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Chapter Table Of Contents 73 Explicit Means
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Backyard, in the room.
    When Zhou Yuan and the others arrived, Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing were already waiting here. When they saw Zhou Yuan, they quickly greeted them.
    "Your Highness Zhou Yuan, may you do it today?" Wei Canglan laughed.
    Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded. He didn't say much nonsense. He went straight into the room and came to the bed. At this time, Wei Bin was lying on it. The complexion was obviously better than before, but Zhou Yuan knew that it was only because of the Grandmaster. It was caused by Ying forcibly suppressing Miasma Demon Poison in his body, but once Miasma Demon Poison broke out again, he could instantly kill him.
    Zhou Yuan reached out and patted the black universe bag on his waist. When he left Great Zhou City, Zhou Qing also took a universe bag from the Imperial Family treasure house and gave it to him. Although the grade is not high, the space is small, only a few meters. It is round, but it can also bring a lot of convenience.
    Several jade bottles appeared in Zhou Yuan's hands, and then he took out a jade plate, cautious and solemn dropped the liquid in the jade bottle into it and made some modulations.
    As soon as those liquids appeared, they gave off a stench, and just a scent made people feel dizzy, obviously very poisonous.
    Although Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing had been expected, the complexion still couldn't help but change.
    "Your Highness, what are you planning to do?" Wei Qingqing bit her red lips and asked.

    Zhou Yuan smiled and said: "Miasma Demon Poison is extremely overbearing and wants to be resolved unless a Grandmaster who can inscribe the 4th Rank Poison Expelling Origin Pattern is found. However, this level of Grandmaster is very rare in Great Zhou. ."
    "So, there is only one other way."
    He paused in his voice and said, "Fight with poison."
    "As for how to do it, you will look at later, but please rest assured, Great General, I know the consequences. If you are not sure, you will not act so recklessly."
    Zhou Yuan looked at Wei Canglan, his voice faint.
    Wei Canglan took a deep look at Zhou Yuan and slowly said: "Since Your Highness is sure, then just do it. If Your Highness can really heal my son, I, Wei Family, owe you a great kindness."
    Zhou Yuan smiled and didn't say much. He lowered his head to concoct the viscous venom. After a long while, he stopped when the smell of the venom reached its extreme.
    He took the Heaven Primal Brush from his waist, and the nib touched the venom, and then his expression became dignified, took a deep breath, and the nib slowly dropped.
    Yao Yao also came to Zhou Yuan behind at this time. In case something unexpected happens at that time, she can only take action to save the situation.

    As soon as the venom-stained pen tip fell on Wei Bin's skin, a chī chī sound suddenly appeared.
    Zhou Yuan's wrist turned, the pen tip did not stop, moving clouds and flowing water were normal, and one after another origin marks appeared quickly.
    Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing stared at the one after another origin marks from Zhou Yuan's inscribe, and their brows were frowned. Although they did not know much about Origin Pattern, they could still tell that Zhou Yuan's inscribe now was only a 1st one. Rank Origin Pattern.
    This kind of Origin Pattern is completely useless in the face of Miasma Demon Poison.
    Although they were full of misgivings, it was not easy to interrupt them at this time, so the two of them could only keep watching.
    Zhou Yuan concentrate one's attention completely, ignoring other gazes. After he inscribed this 1st Rank Origin Pattern, he continued to write, and after a while, another 1st Rank Origin Pattern appeared...
    In the next half of Shi-Chen (two hours), Zhou Yuan fully inscribed eight 1st Rank Origin Patterns.
    "These eight 1st Rank Origin Patterns... just surround Little Bin's lumbar spine by three inches." Wei Canglan eyes flash, and finally discovered that these 1st Rank Origin Patterns by Zhou Yuan inscribe actually seem to be in formation, placing Wei Bin on the lumbar spine. The hiding place under Miasma Demon Poison was heavily blocked.
    After inscribe eight 1st Rank Origin Patterns in succession, Zhou Yuan also sighed, slightly sweating on his forehead, he closed his eyes and took a break again.

    And this time, his look is even more solemn, because what he will inscribe is the 2nd Rank Origin Pattern "Thousand Ants Corrosive Poison Mark" that he just learned, which is also the most important part of dealing with Miasma Demon Poison.
    Zhou Yuan concentrated for a moment, and suddenly wrote, between the eyebrows, the Divine Soul glittering, and the Heaven Primal Brush in his hand seem to be fuse together.
    Chi Chī!
    One after another dark origin marks appeared, perfectly connected to each other, and then Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing were surprised to see that a complex and mysterious Origin Pattern slowly appeared.
    "This is a 2nd Rank Origin Pattern." Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing glanced at each other, but they both felt this 2nd Rank Origin Pattern, which seemed a little uncomfortable.
    Zhou Yuan's pen tip finally stopped. He looked at the complete Origin Pattern, as if relieved from a burden, with a sigh of relief. This "Thousand Ants Corrosive Poison Mark" was finally successfully inscribed by him.
    "Next, it's the most important time." When Zhou Yuan's whispered, both Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing were shocked.
    Zhou Yuan's Heaven Primal Brush lightly clicked and landed on the innermost 1st Rank Origin Pattern. Suddenly, the Origin Pattern shimmered with a gleam, slowly wriggling, like a provocative octopus snake.

