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Chapter Table Of Contents 110 Zhou Yuan Zhan Tai Chu
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Zhou Yuan holds the Heaven Primal Brush, glittering with the sharp point's snow-white nib, pointing to Wang Chaotian, and the killing intent in his eyes is strong.
    Wang Chaotian was also aware of Zhou Yuan's killing intent, and immediately coldly snorted, saying: "The arrogant child, previously it was just to delay time. Since you are eager to find death, then I will naturally fulfill you!"
    As soon as his voice fell, and between the palms of his hands, a halberd appeared in his hand. The halberd was covered with mysterious lines, with Origin Qi waves emanating, and it was obviously a Profound Origin Weapon.
    Holding a halberd, Wang Chaotian's entire imposing manner has risen sharply.
    However, Zhou Yuan remained unmoved. The silver armor enveloped his body, making the emotions on his face unclear to others, but the exposed eyes were increasingly cold.
    The Origin Qi of the dark golden whistling around its body, faintly, as if there is a whistling sound coming out.
    In the next instant, Zhou Yuan's figure violently shoots out, with a trace of Heaven Primal Brush in his hand, piercing the air, and thrusting away at Wang Chaotian violently like lightning, the dark gold Origin Qi makes the void tremble.
    Wang Chaotian was coldly snorted, with a halberd in his hand. Under the agglomeration of the powerful Origin Qi, he firmly resists together with the Heaven Primal Brush that came from the violently thrust.
    Clang clang!

    The pen halberd hit hard, and metal against metal sound suddenly erupted. Between the sparks, there was a shock wave wreak havoc visible to the naked eye.
    In just a few breaths of time, the two have already fought for dozens of rounds, both of them are fierce, pointing directly to the vital part.
    But in this fierce confrontation, Wang Chaotian's eyes became more and more gloomy, because he found that even if he exhausted his full power, he still couldn't get the upper hand.
    "What exactly is the silver armor of this preserves death?! Why would a Cultivating Qi Realm kid increase his strength enough to contend with Absolute Beginning Realm?" Wang Chaotian was very angry.
    The pen halberd was another hard touch. Suddenly, the silver light flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes. Suddenly, a deep azure glow condensed from the tip of the Heaven Primal Brush. It was about half a foot long, and even the air was torn apart.
    This deep azure glow is impressively Profound Glow Technique!
    However, with the increase in silver armor, the Profound Glow Technique used by Zhou Yuan now turns into a deep azure color, and is more congeal, enough to penetrate many defenses.
    Zhou Yuan's pen nib flicked, only to see the deep azure glow of about half a foot, unexpectedly escaped and turned into an azure light, with an astonishing speed, lightning-like violence shoots towards Wang Chaotian.

    And that deep azure qi awn violently shoots, Wang Chaotian's whole body is also violently upside down, his eyes flashed, and he lost his voice: "Profound Glow Technique?!"
    He naturally knew that this Profound Glow Technique was bestowed by Great Wu to Qi Yuan, but how will it appear in Zhou Yuan's hands now?
    In the exclaim, Wang Chaotian didn't dare to neglect the slightest, because he knew the lethality of Profound Glow Technique very well, if he was hit, even if he was hit, he would definitely poke a hole.
    "Profound Origin Technique, Azure Astral Great Whirlwind!"
    The long halberd in Wang Chaotian's hand danced fiercely, like a round of azure aperture, Origin Qi entwined around, as if forming an azure ring in front of him, and anything that entered it would be crushed.
    The deep azure violently shoots into the azure aperture.
    A violent shock wave erupted, and the halberd fell into Wang Chaotian’s hands. The azure aura gradually dissipated, but Wang Chaotian’s complexion was abnormally gloomy, because a bloodstain appeared on his chest, which was unexpectedly affected. A ray of Profound Glow Technique is affected.
    The injury was not serious, but it made him feel completely lost.
    He looked at Zhou Yuan with a grim face, and said sternly: "Didn't expect me Wang Chaotian, one day I will be forced to this step by a kid in the Cultivating Qi Realm world."

