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Chapter Table Of Contents 28 Xianwei
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "How can it be?!"
    The faces of Lin Feng and Liu Xi were full of horror. They stared at the slender figure on the martial platform not far away, and said in shock: "He kicked out Pei Yun who had opened Three Veins. Is it on stage?!"
    Qi Yue's face also trembled at this time, his eyes clouded, and he said sternly: "It seems that we have all been tricked by Zhou Yuan. He used Origin Qi with his previous kick. He has already opened Veins!"
    The pupils of Lin Feng and Liu Xi also shrunk. They all know the things that Zhou Yuan Eight Veins are not obvious, but why are they suddenly opening Veins now?
    This Zhou Yuan is so deep!
    Qi Yue took a deep breath, gloomy said: "He should have opened Veins only recently, and the level of Opening Veins will not be too high. Before, Pei Yun was at a loss and was unprepared. Even the Origin Technique was not used before he failed. So fast."
    "If you are prepared, Zhou Yuan may not be able to win."
    Hearing his analysis, Lin Feng and Liu Xi also calmed down. They were both nodded. Zhou Yuan deliberately hid their strength and made the opponent slack, and then he used thunder means to win.
    "It's really scheming." Liu Xi sneered: "But this method can only be used once, and the next one depends on what else he can do!"

    Lin Feng is also slow nods. He originally planned to wait for Zhou Yuan to make a fool of himself and lose face in front of Su Youwei, but he didn't expect Zhou Yuan to come such a hand, which really made him a little angry.
    Qi Yue gloomy stared at Zhou Yuan's figure, glittering, and didn't know what he was thinking.
    At the same time, on that martial arts viewing platform, Chu Tianyang also looked at this scene with shocked expression, his eyes were uncertain: "How can the power of Your Highness Zhou Yuan be so strong?"
    He knows very well that Zhou Yuan was able to open Veins cultivation only a month ago, but the power of his foot was stronger than that of the average Three Veins!
    He thought for a long time and couldn't figure it out, so he could only shook his head secretly, but he was relieved in his heart. It seems that Zhou Yuan has some confidence in taking the big exam this time.
    No wonder he said that he would be admitted to First Institute a month ago. It turns out that he really has this ability.
    Next to Chu Tianyang, Xu Hong also saw Zhou Yuan's victory, and immediately frowned, but didn't say anything. Although Zhou Yuan's previous strength made people surprised, but wanted to be in the top ten, it was It is unlikely, so there is no need to worry.
    In the eyes of the amazed of the parties, Zhou Yuan jumped off the martial platform and walked towards Su Youwei after hearing the judgment of the referee.

    "You hide so deep!" Su Youwei looked at Zhou Yuan and pouted a little, because she didn't even know that Zhou Yuan had already opened Veins, so she had been worried before.
    Zhou Yuan hurriedly said, "Isn't this because I have been cultivating as hard as it is too late to say."
    Su Youwei snorted and said with a straight face: "Then you tell the truth, have you opened several Vein now?"
    "Two Veins." Zhou Yuan smiled and didn't hide it. After all, this will be known to everyone after today.
    Su Youwei frowned slightly, looked at Zhou Yuan suspiciously, and said: "The kick you just now is not something that people who drive Two Veins can have."
    That kick even Pei Yun of Three Veins kicked off the stage. It was muddled and completely collapsing, unlike what Two Veins could do.
    Zhou Yuan can only smile helplessly at this. He has opened the physique of Two Veins, which is almost comparable to those who have opened Four Veins. It is not difficult to kick Pei Yun, but naturally he can't explain the reason, lest he Attracted strange attention.
    But Su Youwei didn't bother with this, but eyes said with joy: "You have opened Two Veins. If you add your Origin Pattern knowledge, you might really have a chance to make it into the top ten."
    Zhou Yuan smiled nodded.

    While they were talking, the big test was still going on regular and thorough, and fierce battles on the martial platform everywhere, which also attracted many young boys and young girls around to shout keep it up.
    And soon, it was Su Youwei's turn.
    Su Youwei's opponent is just a freshman/newborn from Two Vein. The latter saw that she had met her, and his face was a little pale. After all, the gap between the two parties was too big.
    Therefore, there is no suspense in this battle, just a few rounds, Su Youwei's opponent is completely defeated, and simply jumped off the martial platform.
    After a few more rounds of this, I finally reached Zhou Yuan again.
    "Zhou Yuan, Shi Yu!"
    When this shout sounded, many eyes were projected from the training grounds. In the previous first game, the battle ended too fast. Many people didn't understand how Zhou Yuan won, so for this battle , Are extremely curious.
    Amidst the many gazes, Zhou Yuan stepped onto the martial platform, and the youngster named Shi Yu on the opposite side was quite tall, but at this time he was staring at Zhou Yuan with vigilance and alert, apparently assimilated. One's lesson.
    When the referee's shout fell, Shi Yu immediately took action: "Open Three Veins!"

