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Chapter Directory 687 The First Perfect Fusion Of Two Gods And Two Gods
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
    Original: *** 2278
| Translation:

While flying three times, Bibidong's body was also shaking for a while, wow, a bit of purple-black blood. However, everyone watching the battle at Jialingguancheng understood that the outcome of this battle was doomed.

    Tang San's body flew upside down in the air, and the purple light flashed all over his body. The horrible resentment was madly impacting his mind, and the persecuted he could only go all out with the hard top. Bibidong's Shen Nian expelled the grievances and evil spirits little by little. Tang San at this time, the combat effectiveness has dropped to the extreme. While seeing Bibidong spurting blood, Qianxue was already holding the angel holy sword, and the whole person brought a series of golden and red afterimages in the air to chase down. Tang San had no extra power to stop her blow. Poseidon faced with Angel God and Raksha who were completely united, there was no chance after all. The ability to hit Bibidong again is already a miracle completed by Tang San.

    At this moment, a pink figure suddenly came out of the air and came to Tang San. She did not block Qian Qianxue, but just opened her arms and hugged Tang San, who had a lot of Raksha's magic power flashing. body. Point your back to the upcoming angel holy sword.

    Her movements were quick, without any hesitation, even in the face of an attack like the angel god, but also hugged Tang San at the moment before the angel holy sword came.Seeing the appearance of this person, Qian Cheng Xue suddenly lags behind. It is her, Xiao Wu, the only woman in Tang San's heart who loves. At this moment, Qian Xue suddenly had a weird idea in her heart. If she and Tang San are not hostile couples, can they use their bodies to block Tang San like Xiao Wu in the face of a fatal blow? At this moment, she finally understood why Tang San disregarded herself so much, and why he had only her in her heart.

    The jealous fire screamed with burning snow, and the angel holy sword was added again in his hand. The surging sun really cut through the sky and went straight to the back of the small dance. Since you are going to die with him, then I will fulfill you.

    In fact, as early as Xiaowu saw that Qiancheng and Bibidong were truly united, she was already prepared, and she had been waiting for this moment to come. Otherwise, how could she appear right in front of Tang San?

    Embrace Tang San tightly, and let the remaining Raksha Bharat's power in Tang San invade his body without half resistance, because resistance has no meaning. Her eyes only looked at Tang San, with endless tenderness at Tang San. It seems to be telling him, brother you died together, I am content.Releasing the golden trident did not try to twist Xiaowu's body, but also hugged her the same. The result was already immutable. Although he was so unwilling in his heart, he had tried his best and exhausted all his abilities. . Since all this can't be changed, what he wants to do now is to be with his lover. Whether he lives or dies when Tang Sanfei flew out of Jialingguan but did not put the little dance into the temporary space, he has already decided. He knew that if he died in battle, Xiaowu would live alone anyway. Because he is the meaning of her survival. Even if she allowed her to live a little longer, she would still follow. That being the case, when this moment really comes, it is better to go to Huangquan together. At least they will not separate, and they will never separate.

    As far as his father is concerned, Tang San can only pray for him and his mother, at least in addition to himself, the father and mother are concerned.

    At this moment. Not Tang San or Xiao Wu. They only have each other in their eyes. That came suddenly. They don't even care about burning them to the holy sword of angels. In the heart of Tang Sanhe and Xiao Wu. All echoed the same sentence:

    Cannot be born in the same year, month and day. But beg to die on the same day in the same year and same month.boom--. The angel holy sword stabbed Xiaowu's body accurately. The god attacks. Full of Qian Xue's jealous blow. Bouncing on Xiaowu without reservation. Even if there is a small dance. It can still easily penetrate Tang San's body without excess defense. Kill them completely from this world. Everything in this place has appeared in Qian Chengxue's mind. She was starting to feel a little stunned in her heart. Just below, Hulena had fallen to her knees again. When crying out loud. No one had unexpectedly changed.

    The angel holy sword pierced the back of Xiaowu for a moment. suddenly. A layer of intense red light burst out of Xiaowu suddenly. Actually completely blocked the blazing sun fire.

    Qian Xue was shocked. Hurry up. Fully inject your own divine power into the angel holy sword.

    but. at this time. The red light that suddenly appeared was completely released. Turned into a huge red vortex. Invade Tang San and Xiaowudi's body. And the terrifying red light shattered the real fire of the thousands of snow in a flash. Great resilience. Even her body flew out.

    Hissing, the original power of Raksha, who was originally on Tang San and eroding Xiaowu's body, instantly disappeared, as if completely purified. Tang San and Xiao Wu's already full of death spirits can't help but look shocked.Tang San only felt that the embrace in his arms was no longer a little dance, but a piece of fiery coal, and that the scorching temperature was even more real than the sun of thousands of snow. The feeling of Xiaowu is quite the opposite. She only feels that the cold coldness in her body that has been silent is like a sudden explosion caused by something lit. Unprecedented moments exploded, spreading on every inch of her skin, she had lost the ability to act.

    Red, rendering Xiao Wu's body, just a blink of an eye, the clothes on Xiao Wu's body have disappeared completely, the whole person has become like a red metal, and the dazzling red light has spent Tang San's Eyes, but how could he let go of the little dance? Even if Xiao Wu burned him to death, he must hold her tightly at this time.

    The miraculous scene was staged in front of the Jialing Pass. Under the public attention, Xiao Wu's red body turned into Tang San's body bit by bit. It's like a piece of red-hot metal stamped into Tang San's body.

    Bibidong had stabilized his body shape at this moment, rushed to Qian Qianxue, Qian Qianxue turned to her with horror, and her eyes showed the light of inquiry. She didn't understand how the energy from the red light could even be attacked by her god-level attack.However, when Qian Xuexue saw Bibidong's face, her heart sank. Bibidong's original green face was now completely white, and her body was trembling slightly. With. The purple and black air flow that she condensed from all directions became abnormally scattered, as if encountering a strong repulsive force, and dared not approach Bibi Dong's body.

