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1416 Zhou Yuan's Killing Intent
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
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The alchemy hall is still a boiling cauldron of voices, unusually bustling with noise and excitement.

     "This time, alchemy was finally released. It seems to be completely stable!"

     "This is really a great happy event. As long as we can maintain this pill rate, I think it will be easier for us to exchange for the ancestral dragon pill."

     "This Honored Elder Zhou Yuan does have some means."

     "I had some misunderstanding before..."


     As the results of the alchemy hall came out again, many sighs rang out. In the past two months, Zhou Yuan had participated in the refining of Ancestral Dragon Pill several times, and the results were extremely stable. , This made the words that once questioned him almost completely disappeared.

     By now, no one talked about Xu Beiyan anymore.

     Next to the colorful pill furnace, Zhou Yuan put away the ancestral dragon pill as much as possible, and then stretched out.

     "Zulongdan is really a good thing."

     Zhou Yuan sighed. He had never tried the magic of Zulong Pill before, so he still didn't understand the popularity of these Origin Infants and the jurisdiction. But in the past two months, he understood what is called divine pill and Wonderful medicine, even his top-notch infants of nine inches and seven are all because of the gradual progress of Zulong Dan, not to mention other people...

     The only pity is that even if he can get four Ancestral Dragon Pills every month, it is still not enough for him.

     "It's not enough to rely solely on alchemy income, I still have to find opportunities to explore in Chaos Void."Zhou Yuan thought in his heart that although Chaos Void is full of dangers, there are high risks and high returns. If you can really capture the remnant soul of Ancestral Dragon, you can get rich in one night in an instant.

     While in his heart turning these thoughts, his eyes suddenly saw two familiar figures at the entrance of the main hall, they were Wu Yao and Zhao Mu Shen.

     Wu Yao's expression seemed to be a bit rush.

     Zhou Yuan brows slightly wrinkled, and as soon as his figure moved, he appeared in front of the two of them and said, "You are looking for me?"

     Wu Yao nodded, frowning her slender eyebrows like a crescent, and said, "Su Youwei may have something wrong."

     Zhou Yuan's expression suddenly changed drastically. For a while, even the Genesis Qi in his body could not be controlled, and he burst out suddenly.

     Wu Yao, Zhao Mu, who was the first to bear the brunt, was shocked to take several steps back, and when he looked at Zhou Yuan again, his eyes were a little shocked.

     The previous origin energy... actually made them feel terrified.

     Zhao Mushen's complexion changed and he stared at Zhou Yuan carefully. Originally he thought that Zhou Yuan had been in retreat for two years, and all his energy should be breaking through the wandering god realm. But now, this guy’s Origin Qi cultivation base has not fallen. Instead, it became extremely scary.

     After all, in his perception, Zhou Yuan should still be the Origin Infant Realm now, and even the pseudo-legal realm has not been opened up, but instead, the previous sudden outbreak of Origin Qi fluctuations, practically same level, the real strongest of the legal realm!"How much is this guy’s Yuan Ying now?" Zhao Mu Shen felt hard to believe, knowing that his Yuan Ying has reached nine inches now. With his strength, he can even leapfrog and kill the pseudo-legal domain. It was abnormal enough, but what I didn't expect was that compared with Zhou Yuan, he still belonged to the younger brother level at the level of abnormality.

     Although Wu Yao was also shocked by Zhou Yuan’s origin energy, she quickly suppressed her emotions and quickly said: “Su Youwei was feeling depressed a while ago and had never been outfield mission with us, but when we came back before, we found her alone. Took the task and went out."

     "And at the same time, we found that there were rumors spreading in the heavens, saying..."

     Speaking of this, she paused and then glanced at Yaoyao on the white jade platform in the main hall. He just said: "Say that Su Youwei is your little lover, and you will get the Zulong Dan from the Lord Goddess and give it to her. Quite a lot..."

     Zhou Yuan was deadpan, but there was a cold flame in his eyes. This kind of rumors attacked him and it didn’t matter, but involving Su Youwei in it was undoubtedly harbored evil intents. This was not only to destroy the relationship between him and Yaoyao, but also to Su Youwei. Provoked a lot of coveting.

     Because he knows the attractiveness of Zu Long Dan best.

     "We received news earlier that Su Youwei seemed to have been ambushed, and now it must be in danger!" Wu Yao said.

     Zhou Yuan nodded slightly, said: "I understand, do you know the space coordinates she was attacked?"

     Wu Yao quickly handed over a mottled copper piece and said: "The coordinates inscribed on this are Su Youwei's mission location."

     When the words fell, she added: "I want to go with you too."The reason for going of course is not because of Zhou Yuan, but Su Youwei.

     She has always admired Su Youwei very much, but because of Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei was not close to her before. In the past two years, the relationship between the two has eased a lot, and they can be regarded as friends. Wu Yao's character She is extremely aloof and has few friends, so she cherishes Su Youwei.

     Zhou Yuan nodded and did not refuse.

     On the side, Zhao Mushen suddenly said indifferently: "This matter should not be as simple as it seems. I checked those rumors before, and I couldn't find them at all. Obviously, the methods of the emancipator are not low, and the traces are wiped cleanly."

     Zhou Yuan's eyes drooped slightly, and a cold light flickered in his eyes: "I have only been here for two months. If someone is really targeting me, I can actually guess it."

     "Xu Beiyan?" Wu Yao asked.

     Zhao Mu Shen shook his head and said, "Although he is suspected, you have underestimated your ability to pull hatred. Now in the city of heaven, do you think that there are very few people who hate you? Then you are really overestimating the hearts of the people. ."

     Zhou Yuan deadpan said: "I don't want anything evidence. If Youwei really does what happened, whether or not Xu Beiyan did it, I will kill him."

     Even though Xu Beiyan’s public praise in Zhutian City is good, but don’t know why, Zhou Yuan doesn’t like this person. That kind of secret reaction makes him feel that if someone is really doing something secretly, this The guy's suspicion is great.

     Zhao Mu Shen corner of the mouth twitched, but still reminded: "Then Xu Beiyan is not easy to mess with, regardless of his own strength or background."Zhou Yuan looked at Zhao Mushen and said, "If he really calculates Youwei, no matter who he is, I want him to be buried."

     Seeing Zhou Yuan's eyes at this time, Zhao Mushen didn't speak anymore. He could feel that Zhou Yuan's heart was very angry now.


     But at this moment, a black shadow broke through the air and landed on the top of Zhou Yuan's head. Then Yaoyao's voice came: "Take Tun Tun with you."

     Tun Tun pulled over Zhou Yuan's head, yawning lazily.

     Zhou Yuan tilted his head and glanced at Yaoyao. The latter tapped his head slightly, and did not ask much. Obviously, those so-called rumors were too naive to destroy the relationship between them.

     Yaoyao didn't personally accompany Zhou Yuan, because now she is under the protection of the heavens city. If she steps out of the heavens city and enters the chaos in the sky's, I am afraid the saints who return to the ruins temple will go crazy.

     Zhou Yuan retracted his gaze and said nothing more. When his figure moved, it turned into a stream of light stood straight.

     Wu Yao immediately followed.

     Zhao Mushen curled his lips and didn't want to follow, because it felt like Zhou Yuan's subordinate.

     But while he hesitated, a low roar broke through the air, and the thoughts in it came into his mind.

     "Brother, keep up!"


     Zhao Mushen's figure broke out in the next moment.

     "Okay, here comes it!"

     (End of this chapter)