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Chapter Table Of Contents 116 Su Youwei's Fate Method
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    In the courtyard, Zhou Yuan looked at the gray-robed old man in front of him with vigilant expression. The latter seemed to have no Origin Qi fluctuations, but he understood that it was because Origin Qi was perfectly converged.
    The gray robe old man is obviously deep and unmeasurable, and his strength may even surpass Absolute Beginning Realm.
    "This senior..." Zhou Yuan clasped his fists with a respectful look. He glanced at Su Youwei and said, "I don't know Senior is looking for Youwei, but something?"
    The gray robe old man smiled faintly: "The old man wants to take her away. This kind of place will only waste her talent for no reason. She shouldn't spend time here."
    Zhou Yuan was stunned, and some complicated emotions surged in his heart. He looked at Su Youwei. The dirty little girl who was pulled up in front of the hospital by him at the beginning has now begun to show her radiance. From the very beginning, Zhou Yuan knew that Su Youwei's talent was unusual.
    Sooner or later, she will bloom out of her radiance, dazzling.
    With Su Youwei's talent, if you change your background, you can get in touch with cultivation earlier. I am afraid that she has already become the goddess that countless supreme talent looks up to.
    And his such a small dynasty Your Highness, I am afraid that people will not even glance over.
    Sighing in his heart, Zhou Yuan lightly nods and said: "Youwei can be valued by predecessors, that is her opportunity."

    Indeed, as the gray-robed old man said, Su Youwei's talent, staying in the Great Zhou Dynasty, is really a pearl in the dust.
    The phoenix should dwell in the Parasol Tree, not the dead wood.
    Su Youwei was valued by this gray-robed old man, and Zhou Yuan was really happy for her.
    The gray-robed old man smiled and said, "But she is reluctant."
    Zhou Yuan was taken aback, looked at Su Youwei, the young girl dodged her eyes, and then pouted slightly, saying, "I didn't say I don't want it."
    The gray robe old man nodded said: "It's just that she has one condition..."
    He stared at Zhou Yuan and said, "She wants me to take you too."
    Zhou Yuan gave a wry smile. How he didn't know, Su Youwei must have seen the deep and unmeasurable of this gray-robed old man, so if he could be brought on, it would be an opportunity for him.
    The gray-robed old man smiled faintly, his gaze swept over Zhou Yuan, and said: "You are actually not an ordinary person, the former owner of Saint Dragon Destiny, your talent will naturally not be weak."
    " fate is not suitable for you."
    Su Youwei hearing this, suddenly anxious, said: "Why? Your Highness' talent will not be worse than mine."

    The gray-robed old man’s eyes seemed muddy, as if he had a deep radiance. He stared at Zhou Yuan and slowly said: "On his body, I faintly felt a very formidable aura residue. Therefore, he was afraid of being self-conscious. Because of fate, I shouldn't interfere."
    Zhou Yuan was slightly surprised. The formidable aura that the gray-robed old man said remains. Is it Master Cang Yuan? didn't expect After a year, everyone in front of me could faintly notice it, and it seems that its strength is unimaginable.
    Su Youwei Ginger bit and said: "If you don't bring Your Highness, then I won't go either."
    The gray robe old man laughed and pointed to Su Youwei and said, "You little girl is really live in plenty without appreciating it. Do you know who the old man is? How many geniuses in the world want to follow me?"
    Su Youwei bent slightly towards the old man and said seriously: "Youwei knows that seniors are fancy to me, but seniors can see me now, that is because Your Highness once helped me. If it weren't for Your Highness, Su Youwei, it's definitely not what it is now."
    Perhaps, after the grandfather became seriously ill that day, the little girl who was no one to rely on would gradually die in the cold.
    The gray robe old man was startled slightly, stroking his beard.

