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    Chinese Name: 异世为僧  Author: 萧舒(Xiāo shū, Xiao Shu)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Yu He angrily glared at him, extends a finger hard.

     Li Muchan flicked his finger lightly, smiled and said: "The lord is easy to go, I won't be far away!"

     He disappeared in a flash after he said, "Bang" exploded at the place where Yuhe was, and the pool water was surging, forming a surging wave. Li Muchan retreated for a while and could not escape this.

     He shook his head. People like Yu He and others often have assassins and Perish Together's tricks, which are unimaginable.

     To do not belong to oneself, the secret trick is successful, and with alertness, use the trick before he performs the trick, and escape before he uses the Perish Together trick. You can't escape the danger of your last name.

     Confronted with such a master as Yu He, you die, I live, no luck at all. He shook his head and looked at the deep pool. After a while, the huge wave dissipated and the deep pool returned to calm.

     Yu He floated on the water, lying still, Li Muchan pressed his thumb, "banging" Yu He flew to the edge of the pool.

     Li Muchan walked over and looked down, Yu He had a weak breath, motionless like a statue.

     Li Muchan thought for a while, raised his palm, but put it down again. He didn't add another palm to kill him. Of course he didn't leave any troubles, he just killed him, but his instinct always told him not to kill him.

     Since he practiced the Heaven's Secret Art, his intuition has become more acute and more precise. He believes firmly without any doubt, even if he has the urge to kill him, he still abruptly resists it.

     He took a long sigh, looked up at the surroundings, and suddenly felt unreality, a huge Purple Star Palace, towering and unshakable, but he took it all in one breath, and even knocked down the hall master.He had never thought of such a scenario. The power of the Purple Star Book of Heaven was indeed amazing. Coupled with the Heaven's Secret Art, the two complement one another, designed to restrain the Purple Star Palace.

     No wonder they desperately wanted to kill themselves, they must have known that the combination of the Heaven's Secret Art and the Purple Star Heavenly Sutra could restrain them.

     He floated and fell into the deep pool, sinking, and soon saw a cave entrance. He drilled in and passed a hundred meters upwards. His eyes suddenly brightened, and he hurriedly followed the light up and drilled out of the water. A valley.

     I was in a small waterhole at the top of the valley. The valley was quiet and quiet, with a dozen houses and a round palace in the center.

     He stepped to the front of the palace and found that the palace was so majestic that he seemed very small.

     Two large bronze doors stand tall, and the doors are covered with stars, as if the entire night sky is contained in the two doors.

     He stared at the two gates, and quickly found the Big Dipper and the Purple Star. The Purple Star was particularly conspicuous. You could see it at a glance, and the stars seemed to surround it all over the sky.

     He suddenly gave birth to a warning sign and turned his head to see that two old men were standing at his side, looking at him quietly.

     Li Muchan was surprised that he hadn't noticed the existence of the two old men in Xuanyi before. They suddenly appeared, like ghosts and charms, without aura.

     Even if I stood in front of Li Muchan, I still didn't feel the presence of the two of them, as if there were two phantoms in front of me, without a trace of human breath.

     Li Muchan frowned and slowly clasped his fists: "Ask the two seniors, this is...?"

     "Purple Star Palace." The thin old man on the left said slowly, his eyes clear as water, and he looked at him lightly: "Who are you?"Li Muchan smiled: "Now Li Wuji."

     "Where did your Zixing Tianjing come from?" the old man said solemnly.

     Another old man said solemnly: "Second!"

     The thin old man said with a smile: "Curious! ... Well, let's not ask this, nor what happened to you Yu and that kid. Once you have practiced the Zixing Tianjing, you are eligible to enter Zixing. Star Palace!"

     Li Muchan was startled, then smiled and said, "Thank you two seniors!"

     The thin old man waved his hand: "We are the guardian of the Purple Star Palace. Regardless of other things, just leave the Purple Star Palace. Don't worry, you can go in!"

     Li Muchan clasped his fists and nodded, and stepped forward. The two old men took three steps forward, pressing the large bronze door with both hands and pressing a star respectively.

     "Boom..." The large bronze door slowly opened.

     The thin old man said: "This Purple Star Palace has not been opened for more than 300 years. You are the first one, go in!"

     Li Muchan said: "Hall Lord Yu didn't come in?"

     "Huh, he hasn't practiced the Zixing Tianjing to the end, so he can't get in!" The thin old man curled his lips and said disdainfully: "But you were robbed of the head by a little boy. It's a waste of life!"

