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0 Chapter List 1679 Fan Xie Wai Chapter, Xuan Wu Xie Biography (Part 2)
    Chinese Name: 帝尊  Author: 宅猪(Zhái zhū, House Pig)
    Original: | Translator:

Xuan Wuxie's mind was dumb, doesn't have any thoughts flow, Mu Wanqing has cried and fainted.


     The woman he loves most, fell in a pool of blood, has been cut off from all life.

     "Wuxie, promise me, take good care of the younger sister, if she likes Xi Yingqing, let her marry Xi Yingqing..."

     Shimao breath like a hairspring, raised her hand and gently stroked Xuan Wuxie's face: "Don't blame your master, he was hit in Wangxiantai... It's a pity that Shimao didn't see you find the girl you like..."

     The teacher passed away for a long time, leave one's mortal frame."

     Xuan Wuxie knelt and sat in front of the corpse of the teacher's wife, the teacher's wife was dead, and his heart seemed dead.

     He cleaned the blood stains on his body and tried to close the wound, but he couldn't help it. He put on the most beautiful clothes for his wife, combed her hair and added makeup, and kept her in the most beautiful and moving moment. He kissed that Cold lips, this is the first time they are so close.

     Xuan Wuxie sealed the body of his wife in the ice coffin, kneeling and sitting in front of the ice coffin for a long time, his wife living in the ice coffin, his imagination was always so beautiful and gentle.

     He gently told his wife in the ice coffin the love words he had accumulated during his life. He cried and laughed, and said a lot of faint words. The teacher was still as gentle and considerate as before, calmly listening.

     Xuan Wuxie was thin, put on a black dress, buried his white clothes and his wife in the ice coffin, and he returned to Taihuang ancestor.

     "Madam, I will definitely avenge you, the blood blade is too emperor!"

     Taihuang ancestor wanted to become a god, wanted to gather all the resources of the world, and wanted to command the world."Innocent. Xuanming Yuanjie has too many sects. These sects are incompetent from top to bottom. Consume resources, but can't become a god."

     The ancestor of the Emperor Tai Huang said: "You lead my disciples of the Holy Sect to eradicate these sects, starting from the demon door, and serving as your backing for the teacher association to eliminate the Supreme Head Teacher of those sects!"

     Xuan Wuxie took his command and led the crowd to conquer the world's demon gates. The ancestor of the Emperor Taihuang invited the powerhouses of the righteous path sects such as Xuantian Sect and Pilgrimage Sect to personally fight. Kill a leader of the demon gate, and suppress the demon gate so that it can't raise its head.

     In the end, the great friend Morosh was angry and fought against the Emperor. Morosh was suppressed by the Emperor.

     Taixuan Shengzong’s army sweep everything before one, Taihuang ancestor announced that the Promise Shenzong, Huayan Shengzong and other sects in the righteous path sects had colluded with the Demon Dao, which was a scum for the righteous path. , The Supreme Head Teacher of the two major sects was beheaded.

     This incident finally aroused the displeasure of the Supreme Head Teacher of Xuanyou Sect. Personally questioned the Taihuang ancestor: "Taihuang, you have done it. Moroshi is your best friend, why should he suppress it? Moroshi is a magic way, but what is the sin of the Promise Shenzong and the Huayan Holy Sect? You are not trying to eradicate the magic door, but the door of Conquer the World, turning the world into your private property!"

     "Brother Xuanyou Dao, you protect the Demon Sect, is Saint Xuantian going against the right way of the world?"Taihuang ancestor laughed, and finally issued the war script, saying: "Brother Xuanyou Dao, you, me, and Moroshi are recognized as the three powers in the world. Some people say Moroshi is the youngest and possesses godlike Physical body, you are the oldest and possess the power of God, and I am the person closest to God. I want to know who is the World's First master among you and me, and who is expected to step out of that final step. Now that Morosh has been defeated, I would like to ask Brother Xuanyou Dao to let me know!"

     The war book announced the world, the world was in an uproar.

     Taoist Xuanyou accepted the challenge, and the two met on the East China Sea.

     "Madam, my chance is here."

     Xuan Wuxie knelt down in front of the ice coffin, looked at the teacher in the coffin, and laughed in a low voice: "Xuanyou Lao Dao has extremely powerful strength, even more powerful than Moroshe. Even if Tai Huang Pao can win, he will definitely suffer. Seriously wounded, I am already in the realm of Heavenly Palace. Although I am inferior to Taihuang, all the power that bursts out can hurt him. In the case of his wounds, I may have a chance to kill him..."

     On this day, the shaking one to the core battle finally unfolded, Taihuang ancestor and Xuanyou Taoist fought on the East China Sea.

     Xuantian Sage, Xi Yingqing ascended to the position of Supreme Head Teacher, a young girl knelt in front of Xi Yingqing, frequently knocking her head: "Brother, please take action, save him! He is your and my mentor after all!"

