy Chief Xu, how is your cultivation level now?"

     Xu Yu looked calm, as it should be by rights and said, "Of course I am still the nine fairy palaces."

     Hearing Xu Yu's answer, Qin Haoxuan was speechless. After returning on your own, he asked his daughter-in-law. At that time, she was nine immortal palaces.At that time, I told her about the Immortal Palaces and Dao Palaces of those strong men I had seen, the ones who merged into a Dao Palace such as the Nian Ancestor, and the ten a Devil Palace and the Immortal Palace such as the Free Devil Lord, She also talked about her own method of immortal palace superposition, and also said that the sea swallowing demon master changed from Dao Palace to Dragon Palace, and asked her what new ideas about her Dao Immortal, such as integration or superposition, or making it into a demon palace, Wait……

     But she said, she was completely without thoughts, that's it...

     Just repair it, this answer...

     Qin Haoxuan discovered that everyone's path is really completely different, and Xu Yu is the kind of person who never thinks about so much, thinking about fairy trees into forests, thinking about the superposition of Taoist palaces.

     At the beginning, Jiang Zibai once told her.

     ‘Your path of practice can be cultivated, because you are a genius, you don’t need to think about it so much, you will understand it naturally as you practice. No need to consider from all angles like others do. ’

     And Xu Yu, she has been practicing like this.

     This is her way.

     After Xu Yu finished speaking, he looked at Qin Haoxuan who seemed to be in deep thought, and said softly: "My Dao, I can cultivate slowly. It's all these years, so don't think about it. It's you, you return. At the beginning, except for the first time I met the head teacher, I have been in Miaoyi Peak without going out. Now that you have come out, no matter what you say, you should also visit the head teacher."

     On the side, Xia Yunzi agreed with nodded and said: "I should go to see the teacher."He said that he seemed to have thought of something, and added: "Old man, I will go with you." He remembered Qin Haoxuan's return to the early days three years ago. After seeing the madness, the two of them started to almost demolish the mountain.

     He didn't dare to let Qin Haoxuan go directly to Zhang Kuang, he had to follow.

     "Okay, let's go." Qin Haoxuan knew in his heart that Xu Yu said this because of Qin Yilan's affairs, because he was afraid that he would not be able to save face and speak madly.

     However, according to the truth, Zhang Kuang is now in charge of Taichu, and when he leaves customs, he should also go to see Zhang Kuang.

     Outside the thatched house on the side of Huanglongfeng Hall.

     Zhang Kuang’s legs sits cross-legged with a cold and arrogant face. Behind him, nine fairy palaces stand side by side in the air. These nine fairy palaces have undergone new changes from when he saw Zhang Kuang three years ago.

     Among them, the six immortal palaces contain the six arts of cultivating immortals [Magic Pills and Fuzhen Yu]

     Qin Haoxuan's gaze fell on the one closest to the left of the six fairy palaces.

     This should be one of the six immortal palaces, the one that has just changed recently, and the one that has changed.

     The immortal palace is extremely huge, at first glance, it is even like a pill furnace, and in the fairy palace, there is an extremely huge pill furnace.

     This pill furnace stands on three legs. On the three legs, the dragon, the phoenix and the unicorn are engraved with the three sacred beasts. Dragon's Roar, Phoenix's Cry and the roar of the unicorn are faintly heard.

     The tripod is pure gold, and the furnace body is dark blue.It can be vaguely seen that in this pill furnace, there is also this furnace of pill medicine, which seems to be refining. A wave of Dense Qi gushes out of this pill furnace, flows out of this fairy palace, spreading all over the body madly.

     Crazed, he found a new path belonging to his own.

     Qin Haoxuan admired in his heart, arrogant, really an unworldly pride.

     Over the years, Zhang Kuang has been studying the Six Arts of Immortals, but after he fought with himself three years ago and realized his spiritual consciousness, he finally found a new path.

     He has returned everything's everything to its original state.

     Because he has been practicing and studying the six arts of cultivating immortals, he chose to start with the six arts of cultivating immortals. Then hit Xiuxian Six Arts into the fairy palace.

     Everything returns to its most original state...

     What about yourself?

      What about own path?

     Own reincarnation.

     Qin Haoxuan suddenly thought of his own reincarnation. His path is Dao of Samsara. If he wants to move on or find a new path, he needs to study his Dao of Samsara.

     It's just Dao of Samsara, he realized all too many, he doesn't know where to start now.

