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    Chinese Name: 异世为僧  Author: 萧舒(Xiāo shū, Xiao Shu)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

When writing the fourth shíhòu, some readers said that if there is no shíme, just end it quickly. It is boring to change one map by one.

     I was not convinced at the time, and found it quite interesting. Ha ha, I am writing a book to amuse myself, and I am really ashamed of it first.

     Originally I wanted to write down, writing about Li Muchan's return to the previous shìjiè, so majestic, I am best at this, and I took the path of "Taoist in Jin Yong shìjiè".

     But later I felt that there was no challenge, and everyone’s enthusiasm for watching it was over.

     I have a sloppy personality and like to follow the trend, and I like it by zìjǐ, so when I write, I often draw up an outline, and the writing is off the track. At that time, I found it very exciting and very exciting. Looking at it afterwards, the effect is very poor.

     Looking at the beginning, the setting was very good at the beginning, it took a lot of effort, and there is a lot of room for development. As a result, the writing was written off the right path, and the writing was broken. Now I look at it. It's not very mǎnyì, but it is a pity. wrote.

     For such a work that is not mǎnyì, I am most grateful for the subscription and voting of the reader bosses, méiyǒu old bosses. Like the previous book "The Taoist in Jin Yong shìjiè", I can only drink the northwest wind, and I have no face. Then sit still and write, and go to work and earn money to support the family.

     So think of the pain when the pain is gone, the next book should be well conceived and written in strict accordance with the outline. You can't just write it happily, but let everyone like it.

     The next book is about the city. It is difficult to write about the city, and I have not written it before. Everyone persuaded that the transformation must be done. Many gods are like this. I am no better than others, and I am ready to hit the street.The city is far less profitable than fantasy. I have to write just because I like it. I like this story. I want to write. There is always a price to write what I like.

     My only wish is that everyone likes this story, subscribe, vote, and support me to write it down. The new book is going to be uploaded this month, see you soon! (To be continued)