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Chapter Table Of Contents 266 Secret
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The selecting mountain ceremony is constantly approaching.
    In the outer mountain, there is an atmosphere of penance everywhere. Everyone is strengthening the cultivation in fight minutes and snatch seconds, trying to make themselves stronger before the selecting mountain ceremony.
    After all, everyone knows what the selecting mountain ceremony represents.
    That represents their future.
    They have traversed many continents and have just got the opportunity to enter Blue Profound Sect's. If they fail to grasp the opportunity to enter the inner mountain, then they will inevitably waste time again. Even if they can enter again in the future, they will also lose the best opportunity. At that time, some of the same generation, I am afraid they have already surpassed them.
    Therefore, facing the extremely important selecting mountain ceremony, no one in the outer mountain can loosen it lightly.
    Even Zhou Yuan.
    In the mountain stream, Zhou Yuan eyes closed sits crosswise, around him, there is a vigorous golden Origin Qi whistling and shaking, and there are three Origin Qi torrents circling faintly. Inside the three Origin Qi, you can see the three faintly. The faintly discernible beast shadow, a fierce and domineering imposing manner exudes, with a subtle Dragon's roar.
    The three Origin Qi torrents suddenly shook. The azure stone that Zhou Yuan was sitting crossed suddenly had cracks, and the air made a low explosion.

    Zhou Yuan's closed eyes slowly opened, with radiance blooming in his eyes, and then gradually converged.
    He spit out a ball of white qi with a touch of joy in his eyes. After more than half a month of hard work, the Nine Dragons Manual he cultivation finally refined three dragon attribute Origin Beast blood essence and cultivated successfully three Nine. Dragons Manual Origin Qi.
    Next, as long as you can run them in well, these three Nine Dragons Manual Origin Qi will definitely have powerful mighty energy.
    "It seems that your Nine Dragons Manual already has a small accomplishment." In Zhou Yuan's joy, a shadow of a red dress swept over, with a burst of fragrance, Gu Hongyi's long legs stood in front of Zhou Yuan, said with a smile.
    Zhou Yuan glanced at her and said with a smile: "Recently, you disciples of Saint Province, but you have not dealt with us disciples, you still come here every day."
    During this period of time, she still continued in one's own way to accept Zhou Yuan's instruction on the Void Transformation Technique, and she was not affected by the intensified conflict between the two disciples.
    Gu Hongyi whispered, and said, "What's the matter with me in a boring fight?"
    She knows that those disciples from the local Saint Province are nothing more than a sense of superiority, so they feel that they are superior, not the disciples of the local Saint Province. They are actually chosen children from various continents. They are naturally proud and arrogant. There will be conflicts.

    For this kind of conflict, she can't stop it, but she doesn't want to get involved in it.
    Zhou Yuan said: "If you can think of it this way, you will naturally be free of these troubles."
    Although Gu Hongyi is also proud of her personality, she rarely bullies others based on her identity and background. This is also what Zhou Yuan appreciates her.
    Gu Hongyi sat down in front of Zhou Yuan and said with interest: "After the selecting mountain ceremony, which peak do you want to enter?"
    Zhou Yuan was taken aback, did not answer, and asked, "What about you?"
    Gu Hongyi put her cheek in her little hand and said, "Of course I want to enter Blue Profound Peak. Blue Profound Peak is the peak where the Headmaster is located, and it is one of the most popular peaks among disciples."
    "Isn't your Old Ancestor the Great Cliff Peak Peak Lord?" Zhou Yuan asked in surprise.
    Gu Hongyi curled his lips and said, "Great Cliff Peak is proficient in the art of outer refinement. Each cultivation is full of muscles, like iron bumps, and it is ugly. I don't want to go to Great Cliff Peak."
    Zhou Yuan was startled. If the Origin Qi cultivation base enters from the main room and enters the inner chamber, there will be inner refinement and outer refinement. The so-called inner refinement is the Origin Qi in the pure cultivation Qi Palace. If the galaxy is majestic and endless.

