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0 Chapter List 1618 The New Book "Spirit Field" Has Been Uploaded, Please Continue To Support It~~
    Chinese Name: 杀神  Author: 逆苍天(Nì cāngtiān, Against Heaven)
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The new book "Spirit Domain" has been uploaded, please continue to support~~

     readx(); Xiao Ni's new book "Spirit Field" has been uploaded~~

     The introduction is as follows:

     In the vast spiritual realm, there are boundless oceans, many continents, and sentient creatures of various sorts and varieties. They are constantly breaking through themselves, eternally searching for the ultimate mystery between heaven and earth.

     Here, the martial forces of hierarchical, like a spider web, cover every remote corner of the world!

     Here, low-level bluestone-level forces can only survive by relying on powerful influence, and their dignity will be trampled on.

     Here, the gold rank power at the top of the pyramid not only sits on the most powerful warrior in the world, the most magical spirit weapon, the most extensive territory and mineral veins, and the most mysterious forbidden realm, but also commands many silver ranks and red bronze ranks. , Black Iron rank, Bluestone rank forces!

     They can send an order to change the color of the world, make the mountains and rivers red with blood, and turn hundreds of millions of creatures into nothingness!

     The protagonist, Qin Lie, had been sealed for ten years, and was fostered by his grandfather in a small family that could not even be rated as a bluestone power...

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