     Li Muchan smiled and said: "I'm just lucky."

     "You should have practiced the Secret of Heaven, right?" the thin old man asked.

     "Second!" The other old man snorted.

     The thin old man said with a smile: "Boss, it doesn't matter if I ask a few more questions!...Is that right, Brother Li?"

     Li Muchan smiled and nodded: "I did practice Heaven's Ji Jue."

     "Putting it that way, are you really a disciple of the Mingjing School?" the thin old man asked.

     Li Muchan nodded.The thin old man shook his head: "It was the same clan, but I was going to separate families, and it was such a situation. I didn't expect you so lucky, the two brothers were so quarrelsome, you die, I live. It is rare to be able to combine two sutras in one! Rare!"

     "Second, you have too much nonsense!" Another old man said solemnly: "Do whatever it takes!"

     "It's okay to be bored and talk more." The thin old man happily said with a smile: "Brother Li still does not know, you Mingjing Sect and Purple Star Palace were originally the same family."

     Li Muchan brows raised and shook his head. He really didn't know. He originally thought it was a affiliation, but it turned out to be a family.

     The thin old man shook his head: "The Purple Star Palace was originally a foreigner, and later took root in this World. The two brothers of the second generation fell out because of a woman, you die, I live, it is ridiculous, if it were the first generation The hall master knows this, and he still doesn't get down from the immortal world!

     "Has the first generation of hall masters become immortals?" Li Muchan shook his head and smiled.

     The thin old man hummed: "You don't believe me, kid?"

     Li Muchan smiled and said, "How can there be any immortals!"

     The skinny old man curled his lips and hummed: "Boy, you have a shallow knowledge, the frog at the bottom of the well!...That's it, anyway, if you can enter the Purple Star Palace, you will soon broaden your horizons, and naturally know how ridiculous you are! "

     Li Muchan smiled and said: "Then I go take a look in advance!"

     He stepped into the hall one step at a time, and his eyes suddenly turned. There was an infinite starry sky in front of him, and under his feet was the void, he was floating in the sky.

     Under the dark blue starry sky, the stars are shining and rotating slowly, and when I looked for a while, I feel dizzy. Li Muchan opened Vel'Koz and looked at it. It is indeed a starry sky, not a formation.He turned his head and saw that a black spot was in the distance. He had a thought, and he was in front of the black spot in an instant, took a step forward, shook his eyes, and returned to the Purple Star Palace.

     He transported the Purple Star Celestial Book and the Heavenly Journey Book, and the two constellations flashed in the starry sky, connecting with his mind, and then he saw several black spots.

     With a heart move, he knew what these black spots were, they were all worlds!

     He looked back intently, the Immeasurable Radiance mountain in his mind was shining with brilliance, and his mind was shifting quickly and focused on a black spot.

     Li Muchan suddenly understood that this was his previous world portal, and he could return to the previous world as long as he stepped past it.

     He had an unstoppable impulse and stepped forward. The longing that was at the bottom of his heart could no longer be suppressed, and it gushed out like oil.

     He closed his eyes and breathed for a good while before suppressing this impulse. He wanted to go back, but he also wanted to be able to come back. He found the way home, but he was not in a hurry.

     He returned to the hall in a flash. When he came outside the hall, the two old men were standing quietly, like two statues. They smiled when they saw him coming out.

     Li Muchan clasped his fists: "Thank you two seniors! ... I don't know what is this Purple Star Palace?"

     "The gateway to the secret of heaven." The thin old man said solemnly, changing his previous hippie smile, and said solemnly: "Mysterious and mysterious, only those who have trained in the Purple Star Celestial Classic and the Heavenly Mystery Classic."

     "Dianzhu Yu don't know?" Li Muchan frowned.

     "He didn't complete the Purple Star Book of Heaven, and he has no right to enter the Purple Star Palace." The thin old man hummed.

     Another old man said solemnly: "You introduce the star power of the Purple Star Celestial Chronicle and the Celestial Chronicle Chronicle into two doors respectively, and this Purple Star Palace is yours."Li Muchan slowly nodded said: "Then there are also Purple Star Palaces in other worlds?"

     "Of course." The thin old man nodded: "If not, we can't go back. Isn't it a big joke, yes or no? ... But Brother Li, you can understand the other world so quickly, it's really unusual, no wonder you can Practise into the Purple Star Book of Heaven and the Book of Heaven!"

     Li Muchan laughed and said: "After I have practiced, I feel that I can control the Purple Star Palace at will in another world?"

