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2686 Hereditary Displacement (Final Chapter)
    Chinese Name: 寒门状元  Author: 天子(Tiānzǐ, Son of Heaven)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the spring of March, the red, willow and green are the beautiful scenery in the south of the Yangtze River, but the war atmosphere in the new city becomes more intense.

     Every day, sea-going ships go to sea for training. At this time, Zhoushan Islands and Dongfan Island have built several military ports for the fleet to berth.

      On April 5, Zhu Houzhao was ready to return to the capital from Xuanfu. At the beginning of the year, he said that he would go back, but he refused to leave until then.

     At noon that day, Zhu Houzhao accompanies Shen Yi'er for dinner.

     Recently, the relationship between the couple has gradually eased. With the increase of age, Shen Yier also knows that his life has been firmly tied to Zhu Huzhao together, saying that he can reconcile like a folk couple, but the benefits involved are too great, and Shen Yier whatever the case also Won't take that step.

     Therefore, Shen Yi'er has not intentionally or unintentionally left Zhu Hou to look after her face recently, and she can talk and touch her hands, which is a final step.

     After dinner, the couple languidly sat in front of the open window and drank tea. At this time, Zhang Yong, the chief executive officer, came to report the affairs to Zhu Houshao.

     Shen Yier listened indifferently, and there were several martial arts storybooks beside the coffee table in front of him. Zhu Huzhao prepared them for her, and Zhu Huzhao did everything to please Shen Yier.

     "...This year, most of the Jiangnan preparation budget has been spent. I am afraid that 1 million taels of silver will be added for military expenditure. This is only the number needed before the war. It is played by Lord Shen and another 1 million taels is needed for the war. The allocation of materials needs to be negotiated by the household department..."

     A little tired in the afternoon, Zhu Houzhao yawned.

     Shen Yi'er didn't listen to much fun either, so she picked up the Wuxia Talker and looked at it.Zhang Yong said something, and finally asked: "Your Majesty, I don't know this munitions dispatch..."

     Zhu Houzhao rolled one's eyes and said: "Has the cabinet already issued instructions? And Shen Shangshu also gave clear figures, why bother? Directly according to Shen Shangshu's opinion, the reply is...the treasury always has two hundred taels ,right?"

     Zhang Yong said embarrassingly: "Your Majesty, once the trade with Franco Robots stopped, the revenue of the national treasury dropped sharply. This year, I have to save on food and clothing."

     Zhu Houzhao sneered: "Why, do you blame me for my determination to start a war with Western devils, which caused the court to lose a large sum of money? Humph, after the battle is over, the treasury will have as much money as it needs..."

     "Don't dare, don't dare."

     Zhang Yong was so frightened that he knelt on his knees, and waited for Zhu Houzhao's face to look a little better before he said again, "Your Majesty, there is one more thing, the time for the fleet to be launched in the Master Shen's memorial... Go south in name to prevent the Franco robot from discovering it. Look...

     "The seventh day of September? It's good. There are five months left... Haha, I have time to go to Jiangnan, and I said that I might not be able to lead the soldiers to sea by myself."

     Zhu Houzhao said excitedly.

     Zhang Yong was so frightened that he hurriedly persuaded: "Your Majesty absolutely cannot. You can't go back to the sea for many years. Daming can't be left alone."

     Zhu Houzhao ill-humoredly said: "I will not stay at sea for too long. I just want to see with my own eyes the invincible navy of the court."Zhang Yongdao: "If you go down, you will surely alarm the Western devils... Those Westerners know that you go down, they know that it is not as simple as the ordinary Japanese, and it will make it more difficult for Lord Shen to lead troops to conquer. It is better to... Your Majesty stay in the capital, quietly awaits for good news?"


     Zhu Houzhao was a little unhappy, looked at Shen Yi'er with a quiet face, and asked expectantly, "Queen, do you want to go south with me?"

