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0 Chapter List 2751 The New Book "Library Of The Way Of Heaven" Has 2 Libraries With 0 Million Words, And It Is Ready To Be Killed!
    Chinese Name: 无尽丹田  Author: 横扫天涯(Héngsǎo tiānyá, Sweeping the Horizon)
    Original: | Translator:

The new book "Library of Heaven's Path" has 2 million words, can be slaughtered, consistent style, and the score is much better than "Endless Dantian", everyone can take a look!

     The following is a brief introduction:

     [The hottest fantasy works of 2017, the first overseas click] Zhang Xuan traveled through other worlds and became a glorious teacher, with a mysterious library in his mind.

     As long as the things he has seen, whether people or things, can automatically form a book to record the shortcomings of each other's various sorts and varieties, so he is big!

     Teaching students, accepting apprentices, opening classes, training the strongest, and teaching the world.

     "Bright Sun Great Emperor, why don't you like to wear underwear? Dignified Emperor, can you pay attention to your image?"

     "Fairy Maiden Ling Long, if you have insomnia at night, you can find me, I am a very skilled person who sings sleeping music!"

     "And you, Qiankun Demon Lord, can you eat less green onions and want to smoke Laozi to death?"

     This is a great story about how to pass on the teachings, train and guide World Strongest people.