    With the provocation of this 1st Rank Origin Pattern, Wei Bin suddenly cried out in pain, and then everyone saw in amazement that under his lumbar spine, the skin suddenly became nether black.
    The nether black, like ink, began to infect, and went straight to the surrounding 1st Rank Origin Pattern.
    The fierce Miasma Demon Poison rushed, and the 1st Rank Origin Pattern suddenly dispersed, as if breaking up the whole into pieces, so the Miasma Demon Poison that rushed out directly rushed to the surrounding 1st. Rank Origin Pattern.
    All the 1st Rank Origin Patterns are in operation at this time. They rotate, unknowingly, dividing the Miasma Demon Poison that emerges into large and small Poison Qi.
    These Poison Qi make Wei Bin's skin black, shock the eye, astonishes the heart.
    Zhou Yuan's expression remained unchanged, Heaven Primal Brush took another look, only to see a Miasma Demon Poison rushing out of the heavy enclosure, and to the "Thousand Ants Corrosive Poison Mark".
    This "Thousand Ants Corrosive Poison Mark" is also highly toxic, so when the two met, it was like two tigers in the mountain forest meeting, not saying anything further, and they immediately fought.
    I saw the black qi transformed by Miasma Demon Poison rushing towards the "Thousand Ants Corrosive Poison Mark", and the latter was not afraid of it. The Origin Pattern squirmed like a giant mouth in the abyss, let the Miasma Demon Poison flood in , Swallow it cleanly.

    "Thousand Ants Corrosive Poison Mark" swallowed this Miasma Demon Poison, slowly spinning, with a weird black light glittering on it. After a while, the radiance dimmed, but everyone saw it, a black poisonous mist, It emerged from Wei Bin's skin.
    This poisonous mist exudes the stench of miasma, making people sick.
    However, when Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing saw this poisonous mist, they couldn't help showing ecstasy, because they were very familiar with this poisonous mist. It was Miasma Demon Poison!
    In other words, the Miasma Demon Poison in Wei Bin's body was actually resolved!
    "It's not over yet, this is just the beginning."
    Zhou Yuan reminded him, because at this time it was another Miasma Demon Poison that was divided by many 1st Rank Origin Patterns and flocked to the "Thousand Ants Corrosive Poison Mark".
    "Awesome, really amazing!" Wei Canglan couldn't help but exclaimed with greatly rises in his eyes.
    Wei Qingqing was a little confused, and said: "Why can he resolve Miasma Demon Poison with this 2nd Rank Origin Pattern?"
    Wei Canglan's eyes were full of exclamation: "This is the superb method of Your Highness'. His hand is like a soldier in battle. First, he uses a 1st Rank Origin Pattern as a guide to lead to Miasma Demon Poison, and then with seven 1st Rank. The Origin Pattern divides the Miasma Demon Poison, continuously divides and weakens it, and then sends it one after another to the 2nd Rank Origin Pattern of wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy."

    "This 2nd Rank Origin Pattern also contains highly poisonous, attacking poison with poison, and detoxifying it. It will dissolve the Miasma Demon Poison that came one after another."
    "If this continues, the Miasma Demon Poison in Wei Bin's body will eventually be completely resolved!"
    "Wonderful! What a wonderful thing!" Wei Canglan stared at Zhou Yuan as if looking at some treasure. Zhou Yuan's method may not have the impact that Grandmaster Ying used to display the 3rd Rank Origin Pattern, but he relied on one after. The union of another 1st Rank Origin Pattern and a 2nd Rank Origin Pattern pull each other and play the Miasma Demon Poison between applause.
    This kind of Origin Pattern attainments and agility, even the expert of Wei Canglan, such as Absolute Beginning Realm, is amazed.
    After listening to Wei Qingqing on the side, he was also shocked. Obviously he didn't expect Zhou Yuan to be able to do this step.
    "It seems that my little brother is really saved!"
    Wei Qingqing was very excited, her white teeth were biting her red lips tightly, her beautiful eyes were red, but when she looked at the handsome youngster sitting on the side of the bed, she couldn't help but some splendor appeared.
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