     Shen Yi'er refused without even lifting his head: "Have you been tossing enough? We have been in Xuanfu for almost a year. I am afraid that the Palace of Qianqing and the Hall of Jiaotai are almost covered by spider webs. You are not afraid of someone the magpie made a nest, the turtledove dwells in it?"

     "Who dares to let my bedroom go to waste?"

     Zhu Hou asked as spitting anger, and then looked thoughtful, Shen Yi'er was here to persuade him to return to Beijing, to avoid someone coveting the throne, thought a bit then said: "If you don't go, don't go, anyway, the journey is very long, the journey is tiring, and you cannot personally Bring troops to the battlefield, what does it mean."

     Zhang Yong felt relieved and said, "Your Majesty, is this the date for sending troops?"


     Zhu Houzhao nodded, "On the seventh day of September, I have agreed."

     Zhang Yong asked for instructions: "Your Majesty, I don't know who should lead the troops? This transoceanic expedition has no small matter, it may not be returned for years, this..."

     Zhu Houzhao hesitation and indecision for a while.

     Zhang Yong said hide the head and show the tail, Zhu Huzhao knew very well that Zhang Yong wanted to ask the person who led the troops in the end is it not Shen Xi, if Shen Xi is not allowed to go, who else can do it.

     "This one……"Zhu Houzhao hesitated again and again, "Is Shen Shangshu there's nothing about it good recommendation? If he doesn't go, why should there be a suitable candidate for the central government?"

     Zhang Yong stubbornly said: "Your Majesty, you know, in fact, only Shen Shangshu is really suitable for leading soldiers. Others can't even figure out where Francois Jiguo is, let alone grab silver mines in their overseas territories!"

     Zhu Houzhao shook his head and smiled bitterly: "That is to say, even if I don't want to send Shen Shangshu, I can only use him?"

     Zhang Yong was helplessly nodded.

     In fact, Zhang Yong supported Shen Xi's expedition, because only when Shen Xi's strong opponent was gone, could he sleep peacefully as the master of ceremonies.

     Zhu Houzhao’s sighed saying: “This matter will be discussed later! I don’t want to make a decision so early, let the Ministry of War and the Dudu’s mansion make another appointment, or let Shen Shangshu recommend it. If it’s impossible, let Tang Yin go...but Tang Yin didn’t stand alone. The experience of leading soldiers is not as profound as Shen Shangshu’s understanding of the sea. It’s really difficult..."



     The imperial court has not decided on a candidate for a troop, but preparations for war have not stopped.

     Shenxi was in the new city and organized large-scale immigration to Luzon and Nanyang.

     In recent years, natural disasters have continued, coupled with serious land mergers. Although high-yielding crops such as sweet potatoes and corn have been introduced, the deep-seated contradictions have not been completely resolved. Since its establishment in Nanyang, the Chamber of Commerce controlled by Shenxi has been consciously sending refugees to Luzon and other places. Recently, as the expedition is approaching, the pace of immigration has accelerated.

     On the third day of May, a batch of materials were transferred from Huguang to the new city. Shen Xi personally went to receive it. After returning, he met Yunliu who had just returned north by steamboat at the city lord’s mansion."My lord, there are now 86 large ships and 240 medium-sized ships in the new city. There are 173 large ships and more than 400 medium-sized ships in the Nanyang Islands. With the current carrying capacity, it can transport 50,000 troops and the same number. The workers and peasants in China have enough food for 100,000 people a year. The expedition can be said to be winning...

     Shen Xi shook his head: "Xincheng and Nanyang must be guarded by soldiers and horses. The number of officers and soldiers we have trained with sea warfare experience is seriously insufficient. This expedition has 20,000 officers and soldiers. Sailors can also take up weapons to fight if necessary The engineers we trained from From now on, Wuchang Industrial Park Zone and Xincheng are withdrawn to Luzon in a planned way. They will be taken during the expedition and will be used for the construction of overseas territories in the future."

