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0 Chapter List 1617 Eternal And Immortal (end Of The Book~~)
    Chinese Name: 杀神  Author: 逆苍天(Nì cāngtiān, Against Heaven)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The vast gray mist vortex, the memory of thoughts, swarmed one by one under the absorption of Devouring Black Hole.

     The divine consciousness from the beginning, and into his Devouring Black Hole, there are countless chaotic memories and thoughts, which are the experience of each creature, and it is the foundation of nourishment for condensing a new soul!

     Shiyan Soul Altar.

     At the beginning, the divine consciousness penetrated and was refined and purified by the Devouring Black Hole. A soul power was released from his soul pool, and the two merged into a mysterious and pure Primordial Chaos Qi, submerged into his vast territory.

     In the depths of his starry realm, on many remote stars of life, a group of Primordial Chaos Qi fell into the sea and thrown into the Life Seed. It would soon form an initial weak life, a brand-new race. Ancestor...

     As he absorbed the process of absorbing the first time to know the sea, as the Devouring Black Hole chapter 1600 08 Everlasting Immortality (end of the book~~) refinement, the soul pool soul power converged, his domain star sky, more life The race was born, distributed in the most remote Desolate Quiet Lands, and even some dead stars seemed to be implanted with soul factors, with pure and vague thoughts and wisdom.

     He opened up his own universe based on the divine consciousness at the beginning of the time and created a race of life that belongs to him alone!

     In the meantime, Huang's eyes were confused, and the floating void struggled painfully, deciding between war and non-war,

     Gradually, as the consciousness of the sea god at the beginning was swallowed by the black hole, the thought and will that had just awakened at the beginning, if quickly weakened, his covering the sky and hiding the earth's spiritual fluctuation obviously could not cover the world.

      "Hōng!"Suddenly, the mental shock that was originally imposed on Shi Yan's mind, combined with all the remnant thoughts and spirits of the beginning, like a cosmic cannon, rushing into Huang's mind, submerged in his Soul Altar.

     Huang was in a state of confusion, suddenly lost his spirit, and his eyes were panicked.


     The profound meanings in the emptiness, the magical and mysterious origins of the profound meanings, either like a burning fireball, or like a squall wind-cooled electricity, or like a thick dark cloud, or like a lush forest, suddenly fell from the sky and turned into one Flowing light, all the altars that have fallen into the wilderness, go deep into the sea.

     Those are the origins of the same attributes of Everlasting Immortality in Chapter 1600 08 (end of the book~~), a rule godhead of deep meanings of the world, dormant and elegant in the profound meanings, and are different types that have not been melted and absorbed. The core imprint of, at this moment, they are actually like stars fallen, falling in the desolate uprising layer.

     Condensed into Huang’s core profound meaning, helps Zhanghuang’s cognition and understanding of different profound meanings, and makes his realm mysterious once again rise.

     What fell in with the source of the profound meaning of the sky, there is the pure soul power in the soul pool of the beginning, the soul power is like a stream, poured into Huang's mind, and submerged in his soul pool...-,

     A pain that tore his soul came from Huang's mind, making him hiss and scream world-shaking.

     Because I see through fate, I know that no matter whether you move forward or backward, it will be a waste of nowhere, and my heart is born with endless despair and endless sadness.

     He just understands that even if he can kill Shiyan, he will eventually wake up from the beginning, completely lost self, so confused, so the mood is no longer without a trace of flaws, so he can be entered by exploiting a weak spot from the beginning!The wild vastness knows the sea, and in the pool of clear souls, a phantom gathered by pure and clear souls slowly flashes out.

     The phantom's height and body expanded, with a domineering and violent aura. After he condensed, he hovered high above the deserted soul pond sea of consciousness, and suddenly let out a long roar!

     Huang's body of the dragon was twisting fiercely, and he heard a more painful cry, which made his heart palpitating as if he was on the verge of extinction.

     In the wasteland regarded as the core of the wasteland by the wasteland, from the remote star seas came wisps of strange blood. The bloodlight escaped from the wasteland and sank into the deserted sea of consciousness, condensing on that phantom.

     The phantom gradually becomes clear!

     It was a domineering man with a majestic body like a troll and a strange appearance, with long hair like blood and scarlet eyes bloodthirsty. After he condensed on the deserted Sea of Consciousness Soul Lake, he chuckled: "so that's how it is, so that's how it is ”

     , ‘Bloodthirsty! "

     When the man condensed, Huang was shocked and couldn't help roaring in fear.