     "Not bad!" The thin old man nodded: "You will naturally become the master of the Purple Star Palace, and all the disciples of the Purple Star Palace must follow your instructions!"

     Li Muchan brow raised: "So is this Purple Star Palace?"

     He said that he put his hands on the door, and the door banged and shook, and Li Muchan suddenly felt one's own flesh and blood, as if the door were his own hands.

     The two old men looked at each other in surprise, and the other old man lost his voice: "You have even practiced the Scripture of Heaven!"

     "Brother Li, you now replace Yu He as the master of this generation!" The thin old man with a smile smiled: "You wait a minute!"

     He said Piao Piao and left, turned around the Purple Star Palace, and went somewhere behind.

     Li Muchan looked at the other old man, and the old man smiled on his serious face: "Purple Star Palace Lord's token."

     Li Muchan said: "Hall Master Yu held it earlier?"

     The old man said: "Yu He didn't practice the Purple Star Celestial Sutra, so he is only the master of the outer palace of the Purple Star Hall. If you see the real master, you have to listen to the master!"

     Li Muchan slowly nodded and said with a smile: "It's okay."

     "You didn't kill Yuhe?" the old man asked.Li Muchan nodded: "It only hurt him."

     "Hmm..." The old man groaned and shook his head: "You don't know is it fortune or misfortune. Being kind is sometimes good, sometimes bad, it's purely your luck."

     Li Muchan laughed, he can't hang on with the kindness and the hands. The kindness and the hands may benefit, but most of the time they suffer, so once you do, you must stop and cut off the troubles.

     "Come on!" The thin old man floated out of his palm, holding a bronze sign in his hand, about hand size, and engraved with a galaxy map.

     Li Muchan stretched out his hand to take it, cold and heavy, but with a sense of steadfastness, as if holding the bronze medal and not afraid of anything.

     "This is the command of the Purple Star Palace." The thin old man pointed to the bronze sign and smiled: "With this, those Purple Star Palace disciples must listen to you!"

     Li Muchan said, "Where is the other Purple Star Palace?"

     "You can also be in charge!" The thin old man said: "There is only one hall master in a generation, you can practice it, others can't practice it again!"

     "How many worlds are there?" Li Muchan asked.

     The thin old man smiled and said, "The world of ten directions."

     Li Muchan said: "This World is the strongest?"

     The thin old man nodded: "Yes!"

     Li Muchan measured the bronze token and said, "Does this token have magical functions?"

     "The beauty is only known by the Lord, we don't know." The two old men shook their heads and stared at him curiously.

     Li Muchan laughed, the purple star's celestial strength fell from the sky, and the bronze token emitted a soft brilliance. Then a light flashed directly into the sky, and suddenly another light came from the sky, shining on the purple star hall.Li Muchan brows raised and suddenly understood that the magical function of this token is positioning. With this token, you can find the Purple Star Palace in no time.

     "Hallmaster, there is one more thing." The thin old man said: "The Purple Star Palace moves, and it moves every year."

     Li Muchan looked at him.

     The thin old man shook his head: "We don't know what's going on, anyway, after a year, the Purple Star Palace will suddenly appear in another hidden place, outsiders can't find it."

     Li Muchan pondered and nodded slowly after a moment. He thought of the principle, which is that the constellation changes with the help of star power. The Purple Star Palace is connected to the Purple Star and moves with it.

     I don't know how the first generation of palace masters achieved it back then, how this Purple Star Palace was built is really unpredictable, I can't even think of it.

     "Okay, Hall Master, everything in the Purple Star Palace belongs to the Hall Master, and we also listen to the Palace Master's instructions." The thin old man looked at him with a smile.

     Li Muchan smiled: "I have two seniors, but I don't know the name of the seniors."

     The two reported their names, one Hou Zong and the other Hou Shi, both of whom had three hundred-year-old birthdays, and had been living in the hall all the time, practicing unique mental methods.

     Li Muchan felt sorry, the two elders had been living in the temple, how could they not be alone?

     Seeing his expressions like this, the two old men guessed what he thought, and the thin old man Hou Shi said with a smile: "The lord does not have to pity us. To be the guardian of the Purple Star Palace is an incomparable thing. If it were not for the Purple Star Palace, let us It's already a piece of loess!"

     Li Muchan sighed, "Do the seniors have descendants?""We have a lot of children and grandchildren, but unfortunately they are not worth mentioning!" Hou Shi shook his head and sighed: "Our rule of guarding is not to ask the world, we can only watch from the side."

     "The second child, younger generations will do all right on their own, you care about so much!" another old man Hou Zong hummed.