    While Shi Yu was drunk, Heaven and Earth Origin Qi suddenly poured into his body, his robes stirred, and one after another light stream visible to the naked eye was wrapped around the surface of his body, quite vigorous.
    Feeling the explosive force surging in his body, the fear of the consequences in Shi Yu's eyes has faded a lot. He stared at Zhou Yuan closely. The next moment, he stepped on the sole of his foot and violently shoots out.
    His figure appeared directly in front of Zhou Yuan, his five fingers curled slightly like eagle claws, and his fingertips surged from the Origin Qi light stream, and his strength was strong enough to tear the rock apart.
    Shi Yu's offensive was extremely fast, and he was about to tear Zhou Yuan's neck in the blink of an eye. At the moment he was about to hit, Zhou Yuan stepped out suddenly, his body seemed to be blurred.
    The claws entwined with the Origin Qi light stream were torn down, but what made Shi Yu pupils of the eye shrink was that the attack that was originally inevitable seemed to have fallen in an empty space.
    "Not good!" He chilled.
    But before he closed his claws to defend, a silhouette flashed in front of him, and Zhou Yuan quickly bullied him. At the same time, a slender palm passed through Shi Yu's defense, and was lightly printed on his chest. It seems to be gentle, but it contains amazing power.
    Shi Yu had only time to rush the Origin Qi light stream to his chest for defense, and then, he felt a tyrannical force spraying from his chest.

    Shi Yu's body was directly shocked by the force and flew out, and fell on the stage embarrassedly.
    He stabilized his figure embarrassedly, his body rolled hurriedly, trying to avoid Zhou Yuan's follow-up attack, but at the moment his figure stopped, he saw a figure from the corner of his eye as the shadow follows the body Follow his behind like this, this horrified him.
    Before he could make other movements, he felt a hand grasping at his crown, and the faintly surging power of his palm made his body solidify in an instant, and he dared not make any movements.
    Because once the power spit out, maybe his head would be crushed.
    "I surrender!" Shi Yu broke out in a cold sweat and shouted without hesitation.
    When he heard him admit defeat, Zhou Yuan just let go of the palm he placed on his crown, and then glanced away. The entire martial platform was quiet again.
    All of them opened their mouths and looked at the crisp and neat ending on the stage.
    "it is good!"
    The silence lasted for a moment, and the countless applause resounded fiercely, because the sharp methods and almost demon-like speed demonstrated by Zhou Yuan before made everyone feel amazed.
    Is this still Your Highness that is rumored to be unable to open Veins cultivation?

    On the high platform not far away, Qi Yue, Liu Xi, and Lin Feng were also silent, their complexion, gloomy and uncertain.
    "What a fast speed!" Lin Feng slowly said, his eyes finally appeared solemn at this time.
    When they are outside, they can naturally see clearly that Shi Yu was completely defeated at Zhou Yuan's speed before. No matter how fast he retreats, Zhou Yuan follows behind him like a tarsal maggot.
    Liu Xi bit her silver teeth and scolded Shi Yu angrily: "It's a waste."
    Qi Yue's face was expressionless, his palm gently rubbed against the railing, his voice was not warm and said: "His physique is very strong, it can be compared to the physique of Four Veins."
    He looked at Lin Feng and his tone became colder: "The one who opened Three Veins is not his opponent, it seems that he can only rely on you."
    Lin Feng also had a chill in his eyes. He nods lightly and said: "Relax, he can't pass my level, I will let him know how strong the real Four Veins is!"
    On the stage of watching the martial arts, Chu Tianyang also showed a shocked expression, muttering to himself: "This physique is comparable to Four Veins, but its Origin Qi fluctuations are not as strong as Four Veins, strange..."

    Zhou Yuan jumped off the martial platform and he could feel the gazes around him. It seemed that he was a little more awed than before. It was not because of his identity, but because of the strength he displayed.
    In this world where cultivation is the mainstream, opening Veins cultivation is not possible, even if Zhou Yuan has the status of Your Highness', it will still make people have a kind of sympathy and pity for him.
    Zhou Yuan doesn't like this kind of gaze, so he has a great attachment to cultivation Origin Qi.
    But now, those who are looking at Zhou Yuan's no longer have these emotions.
    "It's amazing." Su Youwei looked at Zhou Yuan who came by, and her charming face was full of amazement. She was the one who opened Four Veins. Naturally, she could see how powerful Zhou Yuan's offensive was on that martial platform. , Especially the speed, even she didn't dare to despise it.
    Zhou Yuan smiled, then he turned his head and looked at the high platform not far away, where Qi Yue happened to cast his gaze. The two looked at each other, and both could see the chill in each other's eyes.
    Qi Yue stared at Zhou Yuan with cold eyes, grinned, showing Bai Sensen's teeth, then he stretched out his palm and wiped his throat at Zhou Yuan, full of provocation.
    Zhou Yuan watched Qi Yue's provocative action, laughed, and then muttered to himself softly.

    "I can really jump, watch my Palace Exam at the end of the year, how can I kill you..."
    (End of this chapter)
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