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0 Chapter List 474 The Wind Is For Evil Wind!
    Chinese Name: 邪风曲  Author: 血红(Xiěhóng, Blood Red)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

I'm going to catch the train soon because I was caught badly.

     But suddenly remembered what happened in the first five or six days.

     When I went to the TV station to do a program, the program was arranged at the beginning. When preparing in advance, the editor said "Mr. Blood Red", and a girl next to him did not say anything. When the editor left, she suddenly said to me: "Is Red Blood? Is it really you? Evil Wind Song, ah, I'm so addicted!"

     Quite touching. So, I came to Xiefengqu to post a post today. In fact, no one should have seen it, right?

     Evil Wind Song, too much, too much, too many feelings and feelings collide in it!

     People from all walks of life, including book friends and other friends of different ages, have always asked me, Blood Red, the next evil wind song, at what time?

     Oh, think about it, it's the next one!

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Haha, don't brag, because how many people can see this chapter?

     Before catching the train, I drank two bottles of red wine, so I’m here to say something

     It's the next one!

     The book friends who I saw did not say anything. If you haven't seen it, it's better!

     Quietly, I will come too!

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