    Although Qian Chengxue didn't know what was going on, she made the most correct response in the first time. She pulled Bibidong back and flew back several kilometers, because she felt it faintly. The change of Bibidong is due to the intense bloody red light appearing on Tang San and Xiao Wu.

    "No, it's impossible. That's..." Bibidong's voice trembled, and although her body had recovered its ability to absorb resentment and evil breath, looking at the red light, the fear in her eyes did not weaken.

    In Jialingguancheng, the already desperate masters and others also widened their eyes and watched the huge bloody vortex in the air. The avalanche could not help but tremble and asked the master: "Guo Master, what the hell is going on?" Teacher him, he..."

    The master was also dumbfounded. "I don't know, but how does it look like a fusion of martial arts. But what is the reason why a person can merge with a god?" Obviously, before today, Tang San and Xiaowu were never Knowing the method of this fusion, the bloody vortex full of strange breath made the master feel a strong danger. It's auspicious or fierce. The master doesn't know that as the bloody vortex in the sky spins more and more violently, his heartbeat has reached an unprecedented degree.Xiao Wu's body was integrated into Tang San's body bit by bit, and the incomparable fiery even Tang San's Poseidon costume could not produce any blocking effect. As if that Poseidon costume was completely filtered.

    Xiao Wu's expression was bizarre, watching her body fit with Tang San, but her eyes gradually showed a beam of joy.


    "Xiaowu, what the hell is going on? Tao, did you sacrifice to me again?" Tang San wanted to resist this blazing power, but he now found that his body was completely immobile, and even his body The costume of Poseidon is also collapsing bit by bit, melting into his body one by one and disappearing. Half of Xiao Wu's legs and waist have been integrated into his body, and the incomparably hot feeling makes him completely burned.

    "No, I'm already a class, how can I sacrifice again? Brother, I didn't understand it until now. Do you remember the Shura magic sword I absorbed? It was not that it chose me as the object of inheritance, but It chose me to be its scabbard."

    Sword sheath? Tang San stared at the dance blankly, and when he didn't fully understand it, Xiao Wu opened his arms violently and wrapped his arms around her neck, her hot body also blended into the unparalleled high temperature, Completely integrated with Tang Sanhua.

    "Ah--" Under the double stimulus that severe pain and Xiaowu disappeared in his body, Tang San roared to the sky, an unparalleled killing breath exploded, and the red vortex that originally swirled around him and Xiaowu violently was also at this moment. The deep-fried smashed into a stream of red air and instantly integrated into Tang San's body.At this moment, with San's body as the center, within a kilometer of the surroundings, everything turned into blood red, which can be clearly seen, and a stream of blood red light continuously poured out from the ground and merged into the body of Tang San . He was alternately flashing blue and red light, each time this strange energy fluctuation burst, slipping back made Tang San a huge energy fluctuation.

    "Shura." Bidong finally spit out these three words. She was very reluctant to admit in her heart. However, the huge red light displayed in front of her and Qian Chengxue came from the power of Shura. Only the power of Shura could make her so frightened. Both Shura and Raksha control the killing. The Shura god controls all the murderous spirits in the world, while the Raksha god controls the hate killing formed by evil and resentment. Although the two belong to the god of killing, they are incompatible. The breath of God Shura is the real nemesis of God Raksha, which is even more terrifying than the god of light.

    To describe it in a more direct way, then, Shura is the light killer, and Luosha is the dark killer. The light of Shura is pure light and the darkness of Raksha is muddy darkness. As the Shura God, one of the five giants of God Realm, is a powerful and powerful criticism in the whole God Realm. At this time, how could Bibi Dong feel the fear of his breath?

    "What are you afraid of? What about the Shura God? We can kill the Sea God, and we can also kill the Shura God." Qian Chengxue held the angel holy sword, as the inheritor of the angel god, she didn't know how much Shura God was Horrible, Shura’s breath does not restrain her. At this time, she is more courageous than her mother."It's not just Shura God!" Bibidong closed her eyes in pain, and she had no courage to escape at this time. The pressure caused by Shura’s breath made the resentment and evil spirits that had just been incorporated into her violently agitate and tremble.

    Before Qian Xue asked, everything in front of her had already explained Bibidong's words to her.

    Unstable blue and red flashes flashed around Tang San's body, and even his eyes flashed red and blue alternately. His face was somewhat distorted and he was suffering great pain.

    Qian Chengxue said in surprise: "Shura God, Poseidon, can his body alone bear the power of two gods? This is impossible. No one can do it."

    Qian Qianxue's words didn't fall. Suddenly, Tang San's body shook violently, as if to shake something out of the body, and the red and blue light suddenly separated. A huge blue phantom appeared in him. Behind, his body has completely turned into red.

    The red armor is obviously bigger than the gods of Poseidon, Angel and Raksha, and the patterns on it are even more dazzling. There is a huge hammer in his hand, the magic pattern on the hammer shines, It was so melted in his hands, the intense red light burst out with the unparalleled killing gas, the red light melted by the hammer re-condensed, a giant sword more than two meters long, appeared out of thin air in Tang San's grasp Among.Tang San’s eyes turned into dark red. This blood-colored armor was covered with red blades, and there were spikes protruding in almost every corner. The unprecedented pressure made Qian Qianxue’s previously vigorous fighting intentions completely suppressed. She can clearly feel that the Tang San in front of her is more terrifying than the sea god Tang San.

