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0 Chapter List 4519 The Legend Of Qingxuantian (12)
    Chinese Name: 修罗武神  Author: 善良的蜜蜂(Shànliáng de mìfēng, Kind Bee)
    Original: | Translator:

In fact, the original strength of the Qing family is almost the same as that of his Yuan family. Among the Nine Great Aristocratic Families, it is considered weak.

     But since the Qing family came to that child, the Qing family seems to have been taken care of by the heavens. The cultivation resources have been continuously found in Qingzhou. The overall strength of the Qing family has also begun to increase rapidly in a short time.

     In the past two years, the Qing family had friction with the Tang family, and that friction ended with an apology from the Tang family.

     The Tang family unexpectedly surrendered to the Qing family.

      It should be noted, the Tang family is the stronger one among the Nine Great Aristocratic Families.

     And even the Tang family is not the opponent of the Qing family, and his Yuan family is naturally not the opponent of the Qing family.

     Therefore, the old man of the Yuan family would hesitate so much.

     Everyone has seen the hesitation of the old man in the Yuan family.

     Ma Kun and the head of the demonic descending faction, as if they had seen hope, a trace of luck emerged in their hearts.

     Because they felt that they might really have to escape.

     "It doesn't matter whether I am a member of the Qing family, you only need to know one thing." Qing Xuantian said.

     "What's the matter?" the old man of the Yuan family asked.

     "My name is Qing Xuantian, and I will be the one who will end your life." Qing Xuantian said.


     Upon hearing this, Ma Kun and others suddenly looked complicated.

     They secretly scolded Qing Xuantian as unable to differentiate good from bad. Even if his identity is special, the other party is jealous of him, but he should be eloquent.

     He threatens the other person's life by speaking like this, and that fool will let him go. If he really let him go, wouldn't it let the tiger returns to the mountains?"Hahaha, Qing Xuantian, it is really you, you are the Divine Body."

     "Is it Divine Body, all the same pretentious, but a mere ten-year-old child dare to threaten me to wait?"

     "Originally, I was thinking about spare your life, but now, I have changed my mind."

     "Your Qing family has risen because of you, and will perish because of you. When you die, your Qing family will definitely decline, so today, I want you to die." After the old man of the Yuan family said this, he went into shape. With a weapon in hand, he flew towards Qingxuantian.

     Seeing this scene, those young boys and girls are blind closes the eyes, and Ma Kun and the head of the demonic sect and others also turn the head.

     They couldn't bear to see the tragic death of Qing Xuantian.


     But at the next moment, after a blood-curdling screech came.

     Everyone turned their eyes to Qing Xuantian because they found that the scream was not from Qing Xuantian, but more like that of the old man.

     At a glance, people's expressions changed drastically.

     Qing Xuantian stood in place completely undamaged, but the rope that bound him was broken and scattered on the ground.

     And looking at the old man from the Yuan Family, the blade he had slashed towards Qing Xuantian had already flown out, falling thirty meters away, and most importantly, his hand was still on the blade.

     The old man flew out with his entire arm, and his arm was broken.

     "You...what kind of monster are you."

     The old man of the Yuan family, with one hand covering the wound of his broken arm, looked at Qing Xuantian in panic, as if he were looking at a monster, his eyes were full of fear.Qing Xuantian ignored him, but spread his hand and grabbed it, and there were eleven fallen leaves on the ground, which were passed by, fluttering and spinning with his palm.


     The next moment, Qing Xuantian waved his sleeves, and the eleven fallen leaves flew to the other eleven people in the Yuan family.


     Suddenly, those disciples of Ma Kun, the young boys and girls who mocked and bullied Qing Xuantian, screamed in horror.

     Not only were they scared, but Ma Kun and the head of the Demonic-Raising Sect were all panicked.

     The eleven members of the Yuan family still stood in place, but their heads all fell on the ground. It was the fallen leaf, and their heads were cut off by the fallen leaf.

     ", youkai."

     At this moment, the old man of the Yuan family retreated again and again, then suddenly turned around, displayed the Body Movements Martial Technique, and quickly fled to the distance.

     His speed is very fast, he has fled to a hundred meters away in the blink of an eye, and his figure is further and further.

     However, Qing Xuantian was not impatient or impatient, grabbing at random, another leaf fell into his hands.


     With a flick of his finger, the fallen leaves turned into a stream of light and flew away in the direction where the Yuan family elders escaped.

     I saw a sanguine light stood straight, the old man from the Yuan family also had his head on the ground.


     At this moment, let alone other people, even Qiu Wanyu's gaze towards Qing Xuantian was full of fear.And even Qiu Wanyu all the same, those young boys and girls who mock Qing Xuantian, one by one, not only look pale, but also shiver coldly. There are even a few unsatisfied, even the crotch is wet, how many This girl is also frightened cheeks streaming with tears.

     Fear, it's terrible.

      This kind of boy who murder without blinking an eye is even more terrifying than those of Yuan family.

     "It's really unexpected that this young man turned out to be the young master of the Qing family."

     "Many thanks Young Master help, really many thanks Young Master help."

     The head of the demonic descending faction and the sub-rudder master of the demonic descending faction all came to Qing Xuantian and kept thanking him.

     Even Ma Kun is no exception.

     "Don't be hypocritical, because I am not trying to save you today."

     Qing Xuantian said indifferently. After saying this, he looked at Qiu Wanyu, and then said to the head of the demonic descendant faction: "Yuanzhou, you can't stay any longer, go to my Qingzhou area, and make sure no one will dare to move. you guys."

     "Many thanks Young Master, many thanks Young Master." The head of the demonic descendant faction and several sub-helms, at the same time bowed and bowed.

     "If you want to, thank her." Qing Xuantian looked at Qiu Wanyu again.

     "Wanyu, why are you in a daze? Thank you Young Master Qing Family." Ma Kun said in a commanding tone.

     "Shut up." Suddenly, Qing Xuantian shouted loudly at Ma Kun.

     With this angry shout, the mountains and forests were shocked, and Ma Kun hurriedly lay on the ground in fright, shaking violently.

     Qing Xuantian pointed his finger at Qiu Wanyu, looked at the demonic descendants, and shouted in a commanding tone:"Everyone from the Demonic Demon Sect has listened well. From today on, you must be kind to her. If you let me know, if some of you dare to bully her, I promise that I will make you a hundred times more miserable than the Yuan family. "

     After speaking, Qing Xuantian turned and left.

     Only the descendants of the demons, who are full of shock and tremble with fear.

     After Qing Xuantian left, he went to Taiping City, where there were indeed people from the Qing family.

     But what Qing Xuantian did not expect was that the uncle who was thrown away by him had also arrived in Taiping City.

     When the family reunited, they immediately returned to Qingzhou.

     "Xiaotian." On the way, Qing Xuantian's uncle suddenly spoke.

     "Uncle, what happened?" Qing Xuantian asked back, calmly, even with a faint smile on his lips.

     This is the difference between Heaven and Earth, who was indifferent before.

     At this moment, Qing Xuantian's uncle also smiled and asked: "Xiaotian, what have you experienced in the past few days?"

     "Nothing, why did Uncle ask like this?" Qing Xuantian asked back.

     "It's okay, it's okay." Qing Xuantian's uncle shook the head, but the smile on face became thicker and thicker.

     After a few days of separation, after seeing Qing Xuantian again in Taiping City, each person felt the change of Qing Xuantian.

     Although I don't know why, Qing Xuantian's change like this made him very happy.

     Qing Xuantian now looks more like his family.


     This is the end of Qingxuantian Waichuan, thank you Wushen readers for reading.

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