     The next moment, Huang woke up and shouted: "so that's how it is, no wonder you can inherit all the profound meanings that you have eaten, you can also severely injure and eat them, and sleep it again, no wonder you can be in my domain, still Breaking through the domain ancestor, almost beat me back successfully. It turns out that you are him! He is the new soul he condensed in a sober! If you successfully killed and refined me at that time, you should have completely woke up!""Yes, it's really a pity. It's a pity that the shackles of my soul have not been really released until now. If not, why can you kill me once? If I had regain consciousness earlier and knew who I was, all of you should be condensed Refining my body and helping me to really recover. Because of you and Zhizha stalemate, I slept for tens of thousands of years.

     "Fortunately, fortunately, the seeds buried by my soul and flesh have sprouted. Now they have turned into a Towering Great Tree. Even your brilliance can be concealed. I didn’t expect this small sprout from another universe. The endless flying growth has become so tricky, with terrible power that can threaten me."

     The body of the bloodthirsty troll condensed in the sea of ignorance, and said indifferently: "You are unfortunate, and unfortunately go deep into my sea of consciousness. My true awakening is your greatest misfortune..." During the speech, bloodthirsty fly Rushing up, crossing the wilderness of the sea of consciousness, the profound meanings, and the wilderness, to the position of the main soul of the wilderness.

     The bloodthirsty remote probe hand, a virtual hand condensing Sun and Moon Stars, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, thunder and lightning, gravity, and space all kinds of mysterious thoughts, suddenly grasped the wild dragon soul, and pulled it into his own mouth. Swallow it in one bite.

      almost at the same time.

     Huang Na spreads trillion miles' The body of the giant dragon suddenly slowly shrivels away, such as the vitality and blood, the flesh and blood are drawn away, Huang's surging vitality, like the ancient tree after long years of decay, gradually exhausted its life, Towards the end of life, another frightening aura came from Huang’s constantly shriveled body within the body. The mysterious horror of the fluctuations caused him to swallow the stone rock that had previously known the sea, all panic. -stricken and desperate.

     "What happened?"he couldn't bear looked towards Huang, his face changed drastically, a feeling of extreme danger, suddenly lost his heart.

     In an instant, Shi Yan suddenly realized the crisis. His huge body, which was a fusion of the body and the evil clone, suddenly sent waves of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth.

     He rushed towards the wasteland, space, stars, life, devouring, and the eight evil forces were all released. Numerous giant space blades shot, under the giant net of stars, the giant hands of life tore, infinite negative energy exploded, eight blood Linlin Bone Island flew out, his body was biting the body of a deserted dragon.

     "My eyes..." A mysterious and vast ancient voice came from the fast-drying dragon's body. Shi Yan blasted and killed it with heavy force. The dragon's body turned into dragon skin, and Ranbu's flesh and blood. The essence of veins has disappeared!

     Just when Shi Yan felt bad, the Deep Meaning Symbol Pagoda that was fused by him suddenly broke, and countless original runes flew away like butterflies, flying towards the dragon head, and one of the huge eye pupils was in Deep. After the Meaning Symbol Pagoda burst into pieces, it also emerged and flew towards the deserted dragon head.

     , ‘Rumble!"

     The desolate dragon head suddenly burst, and the demarcation area suddenly burst. A ferocious troll that was as large as Shiyan's body, and even had a similarity between seven and eight, in the big explosion, in the gray whirlpool of spiritual consciousness, suddenly Revealed.

     This hideous troll is extremely domineering, and its body is condensed from planets, covered with traces of the ages. The eyeballs that burst from the Deep Meaning Symbol Pagoda suddenly fell on the troll's forehead and turned into his third eye. Jing, the boundless aura of this troll's body is even stronger than the previous Huang!"It seems, as if where is it I have seen..." Seeing the creatures that suddenly flashed from the waste body within the body, Shi Yan suddenly felt a sense of familiarity. He remembered that when he entered the bloodmark ring and broke through the barrier, …I saw the domineering image of this troll in a trance, but the troll in the impression at that time did not have a third eye.

     "Bloodthirsty! Bloodthirsty!"

      An intuition suddenly flashed across his mind, Shi Yan couldn't help but screamed, his face turned very weird.

     This troll who was torn apart from the wasteland within the body was actually the bloodthirsty appearance of that year. Except for the third eye, there was almost no difference!

     "Can't you see through it?"

     With a bloodthirsty grin and chuckled, stepping towards Shiyan, where I know the infinite consciousness of the sea, like a plume of smoke, Rapid Vanish is in the pores of his acupuncture hole, even the soul pool of the first time, also actively escapes and follows The third eye between his eyebrows, he entered his inside of mind.