    The blue phantom that appeared behind Tang San was not always illusory, and he was able to clearly distinguish Tang San's appearance, wearing a blue angel costume and holding a blue trident. Although it is not the strongest golden state of Poseidon, his figure superimposed behind the bloody Tang San still brings greater pressure.

    "This, this is..." Qian Chengxue's voice also began to tremble.

    Scarlet Tang San, or Shura God Tang San, slowly raised his head, his bloody eyes, cold and emotionless, stared at Bibi.

    Xue Xue, "Are you surprised? I tell you the answer. This is the coexistence of the two gods with me dancing together."

    Yes, when Xiaowu's body is fully integrated into Tang San's body, the energy of the Shura Magic Sword swallowed by Xiao Wu is instantly combined with the Shura divine power possessed by Tang Sanhao's Tian Hao, and then with Tang San's own The fusion of Shennian's thoughts has created this unique and perfect martial art fusion technique.

    If Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s martial arts fusion technique is the most perfect fusion of the auxiliary system soul division, then what Tang San and Xiao Wu accomplish in this life-to-life relationship is the god-level fusion.In fact, to some extent, the integration of Tang San and Xiao Wu is also thanks to Bibidong. When Bibidong's Divine Power penetrated into Xiaowu's body, it completely stimulated Shura's magic power, which allowed her to complete the perfect fusion with Tang Sanshen level in the first time. This level of fusion cannot be interrupted even by the gods, which is why the previous Qianxue attack was not effective.

    If there is no magical stimulation of Bisha’s Raksha, the Shura magic sword in Xiaowu’s body will still be stimulated, but if that is the case, she will be stimulated by Qian Xuexue’s attack. Integration is hard to say. Although she has 96-level strength, how can God-level attacks be so easy to bear?

    The coexistence of the two gods, saying only four simple words, can really be achieved, not to mention in the world, even in the real God Realm is unique. The incomparably powerful Shura magic slowly swayed on Tang San. Bibi Dong and Qian Chengxue could no longer even see the Jialing Pass. All he could see was the blood red in front of him.The Shura Magic Sword slowly lifted up, and Tang San's bloody eyes continued to extend along the hilt to the front of the sword, and his heart was now fully accessible. He and Xiaowu can complete this perfect fusion, which is absolutely not replicable. First, Xiao Wu once sacrificed to save him and became a part of his body. When Xiaowu was resurrected under the efforts of Tang San, the two people had a spiritual connection because they had completely fit together. This is a precursor to 100% martial fusion. When Xiaowu's body was integrated into the Shura Magic Sword, the energy contained in the Shura Magic Sword and the test of the Shura God, which was spent many years in the Tang Dynasty's three great ancestors Tang Chen, also merged into the Xiaowu body. However, the little dance itself does not have the ability to control this energy. Because she has never been recognized by Shura God, this is why Xiaowu told Tang San when she began to merge with Tang San. She was actually just the scabbard of Shura Magic Sword. Since the magic sword entered the body, Shura Magic Sword waited quietly with her body as a carrier.

    A person can really only inherit one magic, but Haotian Hammer with Xiaowu's body for fusion becomes the key to mobilize Shura's divine power, and Xiaowu's body becomes the carrier of Shura's magic sword. Only then did the scene of Shura's coming to God coexist.

    The Shura God that came at this time is not the same as the fusion spirit of Ska and Ning Rongrong’s martial spirit. This is the real Shura God. Tang San is himself a god, and then inspired Shura’s divine power, as long as he is willing to be in this state. Keep it up. Of course, Xiaowu can only be fused in him all the time. And Tang San can also lift this state at any time. This is the perfect fusion of powerful magic skills with any side effects.A faint light flickered, and there was a cold forehead of the magic light Luo Mojian on Tang San's face, and the bloody magic light instantly bloomed. Only the shadow of Poseidon behind him was another color.

    Bibidong and Qianxue glanced at each other, and both mother and daughter had strong fears in their hearts, especially Bibidong, whose breath was completely suppressed, the Lord Raksha was only trembling in front of Shura. Not to mention that Tang San's state at this time is the coexistence of two gods. Even if there is only one Shura, she can't have a mentality to contend with.

    "Fight it. He won't let us go." Qian Xue shouted, the angel holy sword in his hand pointed at the sky, the surging angelic power burst out instantly, the real fire swept down, under the strong pressure, She broke through again. The whole person's body is completely integrated with the true fire of the sun. It is no longer a sun angel produced by the costume of the broken angel, but is transformed into a sun angel based on her body. Bringing a golden red streamer, headed straight to Tang San and hit him head-on.

    At this time, Qianxue was very calm in his heart, and had even forgotten his life, death, victory and defeat. Under this circumstance, her angelic thoughts and the sun angel transformed by the body reached an unprecedented degree of fit. The giant golden-red angel, almost in a flash, came to Shura God Tang San.

    Bibidong reacted to Qian Lingxue's scream, and his daughter was right, they didn't know how much Tang San really had at this time, but no matter how, he would not let them go, fighting hard. , Maybe there is still a chance. After all, no one knows to what extent his two gods can coexist.The turquoise flame burst out again, and Rakshasa Scythe ignited Bibidong's entire body, carrying a series of turquoise afterimages. With a higher level of divine power, he immediately caught up with thousands of snow, one left and one right, At the same time toward the third attack of Tang. This time, none of them exploded their energies, and completely exploded the most powerful divine attack in the inner body of divine power.

    "Don't you realize it yet?" Faced with the attacks of the Raksha and Angel gods, Tang San's eyes were like Gujing's unwavering waves, and he didn't move halfway. Instantly burst.

    Boom--, that bloody sword mango, the angel holy sword in the middle of thousands of snow. In an instant, the divine power was completely contained, and the Qian Qianxue, which made another breakthrough, shook the whole body like an electric shock. The sun angel, the golden red light of the body was completely extinguished. She also flew out like a golden meteor.

