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1417 Dan Hunter
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translator:

In Chaos Void, there is no direction. In this singularity, if there is no fixed space coordinates as a guide, even the strong in the law domain may get lost in the mist of chaos and eventually fall into the storm of chaos.

     At this time, somewhere in Chaos Void, there is a piece of land floating, just like a continent.

     Among them, the terrain is steep, with steep, sword-like peaks rising from the ground, continuous, and sometimes chaotic winds whizzing past. Such winds do not have any damage to the cold and hard rocks, but once they have vitality When things fall into it, they will be instantly drained of life.

     In the deep stream somewhere on this continent.

     Su Youwei leaned back against the cold stone wall, her beautiful and soft cheeks on weekdays, but at this moment it was cold, and there was solemn killing aura in her beautiful eyes.

     Beside her, a long sword with black and white light flowing quietly was inserted on the ground, with blood stains faintly discernible on it.

     Yes, in the previous few days, Su Youwei encountered an ambush attack.

     Ambushing her was a total of five pseudo-legal domain powerhouses, and their actions were extremely fierce and decisive. The sudden ups and downs directly caused Su Youwei to be sensed Death Aura.

     Fortunately, walking in Chaos Void, Su Youwei did not have the slightest relax vigilance, so at the moment when the most a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, she avoided the fierce strangulation, but seized the moment of opportunity. Fight back.

     With one sword, a strong pseudo-legal domain was severely injured.

     But this was the only way to go, the other party's experience was extremely rich, and the encirclement and suppression came again in an instant, Su Youwei could only take the opportunity to escape temporarily.However, the other party obviously didn't mean to give up. In the next few days, the two sides continued to chase and escape. During the period, there were occasional fights, and they were both cruel and unrelenting.

     "Is it a "Pill Hunter"?"

     Su Youwei murmured, killing intent flowing in her beautiful eyes.

     In the cities of the heavens, the appearance of Ancestral Dragon Pills has given many Yuan Yings who have not made a slight progress in many years, and the strong in the law domain sees hope, but after all, Ancestral Dragon Pills are rare, and it is extremely difficult to exchange them. This naturally gave birth to some gloom. They walked in the dark, coveting those who harbored Ancestral Dragon Pill and materials.

     These people are the most notorious "Pill Hunters" in Zhutian City.

     Most of the source infants in the heavens are gathered in the heavens, and the strong in the law domain. This naturally leads to the dragons and snakes mingle. The background is so complicated that even ordinary saints are difficult to clarify. The saints of the heavens still wanted to be strict. Check, but in the end it was nothing, showing the depth of the water.

     Pill hunters have become the most troublesome existence for many people in Zhutian City.

     These people are usually hidden in the city of the heavens, and no one knows his identity. It can’t be said that they don’t look like a good-natured person on weekdays. When darkness comes, they put on a mask to cover their breath and become the only reason. A greedy thing that lived by the dragon pill.

     "Why would the Dan Hunters stare at me? My redemption quota can actually alarm five Dan Hunters in the pseudo-legal realm?" Su Youwei willow brows slightly knit. Although her reputation has risen so much in the past two years, it is only the source. In the Infant Realm, the Origin Infant in Zhutian City now has countless jurisdictions. It is true that in terms of seniority, she and Wu Yao, Zhao Mu Shen, are obviously still worse.And to dispatch five top pseudo-legal domains to deal with her, it is really a bit using a talented person in an insignificant position.

     Su Youwei's beautiful eyes flickered slightly, and finally faintly guessed: "Is it because of your Highness?"

     However, as soon as her mood changed, a huge sense of crisis suddenly rose in the mind. Su Youwei immediately grabbed the long sword with black and white light flowing, and her figure trembled before disappearing in the same place.


     At the moment when his figure disappeared, there was the roar of boundless Origin Qi assaulting like an angry dragon. The wall of this abyss collapsed instantly, and the huge rocks rolled down like rain.

     Su Youwei's figure appeared in midair, with a pretty face looking at the surrounding steep ice mountain tops, and she was there, five figures blocked all the spatial directions.

     The five figures are all wearing black robes, and the most striking thing is the thing on their heads. It is a blood-red ball, which looks like a pill, on the smooth blood cell. There are two dark holes, in which greedy and ruthless eyes drilled out.

     The appearance of a ball on the head gives people a very funny feeling, but those who meet these people will probably not laugh.

     "I don't have Ancestral Dragon Pills on me, I think It should be noted, why would the pill hunters stare at me?" Su Youwei asked in a cold voice.

     "Is there an ancestral dragon pill? We will search from your corpse." In the five person's shadows, someone indifferently spoke with a dry voice without the slightest emotion. It was caused by deliberately covering up the original voice.

      "Kill!"The five alchemy hunters did not say any more nonsense, and the killing intent was surging, and the next moment, they shot at the same time, and the vast source of energy was like a bear down on one with the weight of Mt. Tai and shrouded Su Youwei. .

     Although Su Youwei is only in the Origin Infant Realm, the five people also know that her strength is extraordinary, so there's nothing about it, but instead intends to gather strength and end the battle with power of thunderclap.


     Storm-like source energy swept from all around, blocking all retreat directions.

