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0 Chapter List 2002 Master Of Chaos (end Of Book)
    Chinese Name: 都市无上仙医  Author: 断桥残雪(Duàn qiáo cánxuě)
    Original: | Translator:

At this time, the Lingshan Mountains Bursting and Ground Splitting, the sky is shaking, Daoist Cundi showed the Endless Golden Body, holding six clean bamboos in his hand, roaring against the incarnation of Pangu the Great.

     Because of anger, the six pure bamboos no longer had the primitive simplicity and implied meaning before, but scattered with vast and limitless murderous violence.

     The twelve ancestor witch clones were already bloodstained in their chests.

     After tens of thousands of years, although their cultivation has improved, they still have not been able to achieve the real ancient ancestor of witches. Perhaps this is the law. They can be infinitely close to the ancient ancestor of witches in this life, but they cannot become the ancestor of ancient witches.

     In this situation, the leader desperately, even if they are laying Heaven's Zodiac, they are still not Daoist Cundi's opponents.

     However, their purpose was to hold Daoist Cundi in order to create time for Tongtian and others to kill Daoist Jie Yin, so even though they were invincible, they still persisted.

     The sword light came out like a rainbow, and the 9(th) grade lotus throne treasure light was also cut off layer by layer, and it was about to break open.

      Daoist Jie Yin's face became more anxious, and finally, seeing the 9(th) grade lotus throne about to be broken, Daoist Jie Yin finally stood up suddenly.

      9(th) grade lotus throne suddenly Flash Blossom, illuminating the entire sword formation world, 9(th) grade lotus throne turned into nine big mountains, and slammed into the four gates.

     "Haha, finally you still can't stand it!" Tongtian laughed loudly. Twenty-four rays of light rushed out of him, revealing twenty-four beads, exactly twenty-four Calming Sea Spiritual Beads.

     Twenty-four Calming Sea Spiritual Beads manifested the twenty-four heavens, and the nine mountains formed by the 9(th) grade lotus throne fell into the twenty-four heavens and disappeared like a clay ox enters the sea. disappear without trace."Haha! Lead you to death!" Xia Yunjie, Wu Xian and Monkey King laughed loudly and shook the fairy sword above their heads.

     Three sword light shot out, and the Innate Qi immediately took over and operated Innate Qi to resist, but could block the sword light of Wu Xian and Monkey King, but could not stop the sword light of Xia Yunjie, and was cut in the arm, revealing a line A deep sword wound, blood spurted out.

     "Haha, take the lead and die!" Tong Tian also shook the immortal sword on his head, and then let out the sword light again, and the arm of the lead was cut off.

     "Roar!" The lead was broken by an arm, and finally exploded completely, disheveled, and roared again and again. I don't know when there was an extra treasure in his hand and he hit the door guarded by Monkey King.

     "Are you bullying my grandson?" Sun Wukong was furious when he saw this, and shook the fairy sword vigorously to resist Bao Zhuang, while Tongtian, Xia Yunjie, and Wu Xian knew that the battle already arrived at the crucial moment. To get away, not only is the Twelve Ancestors of Witches dangerous, but if the two of them work together, they will not be so easy to kill them.

     "Zhu Xian!"

     "Absolute Immortal!"


     The three of Tongtian roared again and again, letting out sword light.

     Soon, Daoist Jie Yin was covered with blood and wounds everywhere, but his look of madness became stronger.

     "Monkey monkey, I see how you can block me this time!" Sui Yin said with a grin.

     It turned out that Sun Wukong had already been seriously injured by Daoist Jie Yin at this time. From Daoist Jie Yin's point of view, he could no longer stop his treasure."Haha, it's too early to lead you to be happy. My grandson's brother has already thought of this." Sun Wukong laughed without being surprised. A green leaf flew into his mouth, and his injury was terrifying. Degree recovery.

     "Immortality grass! I should have thought of it! I should have thought of it!" Daoist Jie Yin saw the green leaf fly into Sun Wukong's mouth, his crazy eyes dimmed suddenly.

      Almost at the same time, there were two sword lights, one from the left and the other cut to his neck.

     A huge head fell to the ground.

     A generation of Western religious masters have thus suffered from the immortal formation.

     "Brother Dao!" In Lingshan, Daoist Cundi felt the fall of Daoist Jie Yin, two rows of old tears fell, loudly roared, and generally smashed six clean bamboos at the incarnation of Pangu the Great.

     "Puff! Puff! Puff!" The twelve ancestor witch clones spurted out one after another, and Pangu the Great turned into nothingness.

     The twelve ancestor witch clones finally reached the point where the lamp oil was exhausted, knowing that Daoist Jie Yin had fallen, and finally could no longer withstand the crazy blow of Daoist Cundi.

     "Death! You all have to die!" Daoist Cundi beat Pangu the Great incarnation into nothingness with a bamboo, and the bamboo regained his fight against Houyi, who had the worst melee ability.

     At this time, the Heaven's Zodiac Wuzu Great Formation has been broken, Houyi clone has already arrived, and when the lamp oil dries up, how can I stop Zhun mentioning this bamboo?

     Right now Hou Yi's head was blown out, but the moment when Hou Yi's clone was blown out, his face showed the color of comprehension.

     "Return to the source! This is where I belong!"Then a white rainbow wrapped in a black flag traversed and fell into the eyebrows of Xia Yunjie who was coming here.

     Kakaka, the Witch King's Cauldron showed cracks, and the Houyi Witch Ancestral Banner fell into the Witch King's Cauldron.

