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0 Chapter List 1540 Shock! The Truth About Letting Men Silence Women's Tears Must Be Seen! (Actually, It's A Testimonial From The End Of This Book)
    Chinese Name: 人道至尊  Author: 宅猪(Zhái zhū, House Pig)
    Original: | Translator:

The Supreme Humanitarian, the wind is over, and the Supreme Humanitarian is over.

     When I typed this line, I suddenly felt sad, not at the end of the sadness, but with the passing of the Zhong Yue era. Because of the end of Humanitarian Supreme, there are thousands of books on the website, and new books will be born every moment. After all, Zhong Yue's story will be buried in the masses of books, and will be forgotten by readers who have read it and readers who have not read it.

     However, as an author, I don’t want my sweat to be forgotten. Every author wants to be remembered, his name and his work are remembered by readers.

     The ending of the supreme humanity, Zhaizhu did not write the world war, and many characters did not give the ending.

     Regarding Zhong Yue’s battle of the Taoist world, whether to write or not, Zhaizhu also hesitated. It was not what Zhong Yue wanted to write as a comedy or a tragedy. What he wanted has been achieved, and what he was carrying has also been achieved. Up.

     Zhong Yue's life, already satisfied, he got what he wanted, whether he is alive or dead, it is perfectly contented.

     Therefore, Zhaizhu simply left some thoughts.

     It's over.

     This book is a biography of the heroes fighting for the race. In fact, the Supreme Humanity is not so cool. According to today's cool writing, many plots will be killed.

     But it’s simple and cool, I can’t write an A Hero’s Life, and Zhaizhu still commits a taboo, a taboo of being an online author. However, I think that the level of readers should be constantly improving. Perhaps it is possible to accept some uncomfortable articles, so I just wrote it.

     Fortunately, everyone is very supportive, so that the house pig can make a living and support one's family.

     thank you all!Every reader is my food and clothing parent. Writing is a hobby for me and a means of earning a living. I earn your money, and naturally I must be cautious and conscientious. Moreover, gradually accumulated some readers.

     This "Humanity Sovereign" has a lot of rewards from the leader. So far, the house pig should still owe 25 chapters to the leader. However, the later work is too brain-intensive to break out.

     And the currently already finished book, the outbreak is even more impossible.

     Next book.

     The next book broke out, repaying the love of the leaders.

     After the end of Humane Supreme, Zhaizhu will rest for three months, quit smoking, body training, have a second child, and often sit in front of the computer with code words. In the past few years, domestic pigs have almost become male sterile, and it is estimated that they will not have a second child after a year or two. Being an online novel author really hurts the body. It’s not an exaggeration to use body and life for money (an author died suddenly a few days ago).

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     Take a break this period of time, Zhaizhu will solicit ideas for the next book from everyone. If adopted, there will be red envelopes and RMB rewards.

     If you have time, Zhaizhu will also write about the Fanwai of the Supreme Humanitarian, and will initiate a vote to see which character in the Supreme Humanitarian you want to see.

     At the beginning of the new book, Zhaizhu will also be posted on the public WeChat account, so you can try it out. The exact date of the new book’s release will also be notified in advance on the public WeChat account.

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