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Chapter Table Of Contents 23 Open Pulse
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    It is not easy to master an Origin Pattern thoroughly, because it is not a simple inscribe, and every origin mark needs to be based on Divine Soul. Sometimes the Divine Soul contained in the pen is slightly stronger, this origin The marks can't bear it, and they are simply discarded.
    And a piece of origin marks is abolished, which means that the entire Origin Pattern will become a failure.
    Therefore, in order to achieve perfection as if made by Heaven, and finally form the Origin Pattern, this requires a lot of practice.
    Therefore, in the coming days, Zhou Yuan will not only spend some time in the cultivation Ninety-Eight forge dragon breathing and Chaos Spirit Sharpening Visualization Art, but will also take some time to practice this "Tiger Roar Pattern" continuously.
    At the same time, in order to be familiar with the Heaven Primal Brush as a weapon, Zhou Yuan also took the time to practice some basic Spear Art, so as not to have no foundation and no rules to use.
    The arrangement of this series made Zhou Yuan's daily time extremely fulfilling, but he also knew that time was tight and he did not stop practicing daily.
    And this kind of diligent repair soon reached a critical point.
    On this day, Zhou Yuan of the cultivation in Huayuan had a solemn complexion, and his eyes revealed a hint of excitement and expectation, because he could perceive that the 1st vein in his body was getting looser in the charging veins these days. If if not unexpected, it is very likely that it will be completely opened today.

    "This day has finally come."
    Zhou Yuan clenched his palms tightly. Over the years, perhaps he has been dreaming about his Day of Opening Veins.
    Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, so that his mood was slightly calmed, and then he lifted his palms, and the 98-style forge dragon breathing was moving clouds and flowing water quietly.
    When the last expression fell, Zhou Yuan's body qi and blood boiling, his bones vibrated, his back undulated, and it seemed to form a subtle Dragon's roar faintly, coming out of his body.
    With Zhou Yuan mouth inhaling, Heaven and Earth Origin Qi was immediately dragged and rolled, turning into a white mist, which he swallowed in one mouthful.
    As soon as Origin Qi entered the body, under the guidance of Zhou Yuan's, it hit the 1st vein severely that was still blocked by the last trace.
    Puff Chī!
    The last trace of blockage did not form much hindrance at all, just a small voice sounded, as if a non-existent membrane was broken.
    At the same time, Zhou Yuan was aware that the 1st vein in his body was completely opened up at this moment!

    Zhou Yuan felt as if all around was becoming silent, the qi and blood in his body, at this moment gū gū boiling, and the 1st vein as if it were alive, creeping slowly, seeming to be hungry for a long time, beginning to keep going. Swallowing Origin Qi pouring into the body.
    The meridians absorb Origin Qi and then quickly feed back to the fleshly body.
    Zhou Yuan felt tingling pains in his body, but not only did he not panic, but his face was full of ecstasy.
    Because he was able to sense, accompanied by the tingling, a sense of transparency permeated the body. The whole body became lighter at this time, and the flesh and blood, bones, and skin membranes in the body became more crisp. Suspense.
    That is the enhanced performance of fleshly body!
    This feeling lasted for about ten minutes before Zhou Yuan's slightly closed eyes slowly opened, and then he smelled a strange smell coming from his body. When he lowered his head, he could only see that the skin was covered. It is full of dirt, which is the impurities discharged from the body when the body was strengthened.
    Zhou Yuan's eyes seemed to become much brighter at this time, and the entire Heaven and Earth also became clearer.
    "Is this the Opening Veins?" Zhou Yuan slowly squeezed his five fingers together, feeling the increased power in his body, his eyes filled with joy.
    This once yearn for sth even in one's dreams scene is finally realized.

    "Go and inform the Royal Father, Royal Mother." Zhou Yuan went into the room to wash his body, and at the same time ordered the maid beside him.
    When Zhou Yuan rinsed well and came out again, Zhou Qing and Qin Yu had been waiting here. Their faces were full of surprises.
    "Yuan'er, have you gotten through the 1st vein?!" Zhou Yuan came out, and Qin Yu quickly stepped forward, her gentle cheeks full of excitement.
    Zhou Qing also walked up, looking at Zhou Yuan with scorching eyes.
    Zhou Yuan watched the excitement on the faces of the two people, and his heart was warm, and then nodded, his thoughts moved, the 1st vein in his body vibrated slightly, and it exuded a suction, and the Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth immediately followed the pores of his body The pouring into the body made the surface of his skin exude a faint luster.
    "Guiding Qi has entered the body, it really is Opening Veins!" Zhou Qing's eyes were glittering. At this moment, even he was a little gaffe, and laughed: "Okay, okay, I deserve to be Zhou Family Saint Dragon, just ten On the day, I got through the 1st vein, this speed, my Great Zhou has never reached anyone!"
    Qin Yu has red eyes, holding Zhou Yuan, crying: "Yuan'er can open Veins cultivation, and the Resentful Dragon Toxin after three years can be suppressed!"
    Zhou Yuan also patted Qin Yu's back lightly, and smiled comfortingly: "Royal Mother, don't worry, my child will definitely get rid of the Resentful Dragon Toxin."