     "That's true!" Hou Shi sighed saying, helplessly said: "These guys are so unbelievable, I'm so angry with the old man!"

     "Then don't worry about it, you can let them come by if you intervene?" Hou Zong sneered.

     Hou Shi said helplessly: "Forget it, forget it, anyway, boss you are reasonable!"

     Li Muchan looked at them bickering with a smile, and said with a smile: "Which descendant of the two seniors?"

     "Hall Master, don't worry about this little thing!" Hou Zong hurriedly waved his hand: "Besides, the old man doesn't expect them to be successful, safe and sound is very good!"

     Li Muchan did not reluctantly, smiled and nodded: "If the two seniors have any needs, please mention them."

     "The lord of the palace is too polite, it's the lord of the palace what's the matter, despite the order, we have nothing to say!" Hou Zong shook his head.

     Hou Shi smiled and said, "Hall Master is still a disciple of Mingjing School, right?"

     Li Muchan nodded.

     Hou Shidao: "Now that the Lord is in charge of the Purple Star Palace, he is standing proudly in the world."

     Li Muchan smiled and said, "No one knows the existence of the Purple Star Palace the best."

     "So..." The two looked at each other and stopped persuading.

     Li Muchan said: "Everything remains the same."

     "Yes, if you have something to say, the lord will tell you." The two solemnly complied.

     Li Muchan nodded, said goodbye to the two of them, floated back to the edge of the pool, and came to Yu He.With Yu He still closed his eyes motionless like a statue, Li Muchan clicked on the void, and he opened his eyes with a tremor.

     "Li Wuji!" He struggled to stand up.

     Li Muchan helped him up, Yu Hezhiqu did not do anything, only stared at him: "You really practiced the Zixing Tianjing and Tianjijing?"

     Li Muchan smiled and took out the bronze token from his arms.

     Yu He kneels down on the ground without the slightest hesitation, and said in a deep voice: "I have seen the lord!"

     Li Muchan put away the token and smiled and said: "Hall Master Yu, let's keep everything as it is, do whatever you want."

     "...Yes." Yu He understood his thoughts for a moment, and said: "What is the command of the palace lord."

     "Take care of Tianyuan Pavilion." Li Muchan said, "in addition as usual."

     "Good." Yu He nodded happily.

     Li Muchan smiled at him: "Hall Master Yu, we I'm sure we'll meet again some day. !"

     After he said, he disappeared in front of him...

     He sent the remaining invitations quickly, the star power was running, and the teleportation was easier, but after a few hard work, he sent them quickly and returned to the Tianyuan Pavilion.

     In his small courtyard, he held the token to watch, the mystery was unpredictable.

     He first injected the star power of the Purple Star Classic, only a ray of magnificent light to drop from the sky, falling on the token, and then the token shot a light to the sky, vaguely injected into a certain position.

     He could feel that it was the Purple Star Palace there.

     He then injected the celestial power of the Heavenly Mystery Sutra, the token changed, glittering and translucent, as if it turned into an ice mirror, with faint things inside.

     He looked carefully, but couldn't see what thing there was.A bright idea suddenly occurs, he put the token to the center of his forehead, and then put it down after a while, and suddenly there was a mountain and then a palace.

     Li Muchan smiled, really so.

     This token is indeed infinitely useful, and it can maximize the effect of the Secret of Heaven, so the heart moves again, and Bai Mingqiu's figure appears again.

     Although the token was small, the image was very clear, every delicate hair was completely shown, even a little clearer than usual, he shook his head and laughed.

     Frowning for a moment, he put the token to the center of his eyebrows, and then looked at the token after a moment. There was a vague shadow on it. He was busy running the heavenly secret, the star power unceasing torrent of the sky descended, and the original blurred image slowly became clear.

     In the token appeared a face that he thought about night and night, Mei Ruolan, Leng Wushuang... They were either practicing, fighting, or talking with people, vivid in one's mind.

     After a while, the image disappeared, Li Muchan sighed and smiled, and his desire to go back became more eager.

     No matter how impatient he is, he will have to wait until Bai Mingqiu takes over as the pavilion master. He is really worried, and Jiang Ruyue needs to be arranged one by one.

     He doesn't know when he will come back this time, in case it is difficult to return as before, and it will make people sad.


     Lively succession grand ceremony In the past, Li Muchan and Bai Mingqiu stood quietly in front of Tianyuan, and the harsh wind blew their clothes, a bright moon hung in the sky, and the moon shone on the two of them.

