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0 Chapter List 1451 An Ordinary Person's Daily Routine (8)
    Chinese Name: 诡秘之主  Author: 爱潜水的乌贼(ài qiánshuǐ de wūzéi, Submarine Squid)
    Original: | Translator:

The scene in front of him was so ordinary that Patton didn't think there was any problem.

     Although he vaguely felt a little familiar, he didn't think it was strange:

     Why is there no sense of familiarity in the scenes you see every day?

     His gaze moved and looked up to the sky, and saw the crimson moon hanging quietly, swaying light, and the mood of "can't help" settled down.

     At this moment, Patton seemed to have lifted the invisible burden, his body and mind were extremely relaxed, and he no longer had the panic, anxiety and irritability he had before.

     His spiritual intuition tells him that this matter of Vernal is over and will no longer affect his life.

     "Storms of the above, thank the Lord for your blessing." Patton whispered to himself, holding his right fist and his left chest.

     Without that worry and tension, he just felt exhausted like a flood, rushing out of himself in the depth of one's soul, flooding the brain, the limbs, and every cell of the body.

     Patton couldn't help putting his back against his mouth, yawned, but there was a somewhat cozy smile on his face.

     He didn't stay in the study anymore, turned around and left here, went all the way back to the bedroom, took a bath in an enjoyable state, and drank a small glass of red wine.

     That night, Patton didn't dream anymore and slept abnormally.

     When he woke up in the morning, his spirit stretched out and he felt joyful, as if he had gained a new life.

     Looking at his sleeping wife next to him, Patton got up carefully, changed his clothes, and walked around the house.

     He had never found his neighborhood so beautiful before:The air is fresh, the environment is peaceful, and the scenery is pleasant. Even the pedestrians are so educated.

     This made Button's mood even better, and once again deeply realized that Vernal's affair was over, and he had returned to a normal and peaceful life.

     He maintained this mood and returned home to enjoy breakfast with his wife and children.

     During this process, he even told his wife a joke published in the newspaper, which satisfied a small request of the children.

     Seeing his wife and children smile on face, Patton felt satisfied from the bottom of his heart.

     Then, he put on his coat, hat, and walking stick, and went out to take a trackless public carriage, all the way to the "Luen Antiquities Collection and Protection Foundation" located on the edge of the city.

     Entering his office, Patton recovered his old rhythm, and instead of busy working, he prepared black tea with some strange herbs for his family.

     With black tea, he leisurely finished reading the few newspapers that he didn't subscribe to at home before he picked up the letters and documents he had received and reviewed them in turn.

     Such a process and such a rhythm made him feel very comfortable.

     The only dissonance is that Button is still a little worried about receiving Vernal's letter again.

     However, this worry did not become a reality.

     About a quarter of an hour later, the door of his office was knocked.

     "Please come in." Button picked up the cup and drank lipstick tea.

     Pushing the door is the deputy director of the "Compliance Department", who looks ordinary and has no distinctive features, but makes people feel kind Pacheco Dawn.

     "Did you sleep doing fine last night?" Pacheco asked, standing at the door."Very good." Button did not hide.

     Pacheco nodded, said with a faint smile:

     "It seems that you have indeed got rid of the influence of this matter."

     Barton didn't talk about the "nightmare" he had, and instead asked:

     "How about you?"

     "I also slept well." Pacheco responded with a smile. "The police have completely taken over this matter. It is said that Vernal was found last night. Unfortunately, he seems to have suffered misfortune."

     "Poor man, wish him peace." Patton didn't say May the Lord bless him, because Vernal has abandoned his belief in "The Storm Lord". If there is really "protection", it must be lightning plus storm.

     After speaking, thinking of Pacheco's previous help and the other person's gracious gesture, Button took the initiative to say:

     "Wait for lunch together?"

     "Are you a treat?" Pacheco said with a smile.

     "Of course, it's nice to meet such a friend like you." Button stopped/stood and gave a salute with gentleman's elegance.

     Pacheco lightly nodded and said:

     "Then I will wait for your invitation in the compliance department.

     "Before 12 o'clock?"

     "No problem." In addition to being grateful to each other, Barton also felt that knowing the deputy director of the "Compliance Department" would be of great help to the future work.

     Moreover, he believes that Pacheco should be the same as himself, some aspects are better than ordinary people.

     After watching Pacheco leave his office, Patton sat down again, silently and slowly sighed.As an ordinary person with normal IQ, he is completely able to discern Vernal's affairs are full of weirdness, involving problems in the fields of occult and religion.

     In addition, he is also full of interest in the division of the Tamara family, the hidden history of the Quaternary and the details of Vernal's encounter.

     But he knew that he couldn't go deep into it. It was an ordinary person's greatest luck to see that the part of the iceberg floated up. If he wanted to figure out the detailed circumstances under the water, he would inevitably be drowned.

     The past archaeological experience made Patton dare not take risks, nor did he want to take risks.

     For him, curiosity may be the least valuable thing.

     After secretly feeling for a while, Button continued to work.

     When it was almost 12 o'clock, he put the items on the table, picked up the coat and top hat hung on the coat rack, left the office, and walked outside the "Compliance Department".

     Boom boom boom, Patton knocked on the wooden door in front of him.

     Soon, Pacheco opened the door, looked at Patton and said:

     "Give me another five minutes, I didn't handle things at another point."

     "No problem," Patton replied without a second thought.

     "Come in and wait." Pacheco said casually.

     Button was not polite, stepped into the "Compliance Department", found a chair and sat down.

     Moving his eyes around randomly, he found that there were about six to seven personnel in the "Compliance Department".

     At this moment, he heard someone knock on the door.

     Before the employees of the "Compliance Department" got up, the door creaked open.

     The first to enter is the Vice-Superintendent of the "Luen Antiquities Collection and Protection Foundation".This is a spirited old man. He looked around, his eyes staying on Patton for a second and then said:

     "It seems everyone is here.

     "I will introduce you to a new colleague."

     During the conversation, the Vice-Superintendent took a few steps forward and revealed the new employees of the "Compliance Department" who were following behind.

     This is a woman in her twenties, nose bridge is high and stiff, with plump lips, dark gray eyes, pretty face, and wearing a common blue dress.

     However, there is no expression on her face, and the whole is not like a real person, but closer to a wax figure.

     Barton and Pacheco's eyes suddenly solidified.

     The Vice-Superintendent continued to say with a smile:

     "She will be the same as Pacheco, as the deputy head of the Compliance Department. Her name is Alysia Tamara."

     PS1: Of course, ordinary person's daily life can't go deep too much. This is part of the surface of the iceberg and does not involve below the water surface. Well, it is also a narrative attempt.

     PS2: If the final part is purely for the effect of fear, without considering the three views of the characters, it should be written like this:

     During the conversation, the Vice-Superintendent took a few steps forward and revealed the new employees of the "Compliance Department" who were following behind.

     This is a woman in her twenties, nose bridge is high and stiff, with plump lips, dark gray eyes, pretty face, and wearing a common blue dress.

     Barton and Pacheco's eyes suddenly solidified.

     At this time, the lady's mouth turned upside down, and she said with a bright and natural smile:

     "Hello everyone, I am Alyssia Tamara."