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Chapter Table Of Contents 34 Open Three Channels
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Zhou Yuan’s face full of excitement came out of the lake. His eyes were fiercely looking at the huge Jade Spirit Waterfall. He didn’t expect, using the power of Divine Soul, he could actually absorb the nearby Jade Marrow Qi. come.
    Others can only passively absorb Jade Marrow Qi from the water stream that hits the body, but he can actively absorb it, and it has a wider range. The gap between the two is self-evident.
    "If this continues, I am afraid that I will be able to get through the 3rd vein in a few days!"
    Originally according to Zhou Yuan's estimate, it might take about half a month for him to get through the 3rd vein, but now, it has been shortened by as much as half. This shows how effective the Jade Spirit Waterfall is.
    "This is the benefit of Void Realm Divine Soul."
    Zhou Yuan couldn't help sighing, other students had never cultivation Forging Soul Technique, Divine Soul couldn't be as formidable as him, and naturally it was impossible to sense Jade Marrow Qi and learn it at the same time.
    When Zhou Yuan sighed, a figure also fell into the water beside him, and then popped up, precisely Su Youwei. At this time, her charming face was a little pale, white as jade-like wrists, all covered with cloth. Full of bruises from one after another.
    Zhou Yuan's gaze continued to sweep down, and then he couldn't take his gaze away. The nose seemed to be a little hot.

    Because of the fall into the water, Su Youwei's clothes were all wet, and they were tightly attached to their delicate body, suddenly highlighting the exquisite and enchanting curves, and the faint whiteness was revealed, and the spring was blooming.
    Huā Lā!
    But before Zhou Yuan could take a closer look, he slapped him with a splash of water, and when he looked up, Su Youwei charming face stared at him in red.
    Zhou Yuan gave a dry laugh.
    Su Youwei's silver teeth clenched, this guy, really shouldn't be lost at all when he should take advantage. If it was someone else, she would have slapped it straight away at this time, but facing Zhou Yuan, she was promoted. Can't be disgusting, just feel ashamed.
    With the push of Su Youwei jade palm, it rolled up water waves and slapped on Zhou Yuan's head, and it took advantage of the light to sweep out of the lake. With a deft flash, it landed on the edge of the lake. At the same time, there was Origin Qi on the body. The light stream winds up and quickly evaporates the moisture on the clothes.
    Zhou Yuan shook his head helplessly after being soaked in the soup. He also swept out of the lake and landed on the clearing.
    "Yes, you two have persisted for more than ten minutes. As the first person to accept Jade Spirit Waterfall, this time is already very good." Chu Tianyang looked at the two with a smile of relief in his eyes and said.

    In addition to Yang Zai and Song Qiushui, many of the students of the previous First Institute, most of the senior students of the First Institute lasted about ten minutes, so as the freshman/newborn who first came into contact with Jade Spirit Waterfall, Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei's performed well.
    Yang Zai, Song Qiushui and other Senior Students also stared at them with surprise. They were not too surprised that Su Youwei could have this performance. After all, she was the one who opened Four Veins anyway, but Zhou Yuan But it was different. The latter only opened Two Veins, but its endurance was no weaker than Four Veins.
    "Hehe, if this time is not bad, it would be too wasteful of this Jade Spirit Waterfall." And when they sighed, suddenly there was a sudden chuckle, which made the atmosphere of First Institute quiet. Then one after another glared at the voice and threw it over.
    But when their eyes saw the speaker, they froze again.
    Zhou Yuan frowned slightly and raised the head. He was not far away. I don’t know when a large group of people came. At the forefront of the group, Qi Yue stood with his hands in his hands, handsome and tall, and he was very powerful. By her side, Liu Xi was also charming and attractive, and at this time, she was staring at the First Institute with disdain, her charming face, her previous voice precisely came from her.
    The other Second Institute students also showed a slight mockery, seeming to look down on the performance of the many students of First Institute.