     "It turns out that you are you—" "Shi Yan finally understood, and instantly calmed down, and the mysteries in his heart were immediately clear.

     Why is bloodthirsty so powerful? Why can bite a heavy wound and sleep? Does not dare to provoke him easily? Why does the ring he gave can make his Soul Penetration infinite star barrier fall into the Dark Forest?

     All kinds of unknowns, because bloodthirsty is the beginning, suddenly opens up to a wide panorama.

     Bloodthirsty stepped forward, quickly dissolving the consciousness of the sea of knowledge, and the various origins of the previous profound meanings were also lost in his mind. He was quickly recovering the strength, —, —..."Hundred quintillion years ago, I woke up from the chaos, opened up the world, condensed all creatures, and opened up the world. I discovered the universe where you are... It is a new universe completely different from mine. However, it is different. In the universe, there is an unimaginable barrier of horror. I tried to invade your universe, expending infinite power, and try to open that barrier—..."Bloodthirsty let's talk while we walk.

     "Unfortunately, when I finally opened the barrier, it took too much energy to open up the world and condense all things in the stars and seas. When I opened the two cosmic barriers, I lost huge energy again, and finally cultivation deviation was given by myself. Backlash, the body and soul gradually split, and finally before my consciousness dissipated, I tried my best to pull from your universe, and I pulled into a soul, and that soul is you..." "If I didn’t cultivation deviation, split the body The soul has not turned into the primordial stage, I can pull you into my universe in an instant. But when I got you, I was already extremely weak and unable to take care of you. After that, I completely divided and lost myself... This has caused your soul to shuttle back and forth from your universe to my universe, spanning two eras, and it took i billion billions of years."

     "Before my Soul Consciousness complete dissipation" also prepared some means for awakening. The rumor in the early days was my first means. As long as the creatures in the early days are extinct, and the formation of my consciousness sea awakening can reach the conditions to open, my soul will be condensed. As long as the desert, the devouring, the scorpion, the lizard can fight each other to the end, a survivor will be produced, and my body will be resurrected. . "

     , ‘Whether soul or body’, as long as one wakes up, I can truly wake up. ""It's a pity that fortune plays with a people, both sides suffer from waste, bite, and suffer, and fall asleep at the same time. Yuan and lizards did not participate in the battle, resulting in the body not waking up, and the soul continuing to sleep."

     "I know the sea continues to run. The remnant soul thoughts and memories of the unborn souls collide with the pure soul power, transform into a new life race, and open New Era. In this era, because of the continuous struggle of bitterness and waste, because the wasteland will be condensed A new life was formed in the bloodthirsty body at the moment, and I awakened for a short time...so there was a bloodthirsty invincibility."

     "But this incarnation of me, until I die, I don't know who I am. I can't really wake up, otherwise there won't be so many things."

     ,'My incarnation soul imprint' has my core memory, knowing that the lord of the domain is in charge of everything in the domain, he instinctively resists, and must break away from everything before he dies, seduce the wild Soul Source with the secret method, and pull 5 outside the domain Coming from the soul, demons and gods at work, after a long period of time, your soul was dragged into the wasteland. "It can only be said that even I can not control everything. At least, I cannot control your soul.— ……—"

     "So let you integrate into the Devouring Deep Meaning, and because of the special nature of your soul, the power and soul you swallow all belong to you. It cannot be submerged in my sea of knowledge. In the end, your rise and even the ability to Threatening my strength."

     At the beginning, he stepped forward, but at this point, all the spiritual consciousness in this sea of consciousness was integrated into his body, and the soul pool was taken away by him.

     The profound meaning of the early days no longer had a source of profound meaning, and the consciousness of the sea layer no longer had a ray of divine consciousness, and it became a complete darkness and nothingness."It's time to end." Looking at Shi Yan, he was calm and indifferent at the beginning, "Kill you, fuse my energy stolen by you, and restore all my strength." I will enter your universe and take your universe. Nibble and engulf, and then use your universe as a springboard to walk down one universe one by one... "Shi Yan was shocked, all mysteries, so far, all solved!

     "Do you think you are winning?" He recovered his consciousness in an instant, and the starlight flew through his mind, cutting off the inner disorder and panic, Shi Yan recovered his calm, indifferent smile "Now you are not complete, you are a lot of things!" For example, Life Source, Essence of Space, Stars Source,... and the evil heart condensed by evil thoughts in your heart! There is at least half of the blood! "

     He used the body of the primordial primordial body to fuse the blood, the blood and the wild part. This body has almost half of the primordial blood essence and huge Life Energy! In addition, the origin of Devouring Deep Meaning, the evil heart, and the true power of him now is not inferior to the beginning of the moment!

