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Chapter Table Of Contents 130 Retreat
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Inside Soul Swallowing Pagoda, the black mist dissipated.
    Many people looked around in a daze, obviously still don't understand what happened, but Yao Yao and the movement on their side began to be noticed by some people, and immediately felt that something was wrong.
    Yao Yao looked around with beautiful eyes, smooth and clean between the eyebrows Divine Soul flashed, and suddenly a voice rang out, resounding in the ears of everyone in the tower.
    "This is not Soul Refining Pagoda, but Soul Swallowing Pagoda. If you don't want your Divine Soul to be swallowed up and turned into the use of Gu Family cultivation, please leave!"
    As soon as this statement came out, the countless people were shocked.
    "What? This is not Soul Refining Pagoda, but Soul Swallowing Pagoda?"
    "But why do I feel that Divine Soul has improved?"
    "Huh? People are dead here? Why is Divine Soul gone?!"
    "What happened here?!"
    One after another shouts of exclamation, up here, down there resounded. Although Yao Yao's words were a bit shocking, some people still felt that something was wrong, so they began to retreat one after another, planning to leave here.
    "Little cheap maidservant!"

    When Gu Qiu saw this, his eyes were red with anger. These people will leave the news. Then, the news of their Gu Family cultivation Divine Soul will be leaked out. It is conceivable that this will It will cause a fatal blow to their Gu Family's reputation and even attract many enemies.
    In a rage, Gu Qiu coldly said: "Call everyone here, today I will make them pay!"
    An elder immediately nods, took out a black whistle, and the whistle blew directly as a peculiar fluctuation. Suddenly all the expert(s) in the Gu Family received the news and began to rush to Soul Swallowing. Pagoda is coming.
    "Divine Soul connection!"
    Gu Qiu looked at the two elders with a stern expression in his eyes.
    The two elders hesitated. The so-called Divine Soul connection is a secret method of their Gu Family. The ability to gather the Divine Soul of several people together is a kind of joint attack method, but the repercussions are not small, and one careless one will hurt Divine Soul.
    However, they were nodded very quickly and appeared behind Gu Qiu, with their palms on the latter's shoulders, between the eyebrows Divine Soul glittering, and the power of Divine Soul poured into Gu Qiu's body.
    Gu Qiu between the eyebrows, radiance surged, power of Divine Soul surged.

    Invisible fluctuations swept away. Although there was no heaven shaking the ground like Origin Qi, Divine Soul's attack could kill people invisible without seeing blood, but it was dead.
    The huge bodies of Tun Tun and ice bird shook. When the beast soul was affected, they all made a low roar, and vigilance emerged in the beast pupils. Their fleshly body was tyrannical, but the fluctuation of the Divine Soul was able to ignore the fleshly body and hit directly. beast soul.
    Yao Yao between the eyebrows Divine Soul glittering, his jade hand stretched out: "Soul Shield!"
    A transparent shield of light emerged in front of him, resisting the impact of Divine Soul, but fierce ripples appeared on the shield's surface, which obviously couldn't last.
    Gathering the power of the three Divine Souls, the Divine Soul of Gu Qiu has been greatly increased.
    "Miss sister, the situation is not good." Lu Luo whispered. After all, this is the site of Gu Family, and there are more expert(s) coming quickly. If they are surrounded, I am afraid it will be very detrimental to them.
    Yao Yao small head nodded, said: "Prepare to rush out."
    Their purpose has been achieved, there is no need to entangle them.
    Lu Luo hearing this, a crisp whistle sounded from her small mouth, and she saw the little Han's ice bird flapping its wings. Her petite body leaped and landed on the bird's back.
    Tun Tun also came in naked, Yao Yao fell on his back.

    At the same time, Zhou Yuan also rushed from a distance. With a stomping on his feet, he rose into the sky and landed behind Yao Yao. He naturally stretched out his palms to embrace the soft and slender waist in front of him.
    At the moment when she touched Yao Yao's slender waist, Zhou Yuan could feel that her delicate body seemed to be stiff for a moment, and then she turned her head and glared at Zhou Yuan a little embarrassedly, on her cheeks like white jade. , A very rare blush appeared.
    Zhou Yuan raised his hand awkwardly and said, "There is no place to put it."
    Yao Yao snorted, knowing that this is not the place to teach him. With a slap, Tun Tun turned into a scarlet light and violently shoots outside the tower.
    "Where to go?!"
    When Gu Qiu saw this, he suddenly roared. Their Gu Family plan was completely destroyed by Zhou Yuan's trio today. The life of Gu Family will be extremely sad in the future. If they are allowed to run again, this breath can really suffocate them alive. .
    Gu Qiu between the eyebrows radiance flashed, and only saw a to congeal Divine Soul like a real shadow, which appeared above Gu Qiu's head. The Divine Soul and Gu Qiu were as tall as an invisible radiance. At an indescribable speed, Yao Yao violently shoots towards Zhou Yuan.
    When Zhou Yuan saw this, the complexion suddenly changed. He could feel how strong this Gu Qiu's Divine Soul was. If he was hit, I am afraid his Divine Soul would be heavily injured.

    But at this moment, Yao Yao's jade hand shook, and only a few light glow shot from his sleeve, turning into one after another scroll, and on the scroll, a complicated light pattern emerged.
    hōng hōng hōng!
    The scroll exploded, and it was one after another 4th Rank Origin Pattern.
    The violent power wreak havoc came, and at the same time it exploded the Divine Soul of Gu Qiu.
    And Tun Tun violently shoots out at this moment, and after a few breaths, he rushes out of the black pagoda and rushes straight into the sky.
    "Stop him!"
    Outside the tower, many Gu Family expert(s) that had been on standby were all simultaneously simultaneously out of hands, one after another Origin Qi attack, and those hiding the sky and covering the earth bombarded Tun Tun away.
    But in the face of these attacks, Tun Tun let out a low growl, the giant mouth slammed, and the black light surged like a black hole, directly swallowing all those attacks.
    The three of Gu Qiu chased it out, but the complexion saw the sky with iron, and the two Origin Beasts swiftly moved away, originally behind them.
    "Haha, this baby, I'll take it away for you, lest you go to harm people again." As he left, Zhou Yuan turned his head and threw the black crystal ball in his hand, loud laughter came.
    When Gu Qiu saw this, his eyes were about to split, and he roared, "Little thief, put down my Gu Family supreme treasure!"

    Their Gu Family can become the Origin Pattern aristocratic family, but because of the existence of the black crystal ball, they are now lost, and it is hard to imagine the loss.
    However, in the face of his roar, Zhou Yuan ignored him. The two Origin Beasts stepped away and quickly disappeared to the edge of the sky, leaving behind a chaotic Gu Family.
    Puff Chī!
    Gu Qiu watched them go away, couldn't bear it anymore, his heart attacked, a mouthful of fresh blood burst out wildly.
    He looked at the direction Zhou Yuan and the others were leaving, grabbed an elder, and said bitterly: "Send the news to Gu Ling and tell her that her brother was killed. These people should all go to Saint Vestige Land."
    "She is the chosen child of Profound Yin Sect. She will surely be able to kill that little bastard and take back my Gu Family supreme treasure!"
    At the end of the talk, his voice had already turned into a scream.
    (End of this chapter)
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