    "It's from the Second Institute." Yang Zai's face is angry, and everyone else is also righteous indignation fills one's breast. This Second Institute is really bullish intolerably, even when they are cultivating, they also come to gesticulate while talking.
    Zhou Yuan glanced at Liu Xi slightly coldly, and said indifferently: "Dare to ask how long did you last at Jade Spirit Waterfall for the first time?"
    Liu Xi charming face looked stagnant, and was speechless.
    Qi Yue said with a faint smile: "Why do Your Highness Zhou Yuan have a general knowledge of girls? I don't know how long Liu Xi lasted for the first time. I remember that I lasted for 30 minutes the first time.
    Although I know that Qi Yue is deliberately attacking, but Yang Zai, Song Qiushui and many other First Institute students are still dumbstruck and unable to reply. They are a little bit frustrated. People can persist for 30 minutes the first time, but what about them? Up to now, it has only been more than twenty minutes.
    Second Institute has a pervert like Qi Yue, can their First Institute stand up?
    For a time, the morale of First Institute was a bit low.
    "Do you still want to cultivation?!" And in their silence, Chu Tianyang's scream suddenly sounded, and immediately he looked at Qi Yue and others, unemotionally said: "If it is not Second Institute's turn, don't interfere here. Others are cultivation, otherwise they will be punished as usual!"

    Seeing Chu Tianyang's cold gaze, the other students of Second Institute shrank their necks. Only Qi Yue had a faint expression and smiled carelessly, saying: "Palace Lord don't need to get angry, we just gather here in advance and wait for Jade Spirit Waterfall only, if you look at it here, it will interfere with the cultivation, then the students of the First Institute are too delicate."
    Hearing the insinuations between his words, many First Institute students gritted their teeth with hatred.
    "Continue cultivation!" Chu Tianyang glanced at Qi Yue coldly, retracted his gaze, and shouted at the many students of First Institute.
    Yang Zai and others hearing this, also turned around, and went to Jade Spirit Waterfall again, but the atmosphere was still a bit dull.
    "This guy is really annoying." Su Youwei also said in a low voice. Everyone had been cultivating well, but when Qi Yue came, everyone was completely distracted.
    Zhou Yuan flicked his slender fingers. He looked at Qi Yue and said, "Half an hour, long time?"
    When the voice fell, he didn't talk nonsense with Qi Yue. He turned around and walked towards Jade Spirit Waterfall. Since this guy is so vicious that he wants to use this method to blow down the morale of First Institute, he really can't do it today. Let this guy succeed.

    "Hey, it's really reluctant to admit a mistake! Seeing this, he seems to want to compare with you?" Liu Xi looked at Zhou Yuan's back and couldn't help but laughed contemptuously, apparently taking Zhou Yuan's words as a reluctant to admit a mistake
    Zhou Yuan performed well in the big entrance examination, but it also depends on who is compared. Qi Yue in front of him is the strongest student in Great Zhou Palace today.
    Qi Yue also smiled, but the smile was full of playfulness: "Then I will have to take a good look, but I hope he will try harder. It will only be him who suffers like that."
    Other Second Institute students also echoed nodded. They also don't know what Zhou Yuan's ability to open Two Vein is compared with Qi Yue.
    In the eyes of everyone at the Second Institute watching the show, Zhou Yuan once again came under the Jade Spirit Waterfall. He looked at the majestic water stream that was constantly flying down, without hesitation, he stepped in. .
    Submerged in the waterfall, Zhou Yuan bent his feet slightly and grasped the ground. At the same time, when the water stream came with a powerful force, his eyes closed, and the Divine Soul between the eyebrows vibrated. stand up.
    A suction force that ordinary people can hardly detect, quietly exudes, and after a while, a trace of Jade Marrow Qi converges from the water curtain, and with the impact of the water stream, it slaps on Zhou Yuan's body.

