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0 Chapter List 409 The Fright Of The Sewer (Part 2)
    Chinese Name: 诛魔契约  Author: 沧浪潇然(Cāng láng xiāo rán)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Before we came up with a countermeasure to escape this demon realm, there was a strange movement in the surrounding area. As if there were countless animals walking around, I looked around and saw a few fluffy, pitch-black as ink. The little spider crawls towards us.

     "A lot!! There are so many here!!"

     Qingyuan was scared to pee at the time, yelling and stepping back quickly. Others also couldn't bear back a few copies. I am also a human being. Looking at these hand-sized spiders, I feel scared, just comparing to others. It's just a little calmer than that.

     "Zixuan!! What to do!!!"

     Liu Zhengyi was standing next to me at the time. This police officer Liu, who is usually not surprised, is now in a panic. Facing his question, I hesitated for a few seconds:

     "They are all descendants of that spider spirit, so be careful!"

     Seeing them approaching us step by step like a tide, I used the demon-separation technique between gritting my teeth and stroking my fingers on the ground. Within a few seconds, a golden yellow barrier appeared on the ground. We are separated from the densely packed spiders. Those spiders are not fools who can only attack. They dare not come after seeing the formation of the barrier. They stod in place blankly, seemingly waiting for the opportunity.

     Although the magic effect is superb, such spells can only temporarily make them unable to approach, but the time is limited. When the mana disappears, they will flocking and eat us one and all.

     As a seventh-level exorcist who possesses underworld spells, he can't get confused when facing such a scene. After all, I am the only one who can deal with this group of disgusting beasts.Pulling out a piece of talisman paper, I plan to use the Dafa of Exorcism and Burning Fire!

     If it is an ordinary exorcism, it can generally only target a certain unit, and the damage range is limited. The exorcism burning fire can cause a large area to ignite a big fire. This kind of spell is specially used by the exorcist to deal with ground units! Extremely powerful and belong to advanced spells! Only high-level wizards can use it.

     I silently recite the formula, inject my spiritual power into the talisman paper, and then forcefully throw it out. The fire began to burn from the vast spider swarm, and then began to spread at an astonishing speed. After a while, the spiders in the entire demon realm were burned by magic. The reverberating spider squeaked in pain.

     After the effectiveness of the barrier disappeared, the spider had been burned to ashes by the fire, but the matter was far from over, because there is one more huge spider monster to be eliminated!

     "You actually killed my children! Unforgivable!"

     In just a few seconds, the piercing roar of the spider demon appeared in the demon realm. Its figure reappears in our field of vision. Although this is the second time we have seen this Behemoth(s), its terrifying appearance gives us The shock was still not small, and its green eyes turned fiery red, which seemed to be irritated by what I did just now!

     The spider demon rushed towards us quickly, and in this situation I cast another spell and used the magic trick! A strong impact hit it several meters away. Before it got up, I used the Exorcism Burning Technique to burn it alive. As a result, it spewed out a white cobweb in its mouth. I took the spell over, and I was stunned.The spider demon struck again, and I ran to the left side of the spider demon as quickly as possible, and slashed it with a strong sword, and removed one of its thick shaggy legs, which made people palpitating, splashed emerald blood. I dyed my blade green, and faintly smelled a fishy smell. The spider demon howled, jumped and pressed against me from the air, and my ghost flashed it into the air.

     I came to its left side, slashed again, and cut off its other leg. There were only six legs of the spider demon. Because of its long legs, I couldn't get close to its body from time to time. It can only consume its blood in this way.

     The successive attacks made the spider demon fly into a rage out of humiliation, it turned around, and its head flew towards me. I swiftly grabbed its two jaws, otherwise it pierced into a rage out of humiliation. It was thrown out.


     It slammed into the wall of the demon realm and knocked out a big hole in the wall there. It seems that this time, we have a way to get out!

     Liu Zhengyi and Qingyuan saw how fiercely I was fighting, so they didn't dare to watch with folded arms. They pulled out police guns and shot them at the spider master. They are all trained police officers, so their marksmanship is accurate and every shot is shot. In the body of the spider demon, although the pistol is useless to ghosts, it is effective against such physical monsters.

      tú tú tú tú!

     After being shot successively, the spider demon lost her resistance in pain, and the arrogant arrogance was no longer there. My sword pierced into the spider demon's body, and only a snorted sound was heard, and the green blood sputtered out. Draw.

     rub!Its black furry shell was broken by me with a mouth of several meters long. It hurts so much that it is immortal and maimed!

     The fairy fell to the ground, but it was still struggling, so I made up the knife many times until it was dying four legs facing the sky and stopped moving.

     "why why!"

     The spider demon said angrily:

     "I can't even hold me here...why..."

     I put away the sword and sternly said:

     "As a fairy, you shouldn't have come here! Inhale your energy and earn your life! It deserves to be destroyed!"

     The spider demon's mouth is still tough, and its eyes stared at me, and said harshly:

     "It will avenge me! None of you can escape!"

     it? who is it?

     I couldn't help asking myself, watching the spider demon's body slowly dissipate, I was also sighed in relief.

     I turned my head and said to everyone:

     "Everyone, get out of here soon. We must not spread the news about today, otherwise it will cause panic!"

     After that, I took you all through the hole that was just knocked out and escaped. As soon as it came out, another huge spider spirit appeared in front of us.

     "Actually there is one more!!!"I yelled, the spider spirit saw us escape and started to attack us with no trace of politeness. It used black thorns again, trying to faint us all, but this time I was sharp-eyed and Deft-handed, used the magic shield to block all the stingers. Soon, with the thunder and thunder, I used the magic to break! As a result, how much damage he by no means has caused, it seems that it is time for me to perform exorcism skills.

     He drew out the sword again and used the Demon Slash he had previously practiced in the underworld. The move was extremely fast, and a blood-red light of the sword shot out as he swung the blade.

     With just a few swords, the damage was infinite, and the spider's essence was too late to dodge, the body was chopped into several pieces, and green blood flowed all over the place.

     Since this kind of Demon Slash requires a lot of skill, it is not easy to use normally, but the form just now has to be used.

     "Yes! You actually have the ability to wipe out this spider demon that has been doing things for a thousand years! Humph!"

     The spider spirit's body shattered at that moment, and a group of blue-white fireworks emerged from its body immediately, and the sound was extremely familiar.

     "Who are you!" I asked loudly, and saw the ghost fire turned into a human-shaped light and shadow, the color was red and blue, the outline was blurred, and it was not clear. It said to me:

     "Don't worry, we will meet sooner or later, don't be happy too soon, you just defeated a few of my insignificant subordinates!"

     The nightmare that I had a few days ago suddenly came to my mind, that voice! It is the mysterious sound of fireworks in the dream! I think it is definitely not a good thing in front of me. He and the ultimate ghost king means it belongs to the evil force.My sword slammed towards it, but he quickly avoided it, grabbing my blade with one hand, disdainfully said:

     "It seems that he did not make a mistake, your kid is very sloppy."

     He slapped me hard, the force was so powerful that it made me fly to the end of the sewer. I covered my chest and climbed up again. Looking at the place just now, the light and shadow are already vanish from sight...

     (End of this chapter)