    The so-called outer refinement is based on Origin Qi refine and temper fleshly body. The two blend together. Between fleshly body one's every movement, Heaven and Earth can be broken. It is said that the pinnacle is repaired and it is enough to fleshly body become a Saint. That step can really shatter the stars at the fingertips.
    However, whether it is inner refinement or outer refinement, it needs to reach a certain level. At least, the current Zhou Yuan is not qualified to achieve this step, because in the final analysis, its own Origin Qi is not strong enough, and even Qi Palace is still not full. Talk about inner refinement outer refinement.
    "What about the other peaks?" Zhou Yuan asked curiously.
    Gu Hongyi smiled and said: "For example, Sword Peak raises the sword with its own Origin Qi and turns it into Sword Qi. It is unparalleled and can cut the galaxy. In terms of being sharp, it can be called the Blue Profound Sect first."
    "So Sword Peak is also extremely popular with disciples."
    Zhou Yuan's eyes moved. As Lu Feng said before, he had an elder in a high position at Sword Peak.
    Gu Hongyi looked around, then whispered: "As far as I know, Sword Peak's Peak Lord was the founder of Blue Profound Sect's, the boy under the seat of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan."
    "It's just that after listening to Old Ancestor's preaching, he even got Old Ancestor's personal sword, so after Old Ancestor died, he established Sword Peak."
    "But Old Ancestor never said to accept him as a disciple, so strictly speaking, he is not considered Blue Profound One Vein."

    "In the future, you must pay attention. You must never mention the word boy in front of this Peak Lord. This is his taboo."
    Zhou Yuan was stunned. He didn’t expect that the Sword Peak Peak Lord was not the disciple of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan, but the boy under him. These things are probably Blue Profound Sect's secret, if it were not for Gu Hongyi Old Ancestor It is the Great Cliff Peak Peak Lord, I am afraid it is difficult to know.
    "Are the other Peak Lords all disciples of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan?" Zhou Yuan asked.
    "Old Ancestor Cang Xuan accepted four disciples, and now our Headmaster is the big disciple, and my Old Ancestor, Spirit Pattern Peak Peak Lord, Snow Lotus Peak Peak Lord, are the other three disciples."
    "What about Thunder Prison Peak?" Zhou Yuan sensed that Gu Hongyi had missed something.
    "Thunder Prison Peak Peak Lord... This is probably the person with the highest generation of Blue Profound Sect." Gu Hongyi whispered: "He is also not a disciple of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan, but a former friend of Old Ancestor. Old Ancestor founded Blue Profound Sect. His old friend came to take refuge. Old Ancestor gave him a lot of pointers and made him achieve something. Later, he set up Thunder Prison Peak and took control of the punishment of Blue Profound Sect. ."
    Zhou Yuan Weiwei nods, didn't expect Blue Profound Sect Qifeng, there is such a story.

    However, this complicated situation also made Zhou Yuan a little alert. In the Saint Vestige Land, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan once vaguely said that his die may have reasons within Blue Profound Sect.
    This may just be Old Ancestor Cang Xuan's speculation, so he is not very sure.
    But no matter what, Zhou Yuan felt that he still had to be a little more cautious.
    "Oh, there is the last one. It is Saint Origin Peak. It is the most unique peak in the Blue Profound Sect, because that was the place where Old Ancestor Cang Xuan the Closure was located. Now that the Old Ancestor die for many years, the Saint Origin Peak main peak is The seal is somewhat withered, and few disciples will choose." Gu Hongyi added.
    Zhou Yuan nodded, just about to speak, his expression changed suddenly, raised the head and looked outside the mountain stream, where suddenly there was some commotion.
    Zhou Yuan cast his gaze away, and saw that the many disciples of the cultivation there were receding like a tide, and their faces were full of fear.
    His brows were slightly frowned, he stood up, and then he saw that as many of the disciples retreated, a woman in a black dress was walking in slowly.
    The woman's face is also beautiful, her skin is white, but the pair of willow eyebrows, slightly sharp and cold and proud, in Qiyu's hand, she also holds a Qingfeng long sword.

    Zhou Yuan's gaze finally stopped at his Xiaoman's waist, because there was a golden belt around it that outlined the slender waist.
    Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed slightly.
    inner mountain golden belt disciple.
    Gu Hongyi also saw the woman at this time, and immediately frowned her eyebrows, slowly said, "Why did she come?"
    "Who is she?" Zhou Yuan asked.
    Gu Hongyi glanced at him helplessly and said: "Lu Xuanyin, disciple of Sword Peak golden belt."
    Zhou Yuan understood.
    This one should be the clan sister Lu Feng once said before.
    It seems that the person who came is unkind.
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