    "Come on, Yuan'er, let Royal Father see how much your body has been strengthened after opening Veins." Zhou Qing beckoned to Zhou Yuan. Every opening Veins, the physique of the opening Veins will be strengthened. Far better than ordinary people.
    Zhou Yuan hearing this is also nodded. Cang Yuan said that although the second opening Veins will be more difficult than ordinary people, he will also get higher benefits once Opening Veins.
    But right now, he wants to try, where is this high energy.
    Zhou Qing stood at will, with his palm facing Zhou Yuan hooked, just standing carelessly, there was a powerful force exuding, making Zhou Yuan breathing stagnant.
    "Royal Father is worthy of breaking Heaven's Pass and stepping into the expert of Absolute Beginning Realm."
    The Origin Master starts with Opening Veins. After Eight Veins is opened simultaneously, Qi Palace can be opened and Cultivating Qi Realm can be stepped into. Cultivating Qi Realm perfection can blast Heaven's Pass. Once Heaven's Pass is broken, you can Origin Qi is out of the body, moving mountains and seas, mighty energy is unpredictable.
    The so-called Absolute Beginning Realm is located after Heaven's Pass Realm.
    Opening Veins, Cultivating Qi, Heaven's Pass, Absolute Beginning, these are the first four realms of Origin Master.
    The current Zhou Yuan is only able to get through the 1st vein, so facing an expert of Absolute Beginning Realm, he was naturally shocked by his imposing manner.
    "Test the strength first, use all your strength." Zhou Qing stretched out his big hand and said.

    Zhou Yuan nodded, with a fierce force on the soles of his feet, his body shot out like an arrow, his waist twisted, the power in his body surged, and all of it gathered on his fist, suddenly the fist wind pulsed, carrying a powerful force. Strong, heavily blasted on the big hand extended by Zhou Qing.
    The mud under Zhou Yuan's feet flew, but Zhou Qing's body was not move a single jot. His palms did not tremble at all, but there was a surprised look in his eyes.
    Zhou Yuan rubbed his fists and retreated a little frustrated. His full power punch didn't even shake Zhou Qing's palm.
    "Royal Father, how?" He raised one's head and looked at Zhou Qing.
    Zhou Qing did not answer, saying: "Try your speed again."
    With a twist of his palm, dozens of stones on the ground suddenly swirled in his palm, and then with a sudden wave, the stones were violently shoots out, enveloping Zhou Yuan like a torrential rain.
    Each stone is like an arrow, with a faint sound of breaking wind.
    Zhou Yuan's toes touched the ground, and his body quickly backed away, avoiding most of the stones, but there were still a few shots coming from extremely tricky angles, making it impossible for him to escape.

    Zhou Yuan's eyes shrank slightly. At this moment, he jumped between the eyebrows Divine Soul, his perception seemed to become extremely sharp at this moment, and the trajectory of the stones became unusually clear.
    So, he suddenly stretched out his palm and grabbed the stones directly into his hands with two puffs.
    The strong wind of the stone made Zhou Yuan's palm a little painful. He grinned, shook his palm, and said to Zhou Qing: "I almost couldn't catch it."
    "Royal Father?"
    Zhou Yuan suddenly saw Zhou Qing staring at him holding the palm of the stone in a daze.
    Hearing Zhou Yuan's voice, Zhou Qing just came back to his senses, looking at Zhou Yuan with weird eyes. The previous stones were deliberately applied by him, because these stones will be used to test Zhou Yuan's anti-strike ability. , Which is the degree of physical resistance to pressure.
    But he didn't expect, Zhou Yuan's eyesight would be so sharp, he saw through the trajectory of a few stones and grabbed them. Is this a coincidence, or what?
    Zhou Qing shook his head, glanced at Zhou Yuan, and suddenly flicked his fingers. A crimson thunder ray violently shoots out from his fingertips. A glittering room blasted Zhou Yuan's chest.
    Zhou Yuan's body shook, he flew upside down, hit a big tree, and then cried out, clutching his chest.

    Qin Yu hurriedly stepped forward to help him up, then looked at Zhou Qing angrily, and said, "Why do you still use Flame Thunder Qi?"
    Zhou Qing smiled awkwardly, and stepped forward to look at Zhou Yuan's chest. Although it was a little bit blue, it was obviously just a little traumatic, and immediately his eyelids jumped again. How could this ability to resist hitting be opened? What can the people of One Vein do?
    "How is it?" Zhou Yuan asked bitterly, rubbing his chest.
    Zhou Qing looked at Zhou Yuan with weird eyes, and said, "Are you sure you just opened One Vein?"
    Zhou Yuan couldn't help rolling the eyes. Could he still open Two Veins at once?
    Qin Yu also noticed that Zhou Qing's was wrong, and asked nervously, "What? Is there anything wrong with Yuan'er?"
    "What's wrong?"
    Zhou Qing smiled bitterly and said: "It is indeed wrong, because this kid's physique, whether it is strength, speed or ability to resist, not to mention the one who opened One Vein, even the one who opened Two Veins, I am afraid that he is not better than him. ."
    "It's the first time I've met in so many years. It's just a person who started One Vein. Physique will be so tyrannical."
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