     Qin Haoxuan frowned and thought.

     On the side, Xia Yunzi looked at Qin Haoxuan's melancholy, and slowly said, "Haoxuan, I know, my current cultivation base is not as high as you, far worse than you. But the old man, I am older and livelier than you. Time is longer than you. Maybe I don’t have as much knowledge as you, but I can say something boastful. After living for a long time, there will naturally be some old people’s wisdom.I can see that you are a little confused now. If you can't think of a way out for a while, it is better to open the altar and preach scripture in the beginning. Give lectures to all the disciples in the early days, give lectures to different disciples, perhaps you are talking, helping different disciples answer their doubts, and you will understand your confusion. "

     "Open the altar and preach scripture ......"

     Qin Haoxuan was startled slightly, and then nodded slightly, which was indeed a good way.

     "Thank you, Uncle Master, for clearing up your doubts, since that's the case, then I will..."

     Qin Haoxuan hadn't finished speaking, but he stopped at once, looking into the distance.

     In the distance, layers of robbery clouds gathered, completely covering the sky, and thunder fell down.

     "That is, in the direction of the Mipu team, someone is attacking the Dao Palace, and it seems that the chance of success is not great." Qin Haoxuan showed a worried look on his face, the voice fell, and his figure was already gone.

     He could feel that the aura of Dao Gong was extremely unstable.

     Where the Mipu team is located.

     The [Miepu] flag was placed on the ground and fluttered in the wind.

     Only at this time, the surrounding sword killing array did not start, and no disciples rushed to kill it.

     Instead, all around the banner was covered with formations.

     Fight against the heart demon formation!

     Directly opposite the banner, behind the one-eyed Pan Daguan, a vague Taoist palace condenses, and above the sky, layers of robbery clouds gather, some are like unsheath the sword, some are like a peerless beast with bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, some are like Infinite Layers of the Abyss ……

     Above the layers of robbery, the thunder fell down and hit Pan Daguan directly.Pan Daguan's face covered with criss-crossed claw marks was full of ferociousness. He roared again and again, bombarding the thunder above the sky frantically, as if to destroy all the thunders.

     "Little Panzi...he is about to break through the Dao Palace, but..." Qin Haoxuan looked at Pan Daguan, who looked crazy before him, with a worried look.

     In the surroundings, the disciples of the former Natural Hall, now the deacon of the Miepu team saw Qin Haoxuan's arrival and stepped forward.

     "Old Hall Master."

     "Old Hall Master, you are out."

     Qin Haoxuan nodded slightly, looking around it was not a formation against the catastrophe, but a formation against the inner demon. Feeling the abnormal Pan Daguan, I could not talk to everyone, solemnly asked: "what is this Circumstances? Why is this many formation against the inner demon instead of the formation against the robbery? There is also a problem with Xiao Panzi, his inner demon."

     "Old Hall Master, our members of the Destroyer Team, broke through the Dao Palace Realm, and when crossing the Tribulation, they laid out this formation against the Inner Demon." Ying Xiaochang looked worriedly at the battle against the Tribulation. Pan Daguan, who is in the heart of the demon, explained: "The reason why the people of the Pu Guang Ge team can reach the peak of the fairy is because of the obsession in everyone's heart. The obsession of Pu Guang Pavilion is officially because of this obsession. Everyone can cultivate with diligence. But because of this obsession, everyone’s demons are extremely heavy."

     Ying Xiaochang said, expression turned gloomy, and said: "In the past few years, many people in the Miepu team have tried to attack the Dao Palace Realm, but in the end everyone failed.

      not because of the catastrophe failed, but failed above the inner demon. And it is not failure one or two times, but failure very many very many times. "Mipu...

     Qin Haoxuan sighed for a long time, precisely because the obsession to kill Puguangge was the heart demon who made everyone advanced by leaps and bounds, and also because the heart demon, at the final crucial moment, became the biggest obstacle for everyone.

     But if everyone is allowed to let go of the obsession, let alone everyone's greatest belief now is revenge, no one will let go of that obsession. Even if they really let go of their obsessions, it is tantamount to letting them give up too early!

     Not to mention the Miepu team, it is the entire Taichu, who will let go of the Taichu!

     No one will give up too early.

     One day is too beginning, life is too beginning. In the early days, the obsession of killing Puguangge would never be let go!

     Even if it is dead!

      until death puts an end?