    The halberd in his hand stomped heavily, the air was shaking, and a shock wave that was visible to the naked eye burst out.
    "However, you should stop before going too far too!"
    When the violent shout fell, Wang Chaotian's body suddenly swept away from Azure Origin Qi, like an azure storm, an extremely formidable imposing manner enveloped at this time.
    The Origin Qi of azure crazily gathered the Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth, and finally formed an azure whirlwind at the feet of Wang Chaotian.
    Whirlwind is like an azure dragon, with a deep roar, which contains terrifying power.
    And Wang Chaotian with azure whirlwind, like Death God, can control life and death.
    Everyone can feel that the expert of Absolute Beginning Realm is about to perform a real killing strike.
    At the main city wall, Zhou Qing and Qi Yuan fought fiercely, and the vigorous Origin Qi seemed to shake the earth trembling.
    "Zhou Qing, your precious son has angered Wang Chaotian. It seems that your Zhou Family is going to end!" Qi Yuan glanced at the distant direction and smiled Senran: "I want to tell you that Wang Chaotian is relying on this. Move, behead the opponent of Absolute Beginning Realm."
    Zhou Qing's eyes darkened slightly. He also noticed the strength of Wang Chaotian's killing strike, but at this time he couldn't be distracted either. He could only believe in his heart that Zhou Yuan had the means to protect himself.

    hū hū!
    The gusty wind whizzes between Heaven and Earth, the azure tornado is like an angry dragon of destruction, and the wreak havoc roars. The amount of violence in it is enough to tear the mountains apart.
    Wang Chaotian's robe stirred, his eyes staring coldly at Zhou Yuan, the next moment, his sleeves flicked, and he screamed: "Azure Wind Heavenly Astral Qi, Azure Wind Great Tornado!"
    The azure tornado suddenly whizzed down. It was as fast as a bolt of thunder during the high-speed rotation, and there was no escape. However, once it was affected, even the expert of Absolute Beginning Realm would be torn apart.
    Azure tornado is reflected in Zhou Yuan's eyes, he can feel the overbearing of Wang Chaotian's killing strike. Obviously, the opponent is already impatient with this entanglement and intends to use the killing strike to end the battle.
    "It just so happened that I planned to do the same."
    Zhou Yuan seemed to mutter to himself, and then he stomped the sole of his foot. Suddenly, a dark golden Origin Qi whistling out of his crown, like a golden cloud, in which a whistling sound came out.
    "Let you be the first, and taste my opponent "Heavenspan Profound Python Qi"..."
    The cold glow in Zhou Yuan's eyes surged, his sleeves flicked, and the dark gold Origin Qi suddenly condensed crazily. The next moment, the golden light swelled, and there was a huge dark gold flying out of the dark golden Origin Qi. giant python.
    The giant python whizzed out, seemingly virtual and real.

    "Heavenspan Profound Python Qi, Profound Python Swallow the Heaven Technique!"
    The dark gold giant python roared out, actually opening the python's mouth directly. The python's mouth seemed to have the power of heaven swallowing. When it fell, the sky was dark(ness) for a moment, and then it was a mouthful of that. The azure tornado from wreak havoc swallowed it.
    "Origin Qi Transformation?!"
    Seeing the dark golden giant python made by Origin Qi, Wang Chaotian screamed in horror. He wanted to transform Origin Qi into shape, which is definitely not what Origin Qi of ordinary quality can do!
    Even the general 5th Rank Origin Qi is not easy to do!
    The dark gold giant python swallowed azure tornado in one mouthful, and the snake's pupil fiercely threw it at Wang Chaotian. The mouth of the python was once again, and in a horrified gaze, Wang Chaotian swallowed him in one mouthful.
    boom! boom!
    The dark gold giant python swallowed Wang Chaotian, and its body suddenly burst into violent Origin Qi fluctuations, and its body was constantly expanding and shrinking...
    The dark gold giant python suddenly opened his mouth and sprayed out a burst of azure light. Among the azure light, Wang Chaotian was surprisingly, but at this time, his complexion was pale, and the Origin Qi all over his body was in uncertain light and dark, and extremely wilting.
    Before being swallowed into the body of the dark gold giant python, Wang Chaotian was shocked to find that the Origin Qi in his body was fading rapidly.

