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Chapter Table Of Contents 170 I Wish You
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Between the woodland, the violent Origin Qi wreak havoc opened up, and the towering giant trees were standing in the middle, and on the ground, cracks spread out like a spider web.
    And at the source of the Origin Qi wreak havoc, only a Multi-colored Giant Tiger with wings on its back was roaring. Above it, the ice-blue giant bird flapped its wings, and the icy Origin Qi swept down on the ground. A layer of ice crystal appeared directly.
    The Multi-colored Giant Tiger has a tiger's mouth, and the violent Origin Qi rushes out like a torrent, colliding with that icy Origin Qi.
    The two giant beasts fought fiercely, called the earth quaked, the mountains shook.
    Zhou Yuan and Lu Luo watched not far away. It was called Little Han's ice bird by Lu Luo. It was obviously also 4th Rank in strength, not inferior to Multi-colored Giant Tiger.
    "However, this Multi-colored Giant Tiger does not have the Lesser Heaven Origin Technique. It seems that not all 4th Rank Origin Beasts have it." Zhou Yuan looks at the battle in the field, secretly said.
    "Zhou Yuan, I'll help Little Han, you help me stare." Lu Luo said, seeing the two beasts stuck together in battle.
    Zhou Yuan hearing this is also nodded.
    Lu Luo pointed his toes, and his petite body swept out, and finally landed on the ice bird.
    She stretched out her small hand and pressed it on the ice bird.

    In the ice bird’s pupils, it seems that at this time, it is passing the spiritual radiance, flapping its wings and flapping its wings, only to see the Origin Qi whizzing out, it turns into a countless ice feather.
    The ice feather is unmatched sharp and extremely cold.
    The ice feather roared down all over the sky.
    The Multi-colored Giant Tiger raised its head and roared, and it actually formed a sound wave. The sound wave blended into Origin Qi, spreading visible to the naked eye, and the ice feathers that were close to it were all shattered.
    "This Multi-colored Giant Tiger is difficult." Zhou Yuan's eyes stared dignifiedly in the distance. The strength of the Multi-colored Giant Tiger was quite powerful.
    "However, Lu Luo is also very strong, and he deserves to be the top chosen child of Boundless Continent." Zhou Yuan's face looked pensive. Lu Luo's strength may have reached the level of Quasi-Absolute Beginning. It is only far from the real Absolute Beginning Realm. Half a step away.
    Moreover, Zhou Yuan could see that when Lu Luo came into contact with the Little Han's ice bird, the two sides seemed to merge with each other. The ice bird’s offensive began to become spiritual, and even began to have Origin Technique. fluctuation.
    "Those broken ice feather..."
    Zhou Yuan stared at the field. The ice feather shattered by the Multi-colored Giant Tiger turned into powder that was imperceptible to the naked eye. Invaded its body.

    "It's such a powerful method that it can achieve this level."
    Zhou Yuan was startled. Obviously, the ice feather offensive that was hiding the sky and covering the earth was just an illusion. Lu Luo's real purpose was to hide behind the ice cold powder, which contained extreme coldness.
    If it weren't for Zhou Yuan Divine Soul to reach the Void Realm late stage, the perception is amazing, I am afraid that it would be impossible to detect the powder that is invisible to the naked eye.
    "The Multi-colored Giant Tiger will lose." Zhou Yuan secretly thought.
    Sure enough, as expected by Zhou Yuan's, as the battle continued, the speed of the Multi-colored Giant Tiger unknowingly began to become sluggish, because it hadn't even noticed it, its superficial knowledge/fur Above, subtle ice crystals began to appear.
    At a certain moment, Lu Luo's eyes seemed to have a fierce color passing by, her mouth opened, and a cloud of ice-blue Origin Qi was spit out.
    Little Han also opened his beak, and the cold air roared out, turning into an ice cold wind, suddenly roaring out.
    The cold wind whizzed past, the ground was instantly frozen, and the Multi-colored Giant Tiger was about to run Origin Qi to resist, but its body suddenly stiffened, and then there was a cold burst in its body, which burst out instantly.
    In just a few breaths, Multi-colored Giant Tiger is transformed into a vivid and lifelike ice sculpture.
    "Huh, exhausted!"

