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Chapter Table Of Contents 82 Landing Method
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Hearing Qi Hao's words, Zhou Yuan's face was expressionless, but a strong killing intent appeared in his eyes. This Jade Infant Fruit is related to the life of her Royal Mother, so no matter what methods he uses today, he will not let people Snatch it from its hands.
    "Your Highness, this lake is a little weird." Wei Canglan said suddenly at this moment.
    Zhou Yuan retracted his gaze, he was also aware that there were so many people here first, but these people were just waiting on the shore, not daring to easily go to the middle of the lake to take the Jade Infant Fruit. Obviously, it was afraid of the consequences. .
    "The lake here is mid-air, full of broken Origin Pattern barrier." Yao Yao glanced at the mid-air with bright eyes and said.
    Wei Canglan is also nodded. Those broken Origin Pattern barriers made him feel a little threatened and he didn't dare to rush into it easily. Obviously, this place used to be in the Battle Puppet Sect, and it should also be a protected place.
    "Can't step on the water?" Zhou Yuan asked.
    Yao Yao small head shook slightly and said, "This water is also weird. It seems that the stronger Origin Qi is, the easier it is to sink when stepped on..."
    Wei Canglan was a little amazed, waved his hand, and sent a few people forward to test it. It turned out that the stronger the Origin Qi, the easier it would sink, as if the lake here could not bear it.

    "Even Cultivating Qi Realm is a bit difficult to walk on the water." Wei Canglan frowned. If so, wouldn't his Absolute Beginning Realm sink directly after he stepped down?
    He could feel that the bottom of the lake also seemed to have dangerous fluctuations. It should also be covered with broken Origin Pattern barriers. Falling into it is bound to be very dangerous.
    "It seems that people who use Origin Qi are not welcome should be a warning method. In this way, only a few disciples from the island are needed to protect the Jade Poppy Tree." Yao Yao red lips slightly opened, said.
    "If you don't use Origin Qi, how can you walk through the water?" Su Youwei doubfully said.
    Zhou Yuan's gaze was glittering, and his gaze met Yao Yao together, slowly said: "Divine Soul."
    The power of Divine Soul is completely different from Origin Qi, and Zhou Yuan also discovered that when he came to the lake, Divine Soul, which was suppressed in the mist, began to become active.
    "I will try." Zhou Yuan stepped forward and stepped on the lake water, between the eyebrows Divine Soul glittering, power of Divine Soul gushing out, covering both feet, suddenly the body that was supposed to sink slightly, directly It has stabilized.
    "Sure enough, the power of Divine Soul can be used here." Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed a touch of joy.
    "It turns out to rely on Divine Soul..."

    And not far away, Qi Hao raised his brow when he saw the movement here, and immediately after he waved his hand, a man immediately came up behind him.
    This man's complexion is slightly pale, and his lips are like a blade. Around his body, Origin Qi fluctuates rather weakly, but between the eyebrows, there is radiance glittering uncertainty.
    Obviously Divine Soul is quite expert.
    "Zhao Qingfeng, your master Grandmaster Ying was trapped by this kid and fell into the hands of Great General's Residence. If you want revenge, now is the best time." Qi Hao smiled at the man and said.
    The complexion pale man hearing this, his eyes flashed chill, he looked in the direction of Zhou Yuan, and said: "With this kid, how could it be my master's opponent?"
    "He is Great Zhou Your Highness after all. To deal with your Master, there are some means." Qi Hao smiled lightly: "As long as you can take the Jade Infant Fruit, I will not only keep your Master safe, but you will be my King Qi in the future Palace guest official, cultivation resources, we King Qi Palace will prepare everything for you."
    The man named Zhao Qingfeng flashed a hot, nodded, sneer: "Young Prince, please rest assured, if you just compete with Divine Soul, it will not be difficult to deal with him."