     Xi Yingqing looked into the distance, extremely indifferent: "Junior sister, my mentor has graciousness of raising for me, not because my brother doesn't want to save, but they aren't capable. Save him, my Holy Sect Xuantian will be a disaster. Whether you are a teacher or a mentor, or a disciple of my thousands of children of the Saint Xuantian Sect, all will be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke."In the distance, Xuan Wuxie dressed in black and looked towards the East China Sea. The battle there was about to end. Although Taoist Xuanyou had the first mana, he was already old, with blood and blood, and was about to be simply imprisoned by the Taihuang ancestor. die of exhaustion.

     But the ancestors of the Emperor Taihuang were also extremely injured, and the mysterious old way with extremely powerful mana was not so easy to deal with.

     Xuan Wuxie looked at Saint Xuantian from afar, with an inquisitive look in his eyes.

     Xi Ying looked back, his face cold.

     "Go to the place where you and I meet for a battle!" Xuan Wuxie raised his hand and put on a bronze devil mask, vanish from sight.

     Xuanyou Lao Dao finally ran out of energy and blood, and died in the hands of the Taihuang Patriarch. The Supreme Patriarch returned victorious. Halfway through, the Ghost Face Man slammed out, the world changed color, the sea of blood surged, and the murderous intent was like a vast ocean!


     The mountains jittered and turned into a scroll, and the heavily damaged Taihuang ancestor was collected into the formation. Ghost Face Man urged the formation with all his strength, and the endless magic fire gushed out, trying to refine the Taihuang!

     At this time, a palm protruded from the formation map, tearing the formation map apart, the mountains shattered, and the ancestor Taihuang escaped.

     The grimace man drew his sword, the sword shining light on the Xuanming Yuanjie, a sword pierced out, the next moment the sword was broken, blood burst from Ghost Face Man.


     The Taihuang ancestor stepped forward and smiled and said: "You use the magic way to deal with me, but I feel that your practice is my Taixuan Shengzong's practice. I let you destroy those big magic schools. , You can combine the exercises of those great schools of magic, and you can even cross the sea by a trick to hide your real exercises. What do you want to hide, innocent?"Ghost Face Man burst back, said with a giggle: "Beyond the road. Nothing else! Too emperor. You have become an obstacle in my path. I will naturally attack you!"

     "There is nothing else besides Shedao?"

     The ancestor Taihuang stopped chasing and said leisurely: "As expected of my disciple, he finally set foot on my path. Do you want to kill me and destroy the devil in your heart? No evil, I will give you time to grow, and wait for you to come. Challenge me, but now, you are far from qualified."

      Ghost Face Man vanish from sight, Taihuang ancestor returned to Taixuan Shengzong. Inspire awe throughout the empire, but because of a battle with the Taoist Xuanyou, he also sustained heavy injuries and declared retreat.

     But at this moment a bad news came, Xuan Wuxie explored the tomb of the evil god and was buried in the hands of the body of the evil god.

     The Taihuang ancestor ordered the Supreme Elder of Taixuan Shengzong to dispatch and break into the Evil Cemetery. Only one corpse that was badly mangled or mutilated was recovered. However, from the perspective of breath and blood, it was all innocent.

     "Innocent. You were so rash to go looking for the body of the evil god."

     Taihuang ancestor wept. He ordered people to lift Xuan Wuxie’s body and murmured: "You are dead, who will help me to step into the final step of becoming a god? There is no oppression by the strong, no amazing and stunning existence to give me pressure and become a god It's hard..."

     Xuan Wuxie is dead.

     "Xi Ying is the only one left."

     Tai Huang Pao sighed: "I hope he will not let me down."


     In the Fallen Mountain, the young Supreme Head Teacher Xi Yingqing of the Taixuan Shengzong looked at the opposite side quietly, and a Ghost Face Man sitting on the throne of the fallen gods opposite, said hoarsely: "Brother Xi, this is my story ."He was crying like weeping, and the devil mask on his face was crying like weeping. He whispered: "I fell in love with my wife, I have never expressed love to her in my life. It’s the reason I have to deal with him, and it’s the reason why I suspended myself..."

     He raised head up, took off the devil mask, with an expression like a smile yet not a smile on his face, and said quietly: "It is rumored that the god of Fallen Shenling is because the person he loves has died. Fallen into a demon, Brother Xi, I have become a demon, so this Fallen Mountain is my best place to stay."

     "I failed. I am not Taihuang's opponent, even if it is Taihuang who has suffered heavy losses."

     Xuan Wuxie placed the bronze mask on the throne and stood up and said: "Path of Cultivation, one step is slow, the emperor’s aptitude and comprehension are all top-notch figures, even if they are not as good as you and me, they are not far apart. The time we practiced Shorter than him, trying to catch up with him is indeed extremely difficult. Moreover, his Dao Xin is flawless and doesn't have any flaws. We want to catch up with him, it is even more difficult."

     Xi Yingqing nodded and sighed, "indeed so ."

     He just heard the story of Xuan Wuxie, the twisted love affair made him full of sympathy for the disciple of the Taihuang Patriarch Xuan Wuxie.

