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Chapter Table Of Contents 55 Zhou Yuan And Qi Yue
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Zhou Yuan stepped onto the stone platform, the entire square was completely boiling, and almost all the sights converged, making this place a point of attention.
    "Is that Your Highness Zhou Yuan? Isn't it rumored that he can't open Veins cultivation?"
    "That's old news. Your Highness Zhou Yuan was able to Open Veins during the big exam. Now it is said that it has reached the level of Five Veins."
    "Open Five Veins? How is it possible to fight Qi Yue? Didn't you see that Su Youwei who opened Seven Veins before was defeated by him?"
    "It seems that King Qi Palace has won the Palace Exam this time."
    The whispers of hiding the sky and covering the earth resounded. Judging from the superficial strength, it is obvious that more people feel that Qi Yue is in their hands. After all, the latter has been in the Great Zhou Palace in the past two years. Both are the strongest existence.
    On that high platform, even Zhou Qing and King Qi Qi Yuan sat up straight at this moment, staring at the stone platform with scorching eyes. They knew very well that the confrontation between Zhou Yuan and Qi Yue would Will determine the future ownership of Great Zhou Palace.
    On the highly anticipated stone platform, Qi Yue stood with his hands in his hands, fluttering in white clothes, and looked imposing. He looked at Zhou Yuan with indifferent eyes and said, "It really surprised me that Your Highness can get to this point. "

    You know, before that year, in Qi Yue's eyes, Zhou Yuan was just a waste of Your Highness who couldn't be cultivated, and he couldn't even think of the idea of paying attention to it. However, now, in just half a year, Zhou Yuan But it was as if he had awakened, from that he couldn't open Veins, and he jumped to the point of opening Five Veins.
    This kind of progress, even Qi Yue, is amazed.
    "However, your footsteps should end here." Qi Yue said indifferently, as if Zhou Yuan's destiny was already in his hands, allowing him to control it.
    Qi Yue tried to abolish Zhou Yuan repeatedly before, but it didn’t work. This also made him lose his patience. Now this Palace Exam is his best opportunity. Here, even Zhou Yuan If it was scrapped, Zhou Qing couldn't help him.
    "That's not necessarily." Zhou Yuan has no billows on his face, and deep in the eyes, there is a killing intent flowing.
    What Qi Yue did before has also angered Zhou Yuan and aroused his murderous intentions. Therefore, he also has the same plan. On this Palace Exam, all Qi Yue’s previous methods will be returned. give him.
    On the stone platform, the two eyes met, sparks and killing intent appeared at the same time.

    On the square, all eyes came together. As for the competitions in other hospitals, no one noticed anymore, because they all knew that the battle between Zhou Yuan and Qi Yue would very likely set off the Great Zhou Dynasty. Raging.
    When the referee's low shout suddenly sounded, the calm above the stone platform was almost instantly broken.
    Qi Yue took the lead and stomped with strength when he stepped on the sole of his foot, and his figure, like a ray of light, went straight to Zhou Yuan.
    He blasted a punch, and the fist wind directly pierced the air, like a sharp wind breaking.
    The fist light zoomed in rapidly in Zhou Yuan, his footsteps violently stepped out, the figure appeared momentarily blurred, and the Dragon Step was used precisely.
    The fist light whizzed out, but it landed in the empty space, which made Qi Yue's eyes gleam slightly. Long before, he had known that Zhou Yuan seemed to have cultivated a mysterious movement Origin Technique that could make himself Fuzzy, avoid many attacks.
    With a fist unsuccessful, Qi Yue immediately turned his fist into a palm, and Origin Qi surged, as if a blade of light, swept out directly, tearing the air.
    Zhou Yuan clenched his five fingers, a fist that also contained vigorous power, and clashed together with the blade of the palm that swept across his throat.

    The fists touched, the air burst, and the naked eye wreak havoc opened, lifting all the dust on the ground.
    Bang bang bang!
    In the next moment, Zhou Yuan and Qi Yue agreed by chance's violent shot, the palm of the fist seemed to bring a touch of afterimage, and attacked each other fiercely, like a storm.
    In a short period of less than ten breaths, the two had fought head-to-head for dozens of rounds, which was dazzling.
    With another firm resists, Zhou Yuan and Qi Yue's body shapes were shocked, and the soles of their feet touched the ground and shot dozens of steps.
    In the square, there was a faint commotion, and many eyes were filled with surprises, because they discovered that in the fierce confrontation between the two before, only Zhou Yuan, who opened the Five Veins, did not fall into much disadvantage.
    Originally, they thought that once they played against each other, Zhou Yuan would inevitably beat Qi Yue.
    "Opening Seven Veins is really powerful, much harder than those fierce beasts." Zhou Yuan rubbed his fists and said indifferently. In the Black Forest Mountain Range, he also killed a lot of fierce that was comparable to Seven Veins. A beast, but not as good as the Qi Yue thorny in front of him.
    Qi Yue's eyes were a little gloomy. Although he knew that Zhou Yuan was weird and physique was particularly tyrannical, he could only feel how strong Zhou Yuan's physique was after he had actually played against him.

