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    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
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    In the next Five Heavens time, Zhou Yuan and Zhu Yue's Origin Technique competition, undoubtedly became the hot spot of the entire outer mountain, and it became a hot topic for a while and attracted the attention of countless disciples.
    Everyone didn't expect, Zhu Yue will launch a counterattack against Zhou Yuan's in this way.
    And this move is undoubtedly very clever, just because of the Origin Technique test, no one can say that Zhu Yue is bullying the weak with the strong.
    However, in this case, Zhou Yuan's situation is obviously very bad. After all, in the eyes of everyone, no matter how good Zhou Yuan's talent in cultivation Void Transformation Technique is, I am afraid it is still no better than Zhu who has been immersed in this way for nearly two years. Yue.
    After all, Zhu Yue is not as easy to deal with as an inner mountain disciple.
    Therefore, many of the outer mountain disciples feel sorry. If Zhou Yuan loses, then they can only go back to Zhu Yue to cultivation Void Transformation Technique...
    outer mountain, a small building.
    Lu Feng, dressed in white, sits cross-legged in the stone pavilion. The Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth rolls over and turns into white qi, following his breath, pouring into his body.
    Behind the sound of a breaking wind, Lu Feng opened his eyes and saw a blue-robed young man standing behind him. The young man's eyes are narrow and narrow, but his smile has a blade-like feeling, which makes people afraid to look straight. .

    The blue robe youth is named Yang Xiu, which is also the influential figure among the outer mountain disciples. Among the top ten outer mountain disciples, it ranks third, second only to Lu Feng and Gu Hongyi.
    "Hey, have you heard? That kid named Zhou Yuan's is going to try the Void Transformation Technique with Zhu Yue." Yang Xiu said with a smile.
    Lu Wind God looked indifferently, just saying: "overestimate one's capabilities."
    Yang Xiu smiled and said: "It seems that you have a big opinion on him..."
    Lu Wind God looked calm and said, "He doesn't have any qualifications to make me disagree with him. It's just that this person has a deep mind and deliberately approached the red clothes, thinking about it as if he wanted to climb to the top."
    "And recently, Hongyi has had too many contacts with him."
    Lu Feng's eyes drooped slightly, and there was a chill in his eyes.
    "This person is really ignorant, originally I warned him." Lu Feng muttered to himself.
    Hearing Lu Feng's words, Yang Xiu smiled and said: "Then this kid is really unlucky. He has provoke you..."
    Lu Feng indifferently said: "But it seems that I don't need to act at the moment. Although Zhu Yue is only a black belt disciple, but after all he has entered the inner mountain, even if he is just trying the Void Transformation Technique, he can step on that kid if he wants to."

    "Zhu Yue is not very capable. For these years, he is only a black belt disciple of the inner mountain." Yang Xiu said that Zhu Yue was quite disdainful.
    Lu Feng glanced at him and said: "Don't underestimate him, Zhu Yue is quite scheming, I'm afraid he has hidden a lot."
    He raised the head and looked in a certain direction in the outer mountain. In nothing billows' eyes, a touch of coldness and contempt emerged.
    "When Zhu Yue steps on the kid who is not to know the immensity of heaven and earth, he should be more honest, right?"
    "A peasant Your Highness from a remote place, dare to steal a woman from Lu Feng?"
    Lu Feng's mouth bends slightly, and he said to Yang Xiu: "When the time comes, let's go and watch this good show."
    These days, the cultivation in the mountain stream has not been interrupted. Zhou Yuan still helps everyone to get through the acupoint, but, more time, he is also immersed in his own cultivation.
    By the stream, many disciples look at Zhou Yuan's from time to time with a little complicated look.
    They can feel that Zhou Yuan's seems to be stepping up cultivation in fight minutes, snatch seconds these days, but this situation falls into their eyes, and it undoubtedly makes them feel that Zhou Yuan is not fully sure.

    So this made them lament again and again, after all, here at Zhou Yuan, their cultivation progress is really gratifying.
    They were very depressed at the thought that they would lose these in a few days.
    After the cultivation was over, many disciples slowly dispersed, Gu Hongyi came to Zhou Yuan's side and said, "Hey, you have been in a state of something wrong in the past two days."
    She also felt that Zhou Yuan had been silent a lot in the past two days, and her whole person seemed to be tense, as if she felt the pressure brought by Zhu Yue.
    Zhou Yuan opened his eyes slowly, and smiled helplessly: "After all, Zhu Yue cultivation Void Transformation Technique is ahead of me by so much time, of course I have to speed up the cultivation."
    "Temporary clasp the Buddha's feet (without ever having burned incense)..." Gu Hongyi curled her red lips, she hesitated for a moment, and whispered: "If you want my help, I can find someone to transfer Zhu Yue back directly Go to the inner mountain."
    Her Old Ancestor is the Great Cliff Peak Peak Lord, with a very high status. As long as she speaks, it is not difficult to transfer back to an inner mountain disciple.
    Zhou Yuan looked at Gu Hongyi in surprise, and couldn't help but smile: "Aren't you the person who hates going through the back door the most?"
    I remember that at the very beginning, Gu Hongyi mistakenly thought that Zhou Yuan was a first-class disciple based on relationships, so he was extremely unwelcome to him.

    At the moment, Gu Hongyi, who has a proud personality, is actually willing to go out of the relationship in order to help him, which really surprised Zhou Yuan.
    Gu Hongyi hearing this, the charming face was also unbearable. Soon she gave Zhou Yuan a glance and said: "I am thinking about the many cultivation Void Transformation Technique disciples in the outer mountain. If you have this ability, naturally you are the best. The right person, why should I replace you?"
    "Also, you promised me to help me cultivate the Void Transformation Technique 2nd-layer successfully. If you are judged to be ineligible for teaching, what should I do?!"
    Zhou Yuan laughed. He felt a little more fond of Gu Hongyi in his heart, but he waved his hand and said, "Thank you for your kindness, but I'll take care of it myself."
    After all, if you rely on Gu Hongyi's relationship, if something goes out, it will not be good for him or Gu Hongyi's reputation.
    A Zhu Yue is not qualified to force him to rely on a woman to walk the relationship.
    Gu Hongyi snorted softly when he saw this, and said, "I see how strong you can be."
    But when she said this, she was slightly relieved. If Zhou Yuan really agreed with her approach, although she understood it, she was afraid that she would be a little disappointed.

    Although the youngster in front of him was very gentle and beautiful when he laughed, his pride in his bones was obviously not less than that of anyone.
    "Then you have a good cultivation, I want to see, after a few days, what can you do with this Void Transformation Technique..."
    Gu Hongyi twisted his waist and turned away swiftly, with a red shadow, jumping off like a fire.
    The time for Five Heavens is gradually coming under the awaited hope of many outer mountain disciples.
    In the early morning of the fifth day, a ray of morning radiance broke through the thick clouds and shone on the rolling mountains, and the outer mountain, which had been silent for a night, suddenly boiling up at this time.
    The countless Taoist figure leaped into the air on Origin Qi, and finally whizzed towards a mountain.
    In front of that building, Zhu Yue walked out, and Zhu Feng was already waiting at the door.
    "Big brother today, I can finally get back all the anger I had before." Zhu Feng looked at Zhu Yue who was in glowing spirits and smiled.
    Zhu Yue's expression was faint. He looked at the boiling outer mountain, his eyes squinted slightly, and finally a sneer of disdain came from the corner of his mouth. He stamped his feet and Origin Qi rose.
    "Let's go, after today, I want Zhou Yuan, and I dare not mention the three words Void Transformation Technique!"
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