    The Origin Gathering Pattern behind him exudes radiance, sucking the strands of Jade Marrow Qi, a steady flow into the body.
    A trace of warm and cool qi stream swayed in Zhou Yuan's body. The pain caused by the impact of the majestic water stream at the place where warm and cool was passed began to be greatly relieved at this time.
    Zhou Yuan's originally swaying body gradually became stable, and no matter how the waterfall impacted, it was like a rock.
    At the same time, in his body, wisps of Jade Marrow Qi poured in, constantly impacting the 3rd vein, making the 3rd vein looser.
    Puff! Puff!
    In that lake, students are constantly being washed down again, and perhaps because of the low morale, many students' performance this time is worse than before, and the persistence time is constantly shortening.
    Chu Tianyang on the shore saw this scene, his face was black.
    But Qi Yue, Liu Xi, and other people from Second Institute have a growing smile on their faces.
    Su Youwei also fell down. This time she persisted for about 20 minutes, which surprised the students of First Institute. At this time, she was almost catching up with Yang Zai and Song Qiushui.
    Su Youwei's performance has slowed the Chu Tianyang complexion a little bit.

    Immediately after Su Youwei, Yang Zai and Song Qiushui fell into the water, and they all sighed secretly, because they still didn't hold on for thirty minutes.
    Everyone went ashore in silence, and the atmosphere was dull. Su Youwei suddenly said in surprise: "Zhou Yuan is still on it?"
    Everyone was hearing this, and they were shocked. They looked at the Jade Spirit Waterfall, and they saw that there was still a Real Taoist faintly there.
    "Zhou Yuan is almost thirty minutes?!" Song Qiushui put his red lips in his hand, and said in surprise.
    Yang Zai scratched his head, his face was also inconceivable.
    However, Su Youwei's eyebrows are slightly frowned, and there is some worry in her eyes. She is worried that Zhou Yuan will deliberately support her. In that case, she will be traumatized and affect Opening Veins.
    "Interesting." Qi Yue looked at this scene and couldn't help but smile. He looked at the faintly discernible figure in the waterfall, but his eyes were full of contempt. In his opinion, Zhou Yuan's strong support will only Let yourself be injured.
    "I want to see how long he can pretend!" Liu Xi also sneered, and the charming face was full of take joy in calamity and delight in disaster.
    As a result, everyone's eyes were looking at the figure in the waterfall, Su Youwei and the others didn't even have the thought of climbing up again, they were staring at Zhou Yuan here.
    And time, under their close eyes, passed quickly.

    thirty minutes.
    Forty minutes.
    One hour!
    When the time reached an hour, everyone on the shore was silent. Even Qi Yue's eyes were glittering, and his brows slowly frowned, and he felt a little uneasy.
    Those Second Institute students also look at each other in dismay. For an hour, no one except Qi Yue in their Second Institute can do it. You know, Qi Yue has the strength of Six Veins!
    What about Zhou Yuan? Two Vein!
    "Is there something wrong with this guy?" Liu Xi couldn't help but gritted his silver teeth.
    And just when her voice fell, there was a voice coming from the waterfall, and Zhou Yuan's body finally fell and slammed into the lake.
    In the lake, Zhou Yuan's figure emerged, but at this time he closed his eyes tightly.
    After seeing this scene, Liu Xi suddenly sneered: "It seems that the damage was not small."
    Her sneer just appeared, Zhou Yuan in the lake suddenly opened his eyes, and everyone saw it, an Origin Qi light stream wrapped around her, vortexing the surrounding lake.

    But his robe stirred, and a faint roar came out from his body, one after another Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, constantly pouring into his body, causing his imposing manner, also at this moment, to suddenly rise.
    "This is?!" Upon seeing Qi Yue, Liu Xi and others, their pupils suddenly shrank.
    "How can it be?!"
    Su Youwei, Yang Zai and Song Qiushui also took a breath.
    Chu Tianyang was also moved at this time, his eyes flashed, staring at Zhou Yuan scorchingly, and said every word: "Even...Three Veins opened?!"
    (End of this chapter)
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