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4944 There Will Be A Chance
    Chinese Name: ʥ  Author: ѩ(Xu mn gng do, Full Snow Knife)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Martial arts this honor nodded.

     On this point, he and Lei Huang thought of something.

     Among the seven emotions, there is a way of desire, and I am afraid that only Ji Yaojing can control it.

     Moreover, with the hand she just exposed, no one dared to raise an objection to everyone present!

     Ji Yaojing joins in, Seven Emotions Demonic Generals has its sixth.

     Today, there is only one fear left, and there is no suitable candidate.

     Budo this honor is not in a hurry.

     Forcibly gathered Seven Emotions Demonic Generals together, for him and for the Tianhuangzong, it was completely meaningless.

     Today's six demon generals, except for the cultivation realm of the Heavenly Fury Thunder Emperor, the cultivation realm of the other five people, with the fifth-order Ji Yaojing as the highest.

     The other four people didn't have much left, almost all of them were at the level of Tier 3 and Tier 4 Celestials.

     With the potential of their five talents, it was only a matter of time before they could cultivate to the ninth-order celestial immortal, and even step into the realm of truth!

     Gu Tongyou looked melancholy, and suddenly opened the mouth to ask: "Sect Master, I heard that you have a grudge with Lingxiao Palace. The Devil Emperor Lingxiao was alarmed. Is this true?"

     The other monks are heart tensed up.

     This matter is related to the survival of the Tianhuangzong, and no one dares to be careless!

     The martial arts this honor said: "Don't worry, the Lingxiao Palace has been destroyed, and the Devil Emperor Lingxiao has died."


     Martial Arts this honor tone was light, but when everyone heard it, it was Stones Split and the Heavens Quake!

     As the largest power in the Demon Realm, the High Heaven Palace has been destroyed, and even the High Demon Emperor has fallen?

     "Come on."

     Martial Arts this honor Look towards Ji Fairy.Taking this opportunity, Fairy Ji can be integrated into the Heavenly Desolate Sect.

     Although Ji Fairy covered ethereal beauty, her voice was soft and charming, and she whispered, telling the story of what happened near Beiyin Mountain.

     Everyone was fascinated by it, and their minds followed the description of Fairy Ji, sometimes nervous, sometimes shaking, and sometimes fearful, as if experiencing it for oneself.

     "This is impossible!"

     After listening to Sirius, he was confused and said: "It is the emperor's lifespan, which is only ten million years old. I heard that the Immortal Great Emperor has only lived more than 20 millions years. This World Destroying Demonic Emperor how can it be live till now?"

     This is exactly the point of martial arts this honor.

     "Will Rebirth through Reincarnation?"

     Sirius just said this speculation, and shook his head to deny it, saying: "It's impossible. If it's Rebirth through Reincarnation, there should be someone who will lead it."

     "Furthermore, it is impossible for him to reincarnate and come back, so he has such terrible combat power."

     Skywrath Thunder Emperor asked: "The World Destroying Demonic Emperor has a cruel temperament. He likes to conquer and start wars. Will he attack us?"

     In the mind of this honor of martial art, I can't help but recall the meaningful look in the World Destroying Demonic Emperor before I left.

     If the World Destroying Demonic Emperor wants to do something against him, he just has a chance!

     "At least not in a short time."

     This honor of martial arts pondered: "The Destroying Sect is on the edge of the demon realm, even if the World Destroying Demonic Emperor wants to conquer the demon realm, it will not be here in a short time."

     Everyone feels at ease.The martial arts this honor also said: "When the World Destroying Demonic Emperor is born, the Destroying Demonic Emperor will be in chaos, and countless sect forces may be involved. Starting today, the Tianhuangzong does not need to expand outwards and watch its changes."

     The names of Tianhuangzong and Huangwu have long been spread throughout the demon realm, even the heaven.

     If there are other deceased people from the natural famine, they will definitely know about them and actively seek them out.