    You know, he has the strength of Seven Veins, and Physique has been promoted many times. However, now, he can't just open Zhou Yuan of Five Veins, which is really a bit frustrated.
    "Open Seven Veins!"
    Along with Qi Yue's violent drink, only Origin Qi whizzed from Heaven and Earth, poured into his body, and suddenly the Origin Qi light stream circulated on the surface of his body, an amazing imposing manner erupted.
    The stone slabs under Qi Yue's feet were all quietly jumping to pieces at this time, which shows how powerful Qi Yue's body is.
    Zhou Yuan squinted his eyes slightly, but he became more upright. The lion also used full power to fight the rabbit. What's more, Qi Yue in front of him was not a deadly rabbit.
    "Open Five Veins!" Zhou Yuan's body is also the rolling, tyrannical force of Origin Qi, spreading from the extremes and bones.
    Qi Yue's figure moved, and with the increase of Seven Veins, his speed was several times faster than before, and he appeared behind Zhou Yuan after almost a flash.
    "Rushing Thunder Fist!"
    Qi Yue didn't show restraint anymore, his eyes were cold, his shot was a Profound Origin Technique, the air burst suddenly, and the floor under his feet was cracking, imposing manner fierce.
    This punch is undoubtedly stronger than before against Su Youwei.

    "Dragon Monument Hand, Smashing the Mountain!"
    Zhou Yuan patted his palm horizontally, extremely heavy, like a carrying mountain, and then carrying that formidable force, heavily firmly resists the fierce fists that roared from behind.
    The shock wave swept away from the feet of the two, and wherever they passed, the hard floor was constantly torn apart arbitrarily.
    "You block me?! You block me again?!"
    A fierce light flashed in Qi Yue's eyes, rushing out like a cheetah, his fists, feet, and elbows all turned into sharp weapons at this time, blasting the air through the whistling, like a storm, madly attacking Zhou Yuan's vital part. go with.
    He has already used his power to pinnacle, because he must have the advantage to defeat Zhou Yuan's self-confidence.
    With such a heavy rain offensive, countless people have scalp numb.
    Facing Qi Yue's violent offensive, even Zhou Yuan complexion was slightly changed. He only felt that his field of vision was covered by the opponent's offensive. Even if he used Dragon Step, he couldn't avoid it.
    However, although Zhou Yuan was shocked, he was not panicked. Between the eyebrows Divine Soul slightly glittering, the perception spread. Suddenly, the offensive that resembled hiding the sky and covering the earth immediately changed in his eyes.
    With the help of Divine Soul's perception, Qi Yue's trajectory of every offensive has become extremely clear in his eyes.
The sleeping fox catches no poultry...unless you have more than one tales

    So, he outrageously shot.
    On top of his fist, Origin Qi whistled. His counterattack was not as violent as Qi Yue. Instead, it seemed a bit slow, but it was such a slow shot, but every time it happened to fall in the weakest place of Qi Yue's offensive. Just one tap is to resolve all the fierce strength.
    As if four ounces can move a thousand catties.
    Qi Yue’s complexion is getting more and more ugly, because he can feel that his attack looks fierce, but he can’t break through Zhou Yuan’s defense. The latter’s seemingly unpleasant counterattack is just right to resolve his attacks. .
    Zhou Yuan blasted another heavy fist and landed on Qi Yue's elbow. The powerful force directly shook Qi Yue's arm, and his whole body seemed to stagnate for a moment.
    "Come and not be indecent, try one of my tricks!"
    Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed and his palms suddenly changed into pats. At the same moment, the Origin Qi in his body rushed into his palms along the meridians, and the air buzzed and vibrated at this moment.
    An amazing imposing manner radiated from Zhou Yuan's body.
    "Dragon Monument Hand, Splitting the Earth!"
    Accompanied by a low shout, Zhou Yuan shot out with his palm, and suddenly a bright source of light appeared in the palm of his palm. When he shot out, the air turned into an air cannon, whizzing out.

    This palm was directly slapped to Qi Yue.
    And Qi Yue's complexion also changed drastically at this time. Obviously, he noticed that Zhou Yuan's counterattack was astonishingly fierce, and immediately crossed his arms in front of him, and the Origin Qi light stream was wrapped around his arms.
    "High rank Origin Technique, Golden Stone Arm!"
    However, Zhou Yuan didn't care about this. The fierce punch hit Qi Yue's arms heavily, and the sound exploded, and a powerful force burst out at this time.
    Boom boom boom!
    With a punch, Qi Yue was hit hard, his arms trembled, and his feet stepped on the ground and shot backwards embarrassingly, crushing the slate to pieces.
    There was an uproar that followed Qi Yue's backward pace, one wave was stronger than one wave.
    Qi Yue forcibly stabilized his figure. He heard the full uproar, and his face was dripping with gloomy. His eyes furiously looked at Zhou Yuan, with a low growl full of killing intent, from between the teeth. Came out.
    "Zhou Yuan, you are looking for death!"
    (End of this chapter)
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