    Just by virtue of the energy attack, the Qian Qianxue in the strongest state is defeated. What kind of divine power is this? As one of the five giants of God Realm, Shura God is such a powerful one.

    At this time, Bibidong's Raksha Scythe had appeared above Tang San's head, and fell from the sky with a dreadful green flame.

    Tang San snorted, his body half-turned, the Shura magic sword directly changed from the previous forefinger to the upper lift, and the bloody red light flashed like a fan. After repelling Qianxuexue, the flowing clouds blocked the Raksha Scythe of the Raksha god Bibidong.The violent red light of the killing gas, thinking of God, instantly broke the resentment in Bibidong's body. The miserable green flame on Raksha's Scythe also faded and dimmed a bit. When this green touched the red light of Shura's magic sword, there seemed to be wailing in the air in the air. The whole person of Bibidong was rendered with a layer of red light.

    Tang San’s movement did not stop, and the Shura Magic Sword spit out the cold words from the next generation, "Xura, judge."

    Yes, make

    Law Enforcer Shura has the ability to judge most of the myths, except Raksha. A total of six red lights, blooming like flowers blooming,

    In the screaming, Bibidong was suddenly covered with a red electric light all over her body, although she had tried her best to resist it with her Rakshab sickle, even if she blocked the body of the Shura magic sword, the Shura magic sword was on the upper place. The magic light she brought could not be resisted. The red light that scared her most still invaded her body.

    "Tang San, I fight with you." The golden red light ignited again, and the six wings behind Qian Chengxue burst into six groups of golden red light instantly. They shook the Shura divine power of his body at the same time. The booster pushed her body to fire like a shell in the direction of Tang San. A mouthful of blood spurted the angel holy sword from Qianxue's mouth again, and the dazzling sun was really ignited this time, Qianlingxue's body was actually burning his vitality to release this blow.

    Seeing Bibidong struggling in the red light of Shura's magic sword, Qian Chengxue suddenly felt a pain in his heart, and immediately struck the blow at any cost. Faced with such an attack, even Tang San, who was the incarnation of Shura, could not help moving slightly.The Shura Magic Sword shook in his hand and shook Bibidong's body away. At the same time, between the blinking of the figure, the red and blue switches, and instantly converted into Poseidon.

    That's right, even if Tang and Xiaowu completed the martial arts fusion technique, he couldn't let Poseidon and Shura God shoot at the same time. The coexistence of two gods means that he can control the power of two gods, but only one at a time. But even this is extremely scary. You should know that the Shura God is above the Angel God and the Raksha God. They can completely suppress them, and Tang San can instantly switch between the Shura God and the Poseidon. When a god has insufficient power, he can immediately Switch to another god and give the one who lacks divine power a chance to rest. It can be said that although he cannot allow the two gods to attack at the same time, the power he possesses is two gods. And it is one-on-one that can defeat any of Qian Qianxue and Bibidong's strong presence.

    If Poseidon shot first, Xu Bibidong and Qian Chengxue still had a few chances. After all, Poseidon’s divine power was not enough to suppress them, but Shura’s divine power was really terrifying. Just a face-to-face, this pair of mother and daughter has an irresistible feeling.

    Bibidong's body was thrown away by Tang San, and he became the angel god Qian Chengxue, who faced Tang San's switch alone and returned to Poseidon who had fully recovered to the strongest state.

    The blue light of the sea turned into a raging wave, and the blue light turned into gold in an instant. Facing Qian Xue's attack, a circle of strong golden light burst out from the trident of Poseidon, and there was still no fixed storm, which met Qian Yanxue's desperate blow.Boom--, Dao's figure was heavily hit together, and Qianlong Xuekou always burst with a sharp long roar. This blow can be said to be her best effort and the final power blow. Even Tang San, who switched back to the best state of Poseidon, was very difficult to resist.

    Seeing that Tang Sanwei's golden figure was flying back in the air by Qianxue's angel holy sword, a crack began to appear on the golden trident in his hand. The strong sun was really fire, as if to melt the sea god completely Similar.

    However, when Qian Xue raised her head and looked at Tang San's eyes, she realized that Tang San's expression had not changed, and it was still so calm.

    "Go to die, go to die." Qian Xue shouted frantically, the bigger the sun was, the burning her soul and the huge god-level vitality exploded. The golden trident in Tang San's hands has begun to melt in this crazy energy, and even the Poseidon costume on him also shows signs of melting.

    This is all the power exploded when a god is desperately trying. Qian Chengxue was like crazy. On her forehead, the headband that wanted to cross the angel god's position was broken, and even the little angel's brand became a little golden light, and it merged into the angel holy sword in her hand. Among.

    In this blow, no matter whether she succeeds or fails, she can no longer be the angel god. At the cost of breaking the god position, she exploded an attack far beyond her own strength. Tang San seemed to be facing the entire sun, suffering the madness of the sun.The golden trident is melting more and more, and the costume of Poseidon in Tang San's body has also completely turned into a fiery existence. However, at this moment, the huge wings behind Tang San moved, and the wings transformed from the eight wings were too large. They flew from both sides and directly wrapped Qian Xuexue's body. Although the moment they hit Qianxue, they were already lit by the real fire of the sun. But at that moment, a large amount of the real fire of the sun was contaminated by these two huge wings.

    Boom--, with two wings, the most powerful part of this Poseidon god costume was stripped from Tang San, but they also forcibly took away the sun's true fire, which was as much as half of thousands of snow, into the air.

    The dazzling golden light exploded from the trident mark on Tang San's forehead, just shining on the trident of Poseidon in his hand. . Together, the Golden Trident regained its glory and completely returned to its peak. Tang San’s hands were held on top of this huge Golden Trident. The weight of a million pounds was instantly displayed. The last sun of Qianxue was really The fire also turned into nothingness at this moment, her body was flicked out from the ground, but at the same time, the costume of Poseidon in Tang San's body also turned into bits and pieces and dissipated into the air.