     Yunliu only understood Shenxi’s plan this time. It turned out that Shenxi’s retreat was not in the South Sea, but on the other side of the ocean.



     The day of dispatching troops is set on the seventh day of September. Shen Xi has his own consideration. The summer has passed and the chance of encountering a typhoon will be much smaller. However, the biggest problem of ocean navigation still comes from the uncertainty of the weather.

     In this era, there is no satellite cloud image for reference, and can only rely on the experience of sailors. Therefore, Shen Xi has been digging the corners of the Franco robots and hiring senior sailors with high salaries. Nowadays, there are many Westerners in the Daming Navy, serving as instructors and The role of the wizard.

     At the same time, Shen Xi is also doing his homework, absorbing nutrients from the Sailing diary and chart of the Franco Robot, combining the understanding of the ocean currents and monsoons of later generations, to avoid unfavorable situations.The selection of the troop leader was formally determined in mid-June. Zhu Houzhao disagreed with Shen Xi leading the troop, and appointed Tang Yin, the former minister of the military department, to coordinate the expedition. Wei Bin, who was previously sent to Fengyang to defend the imperial mausoleum because of his conviction, "has a crime and meritorious service" as the prison army , Baoguo Gong Zhu Hui was the nominal navy chief officer, continuing the tradition of the Ming Dynasty civil officers leading soldiers.

     No one was surprised when the news came out. The Ming military and civilians had no idea about sending troops to the Franco machine. As the top minister of the imperial court, Shen Xi naturally did not make sense to spend many years in a barbaric country... This is also different from Franco machine and Daming. Far away, the national cognition is fuzzy.

     The navy commander needs to arrive in the new city in July, while Shen Xi is required to return to Beijing one month after the navy sails. It probably means that Shen Xi will guide Zhu Hui, Tang Yin and others to understand the charts and learn to command fleet operations.

     A qualified naval officer needs to have foundation knowledge of geometry, navigation, astronomy, etc., as well as familiarity with ships. For example, understand how sailors operate ships, understand the angle of fire of artillery, understand the concept of shooting elements, and even know the correct one. For epidemic prevention, prepare foods rich in vitamin C. For example, eating bean sprouts can prevent scurvy.

     It is simply an impossible task to train Tang Yin and Zhu Hui to become talents in just two months. Shen Xi didn't express anything other than a wry smile.

     On June 18, the Shen family arrived in the new city.

     Shen Xi was reunited with his family, and it was inevitable that he had some kindness. After a group of wives and concubines knew that Shen Xi would not lead soldiers on the expedition, they were relaxed for a long time. What they feared most was that Shen Xi would not come back when he led the troops to sea for several years.The Shen family revisit the old haunts and were quickly attracted by the changes in the new city. The modern six or seven-story high-rise buildings can be seen everywhere, convenient and fast living facilities, and the sound of books coming from the school every day. Everything is so fresh and the family will soon Melt into the harmonious atmosphere of the new city.

     Although the imperial decree was issued long ago, it was not until July 20 that Tang Yin rushed to the new city from Suzhou, and Zhu Hui was not seen. Obviously Zhu Hui was very resistant to the leading soldiers. Come to fall gravely ill, never to recover, so right and proper reject this terrible job.

     Early the next morning, Tang Yin took the initiative to see Shen Xi, with a look of grief and anger, and felt that he was "pitted" by others, and he must have gone forever this time.

     "Bohu don't be impatient, there is still one half a month away from the official expedition. There is still room for change. If you don't want to lead the army by then, this officer will find a solution."

     Shen Xi successfully comforted Tang Yin and left the city lord's mansion.

     Earlier he sent someone to invite Zhou to meet in a luxuriously decorated courtyard on the south bank of Suzhou River.

     In the past a period of time, Shen Xi bought a lot of wealth for Zhou family, and Zhou family was very satisfied with Shen Xi’s son.