     "But I have a way, I can catch up with the Taihuang ancestor, surpass the Taihuang ancestor, and kill him!"

     Xuan Wuxie eyes shined, looking at Xi Yingqing, and said: "I think of a way to defeat Taihuang, do you want to hear it?"

     Xi Ying nodded.Xuan Wuxie laughed, like a mad demon: "I once said that you and I are the men who have the most hope to become gods. Wubi has the qualifications of God, and you have the understanding of God! Brother Xi, if Combine your and my strengths, I will comprehend it, you will cultivate, and then fuse your and my mana into one, this will be able to surpass the Emperor!"

     Xi Yingqing nodded and said softly: "I also thought of this, but to achieve this step, one of you and me needs to sacrifice. You are my best friend..."

     Xuan Wuxie laughing heartily, with a distorted face: "Best friend! Best friend... Brother Xi, you and I are like two sides of God, God’s understanding, God’s aptitude, innocent, and want to kill the closest to God. Taihuang is extremely difficult, only fuse these two sides into one, can we kill Taihuang ancestor!"

     He trembled with his hands and said: "Even the best friend can't shake the hatred in my heart! Only by killing you and making you my doppelg?nger, Xuan Wuxie and Xi Yingqing can fuse into one, Two Xuan Wuxie or two Xi Yingqing Practice together can hope to surpass Taihuang ancestor."

     Tears flowed down his eyes, but the eagerness in his eyes became stronger and stronger, said with a chuckle: "Brother Xi, you and I until now have not been able to tell the real victory or defeat, and I am here today, in this Fallen Mountain. Let’s play Life and Death Battle!"

     His aura grew stronger and stronger, severely shouted: "No matter who you or I survive, there is hope to defeat Tai Huang, Blood Blade Tai Huang! Today I hope Brother Xi will not keep his hands! Because..."

     "I won't keep my hands either!"

     "Today, only has one person can walk out of Fallen God Mountain alive!"Xi Yingqing's breath was agitated, clothes hunted, raised head up, and said astringent: "If I lose, you will train me into my body and become the Supreme Head Teacher of my Saint Sect of Xuantian. I hope you can treat my disciple of Saint Sect well. ."

     Xuan Wuxie was solemn, thinking for a moment, and said: "If you win, I will not have anything at all, I only hope that Brother Xi can hide me in the dark, just like this fallen god... Brother Xi, please!"


     The two most outstanding young people in the world today, two men who are hailed as the most promising gods, finally fought each other. They are so amazing and stunning. The divine light emitted by the magical powers illuminates this gloomy fallen temple. It illuminates the devil mask on the throne, and illuminates the poignant love stories portrayed on the palace walls.

     That is the love story between the fallen god and the woman he loves deeply.

     Their talents are shown in this battle. Although they are very young, every blow is more fierce and perfect than the older Supreme Head Teacher!

     The two young people fight to their heart's content and use their most powerful magical powers, time and time again collide and separate, time and time again add wounds to each other, causing a fatal blow to each other!

     Finally, the battle ended.

     Xuan Wuxie fell down.

     "I lost, or lost..."

     He coughed up blood and looked at Xi Yingqing who came by, and smiled sadly: "Don't disappoint my younger sister, I promised my younger sister..."

     Xi Yingqing was slightly startled, silently nodded.

     "Senior Brother Xi, start quickly, don't wait until I die before training me into a body, I'm afraid my mana will be lost with me..."...

     After a long time, "Xuan Wu Xie" got up, walked towards the throne of the fallen god, picked up the devil mask on the throne and gently put it on his face.

     Xi Yingqing turned around and walked out.

     He returned to Saint Xuantian Sect and saw the girl sitting on the roof of the Lingxiu Peak Hall. He walked to the girl. It was his junior sister who always wanted to introduce to Xuan Wuxie.

     "Junior sister, I just saw a bird with a whole body covered in blood, got into the thorn bushes, drenched with blood in the chest, and was still singing."

     Standing behind the girl, Xi Yingqing sang softly: "Xuan Wu Xie, Xuan Wu Xie, there are many tears of love and hatred..."

     The girl turned her head slightly, holding a bright mirror in her hand, with tears in her eyes, but she was still laughing: "Brother Master, I can't remember what Master Master is like..."

     Xi Yingqing looked at the bright mirror in her hand, feeling greatly embarrassed, tears falling from the corners of his eyes.

     On this day, he killed his best friend, and on this day, his little junior sister cut off his memory of Master Xuanyou Taoist.

     "Xuan Wu Xie, Xuan Wu Xie!"

     A thorn bird is sorrowful: "There are so many tears of love and hatred!"

     "Infatuation wears a ghost face for a lifetime, and becomes obsessed with infatuation!"

     "The present and ancient things are sorrowful; the life experience is hateful, and it is never drawn. Passionate and willing to die, I hope that the next life will become a double song!"

     End of "Xuan Wu Xie Biography". (To be continued...)

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