     No, for them, it is death!

     Qin Haoxuan's brows furrowed tightly, and everything else is easy to say, all can be practiced and exercised, but the inner demon cannot be exercised!


     He owns the heart demon fairy palace, and he also owns Dao Heart Type-Demon, his own heart demon can exercise everyone. Use your own inner demons to induce the demons of the crowd, and let the demons of the crowd keep tempering them, instead of letting them encounter the demons just when they cross the catastrophe.

      As a result, everyone will constantly encounter the inner demons on weekdays. When they can really defeat the inner demons and suppress the inner demons, they can contend against the inner demons when they encounter the catastrophe again!

     Qin Haoxuan looked at the almost completely crazy monster, facing that one after another Heavenly Tribulation Thunder, like Pan Dacheng facing the people of Puguang Pavilion, and said: "Little Panzi, Pan Dacheng, now, you stop condensing Dao Palace ."The sound was not loud, but the sound came out, but it covered the thunderclap sound falling above the sky.

     This voice even contained the Supreme Immortal Ability, which blasted directly in Pan Dacheng's mind, making Pan Dacheng restored to sobriety and calmness.

     Pan Dacheng looked up and saw Qin Haoxuan floating in the air.

     "Old Hall Master..."

     Pan Dacheng didn't know why the old hall master wanted him to stop condensing the Dao Palace immediately, and he didn't need to think about it. He only knew that if the old hall master asked him to stop, he would stop immediately.

     Behind him, the faintly discernible, constantly fluctuating Dao Palace phantom suddenly disappeared.

     Dao Gong phantom disappeared, but the thunder of Heavenly Tribulation did not disappear, and it still fell crazily.

     With a wave of Qin Haoxuan's hand, he never saw his breath rise, and even a fairy palace had never appeared behind him, as if he was waving his sleeves gently. Between gently waved, the strong breath of reincarnation had already flown out.

      in the air, that one after another The falling thunder, under the reincarnation, instantly dissipated.

     And Power of Samsara is more than just breath, it has fallen into the cloud of sky.

     Layers of dark robbery clouds covering the sky disappeared instantly, as if they had never appeared before.

     Ying Xiaochang blankly looked at the dissipated robbery cloud, and the whole person was stunned. It was the robbery cloud of the sky. The old hall master has now reached this extent, one's every movement, so the sketch in light shades Let the robbery cloud dissipate.For the four weeks, a member of the Miepu team looked at Qin Haoxuan’s direction blankly. They were only disciples who joined the Taichu. Three years ago, Qin Haoxuan returned to the Taichu and came to the law enforcement team for the first time they saw Qin Haoxuan. Today is the second time they have seen Qin Haoxuan.

     They only learned from their deacon and captain that their deputy head teacher is like a god of war. Now, it is the first time they have seen their deputy head coach take action!

     Once, their deacon had encountered danger when attacking Dao Gong Du Jie, and their head teacher had also taken action, and also destroyed the robbery, destroying Jie Yun.

     However, unlike the deputy head teacher, the head teacher directly destroys the heavens with one punch, full of endless domineering aura.

     The deputy head teacher, these methods, although not as overbearing as the head teacher, are more mysterious.

     They can't even feel the aftermath of the one thread, one hair from the air around them. It seems that the heaven has never appeared before. Everything is Dreams and Visions in a bubble.

     What kind of means is this?

     This is the old hall master who the deacons respect like the god of war, and this is their deputy head teacher!

     Qin Haoxuan looked at the people below and said, "I am going to set up a large array of demons. All the disciples who have crossed the catastrophe and attacked the Dao Palace Realm, and now want to attack the Dao Palace Realm, can enter the big array and temper themselves. Demon."

     "The heart demon array? Can there be a heart demon array?"

     "The heart demon can also be tempered?"

     "Old Hall Master, there is such a method!"All around, everyone was shocked when they heard the sound. Everyone knew that the heart demon could not be tempered. Now, their deputy head teacher can set up the heart demon array to help them hone the heart demon!

     "Only one heart demon formation is not enough." Xu Yu rushed one step behind Qin Haoxuan and said, "I have Zhenxianshan in my hands. They still need to experience the life of genuine mortals."

     "But so." Qin Haoxuan heavily nodded, he has experienced the life of a real ordinary person, and more than once, knowing that that experience is helpful to a cultivator, especially to the heart demon. How great is the change of practitioners!

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