     "...Han baby, if you have something to do, you can also tell your mother at home, why do you have to come out? This house is also ours?"

     Before Shen Xi's arrival, Zhou had seen the inside and outside of the yard. The front and back garden layouts, rockery, lakes, pavilions and pavilions are all available. The main building is a three-story small building with gorgeous interior decorations, toilets, running water and electric lights. It has everything available, and Zhou liked it at first glance.

     Shen Xi smiled and said, "In this city, we have such a yard in our house."Zhou was pleasantly surprised: "Then the relationship is good, and every house will live for a few days in the future, so you won't be bored... Hey, it's my own site, it's much better than Beijing."

     Shen Xi's expression became seriously get up: "Mother, let you come this time because I want you to meet someone."


     Zhou felt that the problem was unusual, and his smile on face gradually faded.

     Shen Xi clapped his hands, and the maid at the wall of the door took Xiao Shen Hong's hand and walked in. Before and after Shen Hong approached, he screamed "Father" timidly and was hugged by Shen Xi.

     Zhou's relaxed: "It turned out to be Hong'er? Who did the mother think it was..."

     Shen Xi said, "I want to invite you to meet Hong'er's mother."

     Shen Xi's voice fell, and a person came out again behind the wall, hesitating in his footsteps, as if he could not even walk, his eyes were full of avoidance.

     Zhou's face was full of bewildered expressions. After careful identification, he suddenly asked in surprise: "Han baby, are you looking at my mother's eyes blurred? Could it be that you can't hit a ghost in the daytime?"

     It was Hui Niang who came out from behind the wall.

     Hui Niang had no intention of meeting Shen's family, but Shen Xi insisted on letting her come, which was regarded as a "door-in ceremony" for her, but she regretted her life.

     Hui Niang did not dare to face Zhou at first, but after she came out she seemed to be more dismissive, stepped forward and knelt down, and kowtow to Zhou, "I have seen the old lady."

     Time flies, and Hui Niang's tone has changed a lot from before. Zhou can't tell whether this is a good sister she is familiar with.Zhou's whole person was a little confused, and asked hastily: "Han baby, this is what is going on? Where did you find someone who is so similar to your auntie?"

     Shen Xi speaks in a gentle tone: "Mother, she is Hui Niang. She is not dead. I rescued her in the jail and then kept her anonymous... She is also Hong'er's mother."

     "What? How can it be? This...this..." Zhou is at a loss not knowing what to do, "Then who...who is Hong'er's father? Is it you?"

     After a long dumbfounded, Zhou's finally understood, because Shen Xi brought Shen Hong into Shen's house and accepted him as his son. If he had nothing to do with Hui Niang, he would definitely not lose his seniority.

      In other words, Shen Hong is the son of Shen Xi.

     Shen Xi nodded and said, "Maybe Niang has already guessed it. That's right, Hong'er is the child of Hui Niang and I. That's why I haven't seen Xi'er come in. I've always wanted Xi'er to enter Shen's house for several years. However, many things in the past prevented this wish from being fulfilled... Seeing that now he is going to travel far, Haier still owes Hui Niang a promise to enter Shen's house, so he brought her to see you."

     Zhou's whole person was abnormal, with a gloomy and uncertain expression on his face, and he wanted to open his mouth but didn't know how to talk about it. After a long time, he cried with a "wow" and squatted down to cover his face with his hands, obviously feeling agitated.

     Shen Xi knelt down, knocked his head respectfully to Zhou's, and said: "No matter whether you choose whether to accept or not, Hui Niang is already in Shen's family, and I hope my mother can accept it."

     Zhou scolded: "bastard thing! You stinky boy, why not let her die."At this time, Zhou turned the full of thoughts and the joy of meeting again after a long period of separation into anger, and issued an almost vicious curse on Hui Niang, but this is only her wish to become the famous festival of Quan Hui Niang and to maintain the reputation of Shen Xi , Does not include personal factors.