    Lu Luo's shoulders also collapsed, and his small face was a little pale. Obviously, the previous battle was not as easy as it seemed. After all, this Multi-colored Giant Tiger is the 4th Rank Origin Beast, comparable to the strength of Absolute Beginning Realm.
    "Awesome, I even singled out a 4th Rank Origin Beast." Zhou Yuan gave Lu Luo a thumbs up. This was the first time he saw someone singled out the 4th Rank Origin Beast in Saint Vestige Land. Victory.
    "It's just that this guy is too stupid. My "Ice Spirit Powder" invaded the body. If I change to a normal Absolute Beginning Realm expert, it won't be so easy." Lu Luo said with a grin.
    She bounced off Little Han’s back and fell to the frozen Multi-colored Giant Tiger. She stretched out her small hand and tapped it lightly, and she saw that the Multi-colored Giant Tiger shattered and turned into a full body. The ground's crushed ice.
    Groups of white Origin Qi gathered together to form a white Origin Qi bead.
    Lu Luo stretched out his small hand and grabbed the white Origin Qi bead.
    However, at the moment she caught it, Zhou Yuan's eyes changed suddenly and he said sharply: "Be careful!"
    Zhou Yuan screamed as soon as it fell, only to see a scarlet light violently shoot out in the dense forest behind, and at an indescribable speed, directly pointed at Lu Luo's back vital part.
    The air is torn at this moment.

    Lu Luo was also aware of the sudden strong wind, and her small face couldn't help but change, but at this time she just released loosen and it was too late to transfer Origin Qi.
    The timing of the sneak attack was too perfect.
    The scarlet light struck like lightning, but just when he was about to hit Lu Luo, Zhou Yuan's figure shot out. A tiger leaped out and hugged Lu Luo, who was too late to react. He rolled on the spot in embarrassment. Circle, press it under your body.
    The scarlet light fell on the open ground, and suddenly the violent Origin Qi burst out, tearing the ground directly, and the hot temperature even the rocks were melted away.
    The heat wave also burned a lot of Zhou Yuan's clothes, and his skin tingled. He was frowned and looked at Lu Luo, who had a pale face under him, and said, "Is it all right?"
    Lu Luo was still a little frightened, swallowed his saliva, and shook his head quickly.
    Zhou Yuan stood up and pulled Lu Luo up, then he looked at the dense forest behind with gloomy eyes, and said, "Get out, hide the head and show the tail guy."
    Lu Luo also stared in anger, biting her silver teeth and staring in that direction. If Zhou Yuan hadn't reacted quickly before, she had been successfully attacked today.
    "Little Han, catch him out for me!" Lu Luo said angrily.

    Little Han also let out an angry cry, his wings suddenly flapped, and the cold current swept out. All the trees touched instantly turned into ice sculptures.
    "Giggle, what a grumpy little girl."
    The cold current surged, and the scarlet light burst out suddenly, like a burning flame, resisting the cold current as much as possible.
    The Origin Qi of crimson surged, and Zhou Yuan and Lu Luo saw it. In the scarlet light, a beautiful figure walked slowly and gracefully.
    When they got closer, they discovered that it was a very beautiful woman, and her hair was crimson like fire.
    "Who are you?" Zhou Yuan frowned. They obviously didn't know the red-haired woman in front of him.
    Hearing Zhou Yuan's question, the red-haired woman smiled slightly and showed a charming smile, but the smile didn't seem to have much temperature, but it made people feel chilly.
    "Zhu Ying, Eastern Profound Continent, a member of the Zhu Family."
    (End of this chapter)
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