    Thousands of snow is also proud to be able to force Neptune in its heyday to such a point, but now she is no longer an angel god.Blue and red, switching again, when Tang San's body changed back to that horrible blood color, the Shura Magic Sword had turned into a blood-thundering rainbow, and went straight to be chased by the flying Qianxue Xue. In addition to being conscious, he also lost the true fire of the sun and the snow of the angel god. He could only watch the red light magnify in front of his eyes...——


    Chapter 236 The finale, the last condition
There was no look of despair on Xue Xue's face. On the contrary, her look was calm and serene.

    She used all her power, even the power to break the divine position, to move the final blow. At this time, she silently told in her heart, Bibi Dong, you gave me life, and I also paid for it at the cost of her life. about you. I no longer owe you.

    The bloody Shura magic sword, as if the Henggu killing god is coming, let alone Qian Xue, who is no longer a god, even if she is an angel god, it is impossible to resist the shock of the Shura god.

    Farewell, Bibidong, Farewell, Tang San. I can die in the hands of the only man I loved in my life. Perhaps this is my best ending. Qianxue even felt the smell of death, closed his eyes, and tears ran down the corners of his eyes.

    why? Qian Chengxue did not feel the pain of the body being penetrated, nor the fear of the soul stripping. When she suddenly opened her eyes again, she realized that the red Shura Sword Blade still pointed at herself, but it did not penetrate her chest. Because, just above the Shura Magic Sword, there is already a purple-black body.

    The dazzling red electricity spread on the purple-black body, and her purple-black divine costume turned into pieces and disappeared."No" Qianxue screamed hard, and knew where the strength came from. She held out her hand, trying to catch the man who took the sword for her.

    Turning her figure, Bidong turned to Qian Chengxue, a soft light came out of her trembling hand, supporting her and her body, and slowly fell towards the ground before Jialing Pass.

    Tang San did not pursue anymore, because there was no need at this moment.

    Xue Xue lost her own divine power, she is no longer an angel god. But at the moment when the Shura Magic Sword came, Bibidong blocked the deadly sword for her.

    If it is Triton. Perhaps Bibidong can also resist with his immortal skills. but. At this time hit her body. But he completely restrained Rakshala to repair the magic sword. The asura is full of killing power. Is she able to contend?

    Seeing that the mother and daughter fell towards the ground, Qian Xue's eyes suddenly showed despair. A trace of Tang could not bear it in Tang San's heart. and so. He did not pursue immediately. Instead, they followed their bodies to the ground.

    On the head of Jialingguan city. When the master watched Bibidong's body penetrated by Tang San's magic sword. His face was pale and so-called deep love. Responsible. No matter what Bibidong did to him. In his mind. This is the first woman he fell in love with. Even the woman she loves most in her life.

    When Bibidong landed on the ground with Qianxue, the last piece of Rakshasa's disguise had turned into smoke and disappeared. Even her face was miserably green. Also slowly receding.

    Looked at Tang San. Bibidong's eyes were extremely complex. More unwilling. But surprisingly there is no resentment."Tang San. You won." Bishudong said with some difficulty holding the hilt of the Xiuluo sword in his hands.

    Tang San said faintly: "I am very lucky. You should have won."

    Bibidong smiled. At this time, the green color on her face had completely disappeared, her face was no longer unremarkable, and she had restored the original noble and beautiful appearance but only pale and no trace of blood.

    "Xiaogang once said that luck itself is also a part of strength. You, God, can naturally see that we no longer have any resistance. The life under the sword of Shura has come to an end. Can you let me Goodbye Xiaogang. I have something to say to him."

    Tang San raised his head and looked up at Jialing Guancheng. At this moment, the flame wings spread over the city, and the giant fire dragon carried the master's body from the sky. It was Liu Erlong who showed his own fire dragon and took the master down.

    On the side of the Wuhun Empire, Hulena is running crazy towards this side. "Teacher, teacher..."

    Floating down to the ground, Liu Erlong turned into a humanoid again, and the master who staggered some footsteps still looked at Bibidong with hostility in his eyes. Even if the love rival of this life is about to die, this hostility will remain constant.

    "Xiaogang." Seeing the master landed in front of him, Bibidong's face even flushed a bit, and the whole person seemed to be much more energetic.

    The master looked at her and did not speak, but the light in his eyes was more complicated than that of Bidong.

    "Xiaogang, was it ugly when I turned into Rakshasa?" Bibidong touched his face and said with a sigh."Teacher." Hu Lena finally rushed over at this time and fell beside Bibidong. She and Qianxue were all in tears.

    "Don't be noisy, don't disturb me and Xiaogang." Bibidong gave Hulena a blameful look, like a teacher who usually teaches his students. Her touching appearance, it seemed that she was about to leave this world. Both Hulena and Qian Chengxue couldn't help but stay a little bit.

    Turning his gaze back to the master, Bibidong showed a bit of sorrow in his eyes, "Xiaogang, do you hate me? Although you don't speak, I know yes. At first, I hurt you like that, how could you forgive me?" ?But, do you know? You are my favorite man in my life. I used to be, now I am, and always will be."

    "You lie. If you really love him, why did you ruin our blue electric tyrannosaurus family? Kill all our loved ones." Liu Erlong shouted excitedly.

    Bibidong gave her a disdainful glance, "Do you think I'm as cowardly as you? Xiaogang was rejected by the family and humiliated by the family, don't you know? What have you done for him? What you can't do, I will replace Xiaogang Yes. I will not let anyone who dares to make him suffer, or to insult him. The Landian Tyrannosaurus family is gone, and Xiaogang’s troubles are gone, isn’t it?" he said. She suddenly laughed happily, and purple and black blood slowly flowed out of the corner of her mouth.