     Shen Xi kowtow again: "Even if my mother doesn't accept it, this has happened and it cannot be undone. In addition, there may be changes in the new city recently. I don't want my mother to be frightened. It happens that we have been away from home for almost ten years. And the whole family go home to worship their ancestors."

     "I bought a few big houses in my hometown in Tingzhou, Minxi, and I also saved 20,000 taels of silver for you and my father at the bank. You can spend it whatever you want when you go back. Wait until October, when my mother comes to the new city, we will return together. Beijing."

     After that, Shen Xi stopped explaining to Zhou, helped Hui Niang, and then Shen Hong, and the family of three went out.

     Zhou stood there dumb as a wooden chicken, but he didn't know how to use words to stay.



     On July 22, Zhou and his wife Shen Mingjun were escorted by Shen's house and returned to their hometown in western Fujian.

     These two are Empress Shen Yi'er and the parents of Shenxi, the governor of the dynasty. They are welcomed by the government along the way. Wherever one goes The people are welcome, and the gentry entertained and gave gifts, attracting the attention of the world.

     Shen Xi had not thought to keep his parents low-key, and still followed the prescribed order to train soldiers, and led the fleet to sea again on the fourth day of August.

     A total of 60 large ships and 150 medium-sized ships went to sea on this day, but Tang Yin, who was designated by the emperor as the head of the expedition, did not board the command ship because of physical discomfort.This is the last large-scale "real combat exercise" before the war. According to the plan, the navy will go out to sea for half a month to conduct drills including marching in queues, shelling, pursuing, and sweeping battlefields.

     The fleet departed for grandiose, and there were many sails and shadows on the Huangpu River. Military and civilians in the city flocked to the river bank to watch, but because they did not set off informally, the visit did not arouse the attention of the Minister of Korea and China.

     "Why are you here?"

     Tang Yin stood at the dock and watched. After Shen Xi's boat went out to sea, his staff came to ask in surprise.

     Tang Yin was in a bad mood, and looked back and scolded: "Why do you want to explain to you when you do something? Just do your own thing, no need to say more."

     "Yes Yes."

     The staff keep quiet out of fear, and quickly withdraw.

     At this time, the fleet had sailed out of the Huangpu River. Tang Yin looked at Fan Ying in the distance, shook his head in annoyance, and turned away.

     Standing at the stern of the ship, Shen Xi looked at the new city with a complicated expression. At this moment Yunliu came over: "My lord, the Zhoushan Islands are ready, and the fleet can enter the port in the afternoon."


     Shen Xi looked at the sky and said in a deep voice: "There are already many Western crew members who have said that a typhoon may pass through the border today and tomorrow. Everything is arranged properly and no accidents can happen."


     Yunliu respectfully retreated after taking the order.

     Then Shen Xi entered the room in the cabin. Hui Niang, dressed in men's clothing, just helped Shen Xi pack her things. Hearing the sound of footsteps, she looked back at him.

     Shen Xi grabbed Hui Niang's waist and sighed: "It's time to let go of your heart knot. This will be the beginning of your new life. From now on, you will no need to be a worldly vision."


     ...On the night Shenxi went out to sea, strong winds and waves rose on the sea.

     The next morning, a strong typhoon landed. The new city was in the eye of the wind and suffered heavy losses. The ships berthed in the port suffered huge damages. The shipyard suffered destructive damage, the factory collapsed, and a large number of workers were buried in the ruins. The residents of the city There are also huge casualties.

     However, there was no news from Shen Xi who went to sea for a long time. Tang Yin, as the emperor’s commissioned head coach, immediately reported to the court, stating that the new city suffered a huge loss from the typhoon, and emphatically mentioned that Daming Navy might have been involved. Vibrate for it.

     "...Your Majesty, after the Lord Shen led the troops out to sea, there was no news, but in the next two days, there were reports of Japanese pirates in Fujian, Guangdong and other places... The Flange machine knew that Daming was going to fight with them, and cooperated with the Japanese pirates. Coming."

