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    Chinese Name: 无限动漫录  Author: 晕血的羔羊(Yùn xiě de gāoyáng, Blood Phobia Lamb)
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Creation time: From April 28, 2014 to December 20, 2016, it was constructed as an Anime World of about 30, with a word count of more than 5.5 million. After three years, it has undergone a ban and continued writing. Finish this.

     At this moment, there is a feeling that my life in the second dimension is not over, because I can’t stop the fantasy of the second dimension. As a dead house for more than ten years, I really can’t escape this cuteness after entering the house from "Kinomoto Sakura". The world is out.

     Well, let me first talk about my own thoughts about this book.

     To be honest, this book is a true portrayal of my own feelings. For every Anime World, I will dream about what I would do at night, such as the plot at the beginning that can easily be overturned, although this is a normal routine. Very unusual things, but when we entered the first second Dimensional World as a house, we were excited in addition to excitement. At this time, we have overcome rationality in some aspects.

     Then Heroine will think that there are indeed a lot of trouble dealing with feelings, but everything is so interesting, such as bringing Anime characters to Real World to show off, teaming up with Anime characters to play League of Legends, pretending to be force and 300 teasers. ratio. ...Many, many interesting things, I have written all of these things. It can be said that writing these things from the perspective of the house is really romantic, yes, romantic, it really feels like I am doing it.

     also, also a lot of...

     The writing is very comfortable and enjoyable.

     It is true that the writing style is not very good, but gradually it is very smooth. I like to play the plot. The plot flow has always been the main story. This is a guide book for the house, not a classic, so it can be easy.

     Then let's talk about the digging history of this book.

     Throughout the book, I can confidently say that no Unlimited Anime stream can surpass its intentions, and there are many pits.

     Bing Die Shadru Bai Hun and the like. After watching all the plots, many people must have an impression of them. They have penetrated the pit of more than five million words. They have been digging and digging. Obviously, it is a lamb. Digging a pit is better than eating grass. Are proficient at 233...

     Especially the part of siscon, it runs through the whole book, yes, this is a lolicon siscon book, my sister is the best, although I don’t have QAQ...Arthur, Fuxi, Feng Yu Chen, the siscon of the three generations and three lives, I can say that the siscon has been interpreted to the extreme realm, why use Fuxi, naturally because the love between Fuxi and Nuwa was born between brother and sister, as human beings The two of the ancestors are brothers and sisters. The marriage of Rolling Stone is really great!

     From this we can see that our ancestors are already Siscon big horned worms. They are worthy of respect. Suddenly, I really wanted to go to Fuxi Temple to worship.

     Well, this is a complaint about the second dimension, so try not to get involved with the third dimension.

     In fact, at the earliest time, there was no current overall view. The perfect ending today is not because of get there in one step. In the process of digging and digging pits, I finally awakened the soul of the innate siscon. During the deranged digging trip, um ah ah formed the current outline.

     That’s great, yes, I hope we can see you in the next pit, 233

     As the author who digs holes and can make up for the holes, I can write here because of the "Dimensional Chaos". During the period of infinite ban, I continued to think about it in the dimension. As a mature person, I began to explore more profound siscon principles. It is precisely because of the fixed frame of the dimension that infinity becomes perfect.Infinite must be thankful for the dimension to be able to have today. When I was writing the dimension, I had a lot of discussions with some writers and readers. Although they did not provide any advice, they gradually made me quick to think. I came and went to have today’s results.

     This ending is very good. It is neither the kind of old-fashioned infinite lord god, nor the infinite selected person, nor the opportunity coincidence. The biggest difference between this book and many fans is its main world. The completeness of the idea is to be complete and consistent from the establishment of the universe and the transmission of the siscon, rather than writing about where it is at will.

     The plot has always been very smooth, and the sense of sight that does not collapse is the reason for the high intention.

     Everything is fine except for one small defect is that after being banned for nearly a year, from the dimension to infinite writing, the personality of the protagonists in the two books has been confused for a period of time, so that the protagonist's portrayal is chaotic, and fortunately, it is gradually on the right track.

     And forty worlds are expected to end in about 30 worlds, part of the reason is because of this, after all, Dianniang closed my little black room for a year, which is simply deranged.

     I can’t think of anything about this book that can be banned. If I am asked to modify it, I just didn’t change it. The result was released. The explanation was wronged. Last year it happened to be a severe crackdown, so I killed a lot of people with one stick. I was the most innocent. QAQ...Then talk about the state of the book after it is unsealed.

     Rewriting is a difficult task for many authors. Without mentioning whether the plot can be continuous, it is said that the income is really different from the previous one, and they may continue to write without income. After all, one Years are long enough for many people to forget.

     I see a lot of piracy, and I still report the piracy. I really think they can report and ban, so that I can reduce the burden.

     So rewriting is not an easy task at all. I value my old readers and my own feelings for this book, and I don’t want my original Anime encyclopedia to end here. Spit out one's heart and spill blood will not be enough, but I really have to experience it. A very painful history. I still insist on not being recognized or supported. Also report of pirated dogs...

     Well, I won’t mention many bitter things. After all, I’m done, and I feel that everything I have endured is worth it.

     Then let's talk about myself.

     I was still young when I wrote this book. Three years have passed in a blink of an eye. It is not just my personal growth. Many readers have seen middle school from elementary school, high school from middle school, university from high school, and university from university. For the people of society, this book has engraved a very important time for everyone.In fact, although I live in my home, I still feel that I still have the hope of getting out of the house. However, after writing this book, I am completely desperate to get out of the house. It is really terrible. There is no regret in this life.

     I met a lot of reader friends, so I didn’t mention the name, so as not to shake the dark history of some people. After the final testimonial, I won’t be black belly. The readers have helped me a lot, and I supported my life when it was the most difficult to continue writing. Encourage me to create. Sometimes I feel that just for this, I can fight endlessly and write more than just. Everyone here is Lamb’s friend.

     Personally, I should be very talkative, and I often talk about it among readers, but most of them are losing the festivals. I have not lost the festivals after three years. I really want to doubt that my festivals can't be used up. If this is the case , Sai Gao Sai Gao Sai Gao Gao, mess up trouble and mess up! ~! ~PRPRPRPR……

     Some people say that I am arrogant and arrogant. That's the wrong entry point for you. Once you add a friend, you will ask if you are there or not. It’s your sister, it’s not!

     Some ask what the next world is or what world can be written about. No, puff, all the answers are not spoiled, your sister, you can’t ask some interesting questions, such as what color pants are you wearing today, ahem, me like this Serious people, only answer serious questions! !In general, private chatting is the most annoying to ask if it’s around, or the next world, how good it is to say something meaningful, these are so boring, it’s too small to be worthy of the lamb’s morals. Titles, various Pants, pledge Pants stars and the like to deal with the lamb, the currency is Pants...

     Well, stop here, otherwise I don't believe how much my morality will rise.

     I'm a decent person, a decent person, and I'm so awesome!

     Finally, see you next book...

     What do you think also in the end?

     Our two-dimensional life will continue to meow, eh, lamb meow meow meow, I am a lamb who can’t bleat, I want to speak for myself.