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Chapter Table Of Contents 112 Emperor Wu's Imperial Decree
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When the third Absolute Beginning Realm expert was solved jointly by Zhou Yuan and Tun Tun, the balance was finally broken. Except for Qi Yuan, the only three Absolute Beginning Realm experts left in the direction of Great Qi were all simultaneously changed in color, without any more He hesitated, and suddenly withdrew.
    And as the three Absolute Beginning Realm experts retreated, the Great Qi's offensive below collapsed instantly. A large number of troops cried out and retreated madly. The trampling did not know how many.
    The entire Great Qi side is in a state of morale routed.
    Zhou Qing and Qi Yuan once again firmly resists, and both regressed dozens of steps. Qi and blood rose on Qi Yuan's face. He looked at the army routed below, and his throat was slightly sweet with anger. He almost sprayed a mouthful of fresh blood. come out.
    He didn't expect anyhow, the original good situation would turn out to be like this.
    "Qi Yuan, today is over, let's retreat." Behind Qi Yuan, the three remaining Absolute Beginning Realm experts, Zhao Tianlun, appeared, complexion ugly.
    The current situation clearly favors Great Zhou.
    Qi Yuan's face was distorted with anger. He planned for many years to replace Zhou with Qi. However, today's battle, many years of management, and a thorough come to nothing. Obviously from then on, Great Zhou has no place for him.

    "Huh, the traitor wants to leave today, I'm afraid it's not as easy as you think!" In the distance, Qi Yuan held the Nine Flame Spear in the air and said coldly.
    In its behind, Wei Canglan, Black Poison King, and Zhou Yuan and Tun Tun, who are wearing silver armor, all come together, glare like a tiger watching his prey staring at Qi Yuan and others.
    Qi Yuan complexion fiercely said, "Zhou Qing, don't be too proud. It's hard to say who wins and who wins today!"
    When the voice fell, Qi Yuan grabbed the palm of his hand, and suddenly a golden light color radiance emerged from his hand. As the golden light surged, an astonishing pressure radiated from it.
    That coercion, majestic and vast, just like the might of a king.
    Everyone looked at it and saw that there seemed to be a scroll in the golden light.
    Zhao Tianlun and others were also taken aback, and immediately exclaimed: "This is...King Wu Imperial Decree?!"
    They were so familiar with the coercion on the scroll, it was the King Wu from the Great Wu Dynasty.
    "You actually own a King Wu Imperial Decree?" Zhao Tianlun looked at Qi Yuan in his eyes, full of envy. This King Wu Imperial Decree is not an ordinary Imperial Decree. In a sense, it represents King Wu. The identity, and the most powerful thing is that this thing is also considered a kind of Origin Treasure, and it gives King Wu the will and Great Wu Dynasty's Destiny blessing.

    With this thing, many generals and ministers in the Great Wu Dynasty had to bow down.
    The most important thing is that this "King Wu Imperial Decree" can summon a projection of King Wu, possessing formidable power.
    Therefore, this kind of "King Wu Imperial Decree" is extremely precious and extremely difficult to manufacture. Even in the Great Wu Dynasty, those who can own the "King Wu Imperial Decree" are extremely rare.
    Everyone didn't expect, Qi Yuan's hands, there is a "King Wu Imperial Decree"!
    The golden Imperial Decree exudes radiance in Qi Yuan's hands, and the majesty of the king exudes, making people want to bow down.
    However, Zhou Qing looked at the golden Imperial Decree, but his eyes were extremely cold. This Qi Yuan took King Wu’s Imperial Decree and ran to him in Great Zhou to show off one's military strength?
    "Zhou Qing, originally I was reluctant to bear this treasure, but at this time, I can only take it out." Qi Yuan gritted his teeth and said, this King Wu Imperial Decree can only be used once, after which the mighty energy will dissipate, so it is not To only when absolutely essential, Qi Yuan is willing to use it.
    Qi Yuan stared at Zhou Qing, a thick sneer suddenly appeared on his face.
    "Zhou Qing, you lost to the hand of King Wu back then, you were cut off, leaving a shadow in your heart, your strength dropped greatly, no progress, today, I will use King Wu projection to kill you!"