     "Haha! so that's how it is! so that's how it is!" Gonggong and others were all laughing heartily, not waiting for Daoist Cundi's six clean bamboos to be beaten down, and they all solved themselves and turned into ancestor wizard spirits. The Witch Zu Banner fell into Xia Yunjie's eyebrows like Hou Yi, and plunged into the Witch King's Cauldron.

     When the final Wuzu and Wuzu Banner were also put into the Witch King’s Cauldron, the Witch King Cauldron was transformed into nothingness, together with the other nine Witch Cauldrons and three fairy palaces.

     Xia Yunjie can no longer see five solid organs and six hollow organs in his body, no more Wuding and Xianfu, only Primordial Chaos Qi. There is a giant axe in Primordial Chaos Qi, and that giant axe is the fusion of the Twelve Witch Ancestral Banner in the Witch King Cauldron.

     "So that's how it is!" Xia Yunjie shed two tears in his eyes, and when his thoughts moved, Primordial Chaos Qi turned into one black and one white two qi, and his mind moved again, that one black and one white two qi was conceived Out of five solid organs and six hollow organs, blood vessel trachea

     "Yi You Tai Chi, Primal Chaos gives birth to Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang gives birth to Four Forms"

     "Do you still want to escape Zhunti?" With a clear heart, Xia Yunjie stepped out, blocking the way Zhunti wanted to escape.

     "How can it be? You, you have actually become the leader of Chaos!" Zhun Ti looked at Xia Yunjie, who looked like an ordinary one, but was shocked as if he had seen a ghost.

     "Thank you very much!" Xia Yunjie said lightly, with an axe in his hand.

     "Emperor Pangu's Heaven-opening Axe!" Daoist Cundi said bitterly."Yes!" Xia Yunjie said faintly again, raising his axe to strike Zhunti.

     Zhunti hurriedly picked up six clean bamboos to resist.

      With a sound of "Ka Cha!", six clean bamboos were split into two halves by an axe, the sharp axe blade fell, and the quilt was lifted from start to finish split into two halves.

     The second leader of the Western religion Zhunti has fallen!

     Seeing Xia Yunjie split into two halves with an axe, he couldn't help but secretly swallowed a sip of water, and said, "Brother virtuous, you are too great!"

     "Brother, it’s not as powerful as you think. It’s just that Zhunti is already a bit exhausted, and his determination is prematurely lost. My Heaven-Opening Axe is the world’s first weapon, so I can only see him kill with an ax .Otherwise, although he can kill him, it will take some effort." Xia Yunjie explained with a smile.

     "You have to spend some effort? How does your remark make me feel uncomfortable?" Tongtian looked at Xia Yunjie with a wry smile.

     "Haha, eldest brother, two brothers in the world, don't be like this! Walk away, the ** should already be almost there." Xia Yunjie couldn't help laughing heartily and hugging his shoulders when he saw Tongtian's wry smile.

     "Haha!" After hearing this, Tongtian finally followed up laughing heartily.

     "Haha!" Monkey King and Wu Xian also laughed loudly.

     The four men laughed and saw the police and others leading Wanxian before they left Xitian. All of them were filled with joyful smiles. Ten thousand people did not lose one person, it turned out to be a seize total victory.Seeing that Tongtian and the others came out, the immortals naturally knew that the two leaders had been defeated, and they were all overjoyed. They knelt down to pay respects, and the women such as ** even ignored the presence of Tongtian and others, and were pleasantly thrown into Xia Yunjie's arms.

     Until this moment, they were truly relieved!

     After the Battle of the Western Heavens, Tongtian went to the Heavenly Court to kill the Jade Emperor, He Renjiao, Jijiao, and Wumen three teachings together canonized Lady Queen Mother as Lord of Immortal Boundary.

     This canonization is dominated by the cut-off teaching, and there is no part in the interpretation!

     Kunlun Fairy Island, the jade pond is like dyed blue waves, water so clear you can see the bottom, the lake is as quiet as a huge jade.

     Under a Towering Great Tree next to Yaochi, the huge tree is glittering and translucent, like beautiful jade. The branches and leaves of the tree reflect the brightly-coloured soft light under the sunlight. Under the branches are strings of pearl-like jade beads hanging down. Whenever there is a breeze, the branches of the flower and leaf jade beads will knock each other, and they will have a melodious five-tone, which is extremely sweet.

     "It's been a long time since this jade tree has grown taller!" Under the jade tree, Xia Yunjie leaned on the trunk and hugged the Lady Queen Mother, now the Lord of Immortal Boundary, from behind.

     "I haven't seen it for a long time, do you still want to stop here with me?" Lady Queen Mother lay in Xia Yunjie's arms, looking up at him, her eyes showing ecstatic charm.

     "Of course not!" Xia Yunjie lowered his head and kissed, climbing up the two towering and strong twin peaks with both hands from behind. End of the bookps: in the end still is finished, in the end still is persisted to the end, this period of time should be regarded as the most diligent a period of time since the beginning of history! After that, I dedicate myself to the new book and start yet another journey! I hope that book friends who like Xia Yunjie and this book can continue to support my new book after this book is over. Finally, I want to state that I originally wanted to write that the Jade Emperor continued to be the Lord of Immortal Boundary. He did not betray, but he still couldn’t stand the temptation of the Lady Queen Mother, so he still deviated from the outline. It seems that there are also many book friends who clamored to take the Queen Mother before. Shameless invited these book friends to the new book city-level medical saint to give a reward, and let Duan see how many persons following the same Dao!
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