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Chapter Table Of Contents 186 Catch Up
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Saint Vestige Land.
    Countless chosen children looked at the majestic Saint Mountain in Saint Pagoda, and they naturally saw the azure torrent pouring down from the endless stone stairs.
    Even though they are far away, they can still clearly feel the terrifying impact. Under the azure torrent, the chosen child in it is like an ant...
    "Then Wu Huang, Ye Ming, Li Chunjun and others are really amazing. They adapted to the impact of the azure torrent so quickly and started to move forward steadily."
    "It's worthy of being a top chosen child. Compared with them, other people are obviously weaker."
    Many whispers sounded, but many people also noticed Zhou Yuan, who was at the bottom. After all, Zhou Yuan's performance was extremely eye-catching when he was in Saint Vestige Land.
    "Then what happened to Zhou Yuan? It fell to the end."
    "Then Zhou Yuan himself is only Heaven's Pass Realm, and his explosive power may be good, but his own Origin Qi cultivation base is afraid of being inferior to others, so his performance is average at this time."
    "In this way, I am afraid that it will not be long before he will be rushed out of Saint Pagoda and disqualified..."
    "This person can be considered to be able to get to this point."

    Regarding Zhou Yuan's performance, many people have the idea of take joy in calamity and delight in disaster. After all, they cannot enter Saint Pagoda to capture good fortune, and naturally they want to see others unlucky.
    Outside Saint Vestige Land.
    Saint Palace's envoy Zhao Pan looked at Wu Huang who was in the first echelon on the azure stone stairs, and there was a touch of satisfaction on his face.
    "Well, Wu Huang, just go ahead and go straight to the top of Saint Mountain. If you want to enter my Saint Palace, you must step on the other chosen children and become the strongest one!"
    With a smile on his face, Zhao Pan moved his gaze slightly, and finally saw the figure that fell to the rear, and the corners of his lips immediately raised a slight arc of irony.
    "Sure enough, he is a useless person, and he doesn't deserve to be Wu Huang's opponent at all."
    He secretly shook his head.
    "What the hell is this kid...what is it doing?" The Blue Profound Sect's envoy Mu Wuji lightly knocked his pipe and frowned at Zhou Yuan's figure.
    Although it is indeed necessary to resist azure torrents to be strong in Origin Qi, Mu Wuji does not believe that Zhou Yuan will be blocked here.

    "Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan, that old mister valued you so much, so you have to stand up, otherwise how can I go back for business?" Mu Wuji took a mouthful of his cigarette holder with blue smoke coming out of his nose. Become awe-inspiring in the smoke.
    However, at the next moment, Mu Wuji's eyes suddenly condensed, and at the same time, the other five envoys also made a low voice of surprise.
    Because they all saw it with vicious eyes. At this moment, Zhou Yuan's body suddenly had a powerful dark golden Origin Qi burst out. The strength of Origin Qi was not at all better than those chosen children who stepped into the Absolute Beginning Realm. weak!
    Mu Wuji's eyes became brighter, and he laughed and cursed: "This stinky boy, actually backed down and showed weakness?"
    However, he also didn't know that Zhou Yuan didn't mean this at all. It was purely because Yao Yao's disappeared that he was bewildered for a while, and he was swept to the end by azure torrent.
    "Boy, show me your true ability and let me see." "Let me see, that old mister, why did he recommend you like this..."
    On the azure stone stairs, Origin Qi of dark golden erupts like a volcano from Qi Palace in Zhou Yuan's body. Origin Qi brings great power, flowing in his extremeities and bones.

    Today Zhou Yuan, although it is Heaven's Pass Realm middle stage, but if you really want to talk about the strength of Origin Qi, even if you are facing a real Absolute Beginning Realm expert, I am afraid he will have no time for civilities.
    After all, no matter what, when he just broke into the Heaven's Pass Realm, Origin Qi was able to soar more than four hundred meters into the sky, which is comparable to many people in the late stage of Heaven's Pass Realm.
    And now it’s a step further, relying on its own blood-red Qi Palace and the "Heavenspan Profound Python Qi" of the cultivation, so even if you really want to compete with the Absolute Beginning Realm expert with the strength of Origin Qi, Zhou Yuan is not afraid at all. .
    The dark gold Origin Qi roared on Zhou Yuan's body, and the azure torrent coming from the front impacted, and it was actually torn apart by the dark gold Origin Qi to a gap of about ten cents.
    Zhou Yuan's steps suddenly stepped on at this moment, and his figure violently shoots out.
    pēng pēng bang!
    The azure torrent in front of him seemed to be torn at this moment, Origin Qi collided and made a deep sound, and Zhou Yuan's pace, in the sight of countless roads of shock, stepped over the layers of stone stairs, quickly Rushed to the front.
    "Fast speed!"

