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0 Chapter List 1182 Can You See The Fall 5?
    Chinese Name: 杨小落的便宜奶爸  Author: 寒门(Poor Family)
    Original: | Translation:

The New Year’s Eve party is held in Haixinsha, but everyone in Guangzhou knows that every New Year’s Eve, the vicinity of Haixinsha is the most crowded. Young people like to gather here to meet New Year’s Eve, even if it is Did not buy Haixinsha's New Year's Eve party tickets, there are also very exciting New Year's Eve countdown activities near Xiaomanyao!

     Whenever this time, there is a lot of people near Haixinsha, the police will implement traffic control, let alone find a location to park, you can't drive in.

     Yang Yan and Luoluo are exceptions. They took a kindergarten-packed bus early. This bus was reported by the organizer of the New Year’s Eve party before being released. March straight in unchallenged (military), they drove to Haixinsha. In front of the stadium.

     Wearing a thick down jacket, Luoluo, who showed only his small face that was painted white and red, jumped out of the car with the team, and then put his little hand into Papa's warm big hand in front.

     "Where is Mama? Hmm, will Kaidong come to see Luoluo?" Luoluo asked softly as he raised his head as he walked. The outside of the stadium is relatively empty, and the howling cold wind blows her bangs freely, and the big eyes of the little girl can't be opened, so she can only squint.

     "Mama can see you when watching TV at home. And Grandpa will take Haohao and Hanhan, and you, Uncle Lei, will come over to watch your performance on the spot, and you will be able to see them at that time!" Yang Yan laughed Tao.Originally, according to the original plan, Xia Yu and the others also came here together, but after knowing that Xia Yu was pregnant and she was pregnant with twins, Wu Xiangqin did not agree to let Xia Yu come to such a noisy and chaotic place with so many people! Even Grandma Lu joined the team condemning Yang Yan, saying that he didn't understand anything, and she didn't know how to feel sorry for her when his wife was pregnant.

     Yang Yan and Xia Yu were helpless and could only let Xia Yu stay at home. At the same time, Wu Xiangqin and Grandma Lu, who had inconvenient legs and legs, stayed behind and watched the live broadcast on TV.

     The three extra tickets are not wasted, and the Lei Zhentian family who had no plans to go are on top! Just because Yang Yan wants to accompany Luoluo and follow a large team (each child can have a parent to follow, after all, on such a big occasion, without the help of parents, the teacher can't handle it), you can let Lei Zhentian help take care of the elderly ( Comrade Old Xia), children.

     "Well, you can see Luoluo on TV. It was Luoluo on TV!" The little girl always thought about the fact that she could be on TV. After hearing Papa mention it, she trot two steps immediately afterwards, actively Said.

     "Yes, and it's still live broadcast. You dance on it, and Mama can be seen right away at home!" Yang Yan laughed."Wa..." Luoluo sighed, but the long tail behind her seemed a little absent, because the beautiful stadium in front of her attracted attention.

     Rather than talking about the venue, it is better to say that it is a semi-open complex built on the island!

     To the west is the grandstand area. Luoluo and Papa come from outside the integrated service area behind the grandstand! Of course, what attracts Luoluo the most now is the eight-sided "sail" LED screen that stands tall in the middle of the island!

     It is like the sails of a sailing ship, with four masts and two sails on each mast! Electric rises, it is an eight-sided LED screen!

     Now they have been unfolded, and because they are being debugged, promotional videos are playing on them, one by one beautiful Guangzhou pictures flashed on them, let Luoluo see too much for the eye to take in, forget to exclaim!

     In fact, it is this sea heart sand area built with sailboats as a template! If there is an aerial photograph, you can also see a sailing boat with sails "navigating" on the beautiful Zhujiang from the high-altitude angle of view in the picture!

     "There are too few seats in the stands here? You can't even buy tickets if you want." The parent of a child next to him was complaining to another parent."Isn't it? Our family has many relatives, and they all want to watch our family Xiaohai's performance. As a result, all of them are staying at home and watching TV!" There were many echoing voices.

     Luoluo stared at the beautiful eight large screens without paying attention, but Yang Yan could hear them clearly.

     Stop talking about Lei Zhentian and the others watching Luoluo's performance. If someone else hears it, isn't it Chi Guoguo's hatred?

     Yang Yan, it is not difficult for them to buy tickets. Xia Xiangyang said hello and someone sent the tickets. Of course, Yang Yan was not bad, and he gave all the money that should be given.

     However, the grandstand here is indeed small. Other big venues are surrounded on all sides. It has only one side. If it hadn't added some seats next to the stage, I'm afraid there would be even fewer people coming to watch it!


     "There are big, big ships, Papa instigates big ships, that, that's a big TV, it’s thirty, seven or eight! Eight big TVs!"

     The party is about to start. Luoluo and their programs ranked third (it is estimated that they are worried that it is too late and the children will not be able to hold on), so they also waited in the background early, and other parents secretly watched those When Guangdong TV station invited the stars, Yang Yan, who had no interest in following stars, took his cell phone and asked Luoluo to make a video call with Mama.Because there are not many chairs, Luoluo can only sit on Papa’s lap, but she is extremely excited, holding the edge of the phone with one hand and the wrist of the hand with Papa holding the phone, chuckling Chacha. Introduce Mama non-stop.

     It seems that Mama did not come and missed a lot of beautiful scenery. Luoluo didn't want Mama and regretted that he took the initiative to talk to Mama.

     "Luoluo, you will be on stage soon, are you nervous?" Xia Yu seemed to be urging her with her grandma and grandma. She could only interrupt Luoluo's description and asked with concern.

     "Don't be nervous, um, Mama, can you see me, Papa and I?" After the little girl answered quickly, she started a new topic on her own.

     "You can see it! You can see it on your phone!" Xia Yu said with a smile.

     In fact, there is a misunderstanding in this. Luoluo wants to know if Mama has seen himself on live TV-this is obviously impossible, the party has not started yet!

     However, Xia Yu thought that Luoluo was talking about a video call, and she gave an affirmative answer.

     Luoluo thought that Mama could really see herself on TV. She didn't have to wait for a long time to see herself. She grinned happily, and her ass couldn't help but twist Papa's thigh. Up.If it weren't for Papa's wrist, she might still hands dance and feet trip.

     "Na, na, you, you guys have to cheer for Luoluo!" Luoluo watched the scene of grandmother and grandma appearing after Mama took the phone away, she giggled more excitedly, and said in a crisp voice.

     "Good, good! Come on, Luoluo, come on!" The cutest thing is Grandma Lu. Although the old man has blurred vision of an old person and can't see the appearance of Luoluo on this small screen, she was deflated when she heard Luoluo's voice. The mouth of the dentures, with a fist clenched, with a wave, cheering up very seriously.

     "Hehe!" Luoluo also squinted his eyes, laughing sweetly with his grandma and the others.

     Encouragement from family members is the greatest source of courage!

     Luoluo didn't seem to feel scared at all. Unlike other children, she didn't dare to speak anymore in this big scene. The little girl still smiled happily, and her light and sweet voice echoed in the small lounge.

     There is no particularly obvious influence, but Luoluo's laughter caught the attention of other children. Seeing her lively appearance, everyone's eyes seemed to reflect a little vitality.

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