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Chapter Table Of Contents 41 Both Break
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    In the room, Qi Yue's eyes were red, and he smashed everything on hand. After a long time, he panted and stopped, his face distorted and extremely hideous.
    "Zhou Yuan!" Qi Yue severely smashed the desktop with a fist, gnashing one's teeth.
    On the side, Liu Xi waited until he finished venting before he came up to comfort him: "Qi Yue, you don’t need to be angry. This time it’s just Zhou Yuan. Good luck. If you really fight, he is not your opponent at all, he is just a fight. Divine Soul has only a small accomplishment."
    Qi Yue gritted his teeth. Of course he knew that Zhou Yuan was not his opponent, but now he lost the bet after all, and he still lost so ugly in front of all the students of Great Zhou Palace.
    It is conceivable that Qi Yue's long-standing reputation in the Great Zhou Palace will be ruined this time.
    In particular, he also exported the Jade Spirit Waterfall cultivation time of the Second Institute with only two Shi-Chen (two hours) to one and a half Shi-Chen (two hours). It is conceivable that the students of the Second Institute even dare not say anything. What, but I will blame him in my heart.
    Thinking of those strange eyes, Qi Yue's arrogant heart was so frustrated that he wanted to spit out blood.

    "Palace Exam is not far away. When you arrive at the Palace Exam, you can beat him upright and let him know how big the gap is with you. Then these places can be found back." Liu Xi said.
    Qi Yue took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in his heart, slowly nods, and said: "Don't worry, during the Palace Exam, I will let him return it to me!"
    "But this kid is weird, and I can't relax. Next, I will strengthen the cultivation, so that he has no chance of one thread, one hair comeback."
    Hearing Qi Yue’s words, Liu Xi was also nodded and somewhat relieved. Qi Yue was not muddled in the brain by anger after all, but started to regard Zhou Yuan as an opponent, and she believes that Qi Yue’s talent, as long as it is not the same as before So underestimated Zhou Yuan, then Zhou Yuan can't fight with it at all.
    At the end of the Palace Exam, Qi Yue will be the most dazzling person.
    And she said that he was a toad, and that was not wrong!
    Qi Yue slowly loosened his palm, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his eyes were glittering viciously.
    "Zhou Yuan, remember it for me!"

    In the next ten days, everyone at the First Institute lived in a very comfortable way. The Jade Spirit Waterfall time they enjoyed has changed from three Shi-Chens (two hours) to four Shi-Chens. (two hours), this has improved the opening Veins speed of many students, and some people even started to try Opening Veins.
    In the past, I saw the students of the Second Institute who were always high and mighty. Recently I saw them dodge. There was no ridicule, and it made them feel happy. The students from other institutes were soft-mouthed after eating Zhou Yuan's. When I met their First Institute students, they all behaved extremely friendly. For a while, the morale of the First Institute students rose greatly, and at the same time, they were more sincerely convinced by Zhou Yuan.
    In the Jade Spirit Waterfall, Zhou Yuan closed his eyes slightly, allowing the majestic water stream to wash away, and at the same time sucked the wisps of Jade Marrow Qi, a steady flow into his body.
    When Zhou Yuan was quietly cultivating, he suddenly heard cheers coming from the shore.
    "Wow, Youwei, you are amazing! You have opened up the 5th vein so soon!"
    Zhou Yuan hearing this, also opened his eyes with a little surprise. Looking through the water stream, he could vaguely see Su Youwei's figure on the shore, surrounded by many First Institute students.

    "Oh? Youwei got through the 5th vein? It's really fast!" Zhou Yuan couldn't help but exclaimed. Su Youwei's talent is indeed very good. Without many cultivation resources, it still performs so well. It is really true. amazing.
    "Okay, Youwei, you performed very well!" On the shore, Chu Tianyang also looked at Su Youwei with a smile, with a look of joy. As a result, their First Institute has three students who have gotten through Five Veins.
    Su Youwei smiled slightly, but Meimu looked at the Jade Spirit Waterfall, vaguely seeing a familiar figure in that direction as if giving her a thumbs up.
    As a result, the curvature of the corners of her lips became deeper and more beautiful.
    "Youwei has gotten through the 5th vein, and I can't fall behind anymore, but fortunately, I'm fast too!"
    Zhou Yuan calmed down quickly and sensed his body. During these days of cultivation, he could feel that the 4th vein in his body was getting looser, the distance was completely opened up, and it was also very close.
    Zhou Yuan's eyes closed slowly again, and began to absorb the Jade Marrow Qi from the Jade Spirit Waterfall at a faster speed.
    His eyes closed is a whole Shi-Chen (two hours).
    When the sunset gradually sets, the sun shines on the Jade Spirit Waterfall, making the Jade Spirit Waterfall a bit dark red.

    In the Jade Spirit Waterfall, Zhou Yuan's body began to tremble slightly at this time. He gritted his teeth as if he was suffering from some kind of severe pain.
    In his body, a wave of Jade Marrow Qi whizzed out under the guidance of Zhou Yuan's, and severely impacted the last blockage of the 4th vein.
    Faintly, there seemed to be a faint sound resounding, and then Zhou Yuan's eyes suddenly opened, and Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth rolled in at this moment and poured into his body.
    pī li pā lā!
    Origin Qi rolled, flesh and blood seemed to be boiling, and the bones made subtle vibrations, like setting off firecrackers. Under the washing of waves of Origin Qi, Zhou Yuan's physique climbed again.
    Billowing heat, flowing in extremities and bones.
    The 4th vein was finally opened at this time!
    The Origin Qi light stream was wrapped around Zhou Yuan's body, and even the majestic water stream could not be spilled. He felt the surge of power in his body, and a cheerful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.
    After more than a month of hard work, his 4th vein was finally opened up!

    "After getting through the 4th vein, even if it is a head-on head-on with Qi Yue, I am not afraid, but at the end of the Palace Exam, Qi Yue will at least reach the 7th vein, so if you want the Palace Exam first, this 4th vein is not safe yet. "Zhou Yuan said to himself.
    Now he is finally catching up with Qi Yue's pace, but to say that he will win Qi Yue in the Palace Exam, he is not absolutely sure, after all, when he is getting stronger, Qi Yue did not stand still. Maybe, he will get through the 7th vein soon.
    But what makes Zhou Yuan a little troublesome now is that with the opening of the 4th vein, he can notice that the effect of Jade Spirit Waterfall on him is getting worse and worse. I think his body has absorbed too much Jade Marrow Qi. Some resistance developed.
    Therefore, if he wants to open up the 5th vein, I am afraid he can't count on this Jade Spirit Waterfall.
    Zhou Yuan rubbed his forehead in distress and muttered to himself.
    "It seems that I should find another way, otherwise, even if the Palace Exam arrives, I am afraid I have not yet got through the 5th vein..."
    (End of this chapter)
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