    "You are a lunatic." The master's voice trembled, and he finally spoke.Bibidong's face changed, looking at the master, her eyes suddenly became hysterical, "Yes, I am a lunatic. But Xiaogang, do you know why I am crazy? Do you remember when we were together? Am I the way I am now?"

    After all, tears still flowed from the master's eyes, "The original Bibi Dong was already dead."

    Bibidong smiled and smiled brilliantly, "Yes, what you said to Bibidong was already dead. As early as the moment she left you, she was already dead. She never had the gentleness and kindness of the past. , The rest, there is only a dark heart, a heart full of revenge. Xiaogang, I will leave this world to let you know why I would leave you at the beginning. I think, this is what you have always wanted You know. Cough."

    Speaking of which, Bibidong coughed suddenly, and more purple-black blood foam choked out of her mouth.

    "Stop talking," Qian Xue said anxiously.

    Bibidong shook his head. "No, I don't say it now, so I don't have a chance to say it anymore. I have to tell him and tell you at the same time."

    After a pause, the red on her face became clearer

    At that time, Xiaogang and I loved each other even though he was not a powerful soul with wisdom that no one else had. You see, his face is so stiff now, I know why, it's because after I left him, I never laughed again. That day, I still remember clearly that night, the starlight was dim. The teacher came suddenly. He asked me what is your relationship.

    Xiaogang, the teacher you know is the person I respect the most. He is not only the Pope of Wuhun Temple, but also he taught me all the knowledge. "Qian Chengxue's pupils contracted for a while, and Bibidong said that it was her father!

    "So, I didn't hide from the teacher, I told him the relationship between us. At that time, the teacher's face was ugly. He said, I am a genius of Wuhun Palace, who has twin martial spirits, and will never allow me Having feelings with any outside man, let alone having a relationship with your Landian Tyrannosaurus family. Never let me leave Wuhundian. I only have you in my heart. , I love Xiaogang, even if I leave Wuhun Temple, I want to be with you. The teacher suddenly went mad, he suddenly slammed and stunned me. When I woke up from a coma, but only Feeling a sharp pain all over my body, I was lying in the secret room of Wuhun Temple. He, that beast, was sitting beside me. Do you know what he said to me? He said to me, even if it was the most The dirty method also left me in the Wuhun Palace. He also told me that you are no longer clean, your body already belongs to me, what other face do you have with that man? If I don’t stay with you Parting, he will kill you immediately."

    Listening to Bibidong's words, everyone was stunned. They could deeply feel the sadness in Bibidong's words.

    "At that time, my first thought was death. But, I can't die. I know him too well. If I die, he will pour anger on you, and he will kill you. I have to make I look for you in a heartless manner and tell you that I am with you just for your wisdom. Because only then can I protect you, my beloved man."With a puff, the master fell to the ground, "This is not true, you lied to me, you are lied to me, right?" I loved and hated for a lifetime, but when all this is over, he is now. I was wrong. How did the master accept this feeling?

    Bibi Dong said: "This is my daughter, and the daughter he gave birth to me. Soon after that time, I became pregnant now. I hate him, I hate the entire Wuhun Temple, and I hate this child. I There have been countless attempts to avoid this child. However, he has kept me in the Wuhun Palace, guarding me every day until I give birth to this child."

    Looking up, Bibidong looked at Qian Chengxue, "I know, you hate me too. Yes, I can tell you for sure that although Tang Hao hit your father hard, he died in me in the end. In my hand, it was me who killed the beast and raped his disciples. I hate that I should be, I am your father and enemy, and I have not done my duty as a mother. I always think of myself That’s right, until just now, when Tang San attacked me with the Guanyin tears, the moment you knocked me away, I realized that I was wrong. The child is innocent, I should not impose that hatred On you. All I can do for you is this sword."

    Xue Xue's body trembles, her lips tremble, "No, no, no..." Just like the master always hated Bibidong, in her heart, the father's figure was so tall, but Bibidong was going to die. How could she make up such a lie. She was wrong, and the master was wrong.Bibidong is still there, although she has burst into tears, but she is still laughing. "I killed so many people and killed so many people. My death is worth it. I hate this world, so I want to retaliate this world. I want to destroy the Wuhun Temple, this world, and myself. ."

    "Bibidong." Shimeng threw a few steps and came to Bibidong, grabbing her cold hand. "Why didn't you tell me why? You killed him already, why didn't you tell me all this."

    Bibidong shook her head gently, her eyes suddenly became extremely gentle, "One thing is right, my body is already dirty, I can't stain you with my own dirty. Xiaogang, don't feel sorry for me , To be able to tell you all this, to be able to see you cry for me again, to be held by your hand before death, I am satisfied. We have been too bitter and bitter in our life. After promised me Have a good time with Erlong. She is just your cousin, and now you don’t even have the Landian Tyrannosaurus family, you have nothing to worry about. Liu Erlong, come here."

    Liu Erlong stepped forward in a daze, looking at the woman who had hated her for decades and didn't know what to say.

    "Liu Erlong, the revenge of my dead will be reported. Xiaogang loves you to open all the world's shackles, even if he rapes him, he should really be with him. I am blessed without you, At least you can be with him. Help me take good care of him, okay?"

    Looking at Bibidong, Liu Erlong took a deep breath and nodded vigorously, saying: "You are also a poor woman."

    Bibidong smiled lightly, "I don't need you to be pitiful. Tang San."The red and blue figures complement each other, looking at everything in front of him, Tang San frowns, and slowly walks up a few steps to come to Bibidong.