     Su Youwei takes a deep breath, with black and white light flowing between her eyes, she holds a long sword and stands in the void, the blade slightly hanging down.

     The next moment, when the vast source energy roared, there seemed to be a mysterious black and white light spreading from the void, looking down from a height, like a huge yin and yang disc.

     And Su Youwei stood in the center of the yin and yang disc, while the five alchemy hunters were all in different directions.

     "The yin and yang divine wheel, move a lot!"

     Su Youwei's sword flicked. In the next instant, her figure disappeared out of thin air, but at the moment when her figure disappeared, a pill hunter appeared in her original location.

     In the hole of the blood pill head, a frightening color appeared.


     However, as soon as his panicked voice fell, the five vast and majestic Origin Qi offensive directly blasted down.


     Although one of the five realms of the Origin Qi offensive belongs to itself, which can be controlled autonomously, but the other four are too late to avoid, which is true and real, so the pseudo-legal realm is bloody on the spot , The figure flew upside down.And his figure just shot out, the void twisted behind him, and Su Youwei's figure flashed out, above the long sword, Yin-Yang Energy circulated, the sword light swept away, a human head wrapped in a blood pill head, it was straight stood straight .

      Yin-Yang Energy eroded the room, and also directly obliterated the spirit in it.

     In just a few breaths, a pseudo-legacy was beheaded.

     The eyes of the other four hunters changed drastically, but they were all of vicious and merciless. They did not pay too much attention to the hapless companion. Instead, they took advantage of the moment when Su Youwei killed him. The four powerful source art was roar. And to.

     This time, Su Youwei could no longer avoid it.

     Yin Yang Origin Qi swept out of her body, and when she rushed, it caused a violent tremor in the void, and immediately the long sword was cut out, and the four yin and yang sword lights burst out of the sky. Around the sword light, it seemed to be accompanied by countless stars. And dangerous.


     The two sides tried their best to attack directly and hard together.

     The four sword lights directly smashed the source technique offensive of the three pseudo-legal domains, but when facing the final, they were finally somewhat not up to par, completely shattered.

     A fierce and fierce source air flow blasted on Su Youwei's body.


     Su Youwei spouted a mouthful of blood, her body plummeted, shaking the top of the mountain to the ground.

     She staggered forcibly to stand up, her jade hand clenched the long sword, and there was a cold and stern look in her beautiful eyes.

     Four lights and shadows appeared in the void around it."As expected of Onmyoji Su Youwei... the strength of the Origin Infant Realm can actually kill one person under the strangulation of the five of us." A pill hunter Yin deeply said, and there was a deep jealousy in his words.

     "If you are a pseudo-legal domain today, I am afraid all five of me will have to be planted here."

     Su Youwei said indifferently: "A group of bugs, everyone in the city of heaven is preparing for the battle against the holy race, you alchemy hunters are still fighting in their dens."

     "You, a Tianjiao with unlimited potential, naturally do not know the pain and despair of our wait. We have cultivated for many years and our potential has been exhausted, and we have never made any progress. We can only watch as you younger generation Tianjiao surpass us...

     "Do you think we are willing to do this? Who doesn't want that realm of law or even the realm of saints?"

     "Ancestral Dragon Pills are scarce and can only be obtained by this method, and, when it comes to fighting with the saints, can't I just wait?!"

     When the four Dan hunters heard the words, their words suddenly became intense.

     Su Youwei's lips turned in disdain, and said: "It's just making an excuse for her behavior."

     The four alchemy hunters were silent for a moment, and then their emotions calmed down, and they said indifferently: "No matter how much you talk about it, you can't avoid the result of your death here today."

     Su Youweiyu held the long sword in her hand and stood proudly: "Even if you are buried here, you will be dragged together."

     Something resolutely appeared in her beautiful eyes. Since she can't escape, let's drag one by one.

     However, just as she thought about it, her expression suddenly moved, and a touch of dazedness appeared on her beautiful cheeks, which was a moment of absence.The four alchemy hunters grasped even her momentary absence. The next moment, the four launched an offensive at the same time, and the four terrifying sword lights directly Shattered Void slashed like a sky light.

     "Su Youwei, dies here!"

     The sword light cut down, and when Su Youwei was about to be hit, the void in front of him was distorted, a figure stepped out of the sky, and the indescribable Divine Soul Strength swept out with a wave of sleeves.

     Under the Divine Soul Strength of that level, the sword light and sword light that the four pseudo-legal powers used with all their strength was directly dissolved between wordless and uncommunicative.

     The four Pill Hunters' complexions changed drastically, and they uttered in amazement, "That is, the incarnation of the soul? You are in the realm of God?!"

     And when they saw the face of the soul incarnation clearly, they lost their voice: "Zhou Yuan?!"

     What stepped out of the void was naturally the incarnation of Zhou Yuan's soul. He looked at the four alchemy hunters, and a hideous expression appeared on his face.

     "It really took me a lot of effort to find you dogs."

     "Just now, who did you want to dies here?"

     Feeling the surging horror Divine Soul Strength, the four pseudo-legal hunters were silent for a moment. The next moment, without the slightest hesitation, they turned into four streams of light, splitting into four directions and fleeing through the air.