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Chapter Table Of Contents 97 Silver Shadow
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei both stared at the silver battle armor in front of them with shocked faces. Yao Yao on the side was also surprised in their beautiful eyes. She looked at it and said: "This is not a battle armor, it should be said to be a battle. puppet."
    "Battle puppet?" Zhou Yuan was taken aback.
    "This Battle Puppet Sect really has some ability, and it can achieve this level of battle puppet." Yao Yao exclaimed.
    "If I'm not mistaken, this battle puppet is not a single type, but can integrate with people, help each other, and burst out amazing power.
    "Combining people and battle puppet into one, tch tch, this Battle Puppet Sect really dares to think and do."
    "Meeting with others?" Zhou Yuan frowned, obviously extremely puzzled.
    "You touch it with your hands." Yao Yao said.
    Zhou Yuan hesitated slightly, then stretched out his finger, the cautious and solemn point towards the silver battle armor in front of him.
    Huālā la!
    When Zhou Yuan's finger touched the battle armor, the latter suddenly dissolved and turned into silver liquid, and finally rushed along Zhou Yuan's arm.
    In just a few breaths, the silver liquid wrapped Zhou Yuan's body.
    After wrapping Zhou Yuan's body, the silver liquid began to solidify and take shape, so Zhou Yuan's body was soon enveloped by the previous silver battle armor.

    The closed pupils of the silver battle armor suddenly opened, and the silver light stream in his eyes turned, but there was an exclamation sound from his mouth: "What a magical battle puppet!"
    That voice, although it changed a little, was obviously from Zhou Yuan.
    "I feel that the power at this time is very terrifying." Zhou Yuan was pleasantly surprised. The silver battle armor tightly wrapped his body, and he was able to control the battle puppet just like commanding his own body.
    The two seem to be truly fused together, and they fit together perfectly.
    Moreover, what shocked Zhou Yuan the most was that he felt that he seemed very tough at this time.
    This silver battle armor gave him extremely amazing power.
    Feeling the turbulent power, Zhou Yuan couldn't help but want to try it. So, he suddenly shook his palms, and the sharp palms of the silver battle armor also squeezed immediately.
    Zhou Yuan knelt on one knee and slammed his fist against the ground.
    After this punch, the entire underground palace was trembling crazily. Then, Zhou Yuan was shocked to see that the ground in front of him was directly blasted with a crack by his punch, and even the ground was cracking.
    "Very powerful, the power of this punch is even comparable to Absolute Beginning Realm!" Zhou Yuan exclaimed in ecstasy.

    However, just as his exclamation fell, he suddenly felt a sharp sting between the eyebrows, and the darkness (ness) in front of him suddenly fell.
    The silver battle armor suddenly shrank and turned into a silver ball suspended, while Zhou Yuan rolled out of it and fell directly on the ground. The complexion was pale and his eyes closed tightly.
    "Your Highness?!" Su Youwei saw this, his charming face suddenly changed, and hurriedly stepped forward to hug him in his arms.
    "Sister Yao Yao, what happened to him?" Su Youwei said anxiously.
    Yao Yao stepped forward to take a look and said, "It's okay, it's just that Divine Soul is exhausted. After a short rest, you can slowly recover."
    Su Youwei hearing this, only then was relieved, stretched out the slender white jade finger, gently rubbing Zhou Yuan's temple.
    Zhou Yuan's was in a coma and lasted for nearly half Shi-Chen (two hours) before he woke up leisurely, but he clutched his head for the first time, feeling like his head exploded.
    "What's wrong with me?" After a long while, he finally felt relieved, but the complexion was still pale. He looked at Yao Yao and asked with palpitations.
    Yao Yao gave him an angry look and said, "Who made you use that kind of power?"

    "This battle puppet, after fusion with you, will be able to link your Divine Soul and use your Divine Soul as the driving force, but you don’t see what realm your Divine Soul is now, how can you get this possession? The battle puppet with the power of Absolute Beginning Realm?"
    "The consequence of doing this forcibly is to drain your Divine Soul, but fortunately, you were lucky and didn't use too much power. Otherwise, your Divine Soul will really be drained now."
    Zhou Yuan complexion was shocked. Obviously, he didn't expect to urge this battle puppet, and there was such a hidden danger.
    "Then you don't have to say it earlier!" Zhou Yuan whined, how could he know this.
    He had lingering fears and glanced at the floating silver ball. He was very sorry. He thought that with this battle puppet, he could directly compete with the expert of Absolute Beginning Realm, but now it seems that he is still too naive. In this world, there really is no power for no reason.
    "Sister Yao Yao, I will give you this thing, you are just right." Zhou Yuan rubbed between the eyebrows and said.
    "So conscientious?" Yao Yao smiled jokingly, then the small head shook slightly.
    "But the blood you dropped earlier has been fused with it, and I don't know how to disarm it, so this silver battle puppet, except you, is afraid that no one can use it.

    Zhou Yuan scratched his head, apparently didn't expect the previous drop of blood to make this silver battle puppet recognize the master.
    "But you can give it to me for research. If the materials are complete, I can try to make it." Yao Yao said with interest.
    Zhou Yuan natural nods.
    "It seems that if you want to truly exert the power of this battle puppet, at least I have to upgrade my Divine Soul realm to Reality Realm." He is a little regretful. Now he is only in the Void Realm middle stage and wants to reach Reality Realm. I don't know when it will be.
    "Just take pleasure in this battle puppet. This battle puppet should be the top work of Battle Puppet Sect. Human and battle puppet are integrated, and even the cultivation art and Origin Technique of the cultivation can be displayed with the power of battle puppet. Such a bold idea was actually made by them."
    "And if your Origin Pattern attainments can be improved in the future, you may not be able to make it more formidable."
    Yao Yao looked at the silver ball beautifully, and sighed: "It has the ability to grow. This is something other battle puppets cannot match. That's why I said, this Battle Puppet Sect is really capable."
    Being able to be so evaluated by Yao Yao, Zhou Yuan can be regarded as understanding the power of this silver battle armor, and immediately smiled, is this thing really a treasure? Even if it can't be used now, it might be his formidable in the future. Boost.

    "In the future, I will call you "silver shadow"." Zhou Yuan smiled at the silver ball. Such a unique existence should require a name that belongs to it.
    And it seems that I can understand Zhou Yuan's words, and there is also a touch of silver light appearing on the silver ball.
    Zhou Yuan used the jade box to put the silver ball in again, and then put it into the universe bag of cautious and solemn.
    Next, they searched underground palace again, but they had no other gains, but Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei were satisfied, but Yao Yao's words didn't care at all.
    "Let's go."
    Zhou Yuan also smiled when he saw the baby in underground palace got it.
    The three people left the underground palace, the bronze door was closed, and the Origin Pattern barrier was gradually restored. Zhou Yuan looked at the barrier that was closed again, but he was relieved. When he returned to Great Zhou City, Zhou Qing would send someone to take over. As long as all these battle puppets can be incorporated, the power of their Great Zhou Imperial Family will also skyrocket.
    Therefore, this underground palace can be described as the beginning of their Great Zhou's hope.
    (End of this chapter)
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