    The exclamation of countless erupted in Saint Vestige Land. In their eyes, Zhou Yuan at this time seemed to be turned into a dark gold radiance, breaking open the heavily azure torrent, and constantly removing some of the chosen children who were in front of him. Beyond.
    In just a few dozen breaths, Zhou Yuan has crossed more than one hundred ladders, directly from the last position, jumped close to the second echelon...
    Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling also noticed the movement behind them, their eyes swept away, and their faces suddenly became shocked, because Zhou Yuan had already appeared not far behind them.
    "This bastard, have you taken medicine? Why is it so fierce all of a sudden?!" Xiao Tianxuan complexion is ugly.
    Originally, he thought Zhou Yuan would fall behind so much, it should be because the Origin Qi background was not enough, but now, at a glance, the level of vigor is not weaker than the expert of Absolute Beginning Realm.
    "He's just acting aggressively, completely exploding the Origin Qi inside his body, slamming, seemingly strong, but it can't last." Gu Ling sneered.
    "It's really stupid to act like this. At the moment, the stone stairs can't see the end. I don't know how long it will take to rush out. He is so messed up. If he wants to come soon, Origin Qi will be exhausted. Then he will be rushed out of Saint Pagoda and lose the qualification ."

    She and Zhou Yuan also have deep grievances. Naturally, they don't want to see the latter go smoothly. So many thoughts can't wait for Zhou Yuan to be miserable and miserable, so that she can solve her grievances.
    Xiao Tianxuan is also nodded. The Resentful Dragon Toxin, who was infiltrated by Zhou Yuan before him and Gu Ling, made life worse than death. If it weren't for Wu Huang's help at the end, I am afraid they would really be killed alive.
    But fortunately, they are also profit from a disaster and get some good fortune before they are eligible to enter this Saint Pagoda.
    Various thoughts flashed in his mind, Xiao Tianxuan was also cold-eyed looks at Zhou Yuan, who kept breaking through the azure torrent, trying to wait for the other party's Origin Qi to run out of embarrassed appearance.
    However, his waiting is destined to be fruitless.
    Zhou Yuan's expression was calm and he had never seen it before. The dark gold Origin Qi was surging, constantly smashing the azure torrent coming from the impact, and his pace was still steady and swift, and the stone stairs slid quickly under his feet. ..
    He is only a few dozen steps away from the second echelon of Xiao Tianxuan and others.
    The complexion of Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling is already slightly unsightly.
    Huh! Huh!

    However, Zhou Yuan did not pay attention to the two of them at all. His pace was swift, but within two minutes, his figure suddenly rose up, and amidst the countless exclamations, he entered the second echelon, with Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling. Waiting side by side.
    Zhou Yuan didn't look at other people's amazed eyes either. He raised the head and looked forward. In front of the hundreds of ladders, there were a group of top chosen children such as Wu Huang, who had their magical powers and quickly ascended.
    Lu Luo, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Zhen Xu followed them closely.
    At this time, the gap between these chosen children is gradually revealed. The top chosen children of the first echelon are gradually pushing the people behind them farther and farther, making them desperate enough.
    Zhou Yuan squinted his eyes slightly. He was one step behind before, but now he wants to catch up and he obviously needs to work harder.
    A group of white qi was spit out from Zhou Yuan's mouth, and the expression in his eyes became extremely sharp at this time.
    The dark gold Origin Qi, with a trace of blood, sprayed out from his body. In the next instant, he stepped on the sole of his foot and violently shoots out. The torrent in front was directly torn apart.
    Xiao Tianxuan, Gu Ling and others dumbstruck looked at Zhou Yuan's instantaneous skyrocketing speed.
    Only then did they know that the previous Zhou Yuan still had more energy!

    "How is it possible?! He is just Heaven's Pass Realm!" Xiao Tianxuan roared in his heart, and a sense of frustration surged.
    However, the roar in his heart was ignored, because at this time, many chosen children were all dumbstruck looking at Zhou Yuan's figure. At this time, his dark gold Origin Qi surged, as if it turned into a golden giant python.
    The giant python faces the azure torrent that is pouring down, and bravely climbs up, as if there is a dragon door that transforms it in front
    At that moment, it seemed that the torrent of azure was stagnant.
    A distance of hundreds of ladders, but in just a few minutes, he was leaped at the feet of Zhou Yuan's.
    And such a movement was naturally noticed by the top chosen children of the first echelon. They all turned their heads immediately, and then they saw the Zhou who was chasing like a golden giant python, as if turning into a golden giant python. Yuan...
    "This guy..." Ye Ming's face was shocked.
    "Interesting person..." Li Chunjun murmured.
    "Only Heaven's Pass Realm, I can catch up with me, this kid is so extraordinary!" Ning Zhan also exclaimed.
    Lu Luo was breaking the torrent at full speed, and at the same time he said: "Zhou Yuan keep it up!"

    "I'm really going to be caught up by him... This guy is still a little capable." Zuoqiu Qingyu opened his mouth slightly, his charming face was full of surprised looks.
    Wu Huang at the forefront also tilted his head slightly. He stared at the golden figure that was chasing after him quickly, his eyes flashing with the luster of Sen Han.
    "Zhou Yuan, do you still have to rush to die?!"
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