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6543 Godhead Return
    Chinese Name: 武破九荒  Author: 无敌小贝(Wúdí xiǎo bèi, Invincible Xiao Bei)
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     As the world-shaking blast resounded, the four powerhouses were all lightened.

     It seemed to come from mysteriously and inexorably, the big hand pressing against them, it had been shattered away, and at the same time it floated all over, feeling extremely comfortable.

     That was Xiao Ye's innate origin, and the chaotic power that came from the movement of the godhead, enveloped them, allowing their god bodies to quickly recover.


     Before they could breathe a sigh of relief, this vast realm was already the earth quaked, the mountains shook up, and the magic materials and materials piled up around it clicked and were blown to pieces.

     When they looked up to the outside world, they were all cold.

     The void of this great forbidden sky was crowded with rainbow lights.

     Those rainbow lights did not know where they came from, and they all radiated great waves, and they were intertwined in twos and threes, turning into a huge phantom.

     These phantoms are not too much, just eighty-one.

     In terms of form, it is quite similar to the various martial arts in this world, like a group of antiquity gods, who came across time and space and besieged the four great powers.

     That kind of power, that kind of divine power, made their hearts tremble, extremely desperate, and felt they couldn't resist at all.

     "I knew it was not that simple!" Xiao Ye's eyes changed.

     He naturally knew that those rainbow lights were propping up this chaotic avenue.

     Because the four powerhouses touched the higher god-level practice rules, this chaos became turbulent.

     These avenues were stimulated, and the instability factors were to be eliminated.

     "You guys continue!"

     Xiao Ye left a sentence, his figure moved, already to go up to welcome.Hualala!

     In an instant, every inch of Xiao Ye's body flowed out of strength like a waterfall, rushing towards the group of phantom shadows.

     This is Xiao Ye's supernatural power.

     Subject to the rules of practice.

     Xiao Ye is still at the pinnacle of the Divine Child Realm. Naturally, this kind of divine power is not much stronger, and it is far from being compared with the divine power of the Heavenly Dao. It only benefits from his innate origin, vast and limitless.


     This group of phantoms were also supporting the manifestation of this chaotic avenue, and they were also not much stronger. They were immediately stopped by Xiao Ye's divine power.


     These phantoms moved at the same time, struggling to impact, and brought up the sky of light.

     However, Xiao Ye intercepted from himself, and the phantom that rushed back with a pair of fists shaking.

     "Even if you are the main road, I will stop you!"

     Xiao Ye's upright body was covered by blazing light, and the purple light covered the sky, constantly colliding with this group of phantom shadows.

     "Senior Xiao Ye, it really is far from what I can compare to!"

     The four powerhouses such as Wanwang and Fengwang were all sighed at this.

     these years.

     They are making rapid progress, and they have also been lost because of their increasing strength. They have the illusion of Wangu Wudi.

     But every time Xiao Ye appeared, they made them recognize reality.

     While they continued to shock, other god-ranked creatures in this Great Forbidden Sky were all shocked, their faces full of shock.

      What happened, they are unable to find out.

     But they can clearly feel that this World has become extremely unstable.And with the ebbing of time, the voice of Taoism began to echo in the void, causing their blood to boil.

     Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

     A martial spirit rushed out of the heavenly spirit cover of these god-ranked creatures. They were not controlled at all. Together with the martial spirits of the four great powers, they released endless principles, spreading this great forbidden sky, and then moved towards The other big forbidden sky and small forbidden sky spread away.

     It's like a chain reaction.

     Other big and small forbidden sky, such scenes also appeared, it is too spectacular.

     Those Taoisms collided and intertwined in the sky, like chains of gods appearing, covering the entire chaos, supporting all around.

     It is like gathering the power of sentient beings to push the current spiritual practice rules to a higher stage.

     Xiao Ye, who was fighting the group of phantoms, was also full of look of shock.

     He prepared for the six periods of time and called on the four strongest people to come. It was only one attempt, and he had already planned to fail.

     After all, looking at the rules of the three levels before, every time it was difficult and failed many times.

     Unexpectedly, this time it caused so big movement.

     Even Xiao Ye had a feeling.

     That failed singularity already has consciousness.

     The opponent evolves Primordial Chaos World, is also extremely reconciled, lurking for So many years, just to wait for his promoter to appear.

     "Drive me!"

     Xiao Ye's eyes are like magic lamps, using his current full strength, continue to invest in the game.

     There were so many phantoms in this group, they were on the same level as Xiao Ye, and they were the manifestations of the Great Dao, they couldn't be destroyed at all.After a lot of fighting, Xiao Ye was suppressed, and his divine body was exploded several times.

     But Xiao Ye had already condensed innate origin, and he would never fall at this level. He was extremely brave and dragged down those eighty-one phantoms.

     Such a scene lasted for hundreds of years.

     Many places in this Great Forbidden Sky have been soaked with purple blood.

     As for this chaotic change, it has also reached a critical point.

     The Dao Yin erupted from the body of the four powerhouses became more and more violent, and the tangible words of the gods escaped and enveloped them.

     Their martial arts space is actually shattering.

     The martial soul in it, as if transformed into a living thing, walked out of the martial soul space, suspended in the air.


      The vast and limitless chaotic power came from all around, shrouded the four great martial souls, and was tempering them.

     The four great martial arts gradually disappeared.

     It is not disappearing, but the shape has changed, gradually turning into crystals.

     These crystals have condensed the endless mystery of chaos, like a treasure opened and released.

     Then, toward the eyebrows of the four powerhouses.

     Qiang Qiang!

     The divine bodies of those four powerhouses collapse and fall apart in an instant, and then they are reshaping and transforming into a more advanced form.

     The great fluctuations they radiated had already broken through the ninth level, turning into the undulating great ocean, exuding the highest aura.


     "They are about to become Innate Spiritual God!"

     Perceiving this change, Xiao Ye became excited.The chaos in this area has obviously become deeper, covered by the erupting chaotic power, and it is evolving.

     "Are you going to give birth to an innate mixed treasure?" Xiao Ye asked secretly.

     But soon, he didn't care about it.

     Because his martial soul space is also shattering.

     The two gods of ancient god and time also flew out of the martial soul space, rushing towards his body.

     His godhead is returning!

     This also means that Xiao Ye's cultivation base has been restored to the Innate Spiritual God level.

     His original speculation has also been confirmed.

     In this singularity world.

     He restores his cultivation base, and even surpasses the past, it is not empty talk at all!

     (The third one is here!)
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