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4426 Monster
    Chinese Name: 极品飞仙  Author: 金铃动(Jīn líng dòng, Golden Bell Ringing)
    Original: | Translator:

"Yeah!" Qin Shuang knew that this was a big hand teaching experience to himself, so he humbly said.

     "However, it is best for us to avoid fighting with hordes of monsters. Even if it is a human being, once a horde is very terrifying."

     "Yeah!" Qin Shuang nodded again.

     The six heavenly figures suddenly accelerated and disappeared into the endless and deep darkness.


     There was a terrifying roar from a distance, and the formed sound wave shook all around, shaking the dark realm space.

     Just from the roar, Qin Shuang could feel the ferocity contained in it.

     A monster appeared in Qin Shuang's vision. The monster was dark and hidden in the darkness of the dark world. Staring at Qin Shuang and them, those cold eyes revealed cruelty, bloodthirsty and begin to stir.

     "Only one!" The wine jar's expression relaxed, and he said to the piano, "Would you like to try it?"

     Qin Shuang nodded, and flew towards the opposite monster. The eyes suddenly became cold, and the speed was so fast in the darkness, leaving an intermittent afterimage.


     The monster on the opposite side looks really weird. Its body is bloated, like a ball, and it has no limbs, but it has eight heads growing in all directions on that ball.

     The whole body is more than a hundred meters in diameter, and the whole body is dark, rolling towards the Qin Shuang.

     Qin Shuang's expression was slightly startled, could it be that the monsters in the dark world can't do it? Are they pure physical attacks?


     Just when this thought emerged, I saw a piece of Meteor Fiery Rain crashing towards me.

     Where is this still not knowing the truth?Qin Shuang had a big reincarnation in front of her with one arm, and a huge water shield appeared in front of her. Qin Shuang pressed the water shield with one hand to face Meteor Fiery Rain.

     "Boom boom boom..."

      Meteor Fiery Rain collided with the water shield and made a dense roar. This time the Dao Fa collision made Qin Shuang's heart slightly relaxed, and the opponent's strength was the Tianzun's initial stage peak, within the range that he could defeat.

     Qin Shuang rushed out of Meteor Fiery Rain with a scream that broke the sound barrier, appeared in front of the monster, stretched his thighs, and kicked out.


     Qin Shuang's feet are firmly on the monster's one on the head.

     What is the power of Qin Shuang?

     Because of the problem of erysipelas, it is not half-sage, it is also the peak of the heavenly sovereign. This foot directly smashed the head, and then slammed it on the monster's body.


     The monster was swept away like a ball. The body began to shatter in midair, and finally the loud rumble burst, leaving behind a dark essence pill that exuded a deep light.

     The wine jar and others stared at Qin Shuang dumbfoundedly. They had seen the fierce battle between Qin Shuang and Qianyuan Patriarch. But the problem is that at that time, Qin Shuang did not show his own strength, and now this kick directly shocked the five heavenly venerables.

     Kick and explode a Tianzun monster, even they are not so neat!Qin Shuang held the Yuan Pill and flew back. According to the rules, all the Yuan Pills obtained were handed over to the wine jar for storage. After returning, they were distributed uniformly. Therefore, Qin Shuang threw the Yuan Dan to the wine jar. The wine jar flusteredly caught the Yuan Dan, but he also awoke from shock, and asked excitedly:

     "Qin Shuang, what realm has your ontology reached?"

     "Tianzun Peak!"

     "Tianzun Peak? You, do you practice?"

     "Oh..." Qin Shuang pondered said: "I was stuck in a bottleneck and couldn't break through, so I concentrated on refining, so I practiced like this!

     The wine jar and others were speechless for a while, secretly said in heart, do you think we don’t know your age?

     But it's about a thousand years old. Even if you train your body from birth, can you reach the peak of the heavenly sovereign?

     However, these gods would not explore the secrets of others, but were very happy. The stronger the Qin Shuang's strength, the more they will gain.

     The six celestial veterans set off again, Qin Shuang suddenly thought of a question, and asked: "Jiutan, even if the monster Yuandan here is effective for enhancing profound power, what about the law?

     I think the density of the law outside the giant screen is not as exaggerated as the concentration of Xian Yuan Qi, which is twice the appearance above the surface. "

     "There are additional gains."

     "Extra gain?" Qin Shuang is mind shook.

     "Actually, when we have reached our cultivation base, we want to improve the cultivation base, that is, several aspects. The accumulation of vitality, body refining, chain weaving, and solidification of the mysterious power.The accumulation of Yuanli is relatively the simplest, and the weaving law is only one water mill Kungfu. No one is much faster than anyone, and not much slower, everyone is at that speed. Unless there is a large number of law threads that can be grabbed at will. This can save a lot of time. The remaining two major problems are body refining and profound strength solidification. Therefore, the dark world has become a place not far from us. Because here can solve the problem of our profound strength solidification. As for body refining, you have seen those whirlwinds before, and there is an excellent place for refining. However, we usually upgrade our cultivation to a period when we must train our bodies before going there.

     The extra harvest I said is that there are rules in the dark world. Sometimes it is a single law, sometimes the law becomes a river. When we met, we took the law silk into the sea of knowledge at will, and waited to return to the side of the giant screen to weave the law. look! "

     The wine jar suddenly pointed to the front left direction, and Qin Shuang looked around, and saw a dozen or so rule threads passing over there, gradually moving away.

     "Go!" The wine jar flew towards the dozen or so rule silks: "Whoever catches the rule silk goes to whom, we only divide the monster's Yuan Dan equally."

     Qin Shuang also released the supernatural powers of the space when he heard it, but after less than a breath, he rushed to the forefront, and then passed by the dozens of law silks, and with a wave of his sleeves, he collected the dozens of law silks. The town demon tower.

     "Friend Daoist Qin, you are too fast, don't you do our part in the future?" The wine jar flew over and smiled bitterly.

     Qin Shuang was somewhat embarrassedly said: "Would you like to split the silk equally?""No!" The wine jar waved his hand: "The collection of the law silk is just a casual act. If you encounter the law silk, you will not be able to collect it at that time. If you can't touch it, go back to the side of the giant screen and slowly Grabbing between heaven and earth. Our main purpose is to hunt and kill monsters, to harvest Yuan Dan."

     Qin Shuang nodded, and followed these Tianzuns on a hunting journey in the dark world.

     "Wine jar, here is the law silk hidden in the space?"

     "No! It can't be hidden. This is the dark world, which is different from the dark world of the void, so except for the law of dark attributes, nothing can be hidden here, just like a meteor appears in the sky. And the dark law hidden in the dark world , But because there are too many, it’s not difficult to catch them."