    "I want you to know how incompetent you are. Compared with King Wu, he is the real king!"
    Qi Yuan laughed out loud. At the same time, he didn't hesitate anymore. The golden scroll in his hand suddenly unfolded, and the golden light violently shoots suddenly. In the golden light, it is vaguely as if there is a Real Taoist. shadow.
    The Real Taoist shadow can't be seen clearly. He seems to be sitting on a dragon chair with a pair of eyes full of majesty. Looking down, anyone who looks at him will be shocked by that kind of king's threat.
    Moreover, the most shocking thing is that the Origin Qi fluctuations emitted by the golden light figure have reached the point of Absolute Beginning Realm 5-layer Heaven!
    Of all the people present, only Zhou Qing and Qi Yuan have reached the level of Absolute Beginning Realm 3-layer Heaven, and the rest are at the level of 2-layer Heaven.
    As for Absolute Beginning Realm 5-layer Heaven, it is obvious that everyone here is overwhelmed.
    The golden phantom sat on the dragon chair. It was obviously only a shadow, but it directly calmed the space between Heaven and Earth.
    "That's... King Wu?"
    Zhou Yuan also looked at the golden shadow, clenched his fists, and had chills in his eyes. It was this man who placed him on the cold altar, took his Saint Dragon Destiny, and sealed the Qi of Resentment. Is Resentful Dragon Toxin's formed in his body?

    "King Wu...Wu Xuan!"
    In front of Zhou Yuan, Zhou Qing's body was trembling slightly. He stared at the golden figure, with bloodshot eyes crawling crazily. Back then, outside the Great Zhou City, he and King Wu fought decisively and was cut off by him. He even looked at him and took away his son Destiny.
    Those scenes were once again revealed from the depths of memory, bloody and painful to the bone marrow.
    Seeing Zhou Qing's appearance, Qi Yuan's eyes also flashed a touch of pleasure. He smiled grimly, and the golden Imperial Decree in his hand shook, and the golden figure on the dragon chair was slowly standing up, the amazing Origin Qi Fluctuations erupted from his body, shaking the sky.
    Zhou Yuan complexion is solemn, and the power of Absolute Beginning Realm 5-layer Heaven is enough to reverse the disadvantage of King Qi once again.
    "Shoot together. Although this Imperial Decree is powerful, it can't last." Zhou Yuan looked at Wei Canglan and others and said in a deep voice.
    The others are also nodded, facing an opponent of Absolute Beginning Realm 5-layer Heaven, whoever goes up alone may be beheaded.
    However, just as they were surging with Origin Qi, Zhou Qing, who was standing in front of them, suddenly reached out and stopped them.
    "Honorable King?" Wei Canglan looked at Zhou Qing suspiciously.
    Zhou Yuan also looked over.

    Zhou Qing held crimson's Nine Flame Spear tightly in his palm. His body was obviously trembling constantly. There were bloodshots in his eyes climbing out, and he stared at the golden figure firmly.
    After a while, a hoarse voice came from his mouth.
    "He, I will deal with it."
    Wei Canglan hearing this, the complexion changed suddenly and couldn't help but said: "Honorable King don't be impulsive, then Imperial Decree Golden Shadow...but Absolute Beginning Realm 5-layer Heaven!"
    Zhou Qing now is just Absolute Beginning Realm 3-layer Heaven!
    Zhou Yuan's complexion is also undergoing changes.
    Zhou Qing turned his head slowly, he looked at Zhou Yuan, his voice hoarsely said: "When I was defeated that year, he left a shadow in my heart, which caused my strength to drop and I couldn't save..."
    "This hurdle must be passed by myself, otherwise, I will stop here forever."
    Zhou Yuan looked at Zhou Qing's bloodshot and persistent eyes, and his nose was slightly sour. How he didn't know that Zhou Qing might have been living in that shadow all these years.
    But now, the emergence of this Imperial Decree Golden Shadow, why didn't Zhou Qing give Zhou Qing a chance?
    It's just that this opportunity may fail, in that case... Zhou Qing's life, I am afraid that he will never get out of that shadow anymore.

    How much courage is needed to make this decision?
    Zhou Qing looks at Zhou Yuan, with a little warmth in his eyes. He patted Zhou Yuan's shoulder lightly, and smiled: "It was the Royal Father's fault that didn't protect you back then, but... this time, I don't I will let him in front of me again and hurt you the slightest."
    This is his last pride as a father.
    When the voice fell, Zhou Qing was not easy anymore, and the Nine Flame Spear in his hand shook sharply, slowly moving up, and pointed at the King Wu golden shadow far away.
    "Wu Xuan, come on!"
    (End of this chapter)
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