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Chapter Table Of Contents 156 Qi Chongtianguan
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Have you heard? That kid named Zhou Yuan's actually snatched a Lesser Heaven Origin Technique from Xiao Tianxuan and the others!"
    "Isn't it possible? Isn't Zhou Yuan only capable of Cultivating Qi Realm?"
    "It is said that when Xiao Tianxuan and the 4th Rank Origin Beast both sides were suffering, the kid picked up a bargain."
    "Tch tch, that luck is really good, that is Lesser Heaven Origin Technique!"
    "Hey, now Xiao Tianxuan is offering a reward of three million origin crystals to capture him. Now in the mountain range of that region, many people have gone to want to catch that kid, take the Lesser Heaven Origin Technique, and then exchange the reward. "
    "Treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime, this kid is so weak, he dare to dip a finger Lesser Heaven Origin Technique, really follow the path to one's own doom."
    "Let's try it too? In case of luck, wouldn't it be posted?"
    "Hehe, this is the intention. That kid is nothing but Cultivating Qi Realm. If he meets him, he should be able to clean it up easily.
    On the top of a mountain, Xiao Tianxuan stood with his hand in his hand. He looked at the figure that was constantly shuttled back and forth across the sky, and his eyes also showed a touch of sorrow.
    "This kid can really hide!"

    Xiao Tianxuan coldly said, according to Gu Ling, he released the news. Sure enough, he attracted many people to search for Zhou Yuan's traces. Although the momentum is not small, Zhou Yuan still has not been able to find out.
    "Don't worry, Zhou Yuan must be in this mountain range." Behind it, Gu Ling comforted. Her long and narrow eyes are like poisonous snakes, staring at the vast mountain forest, and said: "Now he is a mouse caught in the net. , As long as we keep closing the net, he will show up sooner or later."
    "At that time, with his Cultivating Qi Realm's strength, he will undoubtedly die!"
    Xiao Tianxuan nodded, and then let out a long sigh, as if he was about to spit out all the resentment that Zhou Yuan had picked the peaches.
    Over the years, smooth sailing, and then relying on the identity of the Saint Vestige City Young City Lord, has been flattering and obedience wherever he goes, but he didn't expect, and now he will be calculated by a kid from Cultivating Qi Realm.
    He couldn't bear this tone anyway.

    "Well, it's not guilty to be angry with a mouse. How can that kind of person compare with you? Today, even if you don't care about your identity, you have entered the Heaven's Pass Realm late stage, and you are still one of the best, the entire Boundless Continent In the younger generation, apart from those who can be counted on one's fingers, who can get you?" Gu Ling said softly. Xiao Tianxuan gave a wry smile and said: "In order to deal with the Wind Thunder Beast, I lost too much trump card, otherwise, even if I meet those top guys, I am not afraid."
    If he can successfully hunt down the Wind Thunder Beast after using those trump cards, he will not be at a loss, and he will be able to make a name for himself, but it is a pity...
    And while Xiao Tianxuan was talking with Gu Ling, they suddenly noticed that there was a commotion in the distant mountains, and immediately looked at each other, and there was joy in their eyes.
    Did you find that mouse?
    The figures of the two suddenly shot out violently, and within a few minutes they fell to the top of a giant tree. They looked ahead. There were many figures in the mountains.
    And in the place surrounded by those figures, a cave that was blocked by huge rocks was vaguely visible.
    "It turns out that the Origin Pattern is used to cover the Origin Qi fluctuations, no wonder it can't be found!" Xiao Tianxuan's gaze swept, and he sensed the slight Origin Pattern fluctuations behind the boulder, and immediately sneered.