     "Senior Sister, congratulations." Li Muchan looked at her with a smile.

     Bai Mingqiu said indifferently: "It doesn't matter if you say congratulations! ... Junior Brother, are you leaving?"Li Muchan said: "Sister Sister guessed it?"

     "Do you have to go?" Bai Mingqiu frowned.

     Li Muchan smiled, shook his head and said, "I will be back."

     Bai Mingqiu said: "Where to go?...Mingjingzong?"

     Li Muchan shook his head: "I'm going to a distance to find my own family."

     "When are you coming back?" Bai Mingqiu asked.

     Li Muchan pondered for a while, and smiled: "Several times one or two months, at most a year, half a year, let's see fate, senior sister don't have to worry about me."

     Bai Mingqiu said: "Purple Star Palace listens to you now?"

     Li Muchan smiled and said: "Senior Sister can see it?...Yes, Zixing Palace is listening to me now, if you have any difficulties, tell them directly!"

     "Who are you from the Purple Star Palace?" Bai Mingqiu asked puzzled.

      The succession grand ceremony is very lively, crowded, bustling with activity, but she has been unconsciously paying attention to Li Muchan's every move, and she can see the strangeness of the two people in the Purple Star Palace. They cover up very well, and she can still see the respect for Li Muchan.

     She was surprised that the people from the Purple Star Palace could come, and she didn't expect them to be respectful and respectful to herself. If it weren't for other sects, she would doubt in the end is it not Purple Star Palace.

     However, the strength of the Purple Star Palace is amazing, and no one dares to fake them.

     Li Muchan smiled and said, "I am now the Master of the Purple Star Palace."

     "Huh—?" Bai Mingqiu frowned.

     Li Muchan smiled and said, "It's simple to say, because I practiced the Heavenly Secret Sutra and the Purple Star Heavenly Sutra, so I became the master of the Purple Star Palace."

     Bai Mingqiu frowned for a while and believed this.This kind of thing is not uncommon, some sects do have such rules, whoever can practice the Zhenzong magical skills can become a Sect Master, even if it is an outsider.

     This situation is rare but not necessarily absent. Zongmen like Zixing Palace are more likely to happen.

     She was silent, but she didn't know how to say what she said.

     Li Muchan smiled and said, "Senior Sister, do it well. I believe that Tianyuan Pavilion will bring to greater heights in the hands of Senior Sister and rank among the Top Sect."

     "If only it were so." Bai Mingqiu nodded faintly, which surprised Li Muchan. Her until now goal was to revitalize Tianyuan Pavilion, but it seemed that it also didn't care.

     Bai Mingqiu groaned, "Junior Brother, do you have any ideas?"

     Li Muchan shook his head: "Senior Sister, you are the sect master. I must have had an idea long ago. I won't talk nonsense.... I will leave tomorrow, Sister take care."

     He took out two more jade charms from his arms: "One is a messaging charm, and the other is an Immeasurable Radiance Heart Sutra. There is a danger of crushing the messaging charm, and I will come over immediately!"

     "Didn't you give me one?" Bai Mingqiu took the jade symbol.

     Li Muchan said: "This distance is farther."

     This time he used star power, able to cross the starry sky, maybe to reach another world, fearing to make mistakes, he condensed the Immeasurable Radiance heart sutra on the jade talisman, she crushed it and can train it.

      Immeasurable Radiance has been able to pass through his mind, and if there is any danger, he can immediately feel it.

     Bai Mingqiu took it silently and put it in his arms, both of them did not speak.

     Li Muchan sighed and gently hugged her into her arms. She struggled lightly and stopped moving, soft and fragrant warm jade into her arms. Li Muchan just wanted time to stay here forever.The two embraced silently, time passed unconsciously, until dawn the two woke up.

     Li Muchan had already bid farewell to Jiang Ruyue at the ceremony, and he had no more concerns.

     So he bid farewell to Bai Mingqiu, drifted into Tianyuan, then teleported into the Purple Star Palace, stepping into a black spot.

     There was a trance in front of him, The Big Dipper, a faint of dizziness passed by, and he quickly recovered his consciousness. He was still in a palace, just like the previous Purple Star Palace.

     He knew he was back, Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth was thin, kind and familiar.

     He floated out of the palace, and the two old men were looking at him in amazement. Seeing his token, they knelt down and respectfully worshipped the Lord.

     Li Muchan nodded, turned to return to the palace, stepped into the void again, and then returned to the original world for a flash.

     He smiled, and he is really free to travel through different worlds!

     (End of the book, thank you)