     , "Even if it is incomplete" is enough to destroy you, and then you can restore my integrity. "At first he said casually.

     During the speech, above the nothingness, the Endless Abyss collapsed, the vast universe floating above the Endless Abyss, the vast and limitless starry sky, the countless rivers of stars, suddenly oppressed like a sky of extinction.

     Exhaust the deterrent pressure of a universe, strangling and submerging Shiyan, making Shiyan the soul flies away and scatters!

     That is not a wasteland, but the real universe!It is a vast sea of stars formed by hundreds of millions of realms, such as the Void Sea, Wasteland, Lanyi Starfield, Yunmeng Realm, and so on! The Majestic aura of the universe contains Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth Five Elements Force, stars, creatures, gravity, squall, Profound Truth of Thunder and [Lightning] Vientiane!


     The nihility is like a crushed stone, and there is the sound of being blown up and turned into powder. No matter the substance or the illusory existence, it can't resist the monstrous deterrence, and all the marks of existence will be obliterated.


     Shi Yan roar towards the sky, the huge body was pierced by ten thousand swords, highlighting countless blood gaps, even Soul Altar was cut by billions of knives, and cracks appeared.

     "Not only you can do this!"

     Amid the roar, Shi Yan pointed to the sky, and the universe in his altar suddenly appeared.

     The vast expanse of the Canruo Galaxy is like a huge projection to condense nothingness, but it is not a phantom, but a real substance!

     There are countless planets in the universe, countless mountains and lakes, vast borders, initial sentient creatures, and everything that the real universe can have!

     Two universes, one above, one below, one downward, one floating!

     The bombardment crashed together!

     "Rumble! pā pā pā pā! Kā kā kā kā! Dōng dōng dōng dōng !"

     Countless explosions, mixed with the death of living beings, mixed with the breaking of Sun and Moon Stars, mixed with the fragmentation of space, mixed with the explosion of the domain, spread like a world-shaking.

     Both Shi Yan and Taichu's universe were shattering violently, and the creatures were dragged into the apocalyptic frenzy, powerless and desperate toward death.,'drop! "

     His expression was indifferent at the beginning, his universe of the void sea, the strange land of Seven Great Races and countless creatures living in Seven Great Races, suddenly fell to the universe of Shiyan, as if to bring nothingness, death, coldness and eternal desolation to Shiyan. The universe of Shiyan collapsed...

     The territories in his universe seem to have become a source of profound meaning from the beginning. The beginning of power has turned into countless flames, ice peaks, thunders, dragons, lightning, and dying stars, heading towards the rocky universe. Heavy impact bombing.

     Shi Yan’s nascent universe was overwhelmed by the offensive of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth in his universe. Many edge areas of the universe are exploding. The universe seems to be shrinking. It will gradually become a little bit and annihilate into nothingness. spirit,-,

     "Huang Chi Huang!"

     Even his Soul Altar was bombarded by his spiritual will again, and the shocking giant waves were set off in the sea of consciousness. The calm and composed soul pool became boiling and restless, and the soul water was about to splash out.

     His tenacious and unbreakable body, his bones shattered, his internal organs were shaken and shifted, his blood splashed like a rainstorm, and his soul was almost destroyed by the heavy blow.

     He can feel his domain, soul, sea of consciousness, and body being Bomb indiscriminately in all respects, like being slammed by a mountain of giant hammers! That power smashed his soul and body to the point where it was almost unbearable!

     It seems that in the next moment, he will collapse, and all marks will be obliterated!

     "You have half of my power and master the source of my evil, but you really think you can beat me?" The shock of the will, and the volume of terror, exploded in his mind, like the thunder of the world, rumbling endlessly., "Half" half of the power, half of yours, then, what you can hold, I can too! "

     When his soul was about to explode, Shi Yan gritted his teeth and roared towards the sky, roaring like tearing the world's barriers, penetrating through numerous spaces.

     "Your universe! I have a share too! And my universe, you can't dip a finger!"

     A tough will, with unimaginable obsession, echoed in Shi Yan's mind, turned into a terrifying squall, and suddenly poured into the universe of the beginning.

     His Soul Will suddenly seemed to have become a huge spider web, instantly spreading across every corner of the universe at the beginning, restraining the universe.

     "Follow me!"

     Suddenly, the vast universe of Shiyan has changed abruptly and turned into an unimaginable huge Black Hole Vortex, which runs wildly.

     He rushed into the Shiyan universe and bombarded the void sea and many boundaries of his world, and was instantly swallowed by the black hole.