    He speaks with arrogance. He followed Grandmaster Ying for only three years of cultivation, but Divine Soul has reached the realm of the Void Realm middle stage. Even his teachers often lament his amazing talents, so he doesn’t think that the age is different. His much younger Zhou Yuan can compete with him on Divine Soul.
    This Zhao Qingfeng's voice fell, and the figure was already swept out, and it fell on the water, and the Divine Soul was shaking, and the soles of the feet stood on the surface of the water and did not sink.
    He looked in the direction of Zhou Yuan's, with contempt at the corner of his mouth.
    When the two of them were standing on the water, the other forces were also aware of it, so after a riot, there were dozens of Real Taoist shadows appearing on the water, apparently those who were proficient in Divine Soul.
    "That person's Divine Soul doesn't seem to be weak." Wei Canglan glanced in the direction where Zhao Qingfeng was and said.
    "If you can only use Divine Soul here, I can try it for you." Yao Yao's eyes flowed brightly, with her Divine Soul realm, if you want to come here, no one can compete with her.
    Zhou Yuan hearing this, pondered for a moment, and finally shook his head, saying: "The situation here is complicated, and no one knows whether there are other crises hidden. You are not suitable for shooting."

    Yao Yao's Divine Soul is indeed strong, but she cannot use Origin Qi, which makes her extremely fragile. In case of any change, even if it is just a collision, Yao Yao may have an accident.
    Therefore, Yao Yao is actually very fragile while being formidable.
    Master Cang Yuan also solemnly instructed him to protect Yao Yao's safety, so he didn't dare to let Yao Yao take this risk.
    "You look at first, if I have a problem, you can also save me if you are with Great General." Zhou Yuan said.
    Yao Yao was hearing this, so he stopped insisting, and lightly nodded on his sharp white chin.
    Zhou Yuan stepped on the lake and glanced at Zhao Qingfeng not far away. The hostility in the latter's eyes was undisguised, but it didn't matter, no one could stop him from obtaining Jade Infant Fruit today.
    The lake water undulates under Zhou Yuan's feet. He took a deep breath, looked at the small island in the middle of the lake, and then stepped forward, step by step on the lake.
    Those who enter the lake in other directions are also beginning to move forward cautious and solemn.
    Around the lake, everyone looked at these figures walking on the water without blinking, and it was quiet.

    Zhou Yuan and others stepped on the water. After a few minutes, they gradually approached the small island in the lake within a hundred meters. At this time, it was still breeze is still, waves are quiet, without any obstacles.
    "So simple?" When everyone at the lake saw this, they couldn't help but cried out in surprise.
    In the eyes of those suspicious, Zhou Yuan and others stepped into the Baizhang area.
    At this moment, the small island in the lake seemed to make a buzzing sound, and all of them were seen. The Jade Poppy Tree in the center of the small island suddenly burst into bright jade light.
    The jade light swayed, and only countless faintly discernible spots of light came out violently, like a rainstorm, shrouded everyone who was close to the island’s hundred feet.
    "It turned out to be a Divine Soul attack!"
    Zhou Yuan looked at the faintly discernible light spots, his eyes condensed, and these light spots actually contained the power of Divine Soul.
    Zhou Yuan did not dare to neglect, between the eyebrows Divine Soul glittering, a phantom was faintly seen sitting cross-legged, invisible waves emanating, and Zhou Yuan's palm immediately pulled out the Heaven Primal Brush on his waist.
    The pen tip flashed across the void in front of him, leaving a trace of one after another faintly discernible.
    "1st Rank Origin Pattern, Soul Shield!"

    The Origin Pattern takes shape, directly transformed into a somewhat transparent light shield. In this light shield, Origin Qi fluctuates extremely weakly, because most of the power in it is the power of Divine Soul.
    The jade light violently shoots hiding the sky and covering the earth come, hitting on the transparent light shield, suddenly splashing with rapid ripples.
    In other directions, some screams came out. Some people caught unprepared and were hit by the jade light. Their eyes became hollow, and their bodies fell into the lake water as soon as they softened.
    As these people fell into the lake, some violent fluctuations broke out in the lake. Soon, a pool of blood rose up on the lake, staining the surrounding area.
    All those who fell into the lake were killed instantly.
    Seeing this scene, Zhou Yuan, Zhao Qingfeng and the other survivors were shocked. The bottom of the lake is indeed full of killing strikes. Once they fall into it, they will undoubtedly die.
    It seems that getting Jade Infant Fruit to reach the small island in the lake is not as easy as imagined.
    In this ruin, there are death traps all over the place.
    (End of this chapter)
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