    "Senior, what are you going to say?" Although Tang San would not forgive everything Bibidong did, he was full of sympathy for her tragic encounter, so he would call her a senior.

    Bibiong coughed violently again, and a large mouth of purple blood came out of his mouth. The ruddy face was also disappearing quickly. At this time, even if Tang San wanted to let her go, it would not be possible, and the power of Shura had completely eroded her body.

    The red light shone, Tang San broke away from the martial arts fusion technique where the two gods coexisted. The light flashed, and the small dance had appeared beside him. The whole body was covered with this faint red light. It also disappeared.

    Bibidong reluctantly played a bit of spirit, "Tang San, I have never asked anyone in my life, even your teacher, I have not asked. Now I beg you, promise me the last thing."

    Tang San looked at the master and then Bibi Dong. "You say it."

    Bibi said: "Xueer is no longer the angel god, even the martial spirit has been damaged. It can no longer pose any threat to the Tiandou Empire, nor can it pose any threat to you. All the bad things are mine. What people do has nothing to do with her. And Nana is the same. I beg you to let them go. The Wuhun Empire no longer exists, I just want them to live."

    Tang San frowned, "You should know that this is not something I can decide alone."Bibidong lifted his upper body slightly and said sharply: "Tang San, don't you know that both of them like you? Are you so unsympathetic? Xiaogang, no matter what, she is my daughter..."

    "Teacher, you're the master." The voice of the avalanche came from the side, and he walked slowly to Tang San,

    All the empire is given by the teacher, you can do anything

    The master also looked up at Tang San at this time.

    Tang San took a deep breath and finally nodded.

    As if losing all of his strength in one breath, Bibidong's body softened and fell into Qian Qianxue's arms, and said intermittently: "Snow... children..., I... can... so called... you...? I'm going to...go...and...promise me..., be good...well alive...,...I die...yes...deserve it Of...,...don' long peaceful...alive..., I...satisfy... …Have...”

    "Mom" Qian Chengxue finally called out the word, and threw himself down on Bibidong's chest, crying loudly.

    "Good..., good..." Bibidong smiled and listened to Qian Chengxue's call. At this time, her eyes were full of satisfaction and kindness, and she slowly raised her hand, as if she wanted to touch Qian Chengxue's head. His hand was only halfway up.

    Time seemed to be still at this moment. When Qian Xuexue suddenly felt stiff in her arms, she raised her head so that Pidung's pale hands fell down. She grabbed Bibidong's hand on her face and put it on her face, "Mom"Master "Dong'er" grasped Bibidong's arm and wept bitterly.

    Bibidong, the Pope of Wuhun Temple, the creation of Wuhun Empire, the first empress in front of the Jialing Pass.

    Erlong hugged the master's body tightly from behind, and tears kept falling, "Xiaogang, you still have me, you still have me."

    Tang San slowly turned around and didn't expect that the final result would be like this. Holding Xiao Wu's hand, she was brought to her, and then he hugged him tightly into his arms. Despite all the ups and downs and countless hardships between him and Xiao Wu, in the end, they can finally compare with the master, Bibi Dong, they are already lucky. He did not comfort the master. When the feeling of the master was most vulnerable, only Liu Erlong was the most suitable to let him out of sadness.

    "It's over, everything is over." Tang San sighed.

    The avalanche went to Tang San's side. "Yes, everything is over.

    Teacher, you gave the empire a chance to survive. The word Xie is too weak. I don’t know what to say. I can only say that the empire is yours. From now on, it will be an order for the empire. Under self, all comply. "

    Tang San waved his hand, "It's all over, and it's time for me to retire. I have never been willing to join the war, let alone participate in the war. Everything I do is for myself, for my partner. And loved ones. I just hope that you will take the road ahead."

    Avalanche said respectfully: "The Wuhun Empire no longer needs to bother the teacher, I will definitely deal with it."

    Tang San looked at the avalanche, his eyes suddenly became serious, "Avalanche, promise me four things."The avalanche nodded without hesitation: "Teacher, as long as I can do it, I will obey."

    Tang Sandao: "First, in the process of completely destroying the Wuhun Empire, innocent people must not be killed indiscriminately."

    "Yes. I will definitely restrain the imperial soldiers and never kill innocents indiscriminately. I will never kill anyone who surrenders."

    Tang San nodded. "In the second and ten years, don't fight war against the Star Empire. This war is already a waste of money for the people. No civilian will be eager for war. Rest and rest." Tang San's worry is absolutely justified. In this war with the Wuhun Empire, the avalanche showed the style of his generation of Mingjun. It is the heart of the three armies. The strength of such an army is terrible. What's more, the avalanche doesn't need to be afraid of the counterattack of the Xingluo Empire, and the Heavenly Fighting Empire has God's protection!

    The avalanche froze for a moment, hesitating for a moment, but he nodded and said, "Okay, I promise you. Within ten years, there will be no war against the Xingluo Empire."

    Tang San smiled indifferently and said, "I think the Xingluo Empire will certainly not attack Tiandou."

    Avalanche smiled slightly, "That is of course, there is a teacher, who dares to offend me."

    Tang San glanced at him, "This is the third thing I want to say to you. From now on, I will not be involved in anything in the empire. Everything will depend on your own efforts. From now on, I am no longer King Lan Hao, no longer Emperor Teacher."

    "Teacher, don't you want me anymore?" Avalanche's eyes were red, and she would kneel in front of Tang San. But was supported by a divine force.Tang San patted his shoulder, "Although I am no longer an emperor teacher, I will always be your teacher. I am proud to have disciples like you. However, I have passed on as a god. God should not interfere It’s a matter of human beings. Now there is no threat from the gods of Raksha and the gods of angels, and I should be able to retreat. But you can rest assured that I will stay in this world for a long time, if there is a threat from the god level Empire, I will not stand by."

