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《Killing God》brief introduction

Killing God

author: 逆苍天

An extreme sports madman traveled to a young master from a big family, and obtained a mysterious martial arts soul that needed him to continue to kill in order to promote strength faster and enhance his cultivation... The mysterious martial soul not only made him shed one's mortal The body and exchange one's bones, and the other Two Martial Souls that have been hidden in his body for many years, have also been awakened one by one! A young man who has never practiced martial arts, he became a cultivation madman with three martial spirits and a perverted talent overnight. With a rocket-like cultivation speed, he stepped on the path of becoming the king of gods. expert! …… Martial artist level: acquired and innate, human status, hundred kalpas, status, nirvana, heaven, power, true god, god king. The remaining martial arts, pharmacists, weapons, and medicines all have five levels: ordinary level, mysterious level, spiritual level, holy level, and god level. ps: I have completed the three old books "Wuji Demon Dao", "The Great Demon King" and "Ten Fang Tianshi". There is no eunuch record. Please feel free to collect them. To read web novel, use Shanda Bambook. <a href="http://bbtg.sdo.com/678994590" target="_blank">Official website direct sales only 999! </a></span> (Chinese Name: 杀神)

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