     At this time Zhu Houzhao had returned to the capital and lived in the Palace of Qing Dynasty. Zhang Yong was playing in front of him, and Zhang Yuan was serving.

     Zhu Houzhao was furious when he heard this, and he slapped the table: "bastard thing! Don't the coastal areas have wind disasters every year? As for such a mess?"

     Zhang Yong hurriedly said: "Your Majesty, this typhoon disaster is particularly serious. Coastal residential houses collapsed in pieces, some county towns and even the city walls were knocked down, and the coastal waters of Jiangsu and Zhejiang can be seen everywhere. Ship wrecks, I'm afraid Master Shen..."

     Zhu Houzhao gritted his teeth and said: "The people can be comforted, the houses can be repaired, and Shen Shangshu must not have an accident, and quickly send someone to sea to find it."

     "Now the new city and coastal guards have suffered serious damage to the ships, and I am afraid that they will not be able to Mission Completion..." Zhang Yong said bitterly.Zhu Houzhao shouted: "First summarize the disaster situation, there is still one month is the time for the official expedition, maybe the ship can be repaired? Tell Tang Bohu that the expedition will be on the set date and the mission will not be completed. Come back with head in hand!"



     After Shen Xi left, Tang Yin had to lead the military and political affairs of Xincheng.

     In addition to disaster relief, Tang Yin had to prepare for war and find Shen Xi, three things were not simple.

     Shenxi whereabouts unknown, but news came one after another that ships on the sea were in distress, and the whereabouts of Daming navy were in doubt.

      At the same time, there was news of the activities of Japanese pirates and pirates along the coast. Preparations for the Franchise battle became preparations for the second peace battle.

     At the beginning of September, on the day of the scheduled expedition, at this time Baoguo Gong Zhu Hui was still not in place, Tang Yin was unable to complete the preparations because of the severe damage of the navy warship. Tang Yin was forced to play to the Zhengde Emperor and explained the situation truthfully. Although Zhu Huzhao was very annoyed, he had no alternative.

     Just when the whole dynasty was bothering to find Shenxi, there were continuous fires in the new city, but Japanese pirates entered the city carefully and set fire everywhere.

     The city lord's mansion in Shenxi was put to the torch overnight.

     None of the family members of Shen Xi were spared in the fire. No person escaped from the fire. Afterwards, the new city was repeatedly attacked by Francis machines and Japanese pirates. Fortunately, the city’s defense measures were complete and the Buddha was repelled without much effort. Lang Ji and the Japanese pirates attack.

     In the following two years of events, Tang Yin, as the commander-in-chief of Pingwa, was also appointed to find Shen Xi's imperial envoy and stayed in the new city.


     ...The disappearance of Shen Xi is the biggest unsettled case during the Ming Zhengde period.

     The official caliber is that when Shen Xi led his troops out to sea, the entire fleet was sunk. However, there are rumors that Shen Xi has been living in the world, but only on a deserted island. Some people say that Shen Xi has commanded the fleet to eliminate the Franco robot and become King of Daming Overseas Territory.

     In commendation of Shen Xi's achievements, Shen Mingjun, the father of Shen Xi, was awarded the title of Lord An Guo and his fief was Tingzhou, Fujian. Because of the death of Shenxi's family, Zhu Houzhao specially allowed to select a male from other houses of the Shen family to inherit the title.

     In the fall of the twenty-third year of Zhengde, Tang Yin, who was already Minister of Appointments, hurried to the palace to see Zhu Houzhao, but turned Yanhuan in the hands of the eunuch, the eunuch, and blocked him.

     Nuo Yanhuan is Xiao Nuozi. Yan Huan is the name given to Xiao Nuozi by Zhu Houzhao. Before then Xiao Nuozi has been the chief clerk for more than ten years and was promoted to the position of palm seal only a few years ago.