    The avalanche was relieved. With Tang San's words, what else could he worry about? As long as it is not a god-level strong, with the strength of the current Tiandou Empire, there is no need to fear anything.

    Tang San immediately said: "The last thing. After the end of the war, the Tang Jiajun disbanded, all Zhuge Divine Crossbows were recovered, and they were handed over to Tangmen for unified destruction. Tangmen existed in the Zongmen situation and no longer participated in the Imperial War. Tangmen also no longer produces hidden weapons for anyone. The hidden weapons are too domineering in the war and hurt the world. I hope you can understand."

    To Tang San's surprise, the avalanche did not hesitate this time, "Just follow the teacher's advice."

    Tang San said with some surprise: "Aren't you sorry?"

    Avalanche smiled and said: "Of course it is a pity. But what you say is God's will in the heart of the avalanche. Everything you said is correct. The Tangmen was created by you, and its attribution should be decided by you."

    Tang San also smiled, "Very well, you did not disappoint me."

    The avalanche suddenly said: "The teacher promised you four things. Can you promise me one thing? I only ask you one thing."

    Tang Sanyi froze, "What are you talking about?"Avalanche smiled, look at Tang San, and then look at Xiaowu "Teacher, I hope to be your main wedding partner and host your wedding in Tiandoucheng for you and your master. This is the only gift the disciple can give you and your master. "

    Tang San and Xiao Wu glanced at each other, Xiao Wu's pretty face was suddenly ashamed, her sweet face clinging to Tang San's chest, but the sweetness on her face could not be concealed at all.

    Tang San smiled happily, "Okay, I will promise you this last thing. However, not only me and Xiao Wu, but also Xiao Ao and Rong Rong, fat and fragrant, as for Dai Boss and Zhu Qing. We are married to watch them."

    The avalanche was overjoyed, "I can do what I want, I will squash the Wuhun Empire as soon as possible, and hold the most grand wedding in the mainland for the teacher."


    In the illusory space, all the surroundings are full of blurred colors.

    One blue and one red road floated quietly there. In a huge circle in front of them, everything before the Jialing Pass was present.

    The two figures are Poseidon and Shura of God Realm

    Poseidon laughed and said, "Xura, are you saying that this is cheating? You are the law enforcement of our God Realm, you know the law and break the law!"

    Shura God gave him a cold look, "What evidence do you have that I know the law breaks the law?"

    Poseidon laughed and said: "Isn't it yet? You used the girl's body as a wedding gown to make Xiaodang. When the three sea gods of Tang Dynasty passed on, you concealed the power of your Shura God in his second martial spirit."Shura Shinto: "This is just some conveniences I have made for my inheritance. Just like when the body appeared in front of him in Tang San’s Poseidon Inheritance. Compared with your behavior, what is mine? Did not help him carry on the inheritance."

    Poseidon Road: "How do you explain the Shura divine self-action in that little dance? How do you explain the resurrection of Tang San? If it wasn't for you that you moved the God of Food and the Nine-Colored Goddess, how could they use martial spirit in those two inheritances? When the fusion technique is really going to show the god-level resurrection light next time? Although this is called by their inheritance, they can ignore it completely."

    Shura God said faintly: "I can only use the rules reasonably."

    Poseidon Road: "What about the Shura divine power released from that dance? If you don't have your Shura divine power to protect the conference hall, the inheritance of the Rakshasa god can't survive Tang San's resurrection? At that time she actively attacked, Tang San will also Finished."

    God Shura glared at Poseidon. "It sounds like you really want Tang San to die."

    God didn't feel angry: "I just don't want to be reconciled. Originally I inherited well, but I want to divide you half."

    God Shura looked up, "Is your name written on him? Who proves he is yours? And, everything I did did not violate the rules. At most, I only inspired Shura's divine power, and it was used in my Inheritance, this is allowed by the rules. As God Realm enforcement, I will never violate the rules myself.

    "Poseidon Wudao said: "Okay, okay, okay, I can't tell you. I still don't know what you think? You don't want Tang San to take over your law enforcement position after coming to God Realm in the future. You are so lazy. ."

    For the first time, Shura had a smile on his face, "each other, each other."

    At this moment, suddenly, a golden light appeared beside Shura and Poseidon, and then shattered instantly, turning into a little golden light, and dissipated in front of Shura.

    Asura wondered for a moment, "How is it possible."

    Poseidon asked confusedly: "What happened?"

    Shura Shen said with a deep voice: "It's a world called the Five Elements Continent. I sent people to perform tasks, but I was killed. I have to go and see."

    Poseidon was taken aback, "The law enforcement under your door will also be killed? What is the strength of the other party?"

    Suddenly, a two-color mixture of black and white light fell from the sky, "Master Shura, two god kings please."

    The light instantly amplified and shrouded the Shura God, and the light had disappeared in front of Poseidon.

    Poseidon scratched his head in confusion. "It seems that what happened to the Five Elements Continent! It doesn't matter to me anyway, so Shura has a headache, haha."


    Southwest Snow Province of the Tiandou Empire.

    Holy Soul Village, this is just a small village with more than 300 households in the south of Notting City in the province of Fasno. The reason why it is called the Holy Spirit is because, according to legend, there was a Soul-Level Soul Master here one hundred years ago. This is also the eternal pride of the Holy Soul Village.Today, the village of the Holy Soul suddenly became busy. The stele carved with the word of the Holy Soul was replaced. The word of the Holy Soul was replaced by the Spirit of the God. Moreover, it turned out to be a gold monument made of pure gold.

    "Old Jack Village, why did our village change its name?"

    A little rickety old Jack, who was already on crutches, suddenly stood up and said with great pride: "Because, there is a god in our village..."

    (End of book)