    "The mouse is hiding inside, smashing the boulder, whoever can catch him, three million origin crystal will go to whom!" Xiao Tianxuan whispered across the mountains and plains.
    The eyes of many figures are lit up. Three million origin crystals are definitely not a small number.
    "Hehe, a little mouse from Cultivating Qi Realm is worth the price, I took it!"
    Immediately there was the sound of up here, down there, and then, dozens of figures violently shoot out. The vigorous Origin Qi was like a horse training, and heavily bombarded the huge rocks in the cave.
    The entire mountain seemed to tremble, and the boulder was directly broken apart.
    A dozen figures were among the violently shoots of gravel, it is already rushing into the cave directly, obviously intending to take the first shot, so as not to be succeeded by others.
    Xiao Tianxuan looked at the dozens of figures rushing into the cave, and smiled indifferently. These people are all the strength of Heaven's Pass Realm. They shot together, forgive that Zhou Yuan could not escape.
    But while Xiao Tianxuan was waiting for those people to carry Zhou Yuan out, suddenly, there was an extremely astonishing Origin Qi wave erupting like a volcano in the cave.
    The Origin Qi fluctuated and was powerful and domineering, and even the cave was cracking.
    pēng pēng!

    Just when the amazing Origin Qi fluctuations erupted, everyone saw it. The dozen or so figures that had rushed into the cave in an imposing manner directly flew out in embarrassment at this time.
    They rolled to the ground like a bottle gourd, with their noses and faces swollen. "What's going on?!" Xiao Tianxuan's eyes were also condensed.
    "He, he broke through to Heaven's Pass Realm!" Someone who was blown away said in astonishment.
    More people are frowning in doubt. Even if Zhou Yuan breaks through to Heaven's Pass Realm, it is only the Heaven's Pass Realm initial stage. But the previous Origin Qi fluctuations are not like the Heaven's Pass Realm initial stage.
    And among many people's doubts, the Origin Qi in the cave fluctuated more and more violently, shaking the mountain peak trembling.
    Origin Qi fluctuations seem to be converging crazily, and in the end, a certain moment, it directly penetrated the mountain wall and went straight to the sky!
    Everyone saw it at this time, a dark golden Origin Qi Qi Pillar, which was about ten feet away, rushed straight up, quickly ascending one feet away...
    "Sure enough, we are going to break through to Heaven's Pass Realm!" Xiao Tianxuan said coldly.
    Gu Ling snorted coldly, and said: "Qi rushed into Heaven's Pass, based on measurement. I remember when you broke Heaven's Pass, how many feet did Origin Qi soar to the sky?"
    Xiao Tianxuan indifferently said: "It's only ninety-four zhang."

    He speaks plainly, but he obviously has a hint of pride, because of this achievement, he is already regarded as the best in the same generation.
    Gu Ling's ruddy little mouth also showed a smile, saying: "When a normal person breaks through the Heaven's Pass Realm, Origin Qi soars to the sky, and your ninety-four zhang surpasses most people."
    Xiao Tianxuan sighed, and said: "This doesn't really matter, I have heard that when Wu Huang was mad at Heaven's Pass, Origin Qi was so great that Origin Qi was two hundred and thirty-eight zhang. ."
    Gu Ling hearing this also sighed, saying: "It is said that Wu Huang's Qi Palace, but Golden Qi Palace, so it is not surprising that this step can be reached."
    With One Revolution in her eyes, she jokingly looked at the dark golden Origin Qi ascending slowly at the top of the mountain ahead, and said: "This kid has been hiding for so long, thinking that breaking through to Heaven's Pass Realm will be able to reverse the situation. I want to see it. See, how many feet of Origin Qi can he cultivate successfully?"
    Xiao Tianxuan also smiled secretly, but he didn't rush to make a move for a while. He planned to wait for Zhou Yuan to complete the breakthrough. When his most ambitious and proud time is full, he will knock it down to the bottom, and even leave him with a shadow. It is difficult to break through in the future.
    He lost behind with one hand, and looked forward with playful eyes.
    Throughout the mountains, everyone's eyes also gathered here.

    So, under the gaze of that one after another, the dark golden Origin Qi that violently shoots out of the cave still maintains a steady speed and begins to climb...
    (End of this chapter)
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