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0 Chapter List 800 The New Book "The White Head Demon Master" Has Been Uploaded!
    Chinese Name: 九天  Author: 黑山老鬼(Hēishān lǎo guǐ, Old Ghost of Black Mountain)
    Original: | Translator:

The new book "The White Head Demon Master" with a full 100,000 words of manuscript has been uploaded. I hope everyone will come to support me and take care of the fragile and simple heart of the old ghost. It is said that the new book should be advertised properly, and I also want to brag for myself, but my temperament is not the one who likes to brag, so, how to say it, let’s give this new book a sincere evaluation... …

     It is indeed not as deep as the four masterpieces!



     The two rows of ellipsis above are just tens of thousands of words as I am humble.

      in short, come on!

     "Nine Heavens" new book "The White Head Demon Master" has been uploaded!

     It’s in hand, just a moment please, after the content is updated, please refresh the page again to get the latest update!

     "Nine days" is updated in full text, keep in mind the URL: www.
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