     "Master Tang, don't bother your Majesty. At this moment, your Majesty is accompanying the queen and prince to enjoy the chrysanthemum." He said respectfully to Tang Yin.

     Tang Yin took out a memorandum from his arms: "Is it not necessary for me to face all important matters?"

     Ning Yanhuan laughed and said: "No matter how big a matter is, it can't be as big as accompanying the prince... The prince is ten years old this year, and his majesty values the prince very much. After all, there is only one prince."

     No one is surprised. No matter how much Zhu Huzhao entangled with other women, he could not give birth to heirs. As a result, when Shen Yier was eighteen years old, the two of them consummated the house, and they gave birth to a princess in the first year, and then gave birth to two more princesses. The fourth child gave birth to the dragon. Zhu Houzhao, like a treasure, cultivated the heart and nurture the character, no longer indulged in wine, and focused on national affairs.In the thirteenth year of Zhengde, the Nanyang countries were attached to the country. Zhu Huzhao happily agreed to send the navy to the south to formally include Luzon, Boni, Java, Sanfoqi, and Johor on the territory of Daming. Tang Yin was in charge of the Daming Navy at that time.

     Now it is nine years later. Daming Guoli is becoming more prosperous with each passing day. With the gradual promotion of steam engines and electricity in Daming, productivity has increased significantly. A large number of factories have sprung up, and a variety of new weapons more and more emerge. The respect service.

     At the beginning of this year, Tatar and Vala were attached, and Daming suddenly expanded his territory to the Beihai where Su Wu was herding sheep. Zhu Huzhao has the reputation of being the master of Zhongxing Ming.

     Tang Yin eagerly said to Tingyan anxiously: "It is indeed a major event, Shen Guogong has news."

     Ning Yanhuan's body shook when he heard that he hurried to the palace gate. When he came out again, Zhu Houzhao actually followed behind. He didn't even wear shoes, and neither master nor servant was in good shape.

     At this time Zhu Houzhao was nearly forty years old, healthy, with two beards and bright and piercing eyes. He came over and grabbed Tang Yin by the collar, and asked, "Does Tang Qing's family mean Mr. Shen? What exactly is it news? This ignorant slave doesn't know how to ask clearly before going in to report to me."

     Tang Yin took out the melodrama from his sleeve. Zhu Hou looked at it and was curious: "This is..."

     Tang Yin said, "This is the performance of Shen Guogong to His Majesty overseas."

     Zhu Houzhao took it, his hands kept shaking, and after opening it, unable to take one's eyes off, he looked at it and began to meditate in his heart."...Mandate Bestowed By The Heavens, the man in the territorial waters, leveled the Outer Seas Region. After ten years and five years, the savage land was finally settled, and the silver produced by overseas silver mines has been turned over, totaling 110 million taels. , Transported to the mainland by a huge ship. However, savage land people are not obedient, and rebellious, the ministers can only guard the territory respectfully, waiting for your majesty to send benevolent ministers to assist..."

     "Woo, Mr. Shen, he is not dead, and he gave me money."

     At the end of the silent reading, Zhu Houzhao was already cheeks streaming with tears, "I let him down and didn't even keep his family members, but I have a son, his elder nephew."

     Tang Yin said, "Your Majesty, the silver vessel has arrived in Shanghai. There are 46 ocean vessels in total. This is only the first batch."

      "Really? Why didn't Mr. Shen come back?" Zhu Houzhao asked hurriedly.

     Tang Yin couldn’t answer. Zhu Houzhao thought about it and sighed: “It’s been too much. It’s been more than ten years. It’s rare that Mr. Shen has not forgotten his promise to me. What else can I ask for? Outer Seas Region, I gave it to He, let him be hereditary, he wants anything, the officials help him, let him write to me and tell me that I sent him...I am the emperor, he is my eternal prince, and he will never change!"

     (End of the book)

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