    In just a few breaths, the Origin Qi in the body was almost exhausted.
    If it weren't for him to escape desperately, after a while, he would be directly sucked into Origin Qi and be swallowed up by the golden giant python.
    "This kid is too weird, I can't bump into him anymore, I just need to entangle him!" Wang Chaotian complexion is pale, no longer the coldness before, after repeated fights, he finally discovered this state How difficult and thorny is Zhou Yuan underneath.
    Zhou Yuan stood in mid-air, and his cold eyes under the silver armor stared at Wang Chaotian, seeming to perceive the latter's plan, and a touch of sarcasm flashed across his eyes, as if he was looking at a dying person.
    When he noticed Zhou Yuan's eyes, Wang Chaotian suddenly felt uneasy, but at this time, his complexion changed drastically, because he saw that one after another blood line appeared on his palms. These blood lines surging rapidly under his skin.
    "what is this?!"
    Wang Chaotian was horrified and mobilized Origin Qi hurriedly to try to expel those blood lines.
    However, just when he was activated by Origin Qi, those blood lines suddenly erupted with terrifying suction. Then, Wang Chaotian discovered that his body had begun to shrink. The flesh and blood all over his body were all in an astonishing way. The speed dries up.
    Even the Origin Qi in the body is sucked.

    A scream of sorrow and fear came from Wang Chaotian's mouth.
    However, his screams did not have any effect. After only a few dozen breaths, Wang Chaotian's body dried up at a speed visible to the naked eye.
    The scream stopped.
    Wang Chaotian's vitality was cut off, and there was still fear on his dry face.
    His body suddenly burst open at this moment, a dozen thick blood-red rays of light entangled, and there was a faint resentment Poison Qi emanating from it.
    Amazingly, it is the Resentful Dragon Toxin!
    Zhou Yuan's "Heavenspan Profound Python Qi" also contains the Resentful Dragon Toxin. Previously, Wang Chaotian was swallowed by the dark gold giant python made by Origin Qi. Although he finally broke free, he was still in the body of the dark gold giant python. Infested by Resentful Dragon Toxin.
    After the increase of "silver shadow", Zhou Yuan not only strengthened its own Origin Qi, similarly, the Resentful Dragon Toxin contained in Origin Qi has also skyrocketed, so even if Wang Chaotian is infected, he will undoubtedly die.
    Zhou Yuan looked at the dozen bloody rays of light, thought for a while, and with a flick of his fingers, the blood light gradually dissipated within Heaven and Earth.
    So, the Absolute Beginning Realm expert named Wang Chaotian was here, dead clean...

    And below that, one after another city wall, countless eyes were dumbstruck watching this scene, everyone didn't expect, Wang Chaotian, who was still performing the killing strike before, was so miserable after a short while He died in the hands of Zhou Yuan's.
    "Your Highness! Your Highness!"
    After a brief period of silence, the city wall suddenly burst into cheers like heaven shaking. The morale of the soldiers of Great Zhou skyrocketed at this time.
    On the other hand, the army in the direction of Great Qi started to be a little confused.
    The pair of Absolute Beginning Realm experts who Fang Zheng was fighting was even more shocked. Their eyes were full of amazement. They didn't expect to end the battle first. They turned out to be the two gates that they felt most impossible at the beginning. ...
    So far, Great Qi side, two Absolute Beginning Realm experts, die.
    The scale of victory began to tilt towards Great Zhou.
    (End of this chapter)
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