     The Heavenly Desolate Sect continues to expand, but may be involved in the chaotic situation of the Demon Realm, the gains do not make up for the losses.

     The gaze of this honor of martial arts fell on Qiu Siluo, and suddenly asked: "Are you injured before?"

     Qiu Siluo hesitated a little, but was still nodded, and said: "There is nothing wrong with it. If you cultivate a period of time, you can heal."

     Yan Beichen said: "A few desperadoes from the Demon Realm came to the ancient Daoists and Qiu Daoists. Fortunately, Senior Lei Huang arrived in time and killed them!"

     "What cultivation base, how many people?" asked martial arts this honor.

     "Not many people."

     Gu Tong said quietly: "One true demon, and three ninth-order celestial beings."

     "Have any grievances before?" martial arts this honor asked again.

     Qiu Siluo faintly shook the head and said: "These four people are so fancy, they have never seen them before."

     Emperor Lei said: "I left a living mouth, used Soul Searching Technique on him, and saw some information, these people are entrusted by others."

     "Who instigated it was not found out."

     Gu Tongyou looks complicated and silent.

     Qiu Siluo seemed to know something, but he was silent.

     This honor of martial arts suddenly said: "Not surprisingly, it should be a member of the fairyland, or it is extremely possible that it is the handwriting of Qinxian."Qiu Si said: "We two guessed that it should be her too, or came here for the sake of ecstatic music."

     "It's the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed, dare to chase here!"

     Martial Arts this honor His eyes are cold and his tone is harsh.

     "Sect Master, forget it."

     Qiu Siluo said: "Anyway, she didn't succeed. She failed this time. I guess there will be no more actions in the future."

     "I have come to the door, I can't forget it!"

     Sirius yelled and refused to suffer.

     This honor of martial arts thought a little, and said: "If I go to the Immortal Realm of Gods, I will have a chance to kill this woman, but...

     "Sect Master cannot personally commit danger."

     Qiu Siluo quickly said: "As the Dajin princess, Mengyao Qinxian has practiced in the Feixianmen all the year round. It is basically impossible to kill her."

     Martial Arts this honor faintly shook the head, he didn't care about it.

     For a woman like Qin Xian Mengyao, if she was killed directly, it would be cheaper for her.

     Only under thousands of staring eyes, drag her off the altar, let her for one's face to reach rock bottom, and lose all the glorious light is the greatest punishment to her!

     This honor of martial arts looked towards Qiu Siluo, and suddenly asked: "How does your accomplishments on Qindao compare to Mengyao?"

     "I have never compared the piano with her. I don't know who is higher and who is lower."

     Qiu Siluo faintly shook the head.

     Gu Tong said quietly: "Her cultivation realm is far better than you, but you are definitely better than her on the piano road."

     "It will coax me."

     Qiu Siluo shook his head and smiled, not taking it seriously.This honor of martial arts suddenly spoke, and said with a certain tone: "I also believe that you can beat Mengyao."

     Qiu Siluo was startled.

     Gu Tongyou coaxed her to comfort her, but the Sect Master would never do this.

     Qinglian Zhenshen had heard the sound of Qiu Siluo's piano, the shock, the kind of touch, and even this honor of martial arts far away in the lower realm was touched!

     If you dont integrate everything you have into the piano path and the sound of the piano, its absolutely impossible to reach this point!

     Martial Arts this honor I have never heard Mengyao's piano.

     But he had seen the ugliness and viciousness of Mengyao's heart!

     Qin Xian's disposition is not pure, even if his piano skills are higher, he may not be able to play any touching songs.

     Qin Xian gave a wry smile and sighed: "She is the Qin Xian set up on high. My original name is not found in the classics. It's hard to see her, so I won't have the opportunity to learn from her."

     Fairy Ji said: "She is the Qin Immortal, and you are the Qin Demon. You are already as famous as her!"

     This honor of martial arts with cold eyes, looking at the direction of Nine Firmaments Immortal Territory, meaningfully said: "There will be a chance..."

     (End of this chapter)
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