      At the same time, the life soul village in Shiyan's heart was surging and beating, and the invincible life force emerged!

     This surging vitality caused his badly injured body to quickly recover, and all the splashed blood suddenly turned into blood lines and was instantly absorbed into the body.

     The universe of Shiyan, evolving and devouring Black Hole Vortex, will drown the sea and the boundaries of the void that fell into it!

     His body is roaring, biting wildly towards the bloodthirsty Taichu! Between the strokes of the two-handed armor knives, the void bloomed out of the trillion miles' space, be badly mangled or mutilated, cutting the bloodthirsty body's chest!The god of Shi Yan is like a demon, with a vicious and vicious atmosphere of prison, he threw on his bloodthirsty chest like a cruel beast, opened his huge mouth, gnawing his flesh and blood regardless of costs, biting the flesh, mixed with blood, and born. Swallow it in the belly!

     "No! Impossible! How can you constrain my universe!" The voice that smashed the void from the beginning, screamed and frightened.

     "Half of my body and soul comes from you, and the other half is your evil spirit! So I can control your Heaven and Earth Universe! And you never got even a trace of my soul, so you can not control me, so you have to spin a cocoon around oneself, destroy is yours destiny!"

     Shi Yan roared crazily and fought with Taechu. His huge mouth, always biting on Taechu’s chest, his serrated teeth gnawing on flesh and blood, and swallowed it piece by piece in his abdomen, passing through 720 holes. The transformation and absorption of the orifice, his physical strength continued to expand!

     He has obtained the original source of devouring evil, and has integrated the evil heart, and he has mastered the ultimate mystery of devouring evil!

     In the battle, he swallowed the flesh and blood of the primordial beginning with Devouring Deep Meaning, stronger with each battle!

     On the contrary, as the flesh and blood were eaten in the beginning, they became weaker and weaker.

     His universe was also tightened by Shiyan's soul, a little bit, one by one of the realm, one by one planet, one by one continent, one by one ocean and mountains...Slowly merged into Shiyan's in the Universe.

     With the engulfing of flesh and blood, and the fusion of the universe of the primordial beginning, the newborn universe under Shiyan's giant Devouring Black Hole is expanding at the speed of visible to the naked eye, and it extends crazy!Surprisingly, as Shi Yan's mind changed, the territorial continent he was paying attention to did not complete dissipation when it merged into the Devouring Black Hole.

     For example, the Tianyan Continent, the Yunmeng Territory, the realms of the Xuantian, Meibi, and White Bone tribes all pass through the vortex completely, fall into the swollen universe below, and become a piece of the new universe. None of the creatures died, and they all lived well.

     It's just that they don't know where they are...

     However, irrelevant to Shiyan, the hostile domain continent and the star of life, when they fall into Devouring Vortex—suddenly, they will be completely shattered, and all creatures will instantly turn into ashes and be drawn away from his consciousness. Sea, let him merge the soul power in the soul pond to condense into a brand-new sentient creature.

     Time is rushing.

     I don’t know how long it has been. The body of the incomparable gigantic at the beginning has already stopped breaking free and twisting, being sucked by the same huge stone and blood, refining the purest blood in the veins and refining it into his surging energy .

     ,'The body, soul, skin, hair and everything are the cornerstones of my nurturing new life. I will record the memories and thoughts of Shaking, Mantis, Shiro, Sea Shark, Dracula, Come alone to wake up and resurrect,—,—” “Speaking like this, Shi Yan used—to shake, the huge body that had been exhausted in the beginning was also thrown into the incomparable gigantic Devouring Black Hole.

     All the people who fell into the sky will be recorded and remembered by him, and they will be resurrected and awakened in his new universe with his soul energy.As the primordial universe completely disappeared into the black hole, and as the primordial body also plunged into it, Shi Yan found that he was gradually in an absolute Void Lands.

     There is no sky, no earth, no Sun and Moon Stars, no mountains, rivers and lakes, only eternal gloom, vast and limitless nothingness.

     , "My universe", where is the universe I came from? My soul shuttles for hundred quintillion years. Now, does that universe still exist, has it disappeared? Maybe, when I have all his power, soul thought, and flesh and blood melted and refined, I can try to explore—……—,—”

     "That should be a long, long time later..."

     In absolute nothingness, Shi Yan sat down cross-legged, like an Eternal Imperishable god.

     Above his head is a brand new universe. He uses his power to perfect the new world, and sets out to create a brand new sentient creature, giving soul and life to all things, and becoming the ancestor of all living beings, Everlasting Immortality.

     (End of the book)! ! !