    Zhou Yuan sighed softly, he smiled at Su Youwei, palms on her soft, fragrant shoulders, and a soft voice: "Youwei, I know you are grateful for my help to you at the beginning, but this is not to restrict you." The reason for being by my side, I regard you as my best friend, so I also hope that you can obtain the best cultivation conditions."
    Feeling Zhou Yuan's movements, Su Youwei's face slightly red, but when she heard her best friend, Shui Yingying's eyes were slightly dim again imperceptibly.
    "But Your Highness...This is a good thing, but it's years." Su Youwei's white teeth bit her red lips tightly, and her eyes are red.
    She has become accustomed to following Zhou Yuan's, feeling his aura and listening to his voice. In her opinion, no matter how exciting her future is, I am afraid that she will not be able to compare to being at the Great Zhou Palace this year. Everything that has been experienced in it has been carved in bones and engraved in the heart.
    If it were to be separated this time, I am afraid that she would not even know what year it was when I saw again/goodbye.
    Thinking of that scene, even Su Youwei, who has always been strong, feels heartbroken.
    Zhou Yuan smiled, stretched out his hand, and gently wiped the water droplets on the young girl's slender eyelashes in front of him, and said, "Don't worry, trust me, we will definitely have time to see again/goodbye."

    He paused and said with a smile: "It's just that I'm worried that you will be too good at that time. Instead, I feel ashamed to know Your Highness, a poor country like me."
    Su Youwei turn tears into laughter, whispered softly: "Your Highness, no matter how wonderful, is in my eyes, it can't be compared to the Great Zhou Palace, and no amount of supreme talent is in my eyes, it can't be compared to you."
    The old man in the gray robe hearing this, suddenly rolled the eyes, and said: "You girl has seen too little, how can this kid be as good as you said."
    However, Su Youwei ignored him.
    "Your Highness, will you come to me in the future?" Su Youwei stared at Zhou Yuan, full of expectation in his moist eyes.
    "Yes, sure." Zhou Yuan said seriously. In his heart, Su Youwei also holds a very important position. If there is a chance in the future, he will definitely go to her to see how she is doing.
    Su Youwei chuckled lightly, with a beautiful smile and a hint of brightness. She hesitated for a while, and suddenly had the courage to take a step forward, stretched out her jade hand tremblingly, and hugged Zhou Yuan.
    The Wenxiang Nephrite that was suddenly thrown into his arms also made Zhou Yuan stunned. He could feel the sadness of parting in Su Youwei's heart, so he stretched out his palm, patted her back on her back, and gave it to her. comfort.

    Su Youwei quickly ran out of Zhou Yuan's arms, hiding in the room with a flushed face.
    The softness of leaving in his arms made Zhou Yuan feel a little bit stunned. The parting sadness also filled his heart. Su Youwei was used to following him. How could he be used to this beautiful and strong young girl next to him.
    The gray-robed old man coughed, looked at Zhou Yuan a little uncomfortably, then sighed, and said, "Boy, no matter what, the old man still wants to thank you for helping me persuade this girl."
    Although he was very reluctant to admit it, the gray-robed old man knew that if Zhou Yuan was not nods, I am afraid this stubborn girl would really not go with him.
    Zhou Yuan smiled and held his fist to the gray-robed old man: "I hope senior will take good care of her in the future."
    "Don't worry about this, not everyone can follow the old man casually. The old man is very picky in choosing people, and now that he is selected, he will naturally exhaust everything." The gray robe old man glanced at Zhou Yuan sideways and said: "If the old man doesn't take you away, you won't be disappointed?"
    Zhou Yuan smiled faintly, and said: "Senior said before, each has its own way of fate, even if I don't go with senior, I will not be ordinary in the future."

    This is not arrogance. He has cultivated "Ancestral Dragon Scripture" and even "Chaos Spirit Sharpening Visualization Art". Although he does not know the origin of the gray robe old man in front of him, he still believes that as long as he can Cultivate successfully by what he has learned, he will naturally be able to stand proudly in the world.
    "Yo, there is some courageous spirit."
    The gray robe old man smiled, and he admired Zhou Yuan a little bit. He thought about it and said, "The old man doesn't want to owe favors. Since you helped me, the old man will help you again."
    "The old man has no fate for you, but he has a point..."
    Zhou Yuan hearing this, his eyes condensed, and solemnly said: "The younger generation